The largest monitors for the computer

Everyone is probably familiar with the universal rule that says: "the more, the better." It applies to almost everything, and monitors are no exception.

Indeed, a larger diagonal display means higher performance and a more immersive experience. Yes, besides being huge, the best ultra-wide monitors on the market offer many more features and functions.

That's why we've rounded up the biggest PC monitors that are sure to suit everyone: gamers, video editors, and even casual users who just get bored with display bezels.

Samsung CHG90

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Opens our list of monitors that Samsung claims to be equipped with quantum dot technology. This is an LCD, but it uses light emitting nanocrystals (quantum dots). They glow when exposed to current and light.

They emit different colors depending on their size and material. As a result, we get a brighter and more saturated picture, especially in reds and greens, regardless of the content.

This monitor supports 1.07 billion colors, has a curve ratio of 1800R, and a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz (even at standard 3840 x 1080).

Other highlights include HDR, a response time of just 1ms (ideal for gamers), a 3000:1 contrast ratio, and a maximum brightness of 350 nits.

In terms of ports, the device has two HDMI ports, one each of Mini DisplayPort and DisplayPort, two USB-A ports and audio jacks. In addition, the display supports the second generation of AMD FreeSync 2 technology, which provides maximum frame rates and eliminates screen tearing.

Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ

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Next on our list is a versatile and large gaming monitor that will suit both AMD's Radeon and Nvidia's GeForce enthusiasts.


This device is compatible with graphics processors GTX 10, GTX 16 and RTX 20 generations, and also supports AMD Freesync 2 HDR technology. In addition, this is a HDR 400 display, thanks to which it complies with the specific criteria for the VESA DisplayHDR standard.

This ultra-wide monitor has a resolution of 3840 x 1080 at a renewal frequency of 144 Hz and a bend value in 1800r. The coefficient of contrast is 3000: 1, the response time is 4 ms, the maximum brightness is 450 yarns. In addition, the device supports 1.07 billion colors.

As for the ports, the model is equipped with two HDMI, one DisplayPort, an audio connector, two USB-A ports and one USB-B port, which connects to the PC.

If you want to purchase something smaller, but with similar characteristics, then we recommend ROG STRIX XG43VQ - 43-inch alternative with a resolution of 3840 x 1200, the update frequency of 120 Hz and Freesync Premium Pro.

Acer Nitro EI491CRP

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One of the most interesting features of this monitor is the presence of three HDMI ports: one with support for V2.0 and two with support V1.4. The difference between them lies in bandwidth, since older specifications handle video 4K at a speed of 30 frames per second (FPS), and newer - with a speed of 60 frames per second.

This model also has one DisplayPort port, but not equipped with an audio connector.

As for the remaining characteristics, Nitro EI491CRP has a resolution of 3840 x 1080 at a renewal frequency of 120 Hz (with acceleration reaches 144 Hz). It is also worth highlight the contrast ratio of 3000: 1, a response time of 4 ms and a bend value of 1800r.

The display also supports HDR, and the maximum brightness is 400 yards. Unlike the first two models of our list, Nitro EI491CRP is able to handle only 16.7 million colors, but supports AMD Freesync technology 2.

Alternatively, we offer Acer Predator X34 - 34-inch display with a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels.

LG 49WL95C

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If you first pay attention to the number of ports, then there is a given super-wide model that is offered. In addition to the USB-B port, which connects to the PC, the device is equipped with a single DisplayPort connector, two HDMI and headphone port.

And this is not all! LG 49WL95C also has four USB-A ports and one port USB-C, which allows you to connect another display, charge a laptop or transmit data to the computer and from it.

However, the monitor is intended mainly for real enthusiasts, photographers and digital artists who require extremely large workspace.

The resolution is 5120 x 1440 pixels at the maximum update frequency of 60 Hz. It supports HDR 10, but does not fall under VESA DisplayHDR certification due to the maximum brightness of 350 yarns.

Among other functions, it is worth highlighting support for 1.07 billion colors, a response time of 5 ms and a coefficient of 1000: 1. Unfortunately, the display does not support any of the technologies of adaptive synchronization.

As an alternative to smaller, we propose to pay attention to LG 34WK95U-W: with a diagonal of 34 inches, the monitor offers a resolution of 5120 x 2160, HDR and the ability to connect Thunderbolt 3.


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Closes our list pretty unique monitor from Alienware. The display diagonal is incredible 55 inches, which is why the device can be easily confused with the TV, but no: the model offers 4K permission, ultra-low input delay, 0.5 ms response time and 120 Hz update frequency.

This truly huge monitor demonstrates an excellent variety of ports, including three HDMI 2.0, one DisplayPort 1.4, four USB-A, USB-C and SPDIF.

In essence, Alienware is the best monitor for home entertainment, covering literally everything: it can search for the role of the TV, but also perfect for games!

Place this monster will not be easy, considering the size of the display, but as soon as you find the best place, you will be able to complete all the advantages of high-quality graphics.

The monitor also has a remote control panel , which allows you to enjoy watching movies with family or clear image in games. This model is capable of everything!