The most silent keyboard

Noise is a distracting factor when working at a computer, which is why we often encounter situations when you need to observe silence. That is why we decided to assemble a list of the best quiet keyboards that work almost silently.

Indeed, when buying a silent keyboard, you can safely play or print and not worry about what they will interfere with anyone.

The usual keyboard, on the other hand, makes many interfering and distracting sounds, which, of course, negatively affects the experience of using the computer.

In addition, the silent keyboard significantly improves the convenience of work. One of the most important factors that determines the volume is the type of switch used.

Mechanical switches are preferred, since the noise produced when typing is minimized. The best options are Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Red.

They have a color encoding that denotes their purpose: Cherry MX Brown is more suitable for those who often work with texts, and Cherry MX Red - for avid gamers. However, it is important to note that not all mechanical switches are silent, and Cherry MX BLUE is a bright example.

A lot of brands and models are represented on the market, because of which we decided to make a list of the best silent keyboards available for today.

Amazonbasics Wired Keyboard

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Opens our list pretty simple keyboard. AmazonBasics is a universal device with a multitude of key combinations that make it easier for users. The model is not equipped with any advanced features, but many users will surely appreciate the device for its simplicity.

Amazon Basics comes with a wired mouse. Low-profile keys, which allows you to print silently. In addition, the keyboard is one of the quietest in this list. It is worth highlighting and hotkeys are a bonus because they allow you to make calculations easier and faster.

The keyboard is equipped with an optical tracking technology that simplifies the selection of text. It is also worth noting easy to use USB connection and compatibility with all common operating systems.

Numerous keyboard shortcuts provide users with the ability to use a computer easier and faster: special attention here deserves the volume control.


  • Easy to use.
  • Really quiet keys.
  • Hot keys and combinations.


  • Mobility is limited to a wired connection.
  • Simplicity can be a disadvantage for experienced users.

Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth

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Next we have a keyboard from the popular Razer brand, which is why there is no need to doubt the quality of the device. Silence here is a priority, and the device offers just that.

The keyboard is equipped with Razer Orange mechanical switches that provide the optimal actuation distance for precise gaming. They are fast and very quiet at the same time. Thanks to them, the keyboard reacts as soon as your gaming reflexes are triggered.

The model is also equipped with two ports: one for headphones and the other for a microphone, which greatly improves the gameplay.

Don't forget the incredibly beautiful black backlight, which can be applied with various effects, they are sure to satisfy the needs of even the most experienced users.

The keyboard is very strong and durable, as the developers claim it can withstand up to 80 million keystrokes.


  • Switches.
  • One of the quietest keyboards in the list.
  • Headphone and microphone port.
  • Durability and design.


  • Designed for gamers, which may not be suitable for ordinary users.

Jelly Comb MK09

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Wireless keyboard Jelly Comb MK09 comes with a mouse, which is definitely worth the money! In addition, the low-profile keys provide a smooth and very comfortable typing experience.

Designed to fit seamlessly into Windows. The keys provide quick access to media controls, so you can easily change the volume of movies, songs, and apps. Plug and Play is also present - when using the keyboard with the Windows operating system, there is no need for additional settings.

The Jelly Comb MK09 is wireless: the keyboard and mouse are connected via a nano-receiver at 2.4GHz for portability.

However, it is important to note that Jelly COMB MK09 operates from several AAA batteries, which must be purchased separately, as they are not supplied in the base set.


  • Reliable wireless connection.
  • Excellent compatibility with Windows operating system.
  • Easy access to multimedia controls.


  • Batteries need to be bought separately.

Logitech K750

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In the queue, we have a keyboard on the solar battery, which provides a reliable wireless connection, compatibility with the Windows operating system and comes with a device for cleaning the device bundled. Pretty good, right?

The model is powered by solar cells, and, as manufacturers declare, can work out in full dark about 3 months and can be charged with any effects of sunlight.

Thanks to the flexible form, Logitech K750 pleases the eye and supports an improved wireless connection at a frequency of 2.5 GHz with a USB receiver that works with both the keyboard and with the mouse.

Compatibility with various versions of Windows operating systems allows you to switch between several OS, while maintaining the keyboard settings.

Additional feature is Plug and Play technology, allowing you to connect other mice without any settings. We note the very small size of the receiver, which is also quite comfortable.


  • Battery on the solar panel.
  • Extended wireless connection 2.5 GHz.
  • Plug and Play.
  • Allows you to connect to other mice.
  • Compatibility with different versions of Windows operating systems.


  • More expensive compared to other list models.

HP Wireless ELITE V2

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HP - the world-famous company with a good reputation. And the brand once again confirmed this by releasing the HP Wireless ELITE V2 keyboard, which is equipped with excellent functions and is not expensive.

First of all, it is worth highlighting an elegant design: it is because of this that the device looks attractive and perfectly complement any PC.

The model is full-size (that is, there is a digital block), thereby perfectly suitable for office work and everyday tasks.

The keyboard is designed to ensure maximum comfort. This became possible due to the possibility of adjusting the height and angle of its inclination in accordance with the needs of the user.

The keys are low-profile, which makes the keyboard silent. They smooth, comfortable and very quickly react to pressing. It is necessary to highlight and scissor design of keyboard caps providing maximum comfort.

Due to the affordable price, beauty and strength, HP Wireless ELITE V2 is an excellent option for any user.


  • Excellent ratio of price and quality.
  • Provides maximum comfort.
  • Noise is eliminated by low-profile keys and scissor caps.


  • Perhaps this is not the best option for gemina.


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This keyboard is particularly popular among the gamers that put in priority high performance and silent. Mechanical switches of this model provide a few advantages to the user, namely fast response and silent. The accuracy of pressing is also rising at the expense of anti-ghosting technology (it neutralizes the problem of fictitious presses).

Another nice feature that allocates SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB is notifications in games and chat with highlighting.

As for the design, the keyboard frame is made of metal aluminum alloy, due to which the device is quite durable and, accordingly, will last for a very long time.

The backlight can be easily customized using various modes. In addition, it is individual for each key. All this in combination with a matte black design creates an excellent keyboard.


  • Quiet linear switches and a quick gameplay.
  • Illuminated notifications in games and chat rooms.
  • Durability and excellent design.


  • Developed specifically for gamers, which is why ordinary users should pay attention to other models.

Corsair K68

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Corsair has released two versions of the popular K68 keyboard: standard with red backlight and protected from dust and moisture model with multicolor backlit.

Corsair K68 is an affordable keyboard equipped with Cherry MX Red Linear Mechanical Switches, which provide quiet operation and excellent responsiveness.

It should also be noted the availability of Corsair Utility Engine technology, which allows you to program macros and provides users with the ability to customize the backlight in accordance with your preferences.

The model supports the Windows key lock mode, which minimizes the probability of pressing the wrong keys. In addition, the device allows you to control audio and multimedia functions.


  • Corsair Utility Engine technology.
  • Two versions, one of which has protection against moisture and dust.
  • Price.


  • Red lights may seem obsessive and throw.

Corsia Strafe RGB

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In the queue, we have another keyboard from Corsair, which is characterized in that it is equipped with a Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches, when you press the keys to react smoothly and linearly.

Thanks to the multifunctional illumination, which can be customized with all sorts of ways, users can fully immerse themselves in the gameplay. In addition, you can also reconfigure keys, macros and create full user control. Thus, even the most advanced gamers will remain satisfied.

A pleasant advantage of this model is removable soft to the touch Stand for wrists, which is very comfortable, especially for those who use a computer for a long time - even after the longest sessions you will not feel Pain in the wrist.


  • Stand for wrists, preventing the appearance of pain.
  • The ability to set the keys.
  • through USB port.


  • Cherry MX Brown - medium-level switches that are suitable for both gemina and printing, but do not provide optimal experience.

Logitech K800

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Logitech K800 - the highest-class keyboard with wonderful functions: the system "smart" backlight, universal Logitech Unifying receiver, curved key form (Logitech Incurve Keys) and the PerfectStroke key system. Thanks to the last element, the device and falls into our list, as the technology makes each keystroke on the keys very comfortable, smooth and quiet.


The model is connected by means of a reliable wireless connection, and also has the adaptation feature with other devices using a USB receiver. Charging is performed via a Micro USB cable, and the battery life is up to 10 days (it may vary depending on the features of use, settings and working conditions).

It is worth noting the light sensor that automatically adjusts the backlight brightness based on the number of light in the room. In addition, the motion sensors turn on the backlight as soon as the user brings hands to the keyboard. It is worth the user to remove your hands from the keys - and the backlight is automatically turned off.


  • PerfectStroke technology.
  • battery life.
  • Adjustable backlight.


  • The size of the support under the wrist.

Logitech ORION Spectrum G810

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Orion Spectrum G810 from Logitech is equipped with ultra-sensitive ROMER-G mechanical switches and non-mechanical keys that meet the various functions like turning off the backlight or turn on any game mode.

Another important feature of this model is the upper part of it is made of matte plastic, on which the fingerprints remain.

Logitech Orion Spectrum G810 is designed for gamers, since the keyboard has already previously loaded various profiles suitable for all the most common key combinations in games.

Also possible illumination and key customization are also possible, so that the keyboard is one of the most functional. There is one minus: there is no USB port and a microphone connector.


  • Excellent mechanical switches ROMER-G.
  • Preset profiles for more than 300 games.


  • There is no USB port or microphone connector.
  • Users often working with texts to pay attention to other models.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000

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When developing Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000, the focus was on ergonomics, which is why this keyboard is one of the most convenient on the market. All thanks to separate design, soft stand for hands, which provides the maximum level of comfort and prevents pain in wrists.

However, we are primarily interested in silent: yes, the keyboard really works quietly, but it should be noted that in this component it lags behind other models in the list.

Among other functions, it is worth highlighting various combinations and hotkeys, the multimedia control buttons (access to audio and video content). Another interesting feature - the scale of the screen can be changed only by one finger movement.


  • Ergonomic design provides complete comfort.
  • Labels and hotkeys provide easy access to multimedia.
  • Price.


  • Not so quiet compared to other models of the list.

Macally Ultra-Slim

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Ultrathin Keyboard with aesthetic design and low-profile convenient keys for setting text. One of the most important features that give this model silent are scissor switches. It is also worth noting the Plug and Play technology, which significantly facilitates the connection to the PC.

There are 16 available key combinations that users can configure in accordance with their preferences. Combinations of buttons and other selected keys have LED indicators. It is worth noting a wired USB connection convenient for the user, as well as easy to use the interface.


  • design.
  • Scissor switches.
  • Plug and Play technology.


  • It may seem too small for some users.

Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2

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Closes our list Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 - keyboard combining silent, ergonomics and power. The model has many interesting features for any user, and is also very comfortable.

To begin with, it is worth highlighting the Razer Synapse software that allows you to individually set up the backlight of each key (a wide range of colors is available). There are also five game buttons here, which will certainly like to do any gamer.

It is important to mark anti-ghosting technology, thanks to which you can press up to 10 buttons at the same time, which is why the keyboard is ideal for high-performance games. The model is also very responsive due to the presence of first-class mechanical switches.

Ergonomic functions make the device close to ideal, and the built-in wrist stand provides comfort even in the most intense gaming sessions.


    • Razer Synapse allows you to configure the keys with individual backlit.
    • Anti-Ghosting technology allows you to clamp to 10 keys at the same time.
    • Ergonomics.


  • Not cheap.

Small guide

Low below, we will respond to several questions regarding silent keyboards.

The quietest keyboard?

  1. AmazonBasics
  2. Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth
  3. Jelly COMB MK09
  4. Logitech K750
  5. HP Wireless ELITE V2

What switches are the loudest?

Cherry MX Blue makes a characteristic click sound when you press the key, which is the loudest in the Cherry MX family.

Why are the mechanical keyboards such loud?

Because of the principle of their work: mechanical switches are characterized by a more volatile tactile sensation when triggered.


We hope that the list above will help you decide on the choice of keyboard as soon as possible. It is worth noting that all models were placed in random order, so it is necessary to consider all devices to take a reasonable decision to buy a device.

You probably know that all keyboards are divided into budgetary, medium and high price segments. However, it is worth remembering that a high price does not necessarily mean better quality!

Configuration should be considered as there are many types of wireless and wired connection, as well as power supply, connectivity, durability and comfort.