The most anticipated smartphones of 2018

Manufacturers every year release new smartphones models and rumors and data leaks have already begun to appear on the basis of which the first forecasts can be made.

The next year comes to an end and it is time to sum up his results and look into the future. About the best smartphones of 2017, we already wrote, but what is waiting for us next year?

On some information devices, more about others, to official announcements and releases can still change. Despite this, you can make a certain idea of ​​future devices.

was already announced the SNAPDRAGON 845 processor and all improvements. In 2017, almost all flagship devices worked on Snapdragon 835 and it will be interesting to observe whether a new chip can become as successful. As for Apple's smartphones, the development of the recognition technology of Face ID, of augmented reality is attractedand how the successor of the iPhone X.

Below is a list of the 12 most expected smartphones of 2018.

12. Sony Xperia XZ Premium (2018)

Expected release date: Summer 2018.

SmartphoneSonyXperia XZ Premium in 2017 was a rather interesting product. He first among the smartphones received the 4K LCD screen with a diagonal of 5.5 inches. Most people won't notice differences even between Full HD and Quad HD permissions, so this step can be called aimed at enthusiasts and users of virtual reality devices. The practical advantages of such permission are minimal, but some simply love to have the most advanced devices. Now from Sony expect to continue the feats in 2018. The new Xperia apparatus can be announced in the first half of the year and go on sale in the summer. While Sony has not yet released a single cramless smartphone and this is what customers are waiting for it.

11. Xiaomi MI MIX 3

Expected release date: Autumn 2018.

The Chinese company Xiaomi gradually goes beyond the limits of Asia and aims to the United States, but for penetration to the most important market you need to do everything correctly. The Xiaomi smartphone line MI MIX reminds Sony Xperia Premium in that it is designed to demonstrate advanced technological capabilities. The original Xiaomi Mi MIX apparatus was the first with an unplaced screen from the edge to the edge, MI MIX 2 became even more perfect, the third generation should be perfect. MI MIX 2 is now sold in Russia for about 35,000 rubles, and in Europe for 500 euros, which can be considered an excellent purchase. Although in the future the price may grow, MI MIX 3 should also become an excellent offer at the ratio of value and quality.

10. Nokia 9

Expected Release Date: Spring 2018.

HMD Global in 2017 returned to the smartphone market beloved by many brand Nokia, but it did not become a grand event. I would like to believe that the future flagship will be better, since Nokia will try to return to the former glory. The Finnish company usually paid the camera high attention and from Nokia 9 in 2018 is waiting for the same. To contribute to this should the optics of production of Zeiss.

9. Huawei P11 / MATE 11

The expected release date: Spring and autumn 2018.

In Russia, the company Huawei is known than in the United States, but it plays a significant role in the global smartphone market. In terms of the production of smartphones, the company is already third place. She has flagship rules that resembleSamsungGalaxy S and Galaxy Note: Huawei P devices come out in the spring, and Huawei Mate autumn. P11 must receive a beamless screen and more affordable price compared to Apple and models Samsung, also offers the development of artificial intelligence, which work on the Huawei Kirin processor line.

8. Moto Z3 Force

Expected Release Date: Summer 2018.

The company Lenovo company Motorola produces good smartphones in all price categories, from the budget line G and medium x to Premium Z. New Moto Z3 Force should receive two advantages of this series of devices: shockproof Shattershield screen and module support. It can appear in the summer of next year.

7. Essential Phone 2

Expected Release Date: Summer 2018.

The creator of the Android platform Andy Rubin headed a new company to show how to make smartphones for this system. The word Essential means "basis" and it is such a smartphone that this company tried to offer, abandoning unnecessary functional fiction. Essential Phone entered the market at a very high price, with incomparable software, especially the camera. The device for it is strongly criticized, but the program updates of recent months have significantly improved the state of affairs. The cost reduction to $ 500 also contributed to increasing the popularity of the device.

6. HTC U12

The expected release date: Spring 2018.

The company HTC tries to produce as attractive smartphones as possible as possible, since its financial position leaves much to be desired and each new model may turn out to be Latest. Experienced companies in such a desperate position are able to produce elegant smartphones. The apparatus of this year HTC U11 left a very favorable impression, and next year, a beamless screen is expected, a more perfect camera, changes in the shell HTC SENSE over Android. Sales can start in spring.

5. LG G7 / V40

The expected release date: Spring and autumn 2018.

LG in 2017 released excellent smartphones, LG V30 especially distinguished in terms of design and decoration. Despite this, the devices of this South Korean manufacturer lag behind the best on the quality of the camera and due to the strange program interface. LG next year can release two smartphones that must correct the flaws. LG G7 is expected in spring and it will be more compact, LG V40 usually comes out at the end of summer or in autumn and competes with Samsung Galaxy Note.

4. OnePlus 6 / 6t

The expected release date: Summer 2018.

79) OnePlus works in the smartphone market for four years, so it is no longer an inexperienced startup. In 2017, the company released OnePlus 5 and 5t with a good design, the highest performance and the clean Oxygen OS interface. Next year, the appearance of OnePlus 6 and 6t models is expected. I want to believe in improving cameras, which are not yet among the best.

3. Google Pixel 3/3 XL

Expected Release Date: Autumn 2018.

A ruler of Google Smartphones Pixel quickly won the hearts of the Android system lovers. The devices came out to replace the devices belong to the premium segment, while they quickly receive all software updates, possess luxurious cameras and high performance, unlike many other even flagship smartphones. Models of 2018 should develop the success of the predecessors and solve a number of serious problems, the main of which is the quality of the screen. The rest of the way, Google should continue to delight us with the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, again increase productivity, autonomy and improve the chamber. I also want to wish to start official sales in Russia.

2. Samsung Galaxy S9 / Note 9

The expected release date: Spring and autumn 2018.

Samsung is the main manufacturer in the Android market, its smartphones are very popular, but still imperfect. In 2018, Galaxy S9 and its large relative S9 + should appear. As usual, their release is expected in spring, and Galaxy Note 9 will be released in autumn. Rumors argue that Galaxy S9 will receive the fingerprint scanner inside the screen, which will save from the uncomfortable location of the scanner on smartphones of this year. I also want to see improvements in performance, because Galaxy S8 is too often working not so smoothly, as it should be flagmators.

1. Apple iPhone XS, 8S and 8S Plus

Expected Release Date: Autumn 2018.

Apple in 2017 releasediPhonex worth $ 1000 with a cramless screen and neckline. Now it is to see the second generation of this device, its name is currently unknown. Size and style must be preserved, but the system performance and camera is expected. It is too early to assume that it will be new in this apparatus, but the announcement by tradition should occur in mid-September.

Apple should also update two other smartphones that can get names likeiPhone8S and 8S Plus. Perhaps they will also become cramless, but they can save the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. These questions still remain unanswered.