The best runs for running

Earlier to track overcome kilometers, the runner had to acquire a special device in a sports store - now this feature is able to take on the gadget.

Thanks to the iOS and Android applications, you can not only get acquainted with rich and detailed statistics of sports activities, but also entertain yourself with your favorite musical tracks and turn the exhaustive and boring training in Fascinating game. The article will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the best applications for running and walking.

Nike Run Club

With Nike Run Club, you forget that once the run was boring: all data recorded by the application is automatically transferred to Website NikePlus, where they are transformed into colorful histograms and graphs, very convenient for analysis. The Nike Run Club features include:

  • Flexible configuration of voice notifications. The program can report basic statistics, for example, every 10 minutes or through each wagon overcome.
  • Developed social component. Tell Facebook that you pass the distance, and each like will turn into applause and approving hum of crowds. In addition, the Nike Run Club application allows runners to be collected in teams and participate in competitions.
  • The ability to set the playlist. Nike Run Club has a special music section, a kind of "Favorites". The user should first add to this section of the tracks, most importantly motivating it. You can launch your favorite composition with just one touch - when the forces are already on the outcome, the familiar melody will help to open the "second breathing".

In addition, the Nike Run Club is now available in Russian. And most recently, the Chelendjay and Records system added to the application, with which it is much more convenient to throw "sports challenges" to friends.


Key feature of the Endomondo program is a developed social orientation. For example, Endomondo is able to compare sports achievements of one runner not only with the results of random users of the application, but also with the achievements of people from the same area. You can also compete with friends for the title of champion, overcoming the pre-laid application path, sharing the achievements in social networks Twitter and Facebook, comment on the results of friends online.

However, on one social component of the advantage of Endomondo do not end - this application for running there are other advantages:

  • Create music playlists directly inside Applications.
  • The program allows you to track the water level in the body and other indicators of the physical condition.
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  • Endomondo - cross-platform application: It is suitable for both iOS and other gadgets with iOS and on Android and on Windows smartphones.
  • Endomondo is relevant not only for running, but also for other sports hobbies - for example, for cycling.
  • Endomondo supports Russian.

The program for running on Android and iOS Endomondo applies to the Freemium model - there is a paid version with a wider functionality. Premium version of Endomondo allows you to analyze the pulse, to obtain information about the weather, as well as get rid of annoying advertising.

Zombies, Run!

Download application Zombies, Run! It is recommended to all who consider running boring occupation. It is enough to wear headphones to the user - and now he is no longer performing an evening jog, and it saves from the irrelevant hordes of aggressive zombies! Of course, training is transformed into a fascinating quest, in the course of which the user needs to collect artifacts, transmit medicines to those in need, strengthen their own base. Thanks to the realistic sound design of Zombies, Run! The runner feels that the monsters are literally attacking the heels - only if he follows the teams disconnected in the headphones, he will be able to get away from the zombie apocalypse. At the end of the workout, the user gets access to statistics and can find out the speed of the run, overcomed by distance, the amount of calorie spent.

With all the originality of the Zombies, Run application! There are a number of disadvantages: First, it is not Russified, and therefore familiar speech in headphones do not hear, secondly, statistics provided for analysis, pretty scarca, Third, the requirements for gadgets are serious - the program will not "go" on iPhone with iOS version below 8.0.


The approach for running on the iPhone Trail Mix will not yield Zombies, Run! In nontriviality. In essence, TRAIL MIX is a music player that adjusts the tempo of the tracks from the playlist for the speed of running or walking.

Use TRAIL MIX is very simple, because the speed of movement is determined automatically - it is enough to throw the gadget in your pocket. All interface elements are standard and are familiar: in the upper right corner, the speedometer icon is, in the center - the name of the playback composition and the album cover, downstairs the tracking buttons. If there is no loaded composition in the memory of the smartphone, the program will suggest download music in iTunes, if any - share your favorite tracks on social networks.

Many statistics for the analysis of TRAIL MIX will not be able to give, however, the main function of this program is not at all analytic, but motivational. Hardly anyone wants to hear a favorite song at the pace, slowed down, and so that this does not happen, you will have to run.


downloaded and running the CHARITY MILES application, the user has the right to believe that he has already changed the world for the better. CHARITY MILES is one of the best applications for collecting charity donations. However, the users themselves should not be afraid that money will be spiked with them: the application is completely free, and all that is required is to activate GPS and go to the training. Each overcome mile is converted to 25 cents that are departed for donations. The purpose of charity user can choose independently.

If such an idea seems to you absurd, think about the figures: users of Charity Miles are 11 million Americans, which is 32 years old, which indicates the full consciousness of their choice.

Running tracker: Running, GPS card, walking (LEAP)

LEAP running application will help you avoid health problems. You not only improve the physical form, but also increase the endurance threshold, increase the metabolism and strengthen the cardiovascular system. In addition, running will improve the skin tone and will positively affect the immune system.

Here are a lot of workout plans that are suitable for both beginners, and runners with experience: they are able to melt to lose extra kilograms or start running faster. All workouts offered in the running tracker are created by professional fitness coaches. For example, "walking for weight loss" will suit everyone who seeks to reduce the weight and not harm themselves; With "running for weight loss" and beginner, and a person with experience; The Academy of Tempor will help improve the speed and increase endurance, and the latest training plan - "My first 5 km" offers running its first five kilometers with an audio instructor.

The running application will recommend you to set goals immediately for a week or a month, analyze every workout, write the routes with GPS and put the habit of running on them, as well as monitor time, duration, intensity, distance, Speed, calorie burning and other indicators.

Running (Zeopoxa)

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simple and A very effective application Running from Zeopoxa developers will become an indispensable assistant for those who run. With the program you can track the tempo and speed of running, perform the goals, measure the distance traveled, calculate the number of calories burned and get colossal support in sports achievements.

Absolutely no matter what kind of tasks in front of them are an increase in force, increasing endurance, weight loss, bringing muscles to tone, speed development, and so on: Morning or evening jogging, as well as easy runs to the distance will help reach them. Keep track of training with GPS and improve sports indicators.

Fitness tracker for running Adidas Running

with a fitness tracker for running Adidas Running you will be much easier to teach yourself to regular physical exertion. With the application you can achieve the desired results, but the main thing is perseverance and a huge desire. GPS Tracker Adidas Running Trails Training and Fitness Indicators: Route, Speed, Lifting, Time, Distance and Calorie Spending, and also keeps all statistics, demonstrating achievements for occupational period.

A huge number of useful functions will be able to melt you on regular sports. Here you can create a group and deal with friends running, cycling and fast walking rides.

The application is free, but to open more useful functions, you need to purchase Premium subscription. With it, such "chips", as a training program, adapted to any level of preparation, the ability to save routes that like you and share them with friends, jogging and any sport with energetic music, as well as a chance to become part of the fitness fans community To the whole world and find the same like-minded people who also love running.

Start running. Running for beginners

The application offers you a training plan that Located on 4 levels. The first level puts the goal - 20 minutes of running, the second - 30 minutes, the next - 40 minutes and the last - 60 minutes of running. The duration of each level is one month to three lessons per week. Thus, the program will help you increase the duration of the run and attract to the sport as a whole.

What is in the application? A ready-made workout plan for beginners and the ability to create your own classes plans, a GPS route of each physical activity, a detailed statist of each physical activity, a personal trainer on the run, built-in pedometer and calorie counter.

Thanks to the Start Running utility and regular exercise, you will speed up your metabolism, increase endurance, strengthen muscles, reduce weight or improve your fitness - this is a good motivation for those who want to change their lives for the better.

Running tracker - Weight loss running

This running tracker is aimed at losing weight. It will offer you various workout plans that will help you burn fat effectively and lose weight.

There are classes for different purposes and levels of training. For example, running for beginners helps develop the habit of exercising; interval walking is suitable for those who rarely exercise, but want to improve their health; the 5K race aims to improve running form and burn calories; Finally, the 10k run is the hardest thing to do and is only suitable for experienced runners.

With the program, you can track your running routes on the map and your training progress, as well as calculate distance, calories, real-time pace, and follow the weight change on the graph. In addition, the application made sure that you do not get bored while running, but enjoy your favorite music. The running tracker supports all kinds of music apps, and the ability to switch songs while exercising.

Workouts will be accompanied by voice prompts to improve technique and sound of all data, and there is also the ability to share routes and achievements on social networks.

Strava Running & Cycling - GPS

who cannot imagine their life without running, cycling or just active walks in the fresh air.

It easily tracks your physical activity - distance, speed, pace, climb and calories burned - and suggests new goals to help you move on and achieve good results.

Strava recommends that you never exercise alone, but always connect with friends and like-minded people. It is possible to join one of the clubs and participate in discussions or be aware of all fresh news. Also here you can track the activity of relatives, friends and professional athletes, compare and even comment on their results.

The application is compatible with almost any GPS clock, motion sensors and cycomputers.

Running GPS Fitness Sport and Calories Tracker

is an application It has many opportunities, without which you can not do if you are accustomed to an active lifestyle.

Here is the tracking of the speed of movements, distances, routes, a total duration of activity, the current operation rate based on the GPS receiver, as well as switching between metric and imperial units, compatibility with Google maps and saving all data. In general, the application is simple and at the same time useful for runners, climbers and those who love long walking in the fresh air.

Run with MapMyrun

To use the application with MapMyrun, absolutely no matter who you are an experienced runner or a newbie that is just starting familiarizing with running.

The program will smash everyone who wants to improve physical shape and strengthen the immune system. Here you are waiting for the personal advice of the coach to run for you with one solid pleasure. MapMyrun also contains effective training plans that correspond to an exclusively personal level of sports training.

With GPS, you can track running in real time, and audio starters will help you tune in to the desired pace and speed. Together with the application, use "Routes" to save your favorite spaces for jogs and share them with other like-minded people.

Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker is an effective application for mobile devices that contains many advantages for those who are just starting their sports path Or has long been an avid athlete in running, walking, cycling, ski racing, tourism and other sports.

An application can be tracked for training, analyzing efficiency and controlling the results; conduct a personal training diary with all the necessary data; use built-in cards; Control all the indicators - the rate of running, speed, burned calories and height above sea level in training; Also here there are voice instructions on physical classes, the search for new routes around the world and supporting their friends through social networks.

With Sports Tracker, you can achieve your goals and strengthen health.

Running 5K - Trainer program (5K Runner)

5K Runner is a useful program with which you can find a good form in just a couple of months. Here you will alternate running and walking under the guidance of the audio starter. Listen carefully, and he will tell you when you need to run or go. This application will help achieve all the goals that you identified for yourself.

Here are many functions that can melt you on the sport. For example, a program is compatible with all musical applications, and you can listen to your favorite music, trainer tips and exercise simultaneously. There is also an opportunity to earn achievements and badges that once again prove to you that you are a capable athlete. It does not matter where your workouts will be held - outdoors or treadmill, the audio starter will instruct you on the right path. This is a wonderful way to strengthen the cardiosystem and have a positive effect on health in general.

Start running: workouts from 0 to 5 km. Running from scratch

for sports activities, but also in a short time to increase their duration.

An effective training plan is designed to make you enjoy running. The workouts are great for both beginners and experienced runners.

Every week you will find a new personalized lesson plan and goals in the app. They must be completed in order to advance to the next level. Track your progress and move only forward. Remember that running is an effective way to lose weight, strengthen muscles, improve circulation, oxygenate tissues and organs, and prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Personal Trainer for Running: 5K 10K Half Marathon

In this application you will find several workout programs, and you can choose one of them based on your fitness level. Whatever goal you pursue here, it is quite achievable.

Detailed audio instructions, along with real-time distance, pace, calories burned, help you navigate and interval training plans help you reach your desired goal. You can conduct all classes to the tracks of your favorite artists, and then your training will become even more productive.

Training plans are designed for a period of 4-16 weeks with 3-4 sessions per week. After each physical activity, you will be provided with detailed statistics on how you spent your workout. Try to improve your progress, and then you will have even more motivation to strive for high results.

Run Keeper

Run Keeper is the "champion" in popularity among runners. This is a program that is incredibly rich in features and at the same time completely free. Every 5 minutes, Run Keeper tells the runner the basic statistics: the speed of his movement, the duration of the run, the number of kilometers covered. However, many sports applications are coping with this - how is Run Keeper better than alternatives?

  • The availability of its own social network, the audience of which has more than 30 million people around the world.
  • Integration with popular services in which the runner can share its achievements with friends.
  • the ability to form a musical playlist - many runners do not think training without music.
  • Synchronization with a website that allows you to analyze running statistics on your computer.
  • GPS Tracking for accurate route gasket.
  • The ability to take photos straight from the application - snapshots will be celebrated on the map by coordinates.
  • Tracking the cardiac rhythm of the runner - with additional sensors.

At least the application is downloaded for free, newcomers planning to run seriously, it is recommended to refer to a special paid section that includes a set of master classes from professionals. It offers a variety of tips and recommendations.

The application is not available on the territory of Russia


Accounting of spent calories and overcomed miles of sophisticated users of modern gadgets are not surprised. Now in fashion, infinite communication: the owners of smartphones are important to have contact with friends even during runs. From the point of, the social component of two applications for running are "one step in front of the other - this is Endomondo and Run Keeper. Among domestic users, these programs are popular than the more functional application Nike Run Club, Because it is possible to use them in Russian.