The best PS4 headsets

What computer accessory should every amateur of online games? Of course, the headset.

In the team game, the headset is a link between you and your timmeites. It depends on it. Agree, such an important attribute simply has no right to sum up. But since today in the stores heads a lot and almost all of them are good, choose some one pretty much difficult. We have done halfd for you and selected the best wired and wireless headsets for PlayStation 4 (many of them are suitable for PS5). Our choice was based on sound quality, design, convenience of wearing and price.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro: Ideal headset for PS4

  • Why should it be used? Suitable for any gaming system.
  • Who will like it? Those who love premium gadgets and very demanding sound.

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The SteelSeries Arctis headset stands out in many parameters. First of all, it must be said that it is produced in two versions - standard and Pro. The latter also has two options - with wires and without. Both support plug-and-play connectivity for high resolution sound. Setting equalizer and audio quality includes more parameters than other models. For multiplayer communication, the headset offers a microphone capable of competing even with professional equipment. If the previous Arctis headsets needed a special software to configure, now in the new generation models for PS4, this inconvenience is eliminated. Now the accessory potential is revealed for the minimum number of actions.

If you are playing not only on PS4, but also on other consoles and PCs, Arctis Pro will definitely suit you. The headset is universal, it can be connected to any system through 3.5 mm connector or using a USB key for a wireless connection. However, there is a nuance. Models based on a digital-analog converter GameDac with Bluetooth 2,4G are compatible with PC and PS4.

When ordering from the official website of SteelSeries, the kit includes a carrying bag, leather incosses and a three-month subscription to Tidal with Hi-Fi package so that you can get an idea of ​​the present premium sound.

Aesthetic lovers will also be satisfied. Arctis Pro looks like a professional audio accessory. Despite the fact that it was created under the console, the manufacturer abandoned the use of bright elements that would indicate the gaming destination. The headset is stylized under premium audiophile headphones. The appearance can be customized with the help of an ambushur from different materials.

Logitech G Pro x: Best Premium Headset with Wired Connection

  • Why buy? This is one of the most productive models for a wired connection.
  • Who will like it? Games who are looking for a headset with professional capabilities.

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Despite the abundance of Wireless accessories, interest in wired technologies does not fade. Wired headset is a choice of those who cannot live without high-quality sound. Many experienced gamers (especially team games are also inclined in favor of a wired connection, and there is a reason for this - no delays in the transmission of an audio signal. All this fully refers to Logitech G Pro X.

The model has a removable microphone with noise reduction technologies, compressing audio streams and eliminating static interference. 50 mm drivers themselves provide high quality sound, additionally Logitech took care of support for surround sound 7.1 with positioning.

Includes a USB adapter with a built-in sound card.

This headset is suitable for creating user profiles: it has built-in memory for storing the equalizer settings. Fully potential is disclosed only when connected to the console. When using PC, you will have to manually engage. This feature can be attributed to disadvantages, but as far as it is essential, to solve you.

Astro Gaming A50: Best Headset with Wireless Connection

  • Why buy? This is one of the most full-featured wireless sets for PS4.
  • Who will like it? PlayStation holders who can afford the purchase of premium accessories.

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The latest versions of Astro A50 have absorbed the best audio technologies of recent years. And this is an excellent reason to look at this model (if, of course, the price does not scare you).

The design is unusual. Metal handles are attached to the headband. They have two functions. First, they increase the strength of the design, and secondly, they perform the role of an "decorated" element. So this accessory is guaranteed to attract attention to you and will last long.

On the technical part there are three different playback modes - two gaming, one for movies. The Mixamp 5.8 audio processor adds a pair of advanced levels: focus on background sounds in the game (shots, steps) or focus on voices. A unidirectional microphone clearly separate your voice from the sounds of the environment, and the rotation of the rod up activates the fast Mute function. Of course, the headset is cross-platform: it works not only from PlayStation, but also with other devices that support wireless sound transmission, including computers on MacOS. The transmitter operates at a frequency of 5.8 GHz outside the interference from microwaves and other household appliances.

The possibilities of these headphones will be interested in not only players, but also music lovers. A wide frequency range is complemented by continuous autonomy, which will greatly please those who are ready to listen to the favorite compositions for hours.

Turtle Beach Recon 200: Budget Wired Headphones with Microphone

  • Why worth buying? This is an inexpensive product with convenient functions for listening to music and chatting.
  • Who will like it? Games with a small budget.

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If your budget is limited to 10 thousand rubles, among wireless headphones with Microphone for you there are quite a few options. Among them will be a good headset of PlayStation Gold Wireless. Perhaps this is the first thing that stores will recommend you for PS4. But we have another proposal, namely Recon 200 from the American company Turtle Beach.

The headset is equipped with a versatile 3.5 mm plug, and as for sound, it is very good for economy class. Additional volume gives a low frequency gain function.

Note that the built-in microphone relates to an omnidirectional type. In addition to your voice, he will also catch extraneous sounds, so the launching game, it would be nice to provide relative silence in the room. On the other hand, if you plan to use Recon 200 to communicate in videosals, this feature may be useful: together with you, and surrounding people will be able to participate in the conversation. A microphone is turned off with one simple movement - raising the rod up. Using a wheel on the case, the level of your voice can be adjusted.

Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless: Budget Wireless Headset

  • Why it is worth buying. Combines convenience, excellent sound and reliability.
  • Who will like it? Buyers with a limited budget that recognize the benefits of wireless communication.

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For PS4, wireless headsets are best suited. However, good models are quite expensive, so some gamers are purposefully looking for something easier.

Corsair HS70 Pro meets the main requirements for the type of connection and cost. It uses 50 mm neodymium drivers, foam inches with memory effect and a flexible omnidirectional microphone with the possibility of disconnecting. Range of frequency 20 Hz - 20 kHz, nominal resistance of 32 ohms. There are support for virtual surround sound 7.1. Such characteristics are found in much more expensive accessories, so we can say that Corsair HS70 Pro developers have created a truly functional and inexpensive product without noticeable damage in sound.

on the technical part everything is not bad. And what about design? This is where it can be seen what the manufacturer saved. Headphones look simple, there is practically no adjustability. Without a delicate appeal, they will soon break out with their presentability: in the reviews of the owners it is repeatedly mentioned that the material of the ambushyur is rapidly erased.