The most expensive phones in the world

We all accustomed to the fact that smartphones cost several hundred dollars. It seems that no one will buy a more expensive device. But in fact there are so-called elite phones of the premium class. Their price tag is almost unlimited, in what you will be convinced after meeting today's selection of the most expensive phones.

In the case of conventional smartphones, the price tag depends on the characteristics and the used components. If the apparatus is built in the fingerprint scanner , 6 GB of RAM, 24 megapixel camera and a capacious battery with support fast Charging, then it will cost expensive. But even with everything, the price tag will not exceed $ 400- $ 700. In the case of elite smartphones, the cost is limited to the materials used in the creation of the case. It can be skin, fabric, gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious elements. What is interesting, in the list of the most expensive there are elite phones endowed with a numeric keypad - it is not limited to smart devices.

Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone

  • Production: Sony Ericsson and Jarent Age
  • Operating system: Windows Mobile 5

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According to modern standards of elite devices, this smartphone looks overly then. The view is an ordinary pushbutton with Windows Mobile on board. But at one time, Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone is very much accustomed, because elite materials, then in the production of similar technique, did not really be used. The creators of this device decided to give it an unusual curved form. According to their assurances, it greatly simplifies the storage of the device in his pocket. They also worked on the keyboard, which turned out to be more durable due to polycarbonate mirror glass.

The photos are almost not visible, but the model still belongs to the elite class. The fact is that there are two black diamonds. One is in the joystick of control, and the second is on the rear panel. That is why the joint creation of Sony Ericsson and Singapore designer asked huge money.


  • Production: VERTU
  • Operating system: Proprietary firmware

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Mobile phone with a very pretentious appearance. The front panel of the device is decorated with a fairly long snake, the body of which was created from gold. At the same time, the buyer could choose which gold - yellow, white or pink. Also in the body of the snake, you can notice inclusions from rubies and sapphires, the total number of which reaches 438 pieces. The eyes of the reptile are made of emeralds. And on the housing of the elite product there are two large diamonds.

VERTU has never done more expensive phones. It should be understood that it is although it produces elite devices, but at the same time its products can still buy not only millionaires and billionaires. You can also note that only eight "Cobra" was released. Their buyers were unlikely to use the phone for their intended purpose. The fact is that the snake placed on the front panel delivered some discomfort when the device was in hand and near the ear.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

  • Production: Gresso
  • Operating system: Proprietary firmware

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Have you won a bunch of money in a casino? Why not spend them all for the purchase of a mobile phone? It seems that this was the creators of Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot that was hinted. This is an extraordinary apparatus, which is much more expensive than the other Mobile phones from Gresso. This is explained by the use of black diamonds found in nature extremely rarely. Also here is traditional gold, with the help of which ancient Egyptian motives were achieved.

The device is even more surprised when you look at its rear panel. The battery compartment cover is made from a 200-year-old black ebony! As for the keyboard, each button on it is a microscopic sapphire, which was polished with a laser. Some surprise causes the thickness of only 12 mm. For a push-button mobile phone, it was a decent result.


  • production : JSC ANCORT COMPANY
  • Operating system: Windows CE

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This is a real jewelry masterpiece. The creation of this device at the Moscow firm took eight months. Responsible for the design and assembly of Device was Peter Aloison. This person has repeatedly spoke about the fact that personal data should be encrypted. Therefore, Diamond Crypto Smartphone differs not only by appearance, but also the program part. Files, call log, SMS and Internet traffic - all this is encrypted using a 256-bit key. This function is even answered by a separate processor - TMS 320 VC 5416.

And yet such a high price tag was not due to the fact that he was one of the first to have learned the data encryption. The huge money was asked due to the housing, which was made of 950-carat platinum. Also, it was possible to detect inserts from 50 white and blue diamonds. An ebony tree was present as part of the corps.

Goldvish Le Million

  • Production: Emmanuel Gate
  • Operating system: Proprietary firmware

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Can a very expensive phone for sale in Euroset? You have a positive answer to this question, if under the word "dear" you will imply the device cost $ 500. And if it costs a million dollars? It turns out that one day such a telephone was really sold in this trading network. We are talking about Goldvish Le Million, created by the designer from Switzerland, who had previously noted many hours and various jewelry. At the same time, this mobile phone was even present in the Guinness Book of Records, where he was called the most expensive. What is interesting, in the future, the price of the device has grown even stronger!

Total three instances were created. The body of the devices was made of 18-carat gold (white, pink and yellow - to choose from). Additionally, diamonds were inlaid here. The rear panel of the mobile phone was covered with better crocodile skin. An unusual device has a form - the device is something like a boomerang or knife handle.

iPhone 3G King'S Button

  • Production: Peta Aloison
  • Operating system: iOS

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If we consider different premium smartphones, you can notice that many jewelers are not indifferent to Apple technique. Everyone knows that "apple" devices are wildly popular. And if such a smartphone is provided with diamonds and gold, he can become a millionaire dream! Apparently, precisely such thoughts were at Peta Aloison, the Australian Jeweler. This man began to create luxurious mobile phones back in 1998. And after about 10 years, his hands reached iPhone 3G. All accumulated experience was invested in it. As a result, the device called the "Royal Button" appeared.

From this device it is very difficult to tear the look. The greatest attention is attracted to itself a huge diamond, mounted in the "Home" button. No less interest is caused by the display of the display consisting of 138 tiny gems. The housing itself is made of alloy yellow, pink and white gold.


  • production : Goldstriker
  • Operating system: iOS

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Another premium class smartphone that has seen the light in 2009. The housing of this product was created from solid 22-carat gold - one thing that made the device had a sufficiently sweaty. 136 diamonds are inlaid around the display. And instead of the "Home" button, the buyer is offered to press on a huge gem.

It is curious that not only the smartphone, but also its packaging, could boast of luxury materials. The fact is that for additional money, the device could be supplied in a sevenkylogram packaging carved from granite and trimmed inside with natural shallow skin.

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

  • production: Stewart Hughes
  • Operating system: iOS

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This smartphone after its creation immediately hit the Guinness Book of Records. Interestingly, it is not very different from the original. Famous Jeweler Stewart Hughes decided to leave some elements of the case, in order to do this device, Apple's product still recognized. What will he be brought to the device from himself? Only 500 perfectly cut diamonds, the total weight of which reaches 100 carats or even more. Only 53 diamonds left the logo of the "apple" company! The remaining "pebbles" were built into the side ends.

Separately, it should be noted the HOME button under the display. Inlaid pink diamond weighing 7.4 carats in it. This is a very large and rare gem. It is because of such an expensive diamond that the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose received an incredibly high price tag. However, this did not prevent all copies from finding their buyers.

iPhone 5 Diamond Black

  • Manufacturing: Stuart Hughes
  • Operating system: iOS

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With the release of the iPhone 5, jeweler Stuart Hughes, who lives in Liverpool, decided to block his own achievement. He decided to make the most expensive smartphones cost not millions, but tens of millions of dollars! And he succeeded. A Chinese businessman who placed an incredibly expensive order was able to help him in this.

The iPhone 5 Diamond Black was released in a single copy. Its case is made of 24 carat yellow gold. At the ends there are 600 small precious stones. On the back panel is the Apple logo, consisting of 53 "pebbles". The screen was covered with sapphire glass, which was quite expensive at the time. But all this cost a penny compared to what is inlaid in the central key. It contains a 26-carat black diamond, which is incredibly rare. This stone alone is worth about 12 million dollars!

Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6

  • ) Production: Falcon
  • Operating system: iOS

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The Falcon brand is familiar to many who are interested in luxury mobile phones. In the assortment of this company there are a variety of devices that can appeal to businessmen with any income. It was she who released the most expensive smartphone in the world, called the SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6. The usual “six” never dreamed of the materials from which the body of the elite model is made. 18K yellow gold was used here. There are also options in which platinum and rose gold are used. But such a high price tag for a smartphone is not because of gold or platinum, but because of a huge pink diamond built into the back panel.

If the buyer does not have that much money, then you can consider a version of this device with a less rare blue diamond - it costs $ 48.5 million. The manufacturer also recommends getting additional accessories. For example, only $300,000 will cost gold or platinum headphones.