The most protected messengers

Next, consider the 7 most secure and reliable messengers to date for Android and iOS platforms.

No one of us wants our messages to be read by others. Especially if the fate of the transaction is being solved in these messages and describes the business. Unfortunately, ordinary messengers do not encrypt the text and do not have other information security tools, so you need to look for workarounds. A good way out of this situation is downloading and installing a protected messenger.

A few years ago, the messengers provided the entire couple of large companies, and now in the manifold of such applications you can get confused. We tried to select the 7 best messengers with encryption and other privacy tools, thereby easier than your choice.

Signal Private Messenger

This program called the most protected Edward Snowden itself - Privacy expert. The application is designed for both android and iOS. It uses an advanced pass-through encryption protocol, thanks to which no one can get access to your messages. To make sure that any person having programming will be able to. The fact is that the Signal Private Messenger application has an open source code.

After installation, this utility begins to use your address book. The Appendix has no individual logins, passwords and PIN codes, which greatly simplifies its use. A curious feature of the program is the ability to create encrypted groups - this allows you to communicate with all friends at once. And also the Signal Private Messenger allows voice calls to carry out voice calls. Although the greatest stop developers do still on the text chat.


It is hardly the most secure messenger. Created by not esteem Pavel Durov - the founder of VKontakte. The application can be downloaded and installed absolutely free. The project is non-commercial, he is supported by Pavel himself and due to donations of other users. The program allows you to create group chats in which up to 200 people can take part!

All messages in Telegram are encrypted. And the timer of their self-destruction improves safety to the highest level. The service uses an open protocol. As for encryption, this process is entrusted with MTProto technology. Of course, all non-pass messages are stored in data centers, but also there this information is in encrypted form.

Moreover, each cluster is encrypted with a separate key, which is in another cluster under another jurisdiction. Using servers helps user access to their correspondence from different devices - Telegram is available on Android, iOS and desktop Windows.


Another secure way to send text messages. The project is characterized by the fact that it is regularly improved and updated. For encryption, RSA4096TLD, AES256 and ECDH521 standards are used here. You can not get access to your data, neither intruders, nor even too smart acquaintances who have come to the correspondence with you. Messages are not stored here on servers, which also goes to this application in Plus.

It is wondering that the addressee of the message cannot save the text - after a certain time it will definitely disappear from the memory of the smartphone. After what time, destruction will occur - indicates the sender.

The received message appears in the notifications panel, but you can only read it in the messenger by entering the password. To communicate, it will require the creation of the account, but this is spent on no more than two minutes. In total, the Wickr Me service has made their choice about 4 million people.


We are already accustomed to the fact that the messengers are distributed free - to earn their creators are trying to sell stickers, smiles and other improvements. But Threema is not such, this app will require certain investments from you - about two hundred rubles. Your money will go to support servers, without which the existence of the messenger would be impossible.

This program performs through all data encryption. This suggests that not only messages, but also group chats, statuses and multimedia files. It is almost impossible to gain access to information. For encryption, an open source NaCl library is used here. The decryption key is generated and stored on user devices.

It is helpless to please and in no way associated with the secrecy functionality of the messenger. In particular, here you can create polls, voice messages, send files of any type and choose themes. You can not yet note the fact that you do not need to enter the phone number or e-mail to use the Threema. It is enough to get a unique and completely random Threema ID. In short, you use the messenger anonymous! Also available here is an authorization by scanning a fingerprint.


, in contrast to previous messengers, TwinMe does not require any registration personal data. A huge advantage of this application is that a technology that does not require the availability of a server is used to exchange messages between users. What does it mean? All your data (correspondence) are not saved in various processing centers. Your messages, photos and other files that you exchange with your interlocutors are not stored anywhere.

Many messengers immediately after launch are offered to access the device's notebook and scan contacts. What security can be guaranteed by such applications? TwinMe, in turn, does not know anything about you. The messenger does not have access to any contacts or to the phone number or other personal data. Even email is not required for registration. Just install the messenger, launch it and communicate.

Since TWINME does not have storage centers and processing information (servers), the process of communication will be a bit specific. In this sense, the program is similar to the phone book. When you buy it, it originally empty. You ourselves fill it, recording new contacts. Here is a similar principle: To add friends, you need to click on the "Invite contact" button, enter the contact name and set a photo (to identify a person), as well as send an invitation to reference. This can be done using mail or social networks.

After the recipient proceeds by reference or scans a unique QR code, it will automatically be added to friends. This is all the charm of twinme. Correspondence and any data are stored only from users themselves on devices. And only users can get access to it, who hacked directly to the device.

Many messengers boast advanced encryption systems, but no one guarantees 100% security, as in the theory any server can be hacked. And then there will be a data leakage, and not the fault of the user. In this case, your safety is only in your hands.


The penultimate protected messenger in this selection is Vipole. Communicate with friends and colleagues safely with encrypted messages, calls and videos. Here you can create group chats without restrictions and real conferences for productive group work on joint projects. Vipole has all the sufficient functionality for convenient work in the team.

Personal data, files, passwords, Notes and other information is stored under protection due to the END-TO-END encryption system. The developer took care of the security from any external threats for you, although for many messenger may seem insecure, given the "fashion" on the P2P technology (the type of peer-to-peer network, when the data exchange between devices is carried out directly, without redirecting to the server). One of the representatives of such technology and was discussed above twinme. But if you want to get significantly more functions, definitely, the choice for Vipole.

One of the features of the messenger is the use of minimum information during registration. The service does not ask for a mobile phone number or other personal data from the user, with the exception of email. And for the registration itself you need to specify only a login, password and e-mail. Also, in the application settings, you can set the mode of automatic removal of messages and the period. This allows you to erase the correspondence after a certain time.

In addition, there is a function of hiding the IP address when calling. And although the most secure messengers use P2P, here the developer still tried to provide the user with all possible security tools. Also there is a built-in password manager, which uses smart encryption, advanced caustomization capabilities (themes, notifications) and much more.


on the last line Messenger, which combines ease of use and improved safety. Yes, this is not the safest, but balanced and perfect option for those who prefer multifunctionality. Zed Messenger uses the Telegram API and its own developers. All this allowed him to become one of the fastest and most secure in the world. In addition, it is completely free: no subscriptions and advertising.

Due to the fact that the application uses Telegram API, the interface and design is largely similar to those that we saw in Pavel Durov Messenger. And on the one hand, it is even a big plus for those who are "transplanted" from the brainchild of the founder of the VKontakte network of the same name. In addition to design, Zed has others already familiar to us features. For example, the messenger allows you to send any audio and video files without any restrictions. And it is stored all in the cloud format, without occupying the place in the device's memory.

The main goal of this application is to find the balance between security and multifunctionality. This is not at all the ideal of a protected and confidential messenger, Zed little bit is good in any matter. Any information in the messenger is securely encrypted, whether it is reports in personal correspondence or groups. In addition, the program allows you to create huge group chats, including up to 200 thousand participants. Each of them can exchange files and documents of any type, and the administrator to customize bots.

Thanks to a large number of settings, powerful tools for group communication, a convenient and intuitive interface, as well as a reliable Zed Messenger encryption, you can call one of the best applications not only for simple communication, but also collaboration. That's just a version for IOS Messenger at the moment did not get.