Top Android Battery Applications

Consider the best applications that will significantly increase the battery life of your gadget and help you figure out the problems of fast discharge.

One of the main criteria for many users when choosing a new smartphone / tablet is autonomy. Not everyone is ready to consistently charge the device at least once a day. In some cases, the situation even reaches the point of absurdity: when you need to connect the device to the memory even more often.

Fortunately, on the Internet you can find many useful applications that can partially solve the problem. Some of them are aimed at finding the causes of rapid discharge, while others are able to extend the life of your gadget in just a couple of clicks. Frankly, most of these "wonder programs" only work on devices with unlocked root access (root).

Collection and analysis of information

All applications that allow you to directly or indirectly increase the operating time of the device, can be divided into 2 categories: those that collect data on energy consumption and those that offer specific tools to optimize autonomy. Consider utilities from the 1st category.


AccuBattery is a battery calibration and battery saving app for Android. The list of useful tools for treating and preventing diseases of your battery is extensive here: prevention of overcharging, detailed data on the state of the battery, identification of energy-intensive programs, viewing charge / discharge statistics, analysis of usage history and generation of tips. The choice in favor of Accubattery has already made more than 10 million users.

Methods for increasing the battery life, which are used here, are based on research work. During the use of the application, it will collect more and more information that will allow you to identify the degree of wear of the battery. And thanks to the function of measuring the charge rate, you can choose the fastest and safe for the device.

In general, Accubattery is undoubtedly a useful utility providing comprehensive battery information. In addition, all this abundance of graphs and detailed statistical reports is neatly decorated in the interface and does not cause aesthetic rejection. Despite the presence of a paid subscription with additional functionality, advertising is not even in the free version.


  • Evaluation of the level of battery wear: Find out a real container.
  • Maintaining the history of charging / discharge sessions.
  • Optimization of battery behavior: Detect applications that consume most of all energy.
  • Increase the battery life.
  • Charging speed measurement: Pick up the fastest for device Power supply and USB cable.
  • There is no advertising.

Battery Guru: Battery Health

Another way to keep the battery healthy and extend its life cycle is to use Battery Guru. This is a very similar accubattery utility, but more balanced in terms of functionality. Here you can find a little less statistical indicators and reports, however, the functionality aimed at an increase in autonomy is already greater.

In particular, here you can configure the DOZE power saving mode, select the energy saving profile (easy, moderate or extreme) or even protect the battery from overheating. In addition, Battery Guru can identify the abnormal use of battery resources, finding the most voracious programs. However, many functions will be available only to users with unlocked root access or when issuing permissions to ADB.

From minuses to the eye, only an advertisement is thrown, which can be removed after purchasing a paid subscription. Otherwise, the utility does an excellent job of keeping the battery healthy and reducing wear and tear. This is a great alternative to AccuBattery with a focus on fine-grained Doze configuration.

Battery Guru features:

  • Totally free.
  • Battery Care: Reminders for high temperatures and abnormal usage.
  • Lots of advice and guidance.
  • Record charge cycles.
  • Monitors real-time resource consumption.
  • Detailed statistics and graphs.
  • Doze editor and wakelock management.


Ampere is a simple application that monitors the charging and discharging of your mobile device. All data is updated in real time, which allows you to better follow the process. The program can be especially useful if you are experiencing problems with the charger. She will tell you which adapter and USB cable does the job best.

The interface of the utility is as simple as possible: all information is presented on the main screen. Ampere is able to display charging/discharging current, battery type, its condition and status, temperature, voltage. As it may seem, there is not much data, but this is enough to evaluate the charger.

On top of that, Ampere can warn you about the end of charging, overheating or imminent battery discharge. It is enough to set the threshold parameters in the utility settings. Alerts can be displayed both on the device itself and on smartwatches running Android Wear.

Ampere features:

  • Support for even the oldest devices: Ampere works great on old systems (from Android 4.1 and above).
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Precise measurements of current and other parameters.
  • Battery overcharge/over temperature warnings.
  • ​​
  • Nice design and dark theme.

Charge Meter

Charge Meter is another way to measure the charging / discharge current of the battery. It can help if you have noticed that the last time the smartphone began to charge for too long. The utility displays the testimony based on any affecting loads: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, screen brightness, lantern, and other things. And based on this data even calculates approximate battery consumption for 1 hour of use.

In addition, here you can see the state of the battery, namely, the degree of wear. At the same time, the application can read the readings of the temperature sensor and the battery voltage, displaying the data in the form of a convenient scheme. With it, it is easy to determine: there are measurements normally or a negative deviation is observed (for example, a low voltage or battery overheating).

If desired, the battery status can be monitored without entering the Charge Meter. To do this, you can add the widgets you need to the main screen. However, such an opportunity becomes available only after the preparation of Premium subscription, which also removes all advertising.

Features Charge Meter:

  • Forecast of the operation of the device: Find out when the battery is discharged fully.
  • Measure the voltage or temperature of the AKB.
  • Check the "health" of the battery: Calculation of real capacity and assessment of the level of wear.
  • Reminders of disconnecting when charging.
  • Search for the most energy-intensive programs: Analysis of the use of real-time battery resources.

GSAM Battery Monitor

The next program collecting extended energy consumption data is GSAM Battery Monitor. Part of the functionality, as in other similar applications, is available only on devices with ROOT rights (or when issuing the necessary rights via ADB). Statistics are displayed for different time intervals: since the last shutdown of the device or screen, from the last complete charge or relative user tag.

For convenience, the application generates graphs on which you can view the dynamics of changes in battery temperature, processor frequency, energy consumption, and other indicators. Among other functions, it is worth noting the ability to replace the stock battery icon, place widgets showing the remaining operating time, and have notifications about the end of charging.

And unlike other utilities of this kind, GSam Battery Monitor can display not only which applications consume battery resources the most, but also collects information about wakelocks (wakelocks are processes that “wake up” device and keep it awake even when the screen is off). For advanced users, this will be especially useful: with the help of such data, you can optimize the performance of voracious programs and reduce power consumption.

GSam Battery Monitor Features:

  • Extended wakelocks data.
  • View data for any period: create custom labels and take your measurements.
  • Overcharge protection: Sound alerts.
  • Create and configure power profiles: Calculate power consumption more accurately in all usage scenarios.
  • No ads (can be disabled in settings).

3C Battery Manager

An equally advanced program for monitoring battery data is "Battery Manager" from the developer 3C, which is known for a large number of utilities useful for general Android optimization -devices. There are no tools to reduce power consumption here, but the information provided by the application can be very useful.

The longer the Battery Manager runs, the more accurate data it can generate. For example, based on information about the discharge rate, usage history and nominal volume of the battery, the program can determine its actual volume and, accordingly, the degree of wear. And after just a couple of full charge cycles, the utility will learn to give the most accurate estimates.

All summaries are presented as scalable graphs. Not forgotten about the basic characteristics of each battery. On the main screen you can see its real-time consumption, voltage and temperature. A tangible disadvantage of the program is except that is not the most understandable and simple interface: it will have to get used to it. Yes, and advertising on the main screen will disappear only in the paid version.

Features 3C Battery Manager:

  • Many battery monitoring settings.
  • maintaining the history of charging / discharge processes.
  • Energy consumption statistics by applications.
  • Custom time tags:Measure power consumption from any moment.
  • Charge time estimates / discharge.

Battery alarm

Last program in this subcategory - Battery Alarm. All of her essence comes down to help you follow the battery charge status. The utility helps protect the battery from reloading, which increases the level of wear and speeds up the "aging" process.

On the main screen, you can set threshold values ​​for the volume of the remaining charge: specify the minimum and maximum bar. When leaving the border, the application will notify you with sound messages. In addition, here you can see the testimony of the voltage and temperature of the battery.

It is noteworthy that no configuration of the Battery Alarm requires - you can use immediately after the first launch.

Program Features:

  • Suitable even for old devices.
  • does not load the system:"weighs" less than 1 MB.
  • Easy and easily customizable.
  • Advertising is completely absent.

Optimization of energy consumption

The following programs, in contrast to the previous ones, can offer specific functions aimed at an increase in battery life. However, all this will work in 99% of cases only on devices that have unlocked root access.


Perhaps one of the most effective applications that can actually make the battery consumption as economical, is Greenify. Despite the fact that the utility has several modes of operation (root / non-root), it is recommended to use it only on the rutted devices. If the system does not have root access on your device, the benefit will not be so much.

The main advantage of Greenify in front of other similar applications is an advanced tracking of wackles and preventing the permanent exit of the system from sleep mode. There are several modes hibernation, which may be subject to even voracious system programs: smart, shallow, automatic. After proper configuration, the processes do not need to be monitored - Greenify will do everything yourself.

Another huge plus utilities - the presence of modules for XPosed Framework. Briefly speaking, it increases the basic functionality and adds new powerful tools for a more flexible setting of the hibernation process. However, it was not without a spoon of tar: the processes needed to work Greenify themselves consume a considerable amount of energy.

Features Greenify:

  • Tracking the DOZE mode and its setting.
  • Multiple Hibernation methods, both third-party and system programs.
  • There is no ads.
  • Simple and understandable interface.
  • Advanced functionality with XPosed support.
  • Pleasant design.

[ROOT] Hebf Battery Saver & Android Toolbox

Hebf Optimizer is a useful set of tools that will help not only increase the duration of the battery, but also to increase performance systems. The utility is as simple as possible and suitable for inexperienced users and experts. After the first launch, you can select the user type: "Normal" (potentially dangerous options for the option will be hidden) or "Expert" (unlocked all functions).

If the previous program could still offer to users who do not have root, then in the case of Hebf, everything is much sadder. True useful options are opened here only on systems with root access. For example, in the "Battery" section, you can enable automatic reducing the battery consumption, configure the integrated power saving mode or Doze Mode.

The application is also convenient than that he offers a couple of clicks to switch between profiles. On the main screen in the "Dashboard" section, you can choose the script of the system of the system you are interested in: "Battery +", "Battery", balanced or other, HEBF is a good choice if you are looking for a battery saving program.

Features Hebf Battery Saver:

  • Displays the discharge / charging current, voltage, accumulator temperature.
  • Multiple device operation profiles.
  • a large number of useful options.
  • Comfortable navigation and pleasant design.
  • DOZE editor.
  • No advertising.

[Root] Androoster

Androoster - a multifunctional application, allowing you to make your device better in every sense. Options to improve autonomy here quite a few. For example, the program can automatically find the most energy-intensive processes and "kill" them, reducing the consumption of the battery. In addition to this, there is a Doze editor and other optimization functions.

More economical battery charge flow occurs after applying various tweaks (scripts). Some of them reduce the frequency of the processor, artificially forcing it to work slightly slower, others allow you to configure Doze to a more aggressive mode of operation so that extra applications and processes are destroyed as quickly as possible.

Like many other programs, Androoster has its drawbacks. One of them is too trimmed free version. The most efficient and advanced features are available only after purchasing a pack modification "Pro". However, on some systems, even such a number of options will be enough to notice the result of the application. All that is needed for its work: root rights and the installed Unix-Utility "BusyBox" set.

Features of Androoster:

  • Effective for any purpose: increase performance, autonomy, etc.
  • No advertising at all.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Quick Settings Restore: Revert any applied tweaks.
  • Support for even older devices (starting with Android 4.1).

Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

Kaspersky Battery Life is on the last line in the rating. This is a program that can increase the battery life of any device based on Android 4.2 and higher. The principle of operation is as simple as possible: the utility scans each application in the system for battery consumption and offers to close background processes.

Such a mechanism is far from being the most effective, but it has the right to life. Especially if you use a huge number of applications, many of which run in the background. In addition, Kaspersky Battery Life can predict how long the current battery charge will last. Moreover, the more charge / discharge cycles you perform since installation, the more accurate these estimates will be.

And if you don't want certain programs to close during optimization, you can add them to the Favorites list. Among its analogues, the product from Kaspersky stands out for its extremely simple navigation and interface: all the necessary information is concentrated on one screen.

Features of Kaspersky Battery Life:

  • Free and no ads.
  • Automatic dimming when the battery is too low.
  • Convenient widgets and notifications with a quick stop of running applications.
  • Detection of voracious background processes.
  • Support for a wide range of Android devices (old version 4.2 to latest version 12).