The best sleep applications on Android and iOS

Your mobile phone is probably always at hand, and it can deliver some problems when it comes to good and healthy sleep. Scientists have proven that blue light emitted by smartphones really may interfere with sleep.

However, you can change the situation and turn your phone into a tool that, on the contrary, will help to sleep! Check out applications found by us who offer the ability to track sleep habits, or reproduce white noise to immerse the user in deep sleep. If you really need help in sleeping eight hours, why not try to download one of the best applications of this kind?


Agree that one of the worst feelings is when you know, that there is a heavy and busy day ahead, but, as it came out, not You can sleep. However, do not worry because Noisli helps solve the problem. Perhaps you have already enjoyed the browser version of the white noise generator, but the mobile is now available. The application emitting white noise allows access to different sounds without connecting to the Internet. In addition, here you can create your own mixes to your taste.

A wide selection of soothing sounds, such as thunderstorm, sea, leaves, train crash, etc. Set the timer so that the application is automatically disconnected when you fall asleep. If you are the user of the browser version, the application is also synchronized with the already existing account.


If you want to get a sleep for complete control, then it is worth using a scientific approach, which is perfect for Sleep Time - the application helps to better understand your habits and track sleep mode. The platform detects the user movement to track sleep, and also has a number of sounds that reproduce white noise and burn (for example, waves or pouring rain).

The "smart alarm function" automatically wakes up the user in the most "light" phase period of sleep so that he does not feel weakened after waking up. Due to the detailed analysis of the phases of fast and complete sleep, as well as their duration, there is also the ability to include personal notes about your sleep habits (for example, about coffee drunk before bedtime), which will help see factors affecting sleep quality.

Apple Health

If your iPhone operates on the IOS 13 operating system 13 and above, it means that a working sleep tracker is already installed in it. The "Health" application has a built-in sleep tracking function, which records the time when you go to bed and when you wake up. Unfortunately, there are few things here, and if there is a need for additional statistics, you will need another application. However, the applique is still quite useful, even if you have already downloaded some other.

"Health" perfectly serves as a data warehouse, so it can import information from other sleep applications, such as Sleep Cycle. All user health data in one application simplifies tracking habits and how the lack of sleep may affect productivity throughout the day.

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If you want to improve your dream, and not just track, you should pay attention to Sleep Cycle. The task of the application is to wake you up at the right time of the sleep phase, using sensors on the phone, which track movements, noise and body position during sleep. Applique will slowly wake up the user at an optimal time, ensuring that he will wake up vigorous and ready for a new day!

There are many chips for statistical lovers, including a deep analysis of sleep mode and daily sleep schedules. Unfortunately, you will have to pay for premium mode to access the best functions. Premium version costs 30 dollars a year (about 2260 rubles).


Many of us are able to fall asleep Under the sounds of rain. If you are one of these people and have a dream problem, Rain Rain Sleep Sounds can help relax. The application has a catalog of more than 100 sounds of nature, including rain in a tent, distant thunderstorms and ocean waves.

There is also an opportunity to mix each track together to get the perfect sound that will help to sleep faster. It is also not necessary to worry about what the application will work all night - the custom timer gradually turns off all the sounds, providing the opportunity to relax at night.


Are you a user of Android and want to add even more sounds? Sleepo includes 32 carefully selected sounds divided into four categories: rain, cities, nature and meditation sounds. As in other applications, you can mix different melodies together to create your own mix, or just use each of them with a built-in timer so that the application turns off when you light up.

Sleepo also contains tracks that imitate white, pink and brown noises. Due to such a wide range, you will definitely find one that will help to relax.

SLEEP AS Android

SLEEP AS Android is one of the most successful and popular apps for sleep on Android. Urbandroid developers used the benefits of an open android platform and created a really great sleep application.

The application is compatible with various models of smart watches, and also integrates with fitness applications, such as Google Fit and Samsung Health, so that the user can be sure that That falls out in order to match the level of activity.

The platform supports tracking sleep, movement and snoring, can reproduce sounds to help sleep, and even control smart lights Philips HUE.


The Samsung's own health Samsung application is embedded in the company's devices, but also available for other android phones. Samsung Health - First of all fitness tracker, but it has some possibility of tracking sleep. Although we usually avoid fitness trackers that have built-in sleep tracking, Samsung Health has several functions that allocate it from a variety of applications of this kind.

Samsung Health is trying to automatically record the time of your sleep depending on the activity with the phone. Therefore, if you put the phone right before bedtime and raise it as soon as you wake up, then Samsung Health will record it. In addition, the application registers sleep and awakening time, and evaluates them accordingly.


Pillow is a sleep tracking app for iOS devices that is compatible with Apple Watch and provides more detailed information. formation than a normal sleep tracker. By integrating with the Apple Watch's heart rate sensor, Pillow helps you keep an even closer eye on the wearer while they sleep by tracking their resting heart rate and movements they make throughout the night.

Thanks to Pillow's integration with iOS devices, you can also use the same account on all your iOS devices. The app also has free naps, smart alarms, and iCloud support, and supports a range of additional features such as personalized sleep reports and integration with the Apple Health app for a one-time $5 (380 RUB) payment.

Calm: Meditation

calm down, and that's where apps like Calm: Meditation come in. The application is not solely focused on improving sleep, but contains several meditation courses that help relieve stress before bed and put the user in a deeper and more restful sleep.

For those who don't want to hear voices, Calm also has soothing sounds of nature to help you relax, and other courses to get rid of stress and insomnia. Some courses require payment to access.