The best waterproof fitness trackers

The topic of sports and a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular. If you want to buy a fitness bracelet for swimming, you do not have to search for a long time: there are many available models in stores. Sport functional, useful for swimming in the pool, and some smart watches : They can measure the distance traveled, the number of rigs and other parameters.

Many buyers when choosing wearable gadgets are focused on the level of water refractory. That's right, because the waterproof fitness bracelet with a pulsometer is exactly what is useful to every lover of swimming.

Water-proof trackers, we decided to devote a separate selection. Check out the brief overview of the best models if you want to get the overall impression of the waterproof market fitness bracelets. Detailed information will help determine which gadgets are better suitable for your lifestyle.

Waterproof fitness bracelets: briefly about the best

  • FitBit Charge 3: Automatically recognizes sports activity. In the pool keeps accounting a distance, the time of swimming and understands the various types of beans, but the detailed statistics on the display is not displayed. Gadget is excellent, however, it takes time to deal with it.
  • Garmin VIVOSMART 4: considers only the length of the swim, but differs in high accuracy. Possible calibration for individual user parameters.

What is the fitness bracelet measles in the pool?

  • The total length of the swim or the number of tracks. Usually trackers are targeted on the length of the track 25 or 30 meters, but in Fitbit bracelets you can set the size of the pool.
  • The speed with which you float.
  • Number of rowing. This is an advanced option, it is more common in sports clock than in fitness bracelets.
  • SWOLF index - the number of rigs that you must make for the most efficient workout. Calculated individually taking into account the length of the track.
  • Types of beans. Trackers recognize swimming activity due to the fact that in the water you make certain movements corresponding to different styles of swimming - on the back, breast, butterfly and free style.

What is waterproof?

IP and ATM ratings show how well the gadget is protected from water exposure. Few people understand that they actually mean these indicators, so we will explain. For example, in IP68 The first digit indicates protection against dust and small particles (6 - maximum level), digit 8 - to protect against water (not maximum, but very high value). In general IP68 is a level of protection at which the gadget can be immersed to a depth of 1 meter and more for a long time. Waterproof nuances with IP68 are determined by the manufacturer of the device.

The degree of water protection shows the ATM marker. 1 ATM (1 atmospheric unit) implies that the device withstands pressure, which water has on it at a depth of ten meters. Theoretically, such a bracelet can dive for all 10 meters, but this does not mean that the gadget is completely invulnerable: if a jet of water falls on it with a higher pressure force (for example, from a garden hose), protection will not save. In other words, the ATM indicator reports how water pressure waterproof fitness bracelet is able to withstand, and not at what depth you can immerse.

Waterproof fitness bracelets: for the pool and not only

Apple Watch Series 6

  • Degree of protection: 5 atm (up to 50 meters)

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The latest smart clocks Apple Watch Series 6 are distinguished by a thin and stylish case with a function of waterproofing type 5 atm, which allows you to be immersed in depth to 50 meters. In addition, this gadget is largely similar to other fitness trackers on the market.

In a pair with a smartphone, the watch allows you to easily track and write down various types of activity, such as running, walking, swimming and yoga. In addition, the sleep tracking should also be noted and measuring the blood oxygen level, heart rate and heart rate.


  • degree of protection: 5 atm (up to 50 meters)

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If you are looking for annealed Fitness tracker, then pay attention to INSPIRE 2 from quite a well-known company Fitbit.

The bracelet is able to track user activity throughout the day, as well as sleep and pulse. Thus, this is an excellent device for measuring some aspects of your health.

In addition, there is a function called "Minutes in the area of ​​activity", which are earned during the zone of fat burning, in the Cardio zone and the peak load area.

The bracelet can be connected to the Fitbit application so that you can study the overall health condition in detail.

Letsfit ID205L

  • Degree of protection: IP68

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If you want to break easy to use and affordable waterproof fitness Tracker, we advise you to pay attention to Smart Watch Letsfit ID205L.

The device has nine sports modes, sleep tracking functions, constant monitoring of cardiac rhythm, and also shows notifications when connected to the smartphone.

In addition, the device boasts a large, easy-to-read sensor screen and is available in seven colors.

Garmin Instinct Solar

  • Degree of protection: WR100 (10 atm - up to 100 meters)

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Garmin Instinct Solar - Reliable Smart Watch, which is certainly worth invested funds.

The device can be immersed in water to a depth of 100 meters, as well as it is equipped with a battery on solar energy and offers many pre-loaded activity profiles to track almost any type of training.

It is also worth noting the presence of an energy monitoring function that uses your data to determine if the user's body needs in vacation.

Form Smart SWIM Goggles

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These swimming glasses are an excellent alternative to bracelets and smart watches if you need a diving device.

The product offers modes for swimming in the pool and on open water and boasts transparent screen, where your swim indicators are displayed in real time.

In addition, glasses can be immersed in water to a depth of 10 meters, and the battery life is up to 16 hours.

Garmin SWIM 2

  • Degree of protection: WR50 (5 atm)

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in line We are a high-tech fitness tracker, equipped with a variety of features, thanks to which it is great for swimming.

The gadget offers modes for swimming in the pool and in open water, and has a built-in GPS to convenient tracking location (it is not necessary to connect to the smartphone).

In addition to tracking the heart rate frequency, the tracker measures the distance traveled, the pace, the number and frequency of the rowers. When connecting the device to the smartphone, you will receive notifications. It is also worth noting several sports modes.


  • Degree of protection: WR30 (3 atm)

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Polar Ignite - Universal fitness tracker, which can Use to track almost all types of activity, including swimming, running and riding a bike.

The device is equipped with GPS, which helps to monitor the speed traveled, and also has a high-precision pulsometer, thanks to which you can keep the entire workout process under control.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the haide in respiratory exercises, tracking sleep and daily training guide with individual advice that will help users achieve their goals.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

  • Protection: WR50 (5 atm)

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 has already come out, and this is one of the largest updates of the popular budget fitness bracelet in recent years. First of all, the screen size was increased by 50% - the sixth iteration of the MI Band is equipped with a magnificent 1.56-inch amoled display!

In addition, the number of monitored sports increased to 30, and now there is a SPO2 sensor to track the level of oxygen in the blood. This is a very powerful tracker, although it still does not have a GPS, which is why FitBit Charge 4 gets an advantage. We also note the time of autonomous work, which was increased to 14 days.

Those who are of particular interest in their health data, Xiaomi Mi Band offers excellent functionality at a budget price.


  • Waterproof: 5 atm (50 meters)

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in the flagship tracker for swimming in the pool engineers FitBit Invested a lot of strength. Charge 3 will easily survive intensive workouts and at the same time pulls out your progress with accuracy.

Thanks to FitBit SmartTrack branded technology, the waterproof fitness bracelet FitBit Charge 3 automatically recognizes swimming activity. You do not have to run the mode manually: the device itself will start measuring the distance, the duration of the swim and the pace. To obtain accurate data, the tracker must calibrate through its interface or mobile application.


Practical tests confirm that the automatic failure mode does not give. However, the minus FitBit Charge 3 is that statistics are not displayed on the display, as on smart hours: find out their indicators without a smartphone will not work.

If this lack does not confuse you, FitBit Charge 3 will become an excellent companion on your workouts.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

  • Waterproof: 5 atm (50 meters)

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Water protection is a feature of all wearable Garmin devices. If you do not like the sports watch from this manufacturer, take a look at the vivosmart bracelet 4.

This model refers to the first devices with the function of detailed sailing tracking, though this feature is available only in the pool. For classes in an open reservoir, this gadget is not suitable.

Set the workout mode from the application, but if you forget it to do, nothing terrible: the bracelet is able to recognize sports activity in automatic mode. In the application, you can set the length of the pool track and select your level of preparation.

As for Fidbeck, it is minimal: Only the number of intervals and the total duration of the swim are displayed at the top of the touch screen. Other swimming indicators, the bracelet does not track.

The number of floated tracks can be changed (this is the case if the automatic mode will fail and there is something superfluous). Statistics are saved in the Garmin Connect application on the smartphone. Of course, sports Garmin clock In this regard, much more informative, nevertheless, the waterproof Vivosmart 4 to many souls: it's a simple, lightweight, stylish and incredibly thin tracker, which will not booke your head with a bunch of incomprehensible data.

Moov NOW

  • Waterproof: 3 atm (30 meters)

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MoOV NOW does not displays statistical data during swim. You can get acquainted with the collected information only after training.

Setting and activating the mode is performed in the application. In the process, the tracker fixes the types of beans, speed, distance, efficiency, as well as the time of passage of the track and total endurance.

MOOV NOW - a rather unusual fitness bracelet for swimming in the pool. It is made in the form of a circular capsule enclosed in a rubber strap. He is very light, his presence on the wrist will not distract you from the main classes.

After swimming, you will find in the application detailed analysis of your indicators, as well as advice and video tutorials to improve your form. In terms of accuracy, the tracker corresponds to the level of sports hours, but it does not have its own heartbeat sensor. If you need a heart rate monitoring, you can additionally purchase a small MOOV HR device designed specifically for water classes. In the form, it looks like a MOOV NOW capsule, fastened inside the swimming cap in the temple area and transmits the pulse data to the Moov HR Swim application.

MoOV NOW is already quite old, it is difficult to find on sale, but with its tasks it copes perfectly, and in terms of the collected statistics exceeds some more modern fitness bracelets with a pulsometer. In terms of prices, this is one of the most profitable options.

Huawei Band 3 Pro

  • Waterproofability: 5 atm (50 meters)

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This gadget also refers to the class of inexpensive. The huge plus is that it allows you to track swim activity in the pool and in an open reservoir.

Huawei Band 3 Pro has a sensory AMOLED screen, where data is displayed in real time. Before training, you can set the goals (distance, duration, burned calories ) and configure the notification interval, and you can swim for pleasure. Progress in any case will be fixed.

Statistics are very voluminous. The bracelet determines the style of swimming (butterfly, breast, free style, on the back), writes the number of beans, tracks, total distance, speed, hand pulling frequency and calculates individual swolf.

In the process of workout, the time displays the time, distance, the number of calories burned and the average speed. All other indicators can be found in Huawei Health. As for the accuracy of measurements, it is not so pleased, as I would like. However, Huawei released an update designed to solve some of the problems.

Given how much data tracker collects in the process of workout and what can be used for swimming in any reservoir, its price seems funny. More expensive gadgets from this selection can not and half of what is capable of Band 3 Pro.

Withings Pulse HR

  • Waterproof: 5 atm (50 meters)

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Withings continues to produce the wearable electronics. The feature of the products from this company is that they are all suitable for use in water. Pulse HR offers not the most detailed statistics, but this is enough to track overall progress.

Pulse HR was created with a focus on ease of use. He recognizes swimming activity itself. From the sports data duration of the swim and the number of calories spent. Advanced indicators, such as the number of paths or types of rowing, it does not lead. Best of all Pulse HR is optimized for chassis and cracks in the pools 25 and 30 meters long.

To account for data, it is necessary to sail at least 10 minutes, so it is best to use Pulse HR on individual classes on a separate track where no one will prevent the pace. On the device itself, the data is not displayed, they need to be viewed in the HEALTH MATE application. There you will find information on the duration of the swim and the number of calories spent.

Despite the impossibility of watching progress right during swimming, Pulse HR is a pretty good tracker. It does not differ in the grace. But if the main thing for you is waterproof and keeping of swimming activity, here he will definitely disappoint you.

How to choose a fitness tracker?

A huge amount of fitness trackers is available on the market, so sometimes the process of choosing a suitable product may be too complicated.

First of all, it is important to determine which functions are priority (for example, pulse or blood pressure monitoring, GPS navigation, sleep tracking, waterproof or compatibility with smartphones).

Some devices are designed for certain types of activity, including running, walking, swimming or cycling, so look for a tracker that matches your needs or offers several options for specific sports.

Additionally, consider the type of fitness tracker. Smart clock is the most popular option, but do not forget about bracelets, rings and various sensors.

Finally, fitness trackers differ in price, so be sure to consider your budget and choose a product within your price range.