The best stylus for notes and artists

Touch screens have forever changed how users interact with devices. Yes, you can achieve a lot with a simple touch or swipe on display, but The stylus provides more control over the process of working with the touch screen. However, the best stylus manifests itself when you need to write or draw on the tablet - in this case it is just an indispensable tool!

In order to successfully choose Stylus We recommend first to pay attention to the tip and handle. In addition, it is worth noting that there are two categories of accessory: for digital drawing and writing notes. Here the selection depends on how exactly you are going to use the touch screen device. Before making a purchase, it is recommended to learn about the device as much as possible.

Our article will help to figure out all the functions of styluses. In addition, we will show the most popular and best models. Go!

What to pay attention to

The tip is part of the stylus that concerns the display. It is made of various materials, such as rubber, grid or plastic discs. There are many different types of tips: some can be removed, close the cap, attach the clasp, and others - feed from the batteries or Bluetooth. The latter mainly proposes an additional level of sensitivity to pressure and the function of preventing a random triggering of the touch panel when palm touching.

The pencil itself must be comfortable in hand, to be smooth and convenient, but in moderation, in order not to lose control of the device. Beware of styluses that quickly tire fingers or hands. The accessory must be medium in size, so that they can be easily controlled, and the weight was uniformly distributed.

In addition, when using any stylus you should be able to easily draw and write, without any delays and the appearance of Ghosting effects on the display. The friction between the tip and the screen should be moderate because the stylus is intended to move naturally, like a pencil or pen on paper; Accessory should not reach or move too fast. In addition, you do not need to crush too much.

Now that you already know the most important thing about stylus, we will show the best models that have been attributed to two categories - for artists and for writing notes.

The best stylus for artists

Each artist is unique, and depending on the selected type of visual art and drawing style you may need a certain type of stylus. Some stylus for artists are equipped with shift tips, thanks to which users are able to regulate many aspects of drawing, while others are suitable for all cases or are specifically designed for a certain type of visual art.

Apple Pencil (second generation)

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The first iteration of Apple Pencil saw the light at the end of 2015, setting a new standard for styluses. Not wanting to rest on the laurels, Apple has released a new generation Pencil along with the recently updated iPad Pro. The newest embodiment of Apple Pencil is similar to the previous generation: a pencil is incredibly sensitive to the iPad Pro screen, thanks to which you can create incredibly thin lines, and their fat depends on the pressure level on the screen! This fantastic stylus is fixed from iPad Pro for wireless charging with a magnet. Thus, the company refused to the terrible charge of the first generation pencil.

Before buying an Apple Pencil second generation, make sure you have an iPad compatible with a pencil. The device works only with some models, namely:

  • iPad Air (4th generation);
  • iPad Pro (12.9 inches, 3rd generation) and later models;
  • iPad Pro (11 inches, 1st generation) and later models.

If you have any other iPad, including a stylus support (iPad Pro with screensing diagonal of 9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 inches, the iPad of the sixth generation, iPad Mini 5, iPad Air 3 or 10.2-inch Apple iPad of the seventh generation of 2019), then you will have to use the original Apple Pencil. However, do not understand us wrong: the first generation model is also an excellent product!


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MEKO - universal stylus stylus stainless steel and aluminum. It is compatible with a wide range of sensory devices, including Apple iPhone and iPad, Kindle, SAMSUNG smartphones Galaxy and many others. The length of the pencil is 140 millimeters, and the diameter of the tube is 9 mm, which is why the accessory is quite comfortable in hand. Transparent Disk type allows you to see exactly where your marks go. There is also a tip here, which is ideal for notes and drawing. The diameter of the disk is about 6.8 mm, including the rubber edge with a diameter of 2 mm and the fiber tip (6 mm).

The tips themselves are replaceable, and are included. The stylus is represented in various combinations of black, blue, purple, pink and gold colors.

Wacom Bamboo Sketch

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Bamboo Sketch from Wacom is a precision tool designed for drawing and notes on the iPad and iPhone. The device is connected via Bluetooth, which is why the user gets a natural, accurate and realistic sensation of a pen with a pressure sensitive thin tip.

The stylus has an ergonomic triangular design and a matte surface. Bamboo Sketch is equipped with two customizable output buttons, as well as replaceable tips. The accessory is charging via USB and comes with a comfortable bag.

As for compatibility, Bamboo Sketch works with 9.7-7-7-39-inch iPad Pro, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad Air and Air 2, iPad mini and iPhone 6 or newer. In addition, the stylus integrates with such applications such as Bamboo Paper, Artrage, Autodesk Sketchbook, Concepts and Tayasui Sketches.

Adonit Note Plus

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Adonit's Note Plus is great for digital artists who draw on the iPad. The stylus is designed specifically for new models of Apple tablets, including the iPad Pro 3rd generation, iPad of the 6th and 7th generations, iPad Air 3rd generation and iPad mini of the 5th generation.

The functionality of the device is impressive because it is equipped with a random response to the touch panel in touching palm and sensitivity to pressing level 2048, which facilitates the creation of works of art using applications such as Concepts, Zen Brush 2, NoteCeDge and procreate.

In addition, you can program the quick access buttons: eraser, cancellation and repeat functions, as well as tilt the pen to the screen to create the shading effect in the figure with certain brushes. Charging is performed through the USB-C connector.

Adobe Ink & Slide

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If you have already purchased Creative Cloud from Adobe, then the stylus and the Ink & Slide line is the perfect combination of tools. The device connects to any iPad 4 or newer, iPad AIR or iPad mini via Bluetooth LE (low power technology). It is also synchronized with Creative Cloud, so each drawing or sketch is saved in the cloud so that you can access them later on your computer or other devices. Ink & Slide also works with Adobe Photoshop Sketch applications.

Accessory has a thin tip sensitive to pressure, and in sensations it seems to be a common handle. Ink uses PixelPoint technology from Adonit to increase accuracy. LED status indicator on the stylus shows which color you choose! Using the line, you can create perfect straight lines, circles and other forms. Ink & Slide comes with Charger USB and Case.

Fiftythree Pencil Digital Stylus

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The following model is one of the best universal stylus for artists. Using the Fiftythree Paper application, you can create wonderful watercolor patterns, thin linear drawings, feathers and ink sketches, as well as dynamic images similar to comics, using the marker function.

Fiftythree made the stylus as strong as possible and convenient. It has the shape of a carpentry pencil and is even made of a real walnut! The device is equipped with an eraser, so you can simply turn it if you want to erase anything. Pencil is also great for spreading lines, which will help create a beautiful blur effect.

Although Pencil works best in the Paper application, it is also fully compatible with the popular applique called Procreate. The device is connected to the iPad via Bluetooth, and you only need it once! As for charging, you just need to remove the tip and connect the wire to any standard USB port. Unfortunately, Fiftythree no longer produces pencils, so finding a new product is very difficult. The only option is the purchase of used model.

Friendly Swede 4-In-1 Stylus

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Friendly Swede offers an adaptable and useful for any digital artist stylus, which comes with four different tips: brush, felt-tip pen, precision disk and a conventional ballpoint pen. The handbook in the form of the brush acts in the same way as a real brush, which makes it ideal for drawing, but it is definitely not suitable at the moments when you want to draw thin lines. Fortunately, it is possible to easily switch to a precision disk if high accuracy is required. For the usual use, the tip in the form of a marker is perfect. Well, at hand, the usual ball handle will never hurt!

The device has an aluminum coating and looks like a conventional handle. In addition, the stylus is quite compact - it can easily put it in a penalty or pocket. Each tip is replaceable, and in the kit are offered several. Unfortunately, there is no same level of sensitivity to pressure, like more expensive models. However, you get incredible versatility for such a price.


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Yes, Studio Neat Cosmonaut looks great and bulky, but in fact it is the perfect stylus for artists who draw on white boards or with the help of markers. With this model, you are unlikely to draw a very thin line, because its horse is beautiful solid lines. Cosmonaut Easily hold in hand. In addition, the device, as you might notice, is far from fragile, so it can be safely worn in a bag.

The functionality of the stylus is limited, and he himself looks like a thick black chalk. However, this is the perfect option for those who like to draw up lectures and making notes in a visual style. The device works with both Android and iOS. The company declares that Studio Neat Cosmonaut is compatible with any touch screen.

Adonit MARK

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Adonit has already been offered for quite a long time ago available and high-quality stylus, and Mark is no exception. The model is a durable universal stylus, which will suit anyone who has a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a touch screen. The MARK's main chip is how it is felt in hand - the device is made of anodized aluminum. The device is smooth, but in moderation: he does not slip out of his hand.

This is a decent and cheaper model for drawing, but we do not recommend purchasing it to write notes, as it is not entirely accurate due to the presence of the grid. In addition, even with drawing, you should not expect the exact strokes while working on small details.

The best stylus for notes

styluses intended for writing notes almost as much as for drawing. There are many pencils with thin tips for notes, however, we collected four best, intended for writing on tablets.

Adonit Switch

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Home The SWITCH chip is that the device can be used both as a stylus and as a real handle. Screw the striped end of the device, and from there will get out the standard ballpoint pen, remove the cap from the other end, and voila, you have a precision stylus!

At its end there is a disk that allows you to apply more accurate marks on the tablet. Feels and weight Switch is about the same as the usual handle, which is why it can be easily confused. The device is used for drawing, but best of all it is suitable for notes, since the ballpoint handle has quite high quality.

Adonit Pro 4

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Adonit offers the most accurate and thin tips among all manufacturers. Despite the fact that Jot Script is more popular, it is compatible only with IOS devices, which limits the possibilities of using. The advantage of Adonit Pro 4 is that it is capable of working with most sensory devices, including iPad, as well as Android and Windows tablets.

Pro 4 has a very thin tip, which is why it is ideal for notes. As for the design, the accessory is made in a durable, high-quality aluminum case with a thickness of 9.25 mm. Pro 4 looks and felt as an ordinary ballpoint pen with the addition of a precision disk and a polycarbonate tip to protect the screen. The stylus is produced in three color variations: black, silver or gold.

Adonit Pixel

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We have already said Adonit - one of the best manufacturers of stylus, and recently the company added a Pixel model to its already impressive ruler. The device is compatible with iPhone 5 and newer, third and fourth-generation iPad, all iPad Minis, iPad Air and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Like other products from Adonit, Pixel has a 1.9-millimeter tip instead of a disc, which makes it easy to draw and make sketches. The tip itself is high, and during its use, the impression is as if you are writing on paper. USB Dongle also allows you to charge the stylus through the computer. In addition, you can perform various actions using a multitude of programmable buttons. If you need a stylus that demonstrates reliable functionality in all directions, Pixel is what is needed.


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If you are looking for an affordable alternative to certain premium models from our review, the ELZO type 3-B-1 stylus is what is needed. This is the perfect inexpensive option, since it contains three tips in one fine case: a soft tip from nanofibre for normal use, a precision disk for more accurate work and a gel handle for writing on this paper.

The device has a durable aluminum case, and the soft handle is very convenient for the letter. One of the main features of the model is compatibility: it works with a multitude of devices on iOS and Android, including iPad, iPhone, devices Samsung, HTC, Motorola and other products with a capacitive touch screen.

The best plates for styluses

hybrids of laptops and tablets are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, the demand for stylistics as accessories is growing with them. For example, take a look at the tablet-laptop from Samsung - Galaxy Tab S6, which boasts high performance, android versatility and 10.5-inch AMOLED display with support HDR. The tablet is large and clear, which is what is an excellent portable canvas for drawing, especially if you have a stylus. S Pen from Samsung is not the most revolutionary pencil, but it provides excellent functionality for writing notes and even sketches.

Another good example is Surface Pro 7 from Microsoft, which also supports the official stylus. The tablet is running Windows, because of which the model can run the same programs as a desktop PC on Windows. The device has support for Microsoft Type Cover (thin keyboard with movable keys). The Surface Pen stylus is also pretty good because it has excellent pressure sensitivity and built-in eraser. The only drawback is that Surface Pen is not included in the Surface Pro 7 package. It is worth remembering that Microsoft describes Surface Pen as an additional accessory, and not basic. This means that you will have to pay extra 9 thousand rubles.

Our latest recommendation is The newest IPad Pro line, which, we are confident, does not require a special presentation. Here, users have a choice between two different screen sizes - 11 inches and 12.9 inches, and both displays provide a fantastic drawing space. In addition, you can purchase the second generation Apple Pencil, which we mentioned above. The stylus is great for notes and drawing. Apple Pencil is so intuitive that many artists choose the iPad Pro only because of this. In addition, it is compatible with Procreate.

If purchasing iPad Pro will hit the budget too much, but you still want the product from Apple, that is, a few more excellent options. You can try the updated 10.2-inch iPad 2019 model, as well as iPad Air, iPad mini and 9.7-inch iPad, which are cheaper, but no less effective. They are excellent alternatives for novice artists, but support only Apple Pencil of the first generation.