Top 7 Spam Call Blocks for iPhone and Android

Installation of blockers The smartphone is becoming increasingly relevant due to the growth of calls from spammers and fraudsters. We define the best and most convenient applications of this type.

Surely many of you have come across unknown numbers that can often be called and offer a variety of services: make a loan, microloans, buy a rejuvenating miracle gel and similar things (spam). What to do in such a situation? The SIM card change can be a big trouble, and not the fact that the purchased number does not learn to the network and will not fall into the scam bases.

Today, in the Internet era, it is very easy to leave their personal data on any unreliable site, including a mobile phone number if a person is not sink enough in the issue of information security. Pressing a pair of buttons under the pretext to register on a particular resource, you can, not wanting, subscribe to advertising mailing and annoying calls that constantly take your time and nerves.

Let's try to figure out how to deal with such a phenomenon and why special blockers spam can be quite a useful thing in the smartphone of each user.

Why do Spam blockers need?

Not so long ago, the TINKOFF DATA analytical project was conducted in which more than 16 thousand people participated. During the survey, it became clear that today almost 98% of Russians receive spam calls, and 90% face telephone fraudsters. For more than 50% of all calls from unknown users, spammers are hidden. Read more All statistics you can see here.

Incoming calls from spammers are not only useless, but in some cases are harmful. If you constantly answer such numbers and keep a dialogue (not to mention to call them), the user gives to know spammers, which is a good target, on which you can try all secrets of social engineering. Often operators hiding on the other side can offer to start a bank card or notify about false information, trying to deceive a person and steal his money.

Many users are completely subjected to psychological pressure in a conversation with a scammer, when, out of curiosity, they pick up the phone when they call from an incomprehensible subscriber. This can lead to disastrous consequences, because some people can easily go on about the attacker, who allegedly introduced himself as a bank security officer or local police officer in order to mislead another victim and begin to manipulate her.

If you want to save your time, nerves and avoid getting scammed, there are many useful applications that block calls from unknown and suspicious numbers. All that is required of you is to provide the necessary permissions to the program (done in a couple of clicks) and go through the initial setup. Further, the utility itself will detect spam and reject calls. Some apps even do it almost silently so that you don't hear the ringtone.


REKK is an application that allows you to block unwanted calls and has many useful features. Their list includes blocking incoming calls and SMS, as well as checking unknown subscribers. The program has an extensive anti-spam database, which is regularly updated and currently has more than 4 million numbers.

After launching the application, you need to activate the spam call blocking function in the settings. Upon receipt of advertising calls, REKK notifies about them and provides information about the organization to which the number belongs, if it is available in the database. The utility reports the company name, address and website.

On the main page of the application there is a search in which it is proposed to check the number of the missed call. To do this, you need to enter it in the line and click search. The software will give the necessary data about the subscriber if his number is stored in the REKK database.

If desired, you can block calls and messages from a specific number by adding it to the so-called black list. There is also a function to block SMS by word. REKK has the most simple interface and settings that are easy to understand, and the menu contains Russian. The program is confidential and does not store any personal information about users.

Application features:

  • Detection of unknown numbers.
  • Block messages by number or word (collection agencies, banks, etc.).
  • Step-by-step instructions for switching on the block;
  • Details of the Subscriber;
  • Permanent updates of the database numbers.
  • Locking unwanted calls.
  • Crossplatform: Working with Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows.

Kaspersky WHO Calls

Universal application from the well-known developer Kaspersky Lab, protecting its users from fraudsters, telemarketologists and other spam calls. It automatically defines the subscriber and provides information about it. There is a large database of telephone numbers, which is actively replenished by developers and users of the service itself.

After starting the WHO Calls, you must allow access to calls, call log and contacts, as well as enable the functioning of the program over other applications for the correct operation of the blocker. Then the software offers subscription (the first 7 days for free) for those who want to experience all the advantages of the service. There are 2 payment options: 129 rubles / month. and 799 rubles / year.

For convenience, here it is implemented to create spam categories and filter only selected calls. Who Calls originally recognizes 9 categories: "Banking Advertising", "collectors", "possible fraudster", "Advertising insurance", etc. Thus, you can customize individually for yourself, what calls you would like to get. For example, some users will not give up social surveys or Internet advertising and communication.

As it has already become clear, the application can be used both paid and free. In the paid version, the functionality is significantly expanding. For example, it becomes possible to receive information about the numbers even without connecting to the Internet, completely disappears advertising, it is possible to automatically search for dangerous links in SMS messages and not only.

Features of the application:

  • Detailed information about the number, even if the bell is skipped.
  • Definition of spam calls of a set of categories.
  • The ability to add your numbers, if they refer to the category of unwanted calls.
  • Multiple blocking modeson your choice.

MTS Who Rings

The third line in the ranking is an application from MTS. Like other services of this plan, "who calls" determines the numbers of incoming calls by checking them on their own base. If a spam call is performed, the application does notify this. In some cases, it is even indicated by a call to make a challenge. It happens that the software does not recognize the number with an annoying advertising or service offer from the first time, as it is simply absent in the database, then at any time you can add it yourself in the block list.

The registration process is extremely simple: after startup it is necessary only to specify your mobile number, take a custom agreement and give permission to access contacts and other data. In terms of its functionality, it is almost a complete analogue of the previous service Who Calls from Kaspersky, except that the premium subscription will cost a little cheaper (99 rubles / month).

Program Features:

  • Instantly informs about spam calls.
  • Fishing Protection and Hazardous Links: Automatic SMS check.
  • There is no advertising.
  • Pleasant design and convenient interface.


TrueCaller - another program from the list of spam blockers. After installing software on your mobile device, it loads all contacts from the call log. These TrueCaller numbers check on its own base and if they match, the application reports the dangerous subscribers. As a rule, these are all the same challenges from banks, loans, online shopping or advertising of goods and services. For the program to automatically lock spam, you must provide access to call identification in the smartphone settings.


The number of numbers is regularly updated by users. In the countries of the European Union, the service is sufficiently distributed, and the TrueCaller repository is updated daily by 1-2 thousand new subscribers. As in many blockers, here you can search for more information about the phone number (the name of the organization, the goal of the call, etc.). The project is gaining popularity and today the program has already downloaded more than 500 million.users worldwide.

The utility has an attractive and understandable interface in which it is easy to understand. Its size does not exceed 60 MB, which allows not to load the system and storage on weak devices. In addition, relative to some programs from our ranking, there is a function of recording telephone calls. You can turn it on manually at any time, or it will work automatically.

Recorded conversations will be saved in a personal profile of the cloud storage Google Drive, so worry that the device will not be enough to store data, it is not worth it. In TrueCaller there is a premium version, the cost of which is 629 rubles / year. If desired, subscription can be issued for 2 months in 237 rubles.

Blocker features:

  • intuitive navigation.
  • automatic determination of the subscriber during a call.
  • Recording a conversation in manual or automatic mode.
  • Integration with other applications.


Fifth place in the selection - the GETContact program known to many. The principle of operation is most simple: when using the service, you put your number to the database. When making calls, any user can assign you a particular tag (status) that describes your profile and is more information for other people.

For authorization, you can use Google or Facebook for authorization, and the phone number is not needed here, as well as passing checks from the robot. To confirm here, it is possible to enter an account using Telegram or Whatsapp in a couple of clicks, which is very convenient.

GetContact protects from unwanted calls even without connecting to the Internet. The main advantage of the program is that many basic functions relating to the protection against spam work here even in the basic version. To unlock additional features, you need to buy the PREMIUM package, which is expected. It will cost in 249 rubles / month.

The application makes it possible to recognize users as they are recorded from their friends and other people in the phone book. Due to this, you yourself can browse the profiles of each person who is trying to call you right now.

Program Features:

  • Additional data on an unfamiliar room.
  • Spam protection function: You can enable the setting that will automatically block calls from banks and obsessive advertising.
  • Query statistics: Find out how many times your room has been requested.
  • Rating confidence - Special method for combating fraud.
  • There is a convenient web version of the application.


Another unwanted call blocker - EyeECon. Among other programs, kinda is characterized by the fact that it provides users with more opportunities than the usual definition of numbers and spam recognition. The utility combines all the advantages of traditional services of this type with some "chips" of messengers.

Here you can create a profile and communicate with your friends and closestly safer, in comparison with the use of standard call programs. If you wish, you can even exchange voice messages for a small duration.

The base of numbers is replenished by integrating with social networks and messengers. This allows not only to determine the number, but also to see the photo of its owner. The free version of the program is more designed to make a list of contacts more convenient, while the full blocking of spam calls will cost you at 389 rubles / month. - It is so much a premium version (there is a free trial for 3 days).

Block Features:

  • Toki function. makes it possible to share short voice messages with users who have Eyecon.
  • Secure telephone book organization.
  • Blocking spam calls.
  • The definition of a person by its number. Eyecon provides subscriber data from social networks.
  • Customization of the interface : more than 30 bright topics for every taste. is the last blocker, which we will consider in this selection. The main advantage of the service is to be able to identify numbers from 107 countries of the world. complements the address book by photographs of subscribers who are taken from social networks so that your contact list is more conveniently organized.

For those who are used to using services to the maximum, the program provides for a subscription PRO (704 rubles / year.), Which opens most of the opportunity. For example, after its design, it will be possible to install various topics, receive more detailed reports on the numbers, eliminate duplicate contacts and much more. And to whom and this will seem little, the developers have provided a special plan worth 2599 rubles / year, which gives priority support and some other functions.

From an interesting here there is an assistant missed calls, which will automatically answer the callers and will select the best time to remind you of the need to call back. It can be especially useful for those who are constantly in a stream of events and can easily forget to respond to the missed call.

Features of the application:

  • Automatic finding duplicate contacts and their combination.
  • reveals spam calls and blocks spammers, fraudsters and telemarketologists.
  • Look for any number in any country in the world.
  • Fast recording of all your phone calls.
  • Stylish design.


Spam call blocker is perhaps one of the most necessary applications that will be useful to establish many users. As numerous research and social surveys confirm, with fraudsters and telemarketologists today face and as of 2021, the number of such calls and spam disposal increased by 170%.

The only thing that can be recommended to those who regularly encounter undesirable calls is to install a special blocker on your smartphone. And the best protection will be more attentive attitude towards your personal data and surfing on the Internet. After all, it is better not to visit dubious sites and treat the issue of safety more seriously that the unknown in principle have no phone number. Then you will encounter unnecessary spam many times less.