The loudest Bluetooth speakers

Wireless columns are unlikely to ever reach the level of SONOS or BOSE wired audio systems. But this does not mean that all they are destined to play weakly.

Some bluetooth speakers are completely capable of loud and clear sound. We just need to know from which brands to choose and what characteristics to give priority. If the loudness is of paramount importance, we advise you to look at the models listed below.

The New SoundBoks (SoundBoks 2)

  • Maximum Volume: 126 dB
  • Power: 216 W
  • Connections: Bluetooth, inputs 6.35 mm and 3, 5 mm
  • Autonomy: 40 hours
  • Dust / moisture protection: IP65
  • Other features: Replaceable battery, powered or mains, the volume of the concert level

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A huge battery and monstrous volume is ready to offer the Speaker The New SoundBoks. All the surrounding space in the room and in the open air, he will fill with the music so tightly that no one can ignore it.

The speaker fits not only to play ready-made records, but also for live music sessions - it has audio inputs for microphone and tools. The class of moisture resistant allows you to use it in the rain.

That's just on a long trip, you are unlikely to want to take it with you, because in the baggage this speaker will take a lot of place: it weighs 15 kg, and its dimensions of 76 cm in height and 60 cm in width.


  • There are inputs for microphone and tools.
  • Several speakers are combined into a network for surround sound.
  • There is a wireless communication, inaccessible to the previous generation of SoundBoks.


  • Uncomfortable for transportation.
  • Dear.

Bose S1 Pro

  • Maximum volume: 110 dB
  • Power: 150 W
  • Connections: Bluetooth, XLR and 3.5 mm inputs
  • Autonomy: 11 hours
  • Dust / Waterproofing: No
  • Other features: Connecting musical instruments, automatic Equalizer

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Those who are dissatisfied with the miniature sizes of Bose Soundlink Mini II (submitted below) and Soundlink Color II, probably like the floor wireless acoustics Bose S1 Pro. Its power is enough to carry out a full-fledged event with high-quality soundtrack outdoors. She will well show himself and indoors as a dynamics for a computer or home theater. Also, the system can be used as a hands-free device.

was not without branded BOSE strokes. The device provides hardware solutions for improving sound quality, three-channel mixer and independent reverb controls and two-band equalizer.


  • It is powered by an integrated battery and AC network.
  • Independent sound control elements.
  • Three-channel mixer.
  • There is a loud microphone.


  • No moisture protection.
  • No voice control.

Marshall Woburn II

  • Maximum volume: 110 dB
  • Power: 2 x 65 W
  • Connections: Bluetooth, input 3.5 mm
  • Autonomy: AC source is required
  • dust / moisture protection: No
  • Other features: Powerful hardware component

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The owners of this column criticize everything, but not only sound. The speaker of Marshall Woburn II looks old-fashioned, although it does not prevent him from enjoying the benefits of advanced audio technologies. Inside there are two single-dimensional emitters, two 5,25-inch subwoofer, audio amplifier, Bluetooth 5.0 APTX module. Together, all this gives almost impeccable, pure and rich sound, to make face to which the most revealed audiophiles will be able to.

But something still lacks. There is no built-in battery, which means the column is not suitable for exit events, where there is no way to connect to the power grid.


  • Clean sound.
  • Physical regulators of low and high frequencies.
  • Classic design.
  • The possibility of a ligament of two columns into the stereo pair.


  • No battery for offline work.
  • Heavy.
  • Many settings are available only through the application.

TurtleBox Loud

  • Maximum volume: 120 dB
  • Power: 50 W
  • Connections: Bluetooth
  • Autonomy: 50 hours
  • dust / moisture protection: IP67
  • Other Features: Works from the built-in battery and alternating current

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relative to the models described above The speaker is very small. Its dimensions 29 x 16 x 22 cm. However, in volume, it exceeds almost all existing Bluetooth speakers.

The protected housing is opposed to any weather conditions. Sound is balanced specifically for use in the open air. These two reasons make it an ideal speaker for events and outdoor meetings.

The protected design entails one feature - the column is heavy. Maybe 3.6 kg is not the biggest weight, but also to forget about its presence in a backpack will not work. Another disadvantage concerns low frequencies: judging by the reviews of the owners, into a real deep bass, contrary to the applications of the manufacturer, Turtlebox can not.


  • Two TurtleBox dynamics form a stereo pair.
  • The sound curve is designed to use outdoors.


  • No voice control.
  • Heavy.


  • Maximum volume: 100 dB
  • Power: 200 W
  • Connections: Bluetooth, input 3.5 mm
  • Autonomy: 9 hours
  • Dust / Waterproofing: No
  • Other features: Built-in audio amplifier

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AIWA practices a non-standard approach to production. For marketing and post-sales support, the company spends less funds than competitive brands, but thereby frees more resources to improve their products.

AIWA EXOS-9 is a set of powerful hardware components. The speaker has five active drivers, a 6.5-inch subwoofer and a five-band equalizer with four pre-installed modes. Together, all this provides an impressive volume that will not leave anyone indifferent.

For parties, the Bluetooth lock function is useful. When the column is turned on, configures the pairing with eight wireless devices located nearby. Thus, you can entrust the management of music to someone from those present. But blocking the connection, you install a constant pairing with a specific audio source and will become a full-fledged DJ.


  • Wired and wireless connections are supported.
  • Works on power supplies by 120 and 240 V.
  • There is an equalizer with pre-installed modes.


  • Weak autonomy.


  • Maximum volume: 85 dB
  • Power: 50 W
  • Connections: Bluetooth, input 3.5 mm
  • Autonomy: 10 hours
  • Dust / Waterproofing: No
  • Other features: Integration Siri and Google Assistant, Built-in microphone, Bluetooth radius 9 meters

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BOSE Acoustics Quality is a fact. If you compare SoundLink Mini II with the speakers of a similar size, the volume indicator will be explicitly in its favor. Despite the modest dimensions (5.1 x 18 x 5.8 cm with a weight of 0.6 kg), the dynamics power reaches 50 W, and the volume is 85 dB.


An important plus is the support for voice control of Siri and Google Assistant. Perhaps part of the audience will be upset by the lack of Alexa, but for Russian users this should not play a significant role. A more significant drawback of this acoustics is the complete lack of dust / moisture protection.

For those looking to purchase a waterproof speaker, the Bose Soundlink Color II, which is technically comparable to this model, might be a better option.


  • Very loud for its size.
  • Strict classical design.
  • Bose signature quality.


  • There is no moisture protection.
  • No Amazon Alexa support.

Anker Soundcore Boost

  • Maximum volume: 90 dB
  • Power: 2 x 20 W
  • Bluetooth, NFC, 3.5 mm input
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • IPX5
  • Other features: rich sound with rich bass, built-in microphone, can function as a power bank

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So far, we've mostly looked at powerful and very large systems, but still, most wireless speakers are compact and portable. If this is exactly what you need, pay attention to Anker Soundcore Boost.

The basic design principle of this speaker is not to sacrifice low frequencies. To this end, Anker has developed its own BassUp technology. In a component with two speakers and two subwoofers, the speaker has an amazing depth of sound for its size.

The manufacturer did not forget about the water resistance class. The IPX5 rating means that the system will withstand splashing water from a garden hose or faucet, but it cannot be completely submerged in water.


  • There is USB to charge your smartphone.
  • NFC available.
  • Hull waterproof.
  • Speakerphone supported.


  • No wireless stereo pair function.
  • Simple design.

What is the difference between watts and decibels, and which is more important for overall speaker volume?

Watts. They measure the output power of the speaker amplifier. But it is necessary to take into account the efficiency with which the amplifier converts electrical power into acoustic energy, that is, the level of sound pressure, which is measured in decibellah.

What can I compare the speaker volume?

All the speakers presented in the selection are the volume of 85 to 120 dB. For comparison: noise from intense traffic on the highway is approximately 80 dB, the rumble of the motorcycle is 100 dB, rock concert - 120 dB.

What should I do if the volume is still not enough?

If none of the presented wireless speakers does not have the desired volume level, you can contact professional wired equipment, but you should understand that from Bluetooth functions will have to be abandoned.