The best universal consoles

one remote for the TV, the second for the media center, the third for the TV console, and there is one more for the air conditioner... Isn't there too much? All of them will replace the single universal remote.

The multifunctional remote control is a very convenient device. It can combine all the remote controls at your home. And the best multifunctional devices allow you to automate a number of tasks, for example, the inclusion of all devices and change their settings by pressing one button. Some models are also integrated into smart home systems, support voice commands and streaming management.

What universal remote controls is best?

In truth, not all universal remote controls are equally universal. The best of them can be called Logitech Harmony Elite, able to control various household devices in a total amount of up to 15 pieces. This includes not only TVs and media centers, but also intelligent light sources and smart thermostats. But there are other options that are little inferior to the top selection.

Logitech Harmony ELITE

  • Number of controlled devices: 15
  • Number of favorite channels: 50
  • Smart-house management: Yes
  • Mobile application: There are
  • Voice control: Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Dimensions: 193 x 53 x 27 cm
  • Weight: 164 g

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Logitech has a lot of remote control. Harmony Elite is able to manage 15 home devices. In addition to the physical buttons, it has a touch screen through which the technique can be configured or switching between devices. Part of the buttons is programmed, you can set your command to not spend a lot of time on manual control.

Harmony Elite works in a bundle with Harmony concentrator (comes with), compatible with a variety of smart devices, such as lamps Philips Hue and smart EcoBee thermostats. Management is possible not only with the help of the buttons and the screen: the device understands the voice commands for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Since Harmony Elite supports a very wide range of devices, you can program complex commands, for example, to prepare the entire room for watching the movie: Turn on the TV, muffle the light, retard the curtains.


  • Easy tuning.
  • An intuitive interface.
  • There are Wi-Fi.
  • Selected buttons for homemade smart devices.
  • Compatible with a huge number of devices.


  • No numeric keypad.

Logitech Harmony 665

  • Number of controlled devices: 10
  • Number of favorite channels: 23
  • Smart House Management: No
  • Mobile application: No
  • Voice control: No
  • Sizes: 274 x 40 x 71 mm
  • Weight: 204 g

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From inexpensive Logitech options, Harmony 665 is highlighted. The model has a small display without sensory functions and a set of physical buttons for quick access to selected commands, favorite channels, etc. Tips on the screen will answer all questions that occur when setting up.

Harmony 665 replaces up to 10 different remote control, remembers up to 23 favorite channels. The model is inexpensive and not bad, but there is a couple of nuances. Harmony 665 works without Wi-Fi through the infrared port, so signal receivers must be in view. For the same reason, the device is not suitable for managing a smart home.


  • Low cost.
  • Convenient form.
  • There is a digital keyboard.
  • Ability to connect up to 10 devices.


  • The settings will have to understand.
  • Works on interchangeable batteries.
  • No Wi-Fi.


  • Number of controlled devices: 8
  • Number of favorite channels: No
  • Smart-house management: No
  • Mobile application: No
  • Voice control: No
  • Dimensions: 44 x 223 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 84 g

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This is a truly budgetary device from the American manufacturer can replace up to 8 remote controls with IR control. It is compatible with a wide range of home appliances, including Gaming consoles, sound amplifiers, TV consoles, etc. The setting is simple, consists of only three steps, but if the pairing failed to configure automatically, you will help manually input code according to the instructions.


  • Very cheap.
  • replaces up to 8 remotes.
  • Durable and convenient execution.


  • It feeds on removable batteries.
  • The learning function often works incorrectly.

Logitech Harmony Companion

  • Number of controlled devices: 8
  • Number of favorite channels: No
  • Smart House Management: Yes
  • Mobile application: There is for iOS
  • Voice control: Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Dimensions: 259 x 139 x 91 mm
  • Weight: 396 g

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Like Harmony Elite, Harmony Companion can manage not only entertainment devices, but also by household smart devices. The most important difference between these models is that the Companion does not have a display, so when control will have to do only with the buttons.

Included with Harmony Companion comes Hab Harmony with voice control support. The positive point is also the fact that the Harmony Companion has a digital physical keyboard, which makes the TV control is much more convenient.


  • Low cost.
  • Ability to manage a smart home.


  • No display.

So what kind of universal remote is worth choosing?

By this time, you have already quite likely understood that truly good universal consoles are not so much. Logitech Harmony is almost the only series that deserves attention, and it justifies its cheap cost. But since the financial question for many users plays a decisive role, let's figure it out in what cases it is worth overpaying for an extended set of features.

Harmony Elite is the most advanced option. Strengths - design, wide range of supported devices and compatibility with smart systems. Controls any homework and has a touchscreen for quick switching, for example, from the TV control on the Fire TV player or a gaming console. It is worth choosing if your dwelling is organized according to the latest technology. Otherwise, all the features of Harmony Elite will not be useful to you.

Harmony Companion can manage the smart home, but the execution of this model is simpler. There is no touchscreen display, but there is a digital keyboard for a convenient set of television channels. Most functions are present in the Logitech mobile application, so anything is terrible if you cannot quickly find the console in the room when it needs - your smartphone is replaced. Harmony Companion is an economical option for a house in which smart devices are present.

From quite budget options, attention falls on one for all URC 1280 Contour 8. The model matches with eight devices and costs funny money. About any smart functions of speech does not go, however, the intelligent systems are far from each apartment. But judging by the reviews of buyers, not everything is so smooth. The device claims a self-learning function, but in practice there is little sense from it. Manual Programming of the teams also does not always give a positive result, so there is a high probability that URC 1280 Contour 8 will not be able to work with part of your household appliances.