The best tablets Prestigio.

Brand Prestigio is just the case when the pathetic title is difficult to recognize the speaker. The company is focused on the budget segment of the tablet market and is distinguished by enviable stubbornness. Her managers seemed to not notice that in the market "Tablets" in 2019. Stagnation. As a result, the number of tablet models under the Prestigio brand continues to grow impressive pace.

Prestigio rarely integrates new technologies into its devices, because due to the low retail price of equipment, it is simply inexpedient. The buyer who chooses the Prestigio Tablet must understand that the technical characteristics of the models, present on sale, similar. But despite this, we managed to allocate the tops of the devices, which, in our opinion, deserve attention more than the rest.


Prestigio WIZE PMT3427T

  • Processor : 4 kernels, clock frequency 1300 MHz
  • Operating system : Android 7.0
  • Screen : Diagonal 7.0 inches, screen resolution 600 × 1024
  • Memory (operational / user) : 1 GB / 8 GB
  • Battery : 2500 mAh

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Prestigio WIZE PMT3427T - a kind Tablet for sacrifice. Such usually buy children so that they are broken and with the following have already appealed more carefully. This is a super-budgetary device with boring design and very mediocre characteristics, however, ordinary users respond about the gadget surprisingly warm. If you read the reviews, then make sure that, according to user, the functional PMT3427T is 100% corresponds to its price, and the image quality on the screen even exceeds expectations.

Most of the complaints occurs to the autonomy of the device. If you look at the video tablet, you notice how the percentage charge is melting right in front. So on the long trip pmt3427t without charging to take a completely meaningless.

Advantages :

  • A bright IPS display with wide viewing angles.
  • Support 2 SIM-cards.
  • Android 7.0 operating system, familiar to many.
  • Low cost.

Disadvantages :

  • mediocre autonomy.
  • Camera is photographed very badly.

for the smallest

Prestigio SmartKids

  • Processor : 4-nuclear Rockchip RK3126, clock frequency 1.3 GHz
  • Operating system : Android 8.1
  • Screen : diagonal 7 inches, resolution 1024 × 600
  • Memory (Operational / Custom) : 1 GB / 16 GB
  • Battery : 2500 mAh

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This tablet is the most original in the model range of prestigio. If the PMT3427T is recommended for schoolchildren, then smart KIDS is designed for preschool children - children aged 3 to 7 years. The tablet is equipped with a huge number of functions that contribute to the development of the baby and protect it from the "adult" content - including the function of parental control. Thanks to this option, you can receive data on network activity and limit the time of the device so that the child does not sit on the Internet secret under the blanket.

The design of the device is worked out with the fact that children do not show properly leaning towards things. SmartKids has a very strong housing with rubber inserts on the ends. Even if the kid relieves it from the hands, the device will not disarm and the screen protected by a special film will not go cracked.

Advantages :

  • The presence of developing mini-games and useful applications.
  • Support Voice Assistant "Alice".
  • Free Parental Control Function.
  • Modern Android 8.1 operating system.
  • Compactness - tablet weighs only 314 grams.
  • Two options for the colors: blue (for boys) and pink (for girls).

Disadvantages :

  • Cameras here are worth Rather, "for a tick".

with a capacious battery

Prestigio WIZE PMT3161C 3G

  • Processor : 4-nuclear MEDIATEK MT8321, clock frequency 1.3 GHz
  • Operating system : Android 7.0
  • Screen : Diagonal 10.1 inches, resolution 1280 × 800
  • Memory (Operational / Custom) : 1 GB / 8 GB
  • Battery : 5000 mAh

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If you try to find a 10-inch tablet, which would be cheaper than Prestigio Wize PMT3161C, then you probably have a fiasco. His appearance was presented as a sensation, even when the device was worth $ 100 - now the tablet is already almost twice as cheaper.

You might think that the gadget at the price of dinner for two in the cafe can not anything other than asking for the service. However, PMT3161C is not the case. Prestigio tablet has something to boast - ranging from a high-quality 10-inch screen with HD resolution and wide viewing angles and ending with a powerful battery capacity in 5000 mAh. Good autonomy is provided not only at the expense of a large battery, but also thanks to the DOZE power saving mode. If you watch the films when the screen brightness is 20%, it will take 16% of the charge in an hour - and this is included Wi-Fi and 3G.

Minuses The device is also not deprived. The most essential drawback is called a small amount of user memory - only 8 GB. You can solve the problem of memory shortage by purchasing a map MicroSD - Wize PMT3161C can easily cope with a 128 GB flash drive.

Advantages :

  • Good autonomy for which the DOZE energy saving mode is responsible.
  • Bright and clear 10-inch IPS-screen.
  • Support 3G - tablet can work in mobile phone mode.
  • The ability to install a large container flash card.
  • "Operation" Android 7.0 with an intuitive interface.

Disadvantages :

  • Weak chambers, Which are suitable for communication in Skype, but not for photosets.
  • Quiet sound.
  • Little user memory.

with excellent screen

Prestigio Grace PMT5718 4G

  • Processor : 4 kernels, clock frequency 1.3 GHz
  • Operating system : Android 8.1
  • Screen : Diagonal 8 inches, resolution 1920 × 1080
  • Memory (Operational / Custom) : 2 GB / 16 GB
  • Battery : 4000 mAh

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The assortment of Prestigio tablets is quite clear on the line, and if Wize devices are "budgets", then the GRACE series gadgets are an order of magnitude higher, they refer to the average price segment.. Moreover, the difference between the prices of devices of two lines in absolute expression may be minimal. For example, Grace PMT5718 is expensive than the PMT3161C mentioned just a couple of thousand, but from the pointofthe Fora functionality is simply colossal.

The first thing that is interesting about the Grace PMT5718 tablet is the fingerprint sensor. Even on expensive tablet models, a fingerprint scanner is rare. You least expect to see a sensor on a device costing up to 10 thousand rubles. On the Grace PMT5718, the scanner is placed exactly where it's easy to reach, whether you're holding the tablet horizontally or vertically. The fingerprint scanner works successfully - according to user reviews, 8 out of 10 attempts to unlock the tablet by fingerprint will definitely be successful.

But not a single fingerprint - Grace PMT5718 also impresses with its screen and build quality. The case here is not made of flimsy plastic, like traditional "budgets"; The back cover is made of black metal, thanks to which the tablet never looks boring and even vice versa - effectively. As for the screen, it has FullHD resolution and boasts excellent viewing angles.

Advantages of :

  • Clear, high resolution IPS display.
  • The presence of a fingerprint scanner.
  • Metal design.
  • Modern operating system (Android 8.1).
  • 4G support.
  • Decent cameras for a tablet (5 Mpix rear, 2 Mpix front).

Disadvantages of :

  • Weak processor makes tablet unsuitable for gaming.


Prestigio Grace 5771

  • Processor : 4-core MediaTek MT8735 1.3GHz
  • Operating system : Android 8.1
  • Screen : 10.1 inch diagonal, 1920×1080 resolution
  • Memory (RAM/User) : 2 GB / 16 GB
  • Battery : 4800 mAh

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Prestigio Grace 5771 can be safely called an enlarged version of the PMT5718 model - only without a fingerprint sensor, which is more of an overkill for a 10-inch tablet. The tablet is unusually good for its modest price - the wide bezels around the display, of course, do not let you forget that you are dealing with an inexpensive device, but other than that, nothing gives out that the gadget belongs to the budget segment.

Users most often praise the Grace 5771 for its high image quality on a FullHD screen and impressive battery life. According to tests, when watching a movie in FHD format, the battery runs out in about 5 hours - a very decent result. The strength of the device is noted: the housing is made of metal, scratch the back cover is not so simple. The quality of the assembly is exactly the fact that the best side distinguishes Grace 5771 from the harvester-competitors in the segment, which, after a week of use, become a pitiful copy of themselves, the time of stay for showcase glass.

Advantages :

  • Metal case.
  • Support 4G.
  • Android modern version (OREO 1)
  • Cream battery.
  • high-resolution screen FullHD.
  • ​​
  • Support 2 SIM cards.

Disadvantages :

  • Boring design without Raisins.
  • A small amount of user memory.


It seems that Prestigio has managed to extract from the crisis situation that established in the market of tablets, a certain benefit. Due to the fact that large manufacturers alone after another lose interest in this industry, Prestigio has more and more growth space. If the company also knew his place in the budget segment and did not yet claim, now it will not look like an outsider now with the GRACE ruler devices and in the middle price segment.

However, Prestigio is still desperately lacking a "breakthrough" product. The company will keep safely and is afraid of risk. Even the interesting grace models are a product of long evolution from "superbudget" Wize - albeit only about 7 thousand rubles. Maybe if the company prestigio released a tablet at least for 15 thousand, but with a decent processor and modern unprofamless design, would it allow her to reach a new level?