The most powerful young smartphones according to Antutu

Popular Benchmark Antutu published the top ten of powerful smartphones at the end of August 2017.

The developers of Antutu Benchmark each month lay out the rating of the most powerful smartphones to its website. It is composed of averaged indicators obtained by testing by the benchmark of millions of devices worldwide. We invite you to familiarize yourself with which smartphones scored the greatest points on the last summer month of 2017. In the future, significant changes are waiting for the rating, because buyers will be available Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8 and , iPhone 8 Plus - In August, their measurements are not yet conducted.

First Five

For several months, leadership in the Antutu rating holds Oneplus 5. It averages According to the results of testing, 181 thousand points is gaining - even HTC U11 could not get around this Chinese smartphone. The third place was taken by another "Chinese", but already a little less expensive - this is ZTE Nubia Z17.

The South Korean flagships presented by the spring are now occupied by the fourth and fifth place. Above comes, as relies, the Plus version. However, their results are distinguished by just one hundred points, which can be considered a statistical error. It is not worth it to be surprised, because both devices operate using the processor Samsung exynos 8895, and many other components have the same flagships.

So, the entire five leaders looks like this:

OnePlus 5

The work of this device provides an eight-core Snapdragon 835 paired with the Android 7.0 operating system. The smartphone is endowed with everything necessary. It is even present in the newest Bluetooth 5.0 module. The picture is displayed on a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with full HD resolution. Everything is in order of the device and with a camera, which is a double - its main module has a diaphragm F / 1.7. The only deficiency of the smartphone is the module Wi-Fi - in some buyers it works unstable.


This smartphone is available in two versions. The first has 64 GB of internal memory, and the second has 128 GB. The resolution of the screen used in the Taiwanese device has been increased to 2560 × 1440 pixels. Also, the device is able to boast a very good 12-megapixel camera, the aperture of which opens up to f / 1.7. Wireless modules include Bluetooth 5.0 and LTE-A Cat.16. In short, for owners of HTC U11 gigabit internet is not a luxury, but an everyday reality.

ZTE Nubia Z17

Unlike the top two, ZTE Nubia Z17 is based on a processor Snapdragon 652. This is what allowed the Chinese to slightly reduce the cost. Also, not the newest wireless modules are used here. The resolution of the 5.2-inch display is limited to traditional Full HD. Dual camera consists of 13-megapixel modules. But you should not hope for the chic quality of pictures - the aperture fails, opening only up to f / 2.2. But buyers like the front camera - it’s harder to find fault with it.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ (G955F)

This South Korean flagship can be equipped with either 64 GB or 128 GB of memory. But in any case, the buyer will receive a slot for a microSD card. The device is also capable of boasting an AMOLED screen, the diagonal of which has been increased to 6.2 inches, and the resolution is 2960 × 1440 pixels. With the release of this smartphone, the South Korean company switched to a new aspect ratio and frameless design. The sides of the screen in use are slightly curved, which surprises and delights customers.

Samsung Galaxy S8 (G950F)

This device is no different from its brother, except for a slightly reduced battery capacity and decreased to 5, 8 inches screen diagonal. Even the display resolution is the same! The camera here is 12-megapixel, and its aperture opens up to f / 1.7. And the device also received a separate button that allows you to call voice assistant Bixby. As for the Home button, it is now on-screen. One of the key features of the smartphone is the ability to unlock by scanning the iris. However, users note that this method is not the most convenient - it is more common to use a fingerprint sensor.

The second five

The sixth place in the August ranking is occupied by Xiaomi Mi6. It is based on the Snapdragon 835 processor, which provided it with high results. Android 7.1 is installed as an operating system on Chinese smartphone. Well, then again follows Galaxy S8+, but already its version under the index G9550. It, like the Galaxy S8 (G950U1), which closes the top ten , also has a top-end processor from Qualcomm. These two smartphones are not supplied to Russia - they are mainly intended for the American market.

The eighth place in the ranking of the most powerful smartphones was staked out by Sony Xperia XZ Premium. This Japanese device is equipped with a 19-megapixel camera, the aperture of which opens to f / 2. The main advantage of the device is a 5.5-inch screen - its resolution is 3840 × 2160 pixels. Of course, the top-end solution from Qualcomm is used here as a processor.

Last year's iPhone 7 Plus now only ranks ninth. If only Android smartphones are left in the ranking, then last year's OnePlus 3T will also take the tenth line. And if you make a rating of absolutely all devices, including tablets, then the iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch screen will become the undisputed leader - it scores 229 thousand points, leaving all competitors far behind!