The best translators for Android

Android operating system is rich in all sorts of translators. However, not all of these applications are coping with their task quickly and right. In this article, we will look at the best translators who will help both at home and somewhere abroad.

Total half a century ago, a person with relevant knowledge was required to translate text. Now the translation is carried out in real time, it is only worth installing a special program on your smartphone or tablet. Some of the applications work through the exchange of data with their server, the other operate without connecting to the Internet. It differs from different utilities and the method of translation.

In this selection, a dozen of the best translators with an understandable interface and stable work are considered. After reading our article, you will only have to install the attachment application, using the link leading to Google Play.

Google Translator

You need to start from the most popular application-translator at the moment. The Google program's success is facilitated by the fact that it is preset to the huge number of smartphones. If you have access to the Internet, then this is the best choice. At the time of this writing, the program was downloaded from Play Market and installed over billion people.

The entire program supports 108 languages. Without connecting to the network, the list is reduced to 59 languages. The application has a camera mode in which the translation is displayed on top of real inscriptions. It is very convenient to use it in foreign trips when you do not understand the essence of the menu or the signboard of the store. In this mode, 94 languages ​​are supported. The application knows how to translate text in photos (90 languages ​​available). Did not forget the creators and the conversation mode, in which the translation from 70 languages ​​is carried out. It is possible here even handwritten input at which 96 languages ​​are recognized.

The application has other useful functions, for example, a phrasebook. You can make marks and save translations of words and expressions for further use. There is a speech transformation into text (so far only in 8 languages). Available Synchronization of programs on all your devices, which allows you to use the service through the application on the phone and in the browser on the computer.

No flaws from Google translator. You can note only the fact that in offline transition is less accurate than when connected to a global web. But in any case, he is not worse than the text that gives some other offline translator.


  • Translator with voice input.
  • Camera mode.
  • The presence of offline mode.
  • Support for handwriting mode.
  • A huge number of languages ​​supported.
  • Translation of text selected in another application.
  • is distributed free of charge.


  • Without the Internet, the accuracy of translation suffers.

Evaluation: 10/10

Yandex. Transfer

This application is available for download and use completely free. It is popular about 50,000,000 downloads from Google Play and high marks. The program is perfect for translation, if you have access to the Internet: there will be over 90 languages ​​at your disposal. In offline mode, their number is significantly reduced: you can translate into Russian from English, Spanish, Italian, German, Turkish, French or in the opposite direction. Just choose the required language package in the settings and download it free.

The functionality of the application is wide. Yandex. The transferchka offers tools such as voice entering words and voicing the printed text, definition and translation of text in photos (for 12 languages), translation using the whole sites. Through the context menu, you can translate texts in other applications. Support for Android Wear: You can pronounce phrases or words and see their translation on the clock screen. The application has vocabulary articles with examples of consumption of words and phrases.


  • Translation online from more than 90 languages.
  • Translation by photography.
  • Support for translation text in other applications.
  • work offline mode.
  • Support Android Wear.
  • The application is available and works completely free.
  • Associated on the preparation of words and phrases and subscription to other selections.


  • Only 6 foreign languages ​​are available offline.

Evaluation: 8/10

ABBYY Lingvo

the well-known application from the ABBYY Mobile developer team. It knows how to translate photographed words, but first of all the program is designed to translate text from other utilities. For example, you can translate one or another phrase encountered in the Internet browser.

If you decide to download ABBYY Lingvo offline translator, then get ready for the fact that this is by no means replacing the product from Google. The program is a dictionary. It is best to translate individual words. Sustainable phrases. But it will not be able to fully translate several paragraphs of the text. Therefore, this application is recommended to those who already know a foreign language well, but some words have so far unfamiliar.

The program is distributed free of charge, but you will download only 11 basic dictionaries designed to translate text in 7 languages. Additional dictionaries from the well-known publishers are offered for money. However, the majority is already enough basic set.


  • The most detailed definition of any word.
  • Ability to work without an Internet connection.
  • The presence of the camera mode.
  • Availability of Live Translation in other applications.
  • photo and video equipment.
  • Screen split mode for simultaneous operation with two applications.
  • is distributed free of charge.


  • Additional dictionaries are worth money.
  • The photorem is not very well implemented.
  • cannot translate large pieces of text.

Score: 7/10


Popular translator with 50,000,000 installations is available for download on Google Play and iOS, and also has a website version. The possibilities of the application are wide: it offers online translation in more than 100 languages, reading words and phrases (you can choose a male or female voice), switching between different regional versions of the language. If a word has several meanings, the translator provides all possible options.

Other useful features include transliteration, thanks to which you understand how to read the translated word or phrase correctly, as well as favorites, translation history, the ability to share translations, etc.

The application is available in free version and PRO version. In the latter, it becomes possible to translate words and phrases in the camera lens, offline translation, translation of voice communication in real time.


  • Simple and convenient interface.
  • Over 100 languages ​​for translation.
  • Reading translated words and phrases.
  • Regional language support.
  • Transliteration.


  • Offline translation is available only for a fee.
  • The camera is only available in the paid version.

Score: 7/10

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft is also developing its own text translation application. Its program supports translation into 70 languages, and this number is gradually growing. You don't have to be connected to the Internet - offline translation is available for most languages. In travel, another function consisting in synchronous translation of two interlocutors can be useful - while the split screen mode is started, when one half of the display is displayed upwards. The application provides a joint conversation function with a large number of interlocutors - you can just connect the devices to each other and talk in different languages ​​(up to 100 people can communicate at the same time).

Microsoft translator is ideal for learning a foreign language. This is advised of the possibility of viewing transliteration, which helps to understand how this or that phrase is pronounced correctly. It also contributes to the automatic pronunciation of translated phrases in the built-in robot. There is a viewing of alternative translations and words.

From other useful features of the application, select the translation of the text detected in the picture. This means that you can hover a camera for a sign or an ad and immediately get the right translation. Microsoft product works perfectly in conjunction with smart clock based on Android Wear - you can talk right in them. There is a translation of text in other applications, which allows you to use software with an unwanted interface.


  • a large number of supported languages.
  • A simple and understandable interface.
  • Translation by photo is possible.
  • Special regime of translation conversation two people.
  • There is offline translate.
  • is distributed free of charge.


  • The accuracy of the translation cannot be called perfect.

Evaluation: 9/10


  • 332]

This translator appeared on Google Play at the end of 2018 and in 2 years old scored more than 10,000,000 downloads and a large number of high marks. Its functionality is clear from the name: the application offers voice and text translating, as well as recognition and translation of text in the camera lens. The program supports over 100 languages.

Due to the high-quality voice recognition technology, the application correctly identifies the said word or phrase and translates them into the selected language. The program interface is simple: After starting, a window appears in which you can select the transfer direction and enter the text. The camera and microphone button are available below, the translation history is further shown below.


  • more than 100 languages ​​for online translation.
  • High quality recognition voice.
  • Translation of voice, text or inscriptions in the camera lens.
  • Translation history.


  • A large number of advertising.
  • Quite narrow functionality: for example, there is no pronunciation of the translated text.
  • The application does not always recognize the text in the camera lens.
  • Work only online.

Evaluation: 7/10

Promt. One (

This program was created by Promt. She one of the first to enter the market of services intended to translate foreign texts into Russian. At one time, it was with the help of Promt services that computer and console games were transferred. And everyone remembers how terrible there was such a translation. But since then the situation has changed much. The company has developed a perfect translation algorithm, thanks to which the text is performed quite sane.

Mobile version of the translator applies free of charge. It works only online, in it you receive a translator, a phrasebook and dictionary, translation of texts and speaking in "Dialog" mode, recognition and translation of text in the photo and in third-party applications, input to voice and pronunciation of the translated text.

If you need a wider functionality and large amounts of translation, you will have to purchase a paid version. You can get to know her in a 30-day trial. The PRO version has no advertising, which is usually located at the bottom of the interface. And it is capable of translating the text without connecting to the global web (7 languages ​​are available).


  • An application with voice input.
  • Built-in phrasebook (voice phrases for foreigners).
  • Translation in other applications.
  • Detailed definition of any word.
  • 1000 last translations are preserved in the memory.


  • Not the largest volume of dictionaries.
  • Offline translator is available only for a fee.
  • There are advertising in the free version.
  • Translation accuracy is sometimes inferior to competitors.

Evaluation: 7/10

Talking Translator

A popular translator with support for more than 100 languages ​​will allow you to communicate in travel, business trips, at conferences or in other cases, if you are unfamiliar to the interlocutor. The application recognizes printed and handwritten text, as well as voice input. You have copying and transferring translated text, as well as adding text to favorites. The search for previous messages in the translation history is provided.

The application is very conveniently implemented by the possibility of communicating with the interlocutor ("General view" function): In this mode, the screen is divided into two parts, the top is turned upside down with respect to you for the convenience of your interlocutor. You say the text, after which the application recognizes it and shows its translation to the second person. The "talking translator" offers flexible features to personalize the interface: you can choose the color of the design and the "Translation Keyboard" keyboard instead of the default installed.


  • Translation of manuscript, printed and dictated text.
  • Copying and sending text to other people.
  • Mode "General view".
  • Interface personalization.
  • Support for more than 100 languages ​​


  • Availability of advertising (disconnected by purchasing the paid version).
  • Quite narrow functionality: here, for example, there is no camera mode or text translation in other installed applications.

Rating: 8/10


This application offers a quick transfer from Russian to more than 100 languages ​​or in the opposite direction. Its interface is simple: you enter the phrase, select the original languages ​​and translation and click on the "Translate" button. There will be text that you can copy to messenger, email or other application. Also provides the pronouncement function of the translated word or phrase.

This utility has a speech recognition function: You can dictate the text, after which the words spoken will be recognized and translated into the language you specified. The translation is available online, so it is necessary to connect to a mobile network or to Wi-Fi for stable operation. The application is completely free, but advertising regularly appears on the screen, to disable which you can only for money. The "translator" is highly appreciated by users, which confirm the estimates on Google Play and over 10 million downloads.


  • Support for more than 100 languages.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Printing translated text.
  • Speech recognition.


  • Narrow functionality.
  • A large number of advertising.

Score: 7/10

ABBYY TextGrabber + Translator

ABBYY is well known to many computer users. Its developers are working quite successfully in the field of text recognition and its translation. This is exactly what an application called TextGrabber + Translator does. With it, you can point the camera built into your smartphone at some text, after which the program will try to translate it as quickly as possible.

Downloading such a translator for Android is recommended if you go abroad. With it, you can read magazine headlines, read advertising banners, and translate product ingredients printed on packaging. The resulting result can be saved to the memory of the smartphone or shared in social networks. In total, the application supports 60 languages. And if you have access to the Internet, the number of languages ​​increases to 100. The application does not read out the text itself, but places the recognized and translated phrases and words on the clipboard so that they can be read by programs for reading text.

To use the program, you need a smartphone with a built-in camera, the resolution of which is at least 3 MP. Autofocus is a must!


  • Competent translation.
  • Camera mode.
  • Support for many languages.
  • Send result to other applications.


  • Still can't cope with many photos.
  • Text is not spoken, although it is available to be copied to the clipboard for pronunciation using other programs.
  • Rather high cost (the free version has ads and only three texts can be translated).

Evaluation: 6/10

Best Offline Translator for Android

Typically, during a foreign trip, we have no permanent access to the Internet or is seriously limited traffic, due to What to spend it without any particular need to do not want at all. In such cases, it is worth looking towards offline translators. Theoretically, even Google Translator can act in such a role, only do not forget to pre-download the necessary dictionaries. But it is better to have on a smartphone and some alternative. She can act ABBYY Lingvo and translator from Promt. The first program translates words and separate phrases. The second works according to the principles of Google, but it requires a certain amount for its offline functionality.

The best voice translator

and here Google translator also shows itself quite well. It is surprising that many people forget that this program is able to provide a voice transmission. And on the smartphone you can install Microsoft translator or "Talking Translator". Their main feature is the translation of the conversation of two people.

Best Online Translator

Here competitors from Google translator are simply missing. Google can be called a linguistic giant. If you get access to its servers, then you will have the most correct and understandable translation from any one hundred supported languages. That is why this application must be installed on your phone. As an alternative option, you can use Yandex. The trainer - languages ​​in online mode is not smaller, and the quality of translation is quite good.