The best programs for writing video from the screen on Android

There are many applications now, to record the smartphone on screen. In this article we will tell about the best of them.

Many are known for the fact that the Android operating system is able to create screenshots. But in some cases this function is not enough. It happens that you want to create a full-fledged video recording to then share it with your friends. But the capture of video is an already nontrivial task, which is only third-party utilities on the shoulder. In today's selection it will be about how to record a video from the Android screen.


The developers of this utility are trying to immediately mention that their creation is functioning without root - on Google Play this fact is even declined to the name of the program. But what can app? After all, it could not dispense without restrictions, since the operating system itself imposes.

In fact, the program allows you to record video from the screen on most smartphones, regardless of the installed version of Android. You can run the shooting process literally in one tap if you posted an appropriate widget on the desktop. In this case, not only the sound of the system can be written, but also the data coming from the microphone. It is very useful in cases where you need to record a video tutorial on mobile operating system. And the utility is able to put video recording on a pause - a rare competitor is capable of boasting it.

Download AZ Screen Recorder can be completely free. But if you get drunk for a certain amount, then get an additional functionality. For example, developers will provide you with a gif converter, a video trimmer, as well as the ability to draw on the screen.


  • is distributed free of charge.
  • Does not require root rights.
  • Lack of advertising.
  • There are no time limits.
  • Convenient widget, allowing you to start recording into one touch.
  • Ability to pause recording.
  • Select resolution and bit rate.
  • Ability to record audio from the microphone.
  • Even richer functionality in the paid version.


  • When recording on Skype, the microphone may be muted.
  • There may be problems with taking screenshots.

Score: 8/10

Screen recording

stable job. It can also be downloaded for free, after which you can purchase the PRO version if you want to get an expanded arsenal of features. The program allows you to record video in high quality and send it to the "cloud" or a social network.

The developers claim that their creation perfectly copes with recording the gameplay, as well as creating a kind of video tutorial - when the user talks about the capabilities of the operating system or some utility. The application also allows you to keep in memory communication with other people via Skype. Of course, there is the possibility of recording from a microphone, without which it is difficult to imagine a normal conversation recording.

The most interesting feature of this program is the presets. You can adjust the picture quality as you wish and save your choice as a separate option. So you can create a lot of presets, which allows you not to waste time choosing resolution, bitrate and other parameters in the future.


  • Records up to one hour of video.
  • You can download the program for free.
  • Does not require root access.
  • A microphone is available.
  • Simple and clear interface.
  • Ability to save parameters as presets.
  • Countdown timer and other useful functions.


  • Many of the above features are only available in the PRO version.
  • Performance issues on some devices.

Score: 6/10


smartphone screen or tablet. It has a very simplified interface. The user needs to open the application, and then click the "Start" button. After 5 seconds, video recording will start. During this time, you can close the program. To stop shooting, you just need to press the "Stop" button, which is located in the notification panel.

In fact, this utility is rich in all sorts of settings. But you can find many of them only in the paid version, which cannot but upset. However, it costs only 50 rubles - if you really want to get a high-quality video, then you can definitely be generous with such an insignificant amount.

ScreenRecorder allows you to accompany the recording with sound recorded from a microphone. And the functionality of the PRO version is a little more advanced. It also boasts no ads, which can be annoying in the free ScreenRecorder utility. It should be noted that the application functions stably without root only on Android 5.0 and later versions of the operating system. On previous versions of the operating system, root access is still required.


  • Presence of a countdown timer.
  • Extremely simplified interface.
  • You can record sound from a microphone.
  • Movie length is limited only by available memory.
  • The paid version is very inexpensive.


  • Advertising in the free version.
  • Many functions are available only in the paid version of the program.

Score: 7/10

Rec.(Screen Recorder)

The queue program for recording video from the screen Android, which can be easily confused with one of the previously discussed utilities due to its name. Yes, and in terms of functional, it does not have serious differences from competitors. There is also the ability to configure the resolution and bitrate. Please choose the duration of the countdown duration - it is not necessary to be traditional 5 seconds. Also, developers provide the ability to give a video specific name.

Unfortunately, the free version of the program does not have a rich functional. Almost all useful options are transferred to the Pro version. In particular, in it, the recording time is increased to one hour. Also, the user is given the ability to record sound with the microphone embedded in the device. And here there is support for presets, each of which contains several parameters of the video at once.


  • Easy switching on and off video recording.
  • Basic functionality is distributed free of charge.
  • The countdown timer, bitrate and permission are configured.
  • Video recording is almost unlimited (with sound - 1 hour).
  • The ability to use the built-in microphone.
  • Easy in mastering the interface.


  • Quite expensive paid version.
  • Most of the functional is available only in the Pro version.
  • Unstable or does not work on some devices at all.

Evaluation: 5/10


MoBezen is a free video recording application from the screen. Unlike most other similar utilities, MoBezen boasts a built-in video editor. Therefore, before publishing the content, you can crop unnecessary frames or add other small changes to the video.

The application supports an entry in Full HD format and does not require root rights. The utility can capture up to 60 frames per second. Therefore, MoBizen is great for writing gameplay rollers games. And thanks to the support of Facecam and recording audio through the microphone, the utility can be used to simultaneously shoot images from the screen and camera.

of advantages:

  • is distributed free of charge.
  • Supports Facecam and recording sound through the microphone.
  • Supports Full HD.
  • There is a built-in video editor.


  • Unstable work on some devices.
  • For recording video without loading, additional setting may be required.

Evaluation: 7/10


As we have already found out in the course of our narration, on Android 4.4 and More old versions of the operating system for video shooting the screen requires root-rights. You can bypass this restriction only using Recordable. In fact, this is an alliance from the mobile client and the computer version of the program. You can write video only by running both version of the application and connecting the device to the PC. It is difficult and inconvenient, but it allows you to make screenshots even on old unworthy gadgets!

Unfortunately, the free version of Recordable has severe limitations. First, it writes video with very low frame frequency (only 8 FPS). Secondly, the video logo will be displayed on the video. It remains to be rejected that the paid version costs only 60 rubles.


  • The application works even on very old smartphones (without root).
  • The ability to record sound with a built-in microphone.
  • Very simple interface in all versions of the utility.
  • Paid version is quite inexpensive.
  • support for gesture recognition.


  • Not the richest settings.
  • The need to connect to the computer.
  • Lack of Russian-speaking localization.
  • On some devices, problems with efficiency are possible.

Evaluation: 4/10

Please note : The application has been removed from Google Play, but it can still be downloaded as an APK file and install on the device.



On the seventh line there is an application for recording video from the screen with a simple interface built on minimalism. For lovers of such style and ease of use, Quick is definitely suitable. Immediately after starting, you can start shooting by clicking on the "+" button in the lower right corner of the screen. We will have to provide appropriate permissions, but it is not difficult to do this.

After that, a small floating button will appear, which can be used to start and end the recording. It does not interfere with the use of the phone and you can safely switch between other applications, as well as lead a comfortable shooting. All entries will be stored on the main screen of the program.

In the side menu there are only 2 buttons: "Settings" and "Delete All Videos". In the settings, you can select the video quality (from 3 to 15 Mbps), frame rate (from 20 to 60 fps), permission, remove the floating button (stopping the phone shaking recording) or manually select a directory to store recorded content.


  • for free and without any payable subscriptions.
  • Advertising is completely absent.
  • The minimum required functionality and a simple interface.
  • Adjusting quality, resolution and frequency video.
  • Recording into the internal or external storage (you can specify yourself).
  • Share video with friends on social networks or other services.


  • There are more multifunctional counterparts.

Evaluation: 8/10


Vrecorder is an advanced multifunctional tool for recording and editing the video taken from the mobile device screen. Unlike some of the other programs we reviewed earlier, this application offers a large number of video editing features in one place. Thanks to this, you do not need to use third-party editors, VRecorder also has basic functions: cropping, compression, cropping, converting to MP3 and others.

In addition to the editing settings, there is another functionality here. For example, you can diversify the interface with a variety of themes. Some of them will be available in the basic version of the program, while others will open only after purchasing a VIP subscription, which gives great opportunities: removing a watermark or installing a personalized mark, unlocking video recording in 1080p and 2K resolutions, removing ads. There is also the possibility to draw by hand on the screen while shooting, which is very convenient if you have a stylus.

A big advantage of the program is that the video recording can be paused in order to perform any additional actions. At this time, you can take a screenshot, activate the camera recording to record not only what is happening on the screen, but also the image and sound from the front sensor.


  • A large number of functions.
  • Records the image and sound from the camera along with the picture on the screen.
  • Built-in video editing tools.
  • Multiple recording settings: resolution (240p-2K), quality (1-12 Mbps), FPS (15-60).
  • Gesture control system.


  • Limited features in the free version.

Score: 6/10

Super Screen Recorder

The penultimate program in our selection will be Super Screen Recorder. There are several recording modes here, which allows you to successfully shoot video on most devices. The default is "Standard" mode, but in case of any problems, you can switch to "Simple". The latter does not support pause, but is more stable and is recommended for devices with a weak configuration or in the presence of various delays in recordings.

Real-time can be used by the Voice Changer function and use special voice profiles: "Robot", "Uncle", "Monster", "Alien" and some others. The "Videos" tab will contain all recorded videos and several tips that will help at the beginning of use. The "Screenshots" section, as can be understood from the name, contains all screenshots, and the EDIT tab allows you to edit the video thanks to 19 built-in tools.

The manufacturer provided for the presence of the "Pro" subscription, which possesses the following features:

  • Removal of advertising.
  • Voice change and dubbing.
  • more than 1000 musical materials.
  • Live broadcast RTMP.
  • Advanced Watermark.
  • Personalized floating button.

If you need something from these options, you can try to test them for a free premium subscription for 3 days.


  • Many functions.
  • A large number of video editing features.
  • Several recording modes.
  • There is no watermark even in free mode.
  • Voice change.
  • There is an automatic recording scheduled automatic recording.


  • The functionality is limited in the basic version.
  • There are advertising (retained in the subscription).

Evaluation: 7/10


SZ SCREEN RECORDER - a promising program for recording video from the screen that appeared in the Google Play store recently But it has already received a good rating in 4.9 / 5 points. The developer tried to combine rich functionality with simplicity and created an intuitive interface. In the settings, you can usually choose the video configuration (resolution, bitrate, frame rate, encoder and output format). If you do not understand these parameters, it is better to leave everything as it is.

In addition, the application can use the brush and draw on the screen right during recording. For convenience, it is possible to count the countdown timer before starting. In advance in the settings, you can set the audio configuration (enable audio recording or select Source: "Default", "Camcorder", "MIC"), as well as select the orientation of the screen: "Auto" (installed automatically), "Portrait" and "Landscape".


  • There is no watermark.
  • There are no subscriptions - completely free.
  • Advanced access to the configuration of sound and video configuration.
  • You can draw on the screen during recording.
  • Support 8 languages.
  • Recording without loading or delays in high quality.


  • There is an advertisement that cannot be removed.

Evaluation: 8/10


As you could have noticed, many applications discussed above have about the same functionality. It is difficult for developers to come up with something new, and the choice of bitrate and permission, they have already provided that it is most important in the utility of this kind. The SETPHONE portal recommends familiarizing with AZ Screen Recorder - perhaps this is the best option that currently exists.

If for some reason the utility does not suit you, you can download and other programs mentioned today. Well, if you have a very old device, you will have to get root access or set Recordable, using a bundle from a computer and a smartphone.