The best waterproof covers

Summer is approaching, which means that very soon the bears will be filled with crowds of people. If every time you go swimming, you are worried about your smartphone, we recommend purchasing a waterproof case!

Yes, now many smartphones are equipped with any degree of waterproof, but it is not enough, and a special case will probably add more protection and confidence.

Waterproof case protects your phone, because it does not give to penetrate the water inside. Yes, they are pretty cumbersome and not always beautiful, but will work out their work on "Hurray." In addition, such covers are transparent, so you can control the touch screen through them and even take photos under water.


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Calicase - one of the best waterproof covers in the market. Accessory looks and felt strong and reliable. Together with this case, you can plunge into the water to a depth of 30 meters thanks to the protection of the IPX8 level.

The company really made a lot of effort to make this one at first glance a simple case as close as possible to the ideal. The fact is that most competitors to protect the smartphone use single-layer cheap plastic, but Calicase uses dual protection from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). In addition, the model is equipped with a solid carbine and high-quality cord.

Calicase is suitable for phones of any size and available in 14 stylish colors.


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The following case is a bit cheaper than Calicase, and is a good alternative. It may not seem so reliable, but the manufacturer promises the same functionality. In addition, the design is also fairly similar.

When buying Joto, you get a set of two covers. Accessory transparent on both sides so you can see the display and take pictures. The level of protection here, like the previous model, IPX8, so the case can be immersed to a depth of 30 meters. As for compatibility, the accessory is suitable for phones with a diagonal of the screen to 6.9 inches.


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If you need a colorful non-batch cover, Frieq is what is needed. The accessory is suitable for all phones with a diagonal of the screen to 7 inches and is equipped with an IPX8 type protection (you can dive to a depth of 30 meters).

Compared with previous models of the list, this cover does not have bumpers on the sides and is completely transparent. Thus, you can easily access the volume and power adjustment buttons.



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Waterproof case from HIEARCOOL - another excellent case for phones up to 7 inches. The accessory has three levels of protection, as well as four different colors: you can choose a classic black together with blue, green and purple.

HIEARCOOL also has an adjustable lace.

MPOW 097

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Close our list MPOW 097 - another high-quality waterproof case. Like most other models, two covers come into the kit.

Accessory is slightly smaller than others, as it is suitable only for devices of up to 6, 8 inches. The lace can be adjusted, and the maximum length is 50 centimeters. Case is available in 5 different colors.