The most powerful smartphones of September according to AnTuTu

Popular benchmark AnTuTu published the top ten most powerful smartphones in September 2017.

Sales of new Apple smartphones traditionally begin in September. In this regard, the list of the most powerful devices is changing significantly. Fresh "apple" devices lower Samsung Galaxy S8 in this rating more and more.

The top five

As predicted in advance, topped the September topiPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 . Interestingly, the gap between these two devices is quite large. And the gap between second and third place, which is the recent OnePlus 5, is even bigger! However, keep in mind that iOS is a closed platform. It is not known what Apple engineers tweaked there so that smartphones gave such an excellent result in AnTuTu.

Rounding out the top five areHTC U11 and ZTE Nubia Z17 . Indeed, one can hardly complain about the performance of these flagships. However, the demand for them does not increase from this, which is why both companies experience some problems.

The full top five is as follows:

iPhone 8 Plus

Record holder, which has a processor with support for artificial intelligence. And if the power of "apple" chipsets is gradually growing, then the display resolution has stopped at Full HD. Perhaps that is why the device manages to earn a huge amount of points. As for the rest of the components, the presence of a dual camera can be distinguished, the wide-angle module of which is capable of boasting an aperture of f / 1.8.


iPhone 8

This smartphone differs from its older brother with a reduced display diagonal to 4, 7 inches. Its resolution is reduced to 1334 × 750 pixels. The rest of the characteristics are almost the same. Except for the camera. She, unfortunately, has only one lens with a wide angle of view. But on the other hand, the aperture also opens up to f / 1.8, which makes the optics very fast.

OnePlus 5

This device runs Android 7.0. The buyer will not wait for any brackets, as the machine has a very powerful processor and a large amount of memory. The picture is derived to an energy-efficient AMOLED display, which has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 points. An even greater owner of the smartphone praises the creation of the Chinese for a double chamber with a diaphragm F / 1.7 (this applies to the wide-angle lens).


The main advantage of this device is to high resolution - it is 2560 × 1440 points. The creation of Taiwanese has a huge amount of wireless modules. In particular, the owner of the smartphone will be able to enjoy a gigabit LTE-Internet. The rear panel of the device is the lens of a 12-megapixel chamber, the diaphragm of which has parameter F / 1.7.

ZTE Nubia Z17

The best product of the Chinese company. It has a very beautiful metallic case and 5.5-inch IPS display. The side frames are almost impossible to notice. The work of the device provides a top processor Snapdragon 835. A distinctive feature of the device is a huge amount of memory. There are two versions of the smartphone, one of which offers 8 GB RAM - earlier such a volume of Android-smartphones never received. And the device supports the technology of rapid charging Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.

The second five

as you could notice The results of the tests by the benchmark antutu in the top five did not fall a single smartphone from Samsung. But in the second half of the tens there is a huge domination. Recall each flagship of the South Korean company exists in two versions. One receives a processor of its own production, and the second is a chipset from Qualcomm.

The sixth and seventh rating locations occupied Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with N950F and N950U indices. This is very expensive Fablet, which has a double camera and multifunctional stylus. Next, in the top of Antutu Xiaomi Mi 6 - popular Chinese smartphone, which is sold mainly by all sorts of Chinese online stores. Well, they clic down the top ten Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +. These flagships were released in the spring. The prices declining on them make the purchase more and more profitable. At the same time, the power of both devices will have enough overwhelming majority of users.

Traditionally, antutu publishes the test results of only iOS devices. In this case, leadership continues to hold iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch screen. Laundled month ago iPhone 8 Plus lags behind it for 13 thousand points. By the way, closes the top ten iPhone SE, which now you can buy for quite adequate money.