The best photo editors for Android

Today, a rare person puts the original photographs into the social network. Usually they first adorn in every way, after which they already fall on the personal page. This is done using photo edits, including those intended for the Android operating system. It is about such applications that we will talk in this article.

For the first time, photo edits appeared on mobile phones even during the heyday of devices from the German company Siemens. The logic of manufacturers was very simple. If the mobile phone received the camera, the user must be able to edit the resulting shot. With the advent of smartphones, the functionality of such applications has expanded significantly. Photo edits for Android helps to impose effects, crown the image and change it in every way. The best of them are reviewed in this selection.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

The name of this program is well acquainted with many computer users. The mobile version, of course, is seriously inferior to the Desktop Meeting, however, the functional existing in it is enough, most likely to any owner of the smartphone. Will not please such photoshop just some professional earning photography. But we understand that in any case will use a laptop, not counting on to get the right features from the mobile device.

This photo editor for Android is allowed to use for free within thirty days. The following will require the acquisition of a paid version. Also using Photoshop Lightroom free-based basis is meant for all Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers. And these people will be able to use "cloud" functions, including the repository.

The application includes many different tools with which you can change any frame beyond recognition. But the main distinguishing feature of the photo editor is support for the processing of images in format RAW.


  • Rollback of changes up to the original status of the picture.
  • Editing photo editing in RAW format.
  • Synchronization with Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Packet editing images.
  • Many diverse editing tools.


  • You can only use 30 days for free.
  • The menu inhibits on weak smartphones.
  • First of all, the application is intended for tablets.

Evaluation: 7/10


The application was developed back in 2012 by Nik Software. Now it applies completely free of charge, despite the very wide functionality, which will arrange even some professionals. The photo editor is supported by all popular image formats, including RAW. With this program you can quickly change brightness, colors, sharpness and other parameters. It is done both in manual and automatic mode.

The creators introduced a "brush" tool in their creation. With it, you can apply any effects to individual objects. There is a function of the cancellation of submitted edits. From other interesting features, it should be noted the effect of HDR, which can be given any photo.

Perhaps, you can not be surprised that Snapseed many call the best photo editor on Android. With it, you can seriously improve any snapshot, how bad it would not be a camera built into your smartphone.


  • is distributed free of charge.
  • a large number of effects and filters.
  • Applying effects to individual objects.
  • Support cancellation of changes in any order.
  • The ability to work with RAW format.


  • In some cases, the picture quality can occur.
  • Lack of noise reduction and other professional functions.

Evaluation: 9/10

Photo editor - Mounting photo

This application from the popular developer Inshot Inc. It has high marks, and over 100 million people downloaded it from Google Play. Its feature is that with it, you can not only edit images, but also create photoollages. The program offers a large number of tools, effects, filters, and only an inexperienced user will be able to use them with a simple interface.

With the help of the application, you can place edited images directly in social networks or messengers. Using the "Photocollage" function, collect several images by selecting the layout by adding filters, stickers, text, background, and other elements. It is supported by importing snapshots from device memory or shooting using a smartphone camera.


To get acquainted with the premium version of the application you can freely for seven days, after which it will be necessary to pay for it or return to the free version of the application.


  • a wide selection of tools.
  • A simple and convenient interface.
  • Function "Photocollage" with 100 layouts.
  • Many effects, filters, stickers.
  • Photo rotation, horizon adjustment, brightness adjustment, contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc.
  • Publication of photos in social networks and messengers through the editor interface.
  • Adding text, a wide selection of fonts.


  • The free version has advertising and limited functionality.

Evaluation: 8/10


This creation is a widely known studio applies to free The basis, but because of this, it has a certain problem with the effects. Many of them are invited to acquire for money. It is at the expense of this that the developers team earns.

This graphical editor is primarily intended for high-speed image processing. Here, almost in automatic mode, you can eliminate the effect of red eyes. Even the teeth whitening and other cosmetic functions are available to the user! But this does not mean that there is no possibility of deep editing. If inspiration disappears on you, you can work with flowers and contrast, applying filters, cropping and even merging two photos.

The main advantage of Autodesk Pixlr is that all this is equipped with an easy-to-use interface. Delete defects with selfie can be literally a couple of clicks! But the professional functions should not be expected from this application. Roughly speaking, it is not created in order to improve the snapshot. It is designed for its decoration.


  • is distributed free of charge.
  • Beautiful collages.
  • The ability to overlapping one shot to another.
  • Removal of defects with selfie.
  • Transformation of the photo to the drawing.


  • Lack of serious functions.
  • The presence of paid content.

Evaluation: 6/10


according to the approval of developers, their application can turn Your smartphone is a real creative studio. And indeed it is. The program draws attention to the simple and comfortable in the use of the interface, with which even the newcomer will easily figure out. Among its capabilities - pruning images, add filters and effects, blur background, photo frames.

The Appendix has a function of creating collages. Using PicPlus, you can perform image correction, increase its clarity, add stickers and color text. Import images from gadget memory or shooting with camera. Supports improvement of old photos with low quality to high resolution.

The program is distributed free of charge, but it is limited in it, as well as advertising. Clear these disadvantages can be purchased by the Pro version.


  • Image quality editor.
  • Adding effects and filters, text, stickers.
  • Simple interface, convenient even for beginner.
  • Creation of collages.
  • Wide selection of photo frames.


  • The free version is limited to the choice of tools and a large number of advertising.
  • The functionality of the application is quite narrow in comparison with similar applications from competitors.

Evaluation: 7/10

Handy Photo

  • [338)

This application relates to the category of paid, and for its use is offered Pay 2.99 dollars. But this is the case when the product costs its money. The developers have endowed the photo editor as an unusual, but easily mastered interface. In addition to this, there are some unique features for mobile graphics editor.

First, select the cutting of objects and their subsequent transfer to other pictures. Previously, it was necessary to use a computer photoshop, and now enough smartphone! There is also a large number of filters that can be used completely and partially. Available to user and rapid retouching, during which you can improve the appearance of a photographed person. Not forgotten here and support for RAW format. The developers promise that their creation will open even a 36 megapixel snapshot. Of course, it will turn out to be done only on enough with a powerful smartphone or tablet.


  • Rapid alignment of the horizon.
  • cutting objects with the possibility of their movement.
  • Competently implemented retouching.
  • a large number of filters and frames.
  • Ability to work with RAW format.


  • Approaculated on a fee basis.
  • GEO data is lost in EXIF-tags.

Evaluation: 9/10


Popular photo editor downloaded from Google Play over 50,000,000 times, offers a large number of simple and easy-to-use tools that can improve quality Your portrait photos and selfie. This is an improvement in skin quality (releasing acne, tone alignment), editing smiles (teeth whitening, chubby lips), adjustment of the face, add volume hair, etc.

With airbrush, you can change the depth of the photo, add frames, trim snapshots on automatically specified or entered manually sizes, control colors and light. The appendix implements several dozen filters, and this amount is constantly increasing. It is envisaged to place the edited photos in social networks through the program interface.

The application is distributed free of charge, but if you wish to get full functionality and remove advertising, buy a paid version.


  • Wide functionality.
  • Simple, intuitive interface.
  • Many filters and frames.
  • Publication of photos in social networks through the application interface.


  • Limited functionality in the free version.
  • Advertising in the free version.

Evaluation: 8/10

Pro-photo editor

Despite the name of this application, it is intended for ordinary users. Professional wants to download a photo editor for Android only for the sake of the experiment.

The program is distributed free of charge, but for some sets of filters, developers are asking for money. The functionality of the application is wide, but not so much as in some of the photogoters discussed above. First of all, this product should like beginners who want to receive the result for a pair of taps on the screen. That is why there is a large number of automatic functions.

With PHOTO Editor Pro, you can cut a snapshot, apply a range of effects, add funny stickers, change the color temperature and make other uncomplicated actions. Even adding text is available, but do not wait for the riches of the proposed fonts. Did not forget the creators and the function of creating a collage.


  • The possibility of blurring the rear background.
  • Many automatic functions.
  • Adjusting the color balance and other properties of the image.
  • The presence of stickers and various effects.
  • is distributed free of charge.


  • Lack of serious functions.
  • The presence of paid content.
  • Insufficient framework.

Evaluation: 5/10

Photo collage - photo editor

High popularity of this application Explain Its functionality and ease of use. With it, you can easily process your pictures and merge into collages to 18 photos. You can add filters, texts, stickers and other decorative elements to images, texts, stickers and other decorative elements.

With the application it is easy to create square photos with a blurred photo for instagram. It is provided for publishing images on social networks and messengers. The free version contains advertising and limited functions. Having bought the Pro version, you eliminate these shortcomings, and you will also receive new tools and materials every week.


  • Association into a collage to 18 shots.
  • Over 100 frames and collage formats.
  • Multiple backgrounds, stickers, patterns, fonts.
  • Setting the size of the collage.
  • cropping images.
  • Setting the brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, noise, etc.


  • Advertising and limited functionality in the free version.

Evaluation: 8/10

Adobe Photoshop Express

should not be deceived. This is not a full photoshop, as you might think. Adobe has released a modest application under this name, intended for very quick and very simplified editing. There is a small amount of free filters, the rest are provided for money. You can apply them both completely and partially. Frames are still available to the user, but their choice is quite meager. The eligibility of the effect of red eyes is not forgotten.

The application is built into the automatic correction function and balance. But it works often out of the hands badly. Perhaps the application is only worthwhile to the owners of old smartphones that do not have powerful components. Such people quite satisfy the fact that even on their device the program works without any problems. It can be embarrassed that the developers did not bother themselves to create an interface in Russian. However, all actions here are made by pressing the corresponding icons, and their meaning will be understood by everyone.


  • is distributed free of charge.
  • Many actions are performed in a couple of presses.
  • Possibility of partial filter superimposition.
  • Stable operation on old devices.


  • Paid content.
  • Very meager functionality.
  • A poorly running automatic image optimizer.

Evaluation: 5/10


Mobile photo editor with a wide functional. By installing this application, you will receive many features for photo processing. With it, you can improve the images, customize the background, create ideal portraits, make collages. Lightx allows you to add stickers and text to pictures, use photo frames, make fun caricatures.

An application is available not only simple, but also advanced tools, including setting levels, mixing colors, vignetting effect. Available large number of effects, including b / b, vintage, retro, shine, etc. With the help of the program you can combine and mix photos for interesting and unexpected results.

as in applications from competitors, in Lightx for free you get limited functionality, and also forced to browse advertising. If it does not suit you, get a premium version.


  • Extensive opportunities for editing and improving photos.
  • Background setting, trimming photo, cutting images and room on another background.
  • Creating collages.
  • Improving selfie and portrait photos.
  • Wide selection of filters.
  • Trimming, rotation photo.
  • Many photo frames, stickers, add text.
  • Drawing in the photo with various types of brushes.


  • The functionality is limited to the free version.
  • There are advertising.

Evaluation: 8/10

ToolWiz Photos

Absolutely free product in which there is no advertising. More than 120 diverse editing tools is built into the application. In particular, the simplest photo change principles are supported - its rotation, cropping and even a mirror image. Also, the user can work on color.

From more professional options, it should be noted the possibility of removing noise and work on the sharpness. The function of adding vignetting is also available. For entertainment, buttons are designed to turn the picture into a particular pattern. As for the filters, they are hardly more than any of those who have considered a previously considered photo editor. There are here and frames with five hundred stickers.

We can safely say that Toolwiz Photos is worthy of heading our top. Here simply do not have serious flaws, if you forget that open the raw image in RAW format is impossible.


  • Not the most complex interface in mastering.
  • A large number of frames, filters and stickers.
  • The ability to move photos to albums.
  • Face definition function.
  • A large number of professional tools.
  • is distributed free of charge.


  • Cannot work with RAW format.

Evaluation: 10/10


PHOTO Editor application is equipped with a powerful tool for working with photos. In stock More than 100 filters, scaling up to 300%, add text, geometric shapes, stamps, shadows and fillings. There is support for the Russian language and popular JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, PDF, PDF, and ETC formats, as well as saving the finished snapshot as wallpaper on the desktop.


  • Simple and rapid cutting of objects from the photo.
  • Clear and minimalistic interface.
  • Function change function.
  • The ability to work with RGB levels.
  • Detailed photo quality setting.
  • Rich toolkit for editing.
  • Export / Import Settings and Templates.
  • Saving to the internal memory or on the MicroSD card.
  • The possibility of sending ready-made options in social networks.


  • The cumbersome application is not for each smartphone.
  • Periodic departures.

Evaluation: 9/10


PHOTO LAB application received a decent set of photo editing tools, but it is used more to create collages. The program improves the quality of the pictures and can add stickers in the photo. The user is available to the "Landscape" function, which increases the background saturation and making pictures more attractive. If you wish, the photo can be turned over and reflected.

The application is highlighted by an abundance of advertising, but it is free. True, sometimes it affects the performance of the already cumbersome program. And the solution here is one and it will not suit all users - you can buy a paid version, where there are no advertising, and there is a little more possibilities.


  • Own set of stickers.
  • Own base memes.
  • Convenient adjustment of sharpness.
  • A huge set of editing tools.
  • A huge base of the framework for collage.


  • The cumbersome application is not for each smartphone.
  • abundance of advertising.

Score: 8/10


PicsArt photo editor can edit not only photos, but also video. Users have access to a large database of filters, effects, stickers, collages, a face retouching function, their own and free photo gallery, cool post templates and stories and much more.

PicsArt is focused on publishing the most spectacular photos on social networks. By default, the app is free, but inside there is a PicsArt Gold subscription, which gives you access to a powerful video editor, thousands of premium filters, a huge number of frames, collage grids, new stickers, fonts and so on.


  • Stylish and convenient menu.
  • Built-in collage and grid editor.
  • Photo and selfie editor.
  • Base of stickers and clipart.
  • Drawing function.
  • Free photo gallery.
  • Built-in video editor.


  • Too many tools are not available in the free version.

Score: 7/10

Summing up

So, it's time to decide which photo editor is the best. I would like to immediately name the winner Toolwiz Photos. This program is endowed with wide functionality and is distributed free of charge. But let's not rush. Some simply do not need such a wide functionality. For example, a child will definitely be shocked by the application - he needs something simpler. If you're only going to work with a few tools, it's best to look towards Snapseed or the even more simplified Handy Photo, but the latter comes at a price. A serious advantage of these two photo editors is the support for the RAW format. But only owners of system and SLR cameras capable of transmitting images via Wi-Fi will notice it.

Another thing to note is Photoshop Lightroom. If you are completely officially using at least one Adobe product on your computer, then this photo editor download does not hurt. The rest of the people will have to buy it, as the trial period is limited to just one month.

Annexes Photo Editor, Lightx, Airbrush, Photo Lab and PICSART, which are characteristic of The abundance of tools, a convenient modern interface. Despite the free versions with disabilities, for the most part these editors have a huge number of advantages and a wide functionality.