The most necessary applications for the tablet

Assembled for you the most useful applications for the tablet, which will help turn a tablet computer into a convenient tool not only for entertainment, but also work, learning and accounting of finance.

On tablets, like smartphones, there are pre-installed programs. Some of them are installed within the framework of advertising obligations, the rest are selected by manufacturers from their own considerations. Not all of the pre-installed applications are needed to the user. Most of them are useless software, taking the system and occupying a place in the device's memory. Unnecessary programs can be removed without pity, and put those that you really need. So, the most needed apps for the tablet:


VLC for Android

One of the most popular and functional players. He is truly omnivorous and works almost with all video formats. VLC supports subtitles, which allows you to more comfortably watch foreign films. Implemented in the program and support for gestures. In addition, the player can play streaming video.

The player can be finely customized.


  • Support for multiple video formats;
  • Subtitle support;
  • Playing streaming video from the Internet;
  • You can upload files from cloud services;
  • A simple and understandable interface.


  • no.

The best applications on the tablet for editing photos and video

Kinemaster - video editor for simple installation

One of the most popular video edits with a concise and understandable interface, wide capabilities and a large library of fonts and stickers. The program supports almost all existing video formats and quality, including 4k.

Using the application, you can create full-fledged videos with several layers, overlay voiceovers, apply various effects, use text and stickers, speed up, slow down, cut and merge the video.

There is a built-in store with a large selection of music tracks, various effects, fonts, transitions and funny stickers.


  • extensive video editing capabilities;
  • support for multiple formats;
  • the ability to add various effects and sound;
  • user-friendly interface.


  • no.


Advanced Editor, which works with both photos and videos.

It has a wide variety of editing tools and effects. To work, the program offers to select an image not only from the gallery or a new picture, but also from Google +, Dropbox, Facebook.

In PicsArt, you can adjust filters before shooting and then experiment with the resulting images.

Also in this photo editor you can make stunningly beautiful collages and cliparts. A huge number of frames of different themes - from original hand-drawn to floral or Japanese style. Half of them can be downloaded, and the rest are paid.

Using the PicsArt photo editor, you can quickly process a photo using standard tools - change brightness, color saturation, remove red-eye, and more.


  • wide range of editing tools and functions;
  • the ability to process photos and videos;
  • a large selection of elements for decoration: stickers, effects, brushes, filters, templates;
  • regular update.


  • advertising;
  • some of the editing elements are available by subscription.


Some of the best apps for a tablet include scheduling, to-do lists, and reminders.


  • ​​

A handy application that will help you not to get confused if you have a lot of things to do and tell you about important dates. The application can be used independently, installed on the mobile devices of all family members, or used to work in a team.

One of the advantages of Todoist over other schedulers is that it works not only on a smartphone, but also on a computer. Tasks and plans can be synchronized between different devices.

Scheduled activities and tasks can be filtered by projects, categories and time. Each completed task earns experience points, quietly turning the user from a novice into an app luminary. Notifications about assigned cases are also sent to the mail specified during registration, so it is almost impossible to miss an important task.


  • convenient interface;
  • cross-platform, which allows you to work on multiple platforms;
  • support for collaboration;
  • reminder function;
  • filter cases and tasks.


  • some useful features, such as advanced filters and labels, are available in the paid version.

File Manager

Cx Explorer

A powerful file manager that can work with cloud storage with a wide range of features and at the same time very little weight, which makes it convenient to use on tablets with a small amount of memory.

The manager allows you to move, rename, copy, view, compress and delete files. He knows how to work with cloud and network storage, allows you to manage applications on the device and delete them.

The useful features of the application also include the ability to work as a server over a network Wi-Fi to exchange files between a computer and a mobile device.


  • A wide range of functions for working with files and management of applications on devices;
  • Simple and convenient interface;
  • the ability to exchange files between the computer and the tablet;
  • Support for working with cloud and network storage facilities;
  • lack of advertising.


  • no.

Working with documents

on the tablet, not even very large, convenient to work with documents.

Google Documents

Convenient service to create and edit documents allowing to work on all synchronized devices. Starting to work on the road on your smartphone, you can continue working on a document at home on a tablet or computer. In addition, Google documents are a great collaboration tool. Users can provide access to their documents to colleagues to view and make changes.

Another useful feature of the application is the ability to work with files without connecting to the Internet.


  • Quick creation and editing of documents;
  • The possibility of formatting text;
  • Access to documents to other users for collaboration;
  • automatic saving changes;
  • The ability to work with offline files;
  • Support Microsoft Word files.


  • After the latest updates in the application, there are failures.



cross-platform messenger for sharing text, voice, video communications, files, images and stickers. Users can also create groups and channels, hold conferences, create bots and store an unlimited amount of information.

The source code of the application is available to any user, which allows you to create unique copyright additions, such as bots or stickers, and they are distributed free of charge.

Telegram has many useful features: you can set up automatic deletion of files from the cache at a specified time, edit messages within two days from the moment they were created, create secret chats with a ban on sending information, protect chats password.

Another useful feature for someone who doesn't want others to see them on the web is visibility control. The user can set up the program so that no one knows that he is online. To do this, go to the messenger settings, open the "Privacy" tab and in the "Last activity" item, hide your status on the Web.

Application Advantage:

  • high security;
  • password protect chats;
  • cross-platform;
  • visibility control;
  • sending and storing files of any size;
  • the ability to create group chats and bots;
  • Channeling;
  • create secret chats;
  • extensive customization options.


  • no.

Reading and news

Large screen allows you to comfortably read books and magazines, view news. It's just a matter of convenient application.


Despite the nondescript and somewhat outdated interface, FBReader is an excellent tool for reading books and texts in most existing formats. There are plug-ins for extensions of the functionality of the reader, which are installed separately.

In the settings, you can customize the application in detail by adjusting the font size, choosing a background theme, and setting the screen brightness control. There is a quick access to the night reading mode.

In addition, the reader supports the function of displaying tables of contents and creating bookmarks. FBReader also has a handy library. Here you can store books downloaded to devices by authors, titles, series, categories. You can make your favorite or favorite books in the Favorites folder.

The features of the application should include the ability to use network libraries. Part of the books are free, you need to pay for access to others. You can add your own directory by entering its URL.

The advantages of the application:

  • Simple and understandable interface;
  • A convenient function of sorting books;
  • Access to network libraries;
  • Fast change of read mode;
  • a good choice of backgrounds;
  • The ability to change the font, size and color;
  • The application is optimized and under the old models of tablets, and under modern mobile devices.


  • Some important options, such as reading out loud, are available in paid version;
  • Outdated interface design.


in our Tablet computers came to replace paper magazines and newspapers, and they are special applications for reading news.

Feedly is the official client of the popular news reader. It is easy to work with it thanks to a simple and understandable interface, even despite the lack of support for the Russian language.

The application allows you to subscribe to your favorite news sources on the network. These can be sites, online magazines or blogs. You can select a convenient content display: in the form of tiles images, logs, or text only.

You can also change the font of the text and its size, make bookmarks, save articles for subsequent reading and send them to other users.

Although Feedly is equipped with only basic functions, it is perfectly coping with the task of a selection of news on the user's user.


  • A large number of RSS sources;
  • Convenient interface;
  • preservation of news;
  • The ability to create a selection of RSS sources to certain topics.


  • Basic functionality.


It is not always possible to find time to read an interesting article or news. The Pocket tablet app lets you save a link to the content and automatically downloads it for later viewing on all available devices. If you save an article or news on a tablet, you can view the material both on a smartphone and on a computer, even offline. This makes Pocket the perfect app for reading delayed content on the way to work, school, or travel.

Another feature of the program is the recommendation feed. It is created based on the analysis of the user's preferences and he is offered the most interesting materials on topics of interest to him.

The app has a nice and simple design. It is possible to change the font and design. There is also a popular dark theme.


  • cross-platform;
  • ability to read stored content offline;
  • personalized recommendation feed;
  • Simple control.


  • the free version has promotional materials;
  • Some of the useful features are only available by subscription.


Every tablet has a built-in browser, or even several. In most cases, this is Google or Chrome. Some manufacturers install their own browsers. But there are many others

  • Branded browser from Xiaomi features a wide range of features and a visually pleasing interface with soothing light colors.

    The application offers many useful features, including incognito mode, blocking ads, the ability to download videos from some resources, saving traffic, bookmark sorting into groups and night mode. In addition, you can configure the display of information adapted to the tablet or smartphone. The download tab is conveniently arranged - it contains several sections with music, video, images and a shared folder. This allows you to quickly find the desired file type.


    • Pleasant minimalistic interface;
    • Advertising Lock Function;
    • night mode;
    • high safety;
    • The possibility of using the incognito regime;
    • Well optimized for old models of tablets.


    • no.

    Opera with free VPN

    Opera Browser for Android Many users value for high speed and stability, convenient interface and wide functionality. Apprash developers took into account all user needs and made a browser as comfortable as possible for use. In Opera browser, there is a personalized news feed, a convenient download manager, a dark topic, Locking advertising, traffic saving function and synchronization with other devices on which the browser is installed.

    One of the most useful functions of the browser, for which it is worth installing it - free VPN service. Since when connected to it, data is passing through the most secure connection, you can not fear that they will be able to intercept intruders. In addition, VPN allows you to enter locked sites. You can fake your location - for this you need to select one of the plurality of servers placed in different countries to connect.


    • High speed;
    • free VPN;
    • Advertising Block Function;
    • Convenient tablet mode;
    • Built-in QR codes and barcode scanners;
    • night mode;
    • Incognito mode;


    • no.

    Wegereled Widget


    Good application for weather information should not only provide accurate data, but also have a nice interface. Yowindow is a beautiful and convenient application for the tablet with the possibility of obtaining weather information in any time. By moving the slider across the screen, you can see how the weather changes during the day. Information is fed in a pleasant visualized form, and depending on the weather on the screen, snow will be displayed, rain, fog or sun.

    The screen can be displayed as basic weather information and detailed - pressure, humidity, wind speed and other parameters.

    The application can be finely configured by selecting a suitable background from an extensive library that is constantly updated. Most of the backgrounds are paid, but in each category there are free backgrounds. In addition, users apps can create their own widgets and add them to the library. They can be installed for free.

    The useful features of the application also include built-in alarm clock and the ability to set the widget for itself.


    • Intelligent weather mapping;
    • The excellent visualization of weather changes with a variety of displayed measurements;
    • Large library backgrounds, broken into categories;
    • Providing information about the meteorological system for a few days ahead;
    • The ability to install the informer with the background as a screen saver;
    • Built-in alarm clock.


    • Advertising, but it is not so much;
    • Most of the backgrounds are available in the subscription.


    for tablet computers operating under the control of the Android operating system, a lot of useful applications have been created that allow you to maximize the potential of the device and turn it into a convenient tool Only for entertainment, but also study, work and self-improvement.