The most useful accessories for iPhone

Properly selected accessories help to use a smartphone 100%. But if it iPhone, then accessories to it should be made particularly carefully, because the expensive status device deserves the best.

Accessories with a variety of destinations are available to smartphones today, for every taste and wallet. Many of them are designed specifically under the iPhone, taking into account design and hardware features.

Mini-photo printer Fujifilm Instax Mini Link

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Each new iPhone is invariably in a dozen leading cameraphones, since Apple tirelessly improves mobile optics. But what is the sense of the crazy number of pictures in the gallery? After all, almost no one sees them. Another thing to print and decorate them office or apartment. It will help with this Fujifilm Instax Mini Link - a sort of modern Polaroid version, a pocket Bluetooth printer. To communicate with it, the smartphone requires an Instax Mini Link application with basic processing tools. The gadget has a curious chip: to re-print a picture printer, you need to flip and press the power button. It seems nothing special, but in fact it saves time when I want to do not alone, but several copies of one photo. Cartridges for this model are not uncommon, they are found in many technician stores. In one cartridge of 10 sheets of paper size 54 x 86 mm. Print area is slightly less than - 46 x 62 mm.

Wireless headphones PowerBeats Pro

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Apple refusal from headphone jack has become ambiguous. Part of the users have lost their convenient listening on the Plug-and-Play principle, but instead they got a chance to get acquainted with high-quality wireless headphones, such as PowerBeats Pro. This is a fashionable and demanded model. Unlike Airpods, she wins landing due to regulated meek. The overall sound quality is higher than that of competitors, the bass line is especially expressed. But perhaps the main advantage of PowerBeats is in durability. The design of the headphones complies with the IPX4 standard, which implies protection against sweat and water. Thus, you will have no reason to part with headphones in the gym and on the street in the rain. Accessory dear, but must admit that comfort and quality can not cost cheaply.

Fast Wireless Charging RavPower 7.5W

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The RavPower Wireless Charger fits not only iPhone, but also any smartphones with Qi support to 10 watts. It can be used with a series of samsung Galaxy, as well as with Qi devices with a slower power speed, such as iPhone 11th series, XS, XR and iPhone 8, which are calculated to maximize 7.5 W. The station has a whole set of protective technologies against overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage and short circuit. A metallic case or cover with a thickness of more than 3 mm can be restricted for it. About charging status You will inform the LED indicator.

Search key chain Tile Pro (2020)

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The search light is a small gadget in the form of a key fob, which helps to quickly find a lost thing. Tile has long been producing such braces. A fresh version of the waterproof Tile Pro has received compatibility with the ALEXA voice assistant and an action radius, advanced to 120 meters. Through the mobile application, you can make the key chain to submit a beep. If you often forget where you left a smartphone, wear Tile Pro with you - double-clicking on the key chain, you will force the phone to spawn, even when it is in silent mode. And what if the Tile is lost? And this problem has a solution. The Tile User Community will help to find a loss through the associated application (the application may be anonymous).

Nomad Charging Cable

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Accessory capable of withstanding the most severe tests, including use in industrial conditions, is a strengthened cable from Nomad with the Lightning / USB interface. At each end there is a protective cap, which prevents the contacts of dirt and water from entering the contacts. The outer shell is made of high-quality TPE polymer (from it there are audio cables for electric guitar), inside a silicone braid. If all the charging cables were such as this, they would serve almost forever.


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This compact charger for the vehicle is designed for all iPhone models, but it is best suited to modern, as its power of 18 W allows you to charge the battery with an accelerated pace. It can feed two devices at the same time, optimized for smartphones and tablets. Of course, it has a complete set of protection against closing and other faults. The LED will help to find a charger during a night driving in the dark.

Tripod kenu stance

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A convenient and compact tripod for shooting in a landscape or portrait orientation will be useful not only for photo shoots, but also for video conferencing and reading, if you want to leave your hands free. In the folded state, the tripod is placed in his pocket, its legs are easily adjustable in height and corner. Recently, Kenu reworked the design: the Lightning connector has been strengthened, the ring appeared to which the bracket can be attached, and then the tripod is no longer lost. And the same ring can serve as a bottle opener.

MORPHEUS LABS M4S bike mount

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Morpheus fastening on magnetic fixation will like cycling lovers. With him, your smartphone will be before your eyes, and on the display you can track the speed of movement, the distance traveled and health indicators. Installation of the holder takes a few seconds. Thanks to the superproof castle, it is not necessary to worry about the accidental disconnection. The rotation function by 360 degrees allows you to give a display convenient angle. This mobile holder is suitable for any types of bicycles, including mountain, highways, pleasure, electrobics, children's running strollers and buggies, if only the steering wheel had a diameter of 7 / 8-1 / 4 inches (22-32 mm). Protected case - part of the kit. Accessories for iPhone 6th iteration are available to the choice and above 11 Pro Max. The case is certified according to the MIL-STD-810G standard and has support for wireless charging.

panel for fast wireless charging Iottie Ion Wireless Mini

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Wireless Iottie Ion MINI Charger Stylish and Compact, compatible not only with iPhone, but also with any other smartphone with Qi support. It provides up to 10 W power (the maximum rate of fast wireless charging iPhone is less than 7.5 W). Fabric coating, color varies - coal black, ruby ​​red, ash and gray and ivory. The color of the cable corresponds to the color of the panel, and so that the smartphone does not slide the smartphone, a silicone ring is provided on the surface.

Bluetooth column JBL CHARGE 3

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JBL Charge 3 is a multifunctional column with a stereo sound and a battery for 6000 mAh. It provides up to 20 hours of continuous playback, and can also fueled the smartphone as an external battery. Speaker can be used for speakerphone with echo and noise cancellation calls. Completes the design textile coating with five color solutions and silicone inserts against water. A unique feature concerns group connection: Multiple JBL speakers with support for the JBL Connect function can be combined into a network to create a surround sound.

Set of removable lenses CamKix

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A set of removable lenses is a simple and inexpensive way to expand the camera capabilities of your iPhone. This kit includes 5 different types of lenses: telephoto lens, filter with circular polarization, fisheye, macro and wide-roller. All of them are in a soft case, which protects the fragile glass from damage. On the smartphone lenses are attached using a special clothespin. She also comes in the kit. The set is designed primarily on iPhones with a single rear camera, but this does not mean that it cannot be used with two- or three-chamber models: it is possible, but not the fact that it will turn out to find a good position for the clothespin.