The best smartwatch apps for Android

The wearable gadgets in the form of smart-hours and of fitness bracelets became very popular among users. They have good features. But it can be significantly hammering by installing the correct programs. Applications for smart hours are multifaceted and interesting.

Among them there are products for sports, programs for monitoring the state of health and physical activity. There are more prosaic options designed for more convenient management of the gadget or automating some actions.

In fact, there are quite a few programs. But not all of them are high-quality and functional. Sometimes developers produce fairly raw products. They are not able to somehow help the user.

Therefore, before installing some program on its gadget, you should make sure that the product is really worth it. Our selection includes only the most interesting offers from developers.

Healthy lifestyle

Google Fit

Application for Smart hours, designed for athletes. It will help plan training, make a power schedule and make much more. There is constant monitoring of physical activity.

In addition, the program is able to monitor the phases of sleep and allows the clock to gently wake up the user in the most suitable phase. Also Google Fit helps to compile an anaerobic exercise plan (very useful for the heart).

There is an opportunity to synchronize results and records with other similar applications. There are also tools familiar to athletes: pedometer, counting calories, tracking cardio load and much more.

Water, health and water balance

  • ​​

This is a simple and at the same time useful application for those users who monitor their health. It is no secret that water is an important element in the human body and for normal health it is necessary to drink it in its pure form daily. With this program, you no longer have to keep it in memory. The utility will independently remind you to drink water, fix the result and help you calculate the consumption rate individually for each user. Water, health and hydration is a popular app on smartphones, and one of the latest updates has made it possible to use it on smartwatches as well.


This application is for those people who watch their diet. The utility works with Android, Samsung and Apple smart watches, and can also be synchronized with Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health, Runkeeper, Fitbit and others. Here you will find tips for losing weight, ready-made meal plans for several days or weeks, simple and inexpensive recipes, features for rating ingredients and dishes, as well as a daily nutrition assessment. Inside the application, you can keep track of food eaten and physical activity.


Strava is the app of choice for many athletes running, cycling or simply exercising outdoors. The utility allows you to track indicators of physical activity during training, sets individual goals, compares the results of different workouts, and also has a developed network of like-minded people where you can discuss your progress and get useful tips from other users. Strava can work with almost any device, including Chinese smartwatches, Wear OS and Tizen devices, as well as Apple devices.

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is a smart alarm clock that has a lot of useful functions and can work with many devices, including Chinese smartwatches and fitness trackers, as well as Samsung gadgets, Pebble, models with WearOS. In addition, the application can interact with smart lamps Philips HUE and control their operation (for example, the program will turn on the light when you have to get up or turn it off when you fall asleep).

This utility monitors your sleep, helps you wake up at the most appropriate moment, tells you how to improve your sleep, helps you fall asleep with soothing melodies, and also prevents you from dismissing the alarm and oversleeping, as to turn off the alarm will force you to solve a simple math problem or enter a captcha. There is also a snore control function and a recording of conversations in a dream.

Sleep as Android's functionality is extensive and may seem redundant to some, but the app has excellent ratings and if you get the hang of it, it will be a great sleep assistant.

Communication and Entertainment


One of the most popular instant messengers is also available for smartwatches. On the wrist version of Telegram, you can reply with voice, text, emoticons, and stickers. You can also create groups, view user profiles, or change themes. If you actively use Telegram on a smartphone or laptop, then it will definitely not bother you in a smart watch.

Glide Video Messages

Glide is an easy-to-use communication app that has a very simple interface and is adapted for sending short video messages. You can also send voice or text messages. Before sending, you can see what you have recorded and delete if necessary. Glide is convenient for use with smart watches that have a built-in microphone and camera.



Spotify is a music streaming service that has an army of fans all over the world. Recently, he officially began to work in Russia, which brought him even more subscribers. However, not everyone knows that Spotify can be used, including on Fitbit smartwatches and on models with Wear OS. With the help of such a version you can find out what plays at the moment, switch songs and Podcasts, manage the library and run playback of music on different devices.


Shazam is one of the best applications for determining music, which has recently become available for use in smart clock. The main task of the program is the definition and search of the song. If you hear the melody and want to download it, but do not know the artist and the name, then just run Shazam. He will not only tell you who performs the track and informs his name, but also provide links for downloading or online listening, and also be able to display the lyrics on the screen.

of the loop

If you need to kill time and you do not know how to do it, the loop application will allow you to play an exciting puzzle on the watch screen. She is simple - it is possible to understand what you can do in a few seconds, but it is capable of truly injured. The game has a nice interface, completely free, there is Synchronization, that is, you can play on different devices, and in it a huge number of levels.

Wearmedia-Music Player, Webradio - Also for Wear

This is a music player that can autonomously work on smart watches or act as a web player for streaming music from a smartphone. Here are available to create playlists, there is a convenient sorting of tracks, Equalizer, the ability to send the song you like through the Messenger application. The application understands many musical formats, for example, MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC and others.

This application is galleries to view the photos that are stored on your smartphone or in the cloud. With it, right on the clock you can see your favorite photos or show their friends. The utility has other functions, but copes with them not the best way. Given the fact that the application is quite young there is hope that the performance of additional options has improved over time. But if you just want to have access to the gallery in the phone from the clock, then it is coping with this task.

Camera Remote: Wear OS, Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 App

Another young application that is in the stages of active development. Already, it can work with the clock on Tizen and Wear OS and provides access to the smartphone camera. Through Camera Remote, you can make photos at a convenient angle (setting the phone accordingly), look into hard-to-reach places, use a watch for remote observation or as a viewfinder, turn on the flashlight, which will allow you to find a smartphone in the dark.

Video Player for YouTube On Wear OS SmartWatches

This is a young application that does not always work stably, but in general it offers a fairly interesting functionality. The utility is designed to view YouTube on smart clock C Wear OS. In this case, many features of a full-fledged application are available - search by name or in recommendations, playback management, volume control. Through the program, you can synchronize with Bluetooth with columns or headphones, as well as Chromecast, in this case, the clock will be able to act as the control panel.



A program that fully displays the city's transport and notifies about traffic jams or changes in the route of urban transport. There is a formal metro map of various cities (including Moscow and St. Petersburg).

There is an arrival forecast and serving urban transport to a specific stop. Schedule of buses, trams and other transportation is constantly updated. Therefore, the information is always relevant.

The layout of the route of movement will help not get lost in an unfamiliar city. A powerful search engine makes it possible to find the necessary transport and route. It is possible to share a route with friends.

Cork alert system will allow you to choose the fastest route that allows you to quickly drive around the cork. The program interface is simple, understood, and also has a full-fledged Russian.

Google Maps

If you often have to move around the city, but you do not know it enough, then Google Maps will help you navigate in space. The application is also available in smart watches, and if they are equipped with a GPS module, then you do not need a smartphone at all to use it. You can get directions using voice or touch input, receive hints about the direction of movement, determine your location and see how far you need to go.


If you are a frequent flyer and want to search for cheap and convenient tickets as quickly as possible, then Aviasales is a great way to do it. The utility is available for use in smart watches. With it, you can view all available flights with a lot of filters: by date or price calendar, direct or with transfers, with or without luggage, and much more. In addition, by choosing the right option, you can immediately go to the carrier's website from the application and buy a ticket.

maxim — taxi order, grocery and food delivery

The official application of the maxim transportation service, which will allow you to order a taxi to the place you need deliver groceries and meals. You can pay for services by card or in cash, the cost is visible before the trip, different tariffs are provided. You can track the status of your trip on maps. The service is available in different countries of the world and most large and medium-sized cities in Russia and the CIS.


Hotellok is a convenient application for searching hotels around the world, which was created by the Aviasales team. It is available for smart hours and allow you to find a place to stay on the maps or by setting the city you are interested in, to sort the results on different filters, view photos and hotel information, as well as read reviews of people who have already stopped here. To order a place directly from the application, you can go to the hotel or booking service (available AirbnB,, Tophotels, Trivago and others). In addition, you can add hotels to your favorites to get more information about them later.

APP IN THE AIR: Ticket Booking

This is an application that can be installed on the Wear OS clock and get a personal assistant for airfares on the wrist. The application displays information about your flights, it is possible to automatically register for flight, get a boarding pass and useful information about the flight. In addition, through the APP in the air, you can follow the flight of your loved ones - you will learn that the person has been registered, sat on the plane and landed.

The advantage of the program is that information about changing the flight will appear in the application, even if you are not connected to the Internet - it comes through SMS, which is very convenient if you are in foreign countries and do not want to use Traffic in roaming.


An application for smart watches, intended for lovers travel. It will not be able to get lost in an unfamiliar city. In addition, with the help of the product, you can easily find all the attractions in a particular area.

Powerful search algorithms are used, allowing you to quickly find all the desired sights in a particular area and even find where to eat. An intuitive interface significantly facilitates work with the product.

The ability to share reviews about visited places with friends is supported. There is integration with various social networks, as well as popular platforms with reviews.

The product is multilingual. Its design fully complies with modern standards. Setting is very simple: just register in the service and you can start work. There is compatibility with weak smartphones.


Watch Faces - Watchmaker 100,000 Faces

For lovers of customization of their devices, this application will fit perfectly. It can work with watches on Wear OS and Tizen and offers more than 100,000 ready-made watch faces. If you don't like anything, which is unlikely, but still possible, then you can make your own skin in the constructor available here. In addition, you can customize the display of various information - calendar, weather, lunar cycles, countdown to an important date, steps taken, heart rate and much more.


to all users, but if you like to customize everything for yourself, then you will definitely like IFTTT. This is a kind of constructor that will allow you to connect the functions of different applications. The program works on the principle “if this happens, then you need to do that”. That is, you can set the program so that after the alarm goes off, music will automatically start in your streaming service or by posting a photo to Instagram it will simultaneously appear on other social networks that you specify. In other words, the possibilities for creating algorithms are almost limitless.

The creators are constantly adding new services that can interact through IFTTT and today you can find Twitter, Telegram, Gmail, Weather Underground and more. In addition, the application allows you to set up your Android smartphone and Philips Hue, Google Home and other smart home systems. At the same time, you can do all these settings using your watch, which is very convenient. Unfortunately, for users from Russia, the possibilities of the program are somewhat limited. Firstly, IFTTT does not have localization, and secondly, some supported programs and services do not work in Russia. However, given the popularity of the utility around the world, we should expect that over time, Russian-speaking users will be able to use it fully.

Wear OS by Google

This official app from Google is a must for all Wear OS users. In fact, it collects all the most common functions in one place. With it, you can use the voice assistant, to learn about the records in the diary or calendar meetings, to fulfill the goals planned to maintain health. In addition, you can see incoming calls, messages, view shopping lists, create events and listen to music. In addition, there is a mass of topics for designing the interface of your smart watches. It is possible to have separate applications for all of the above tasks more convenient, but if you do not want to spend time looking for suitable options for you, but you want a couple of clicks you will get everything you need, then Wear OS by Google will be a good offer for you.

Useful tools

Google Pay

If there is NFC in your clock, then with the help of Google Pay, you can easily pay for purchases in stores. It is much more convenient than to get a purse or smartphone from the pocket, and the title card takes the minimum of time.


Find a person who would not have to wear in the wallet of the stores of stores stores is pretty hard. It is not always convenient, because they not only occupy a place, and even find the right thing is difficult. That is why there are a lot of applications that allow you to dig all your discount cards and store them in a smartphone. One of them is the Stocard, which can now work in smart hours. Its presence will allow not only to quickly find the desired loyalty card, but also to view promotional leaflets and catalogs of favorite stores.


TODOIST is an excellent application for those people who know what "time management" is and want to streamline their day. The program will help to accustom yourself to planning and observing the schedule. TODOIST is a popular application for smartphones, but it can be used in smart hours.

Here you can set one-time or duplicate tasks, organize projects and meetings with other users, to remind you about Deadline, delimitation of things in terms of importance and much more. In addition, the utility will tell about your effectiveness - how much you have succeeded in performing the goals set and what you need to change to increase your productivity. In addition, the program can be synchronized with services such as Gmail, Slack, Google Calendar and others.


  • An application Accuweather according to many is one of the most Convenient and accurate in order to find out the weather forecast for the day or week. Also, the utility will report if the weather changes and save you from hail, shower or hurricane, and it is also convenient to plan travel. You can see the forecast a few weeks in place of interest and configure notifications to receive information about the changes as the date of the trip approaches. This will avoid the need to independently monitor the forecast every day.

    Simple voice recorder

    The name of this application speaks for itself - if you need something to quickly write down, then it will perfectly cope with this task. You can write a lecture, quickly push your own thoughts or useful information that you need to remember. Among the functions, it is possible to unload entries to Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services, editing records (trimming unnecessary information or silence search), as well as the ability to save audio in different formats. Part of the functions are available on the subscription, the utility is available for watches with Wear OS.

    where my children are: parental control, GPS clock 0+

    This application needs to parents who want Have an idea of ​​where their child is. It is installed on the parent smartphone and the device with GPS, which will wear a child. It can be a smartphone, a GPS tracker or a smart watch. After that, you can see the location of your baby on the map, hear what is happening around, receive notifications that the child came to school (or other places you specified) or left the safe zone. In addition, a signal can be sent via the application, and ask your child to communicate with you.

    Wear Reader

    This is a fairly fresh application for smart hours, which currently does not boast High rating, but it has good potential. Wear Reader is a reader that allows you to open the EPUB, PDF, DOCX files on the screen of your wearable gadget and other text formats. Of course, a rather strange solution to read from a small screen, but the students on the exam may well come in handy. Before use, it is worth checking the application of the application on your clocks, as some users noted that they do not open books on their devices.

    WEAR Audio Recorder

    Another simple and convenient voice recorder that can be installed on the smart clock. Its advantages include an understandable interface, the possibility of inconspicuous use, binding geolocation to the records and the ability to split them by tags. In addition, the application has settings - you can turn on the suppression of echo and noise, skip silence, automatically start recording when the utility is turned on. Also here is synchronization with Dropbox or Google Drive.


  • A unique application for Chinese smart watches (including), which appeared for wearable gadgets relatively recently. It is intended to study foreign languages ​​in almost any conditions.

    Unlike a full-fledged edition, a version for smart clocks supports only 10 languages. In addition, the interface is significantly different, since it is made in the style of minimalism. But everything is just as convenient to use it.

    Language training is implemented in a games form. Therefore, the program is suitable for newbies. There are several degrees of the complexity of tasks. It is available to share your success in social networks.

    To work with language learning service, you must first register. It is completely free. After that, you will need to download a package of questions of interest. And then you can already start learning.

    List Bring!

    A very useful program that allows you to make a list of purchases and use it when visiting the store. The application is optimized not only for smart hours, but also for smartphones and tablets.

    The product includes a very convenient calculator, as well as a unique system for the marking of products that are most often purchased. There is also a system of fully customizable notifications.

    There is also a built-in catalog with products, allowing you to quickly find the required purchase. If something is missing, it can be easily added manually. There are built-in templates for any types of purchases.

    The interface is made in a minimalist style. There is a full-fledged translation into Russian. The smart watches version takes very little space in the device's memory. An application is convenient to use, despite some advertising.

    Google Keep

    Program for creating and ordering Notes. All information is stored in the cloud. Therefore, even when changing the gadget or phone, it will not be lost. Synchronization with account on other devices is also available.

    It is possible to create text notes, photographs and voice notes using a built-in microphone. The last type, by the way, is most relevant for smart watches. After all, the text on them is inconvenient.

    The program allows you to open access to notes and edit them with friends. This is performed in several simple tapes. The application has a large number of settings that allow you to comprehensively configure notifications.

    The product is fully in Russian and has a Google brand interface. Working with him is really nice. Even advertising in the appendix is ​​not particularly annoying. You need a Google account to work.


    by installing the right apps. They are significantly different from those that are installed on smartphones, since smart watches do not have such performance.

    Therefore, it is important to select only suitable programs. Our top list includes only the most interesting offers. They will definitely make a smart watch your first assistant. Choose the programs that you like.