The best photo editors based on artificial intelligence

Don't know much about photo editing? Or do you just not want to go into all the details of such a painstaking process? In this case, you should use photo editor based on artificial intelligence, which will make any photo look better in a matter of seconds.

Artificial intelligence is developing every year, however, many photographers doubt and question it, because true professionals prefer traditional image processing methods. However, for those who do not have professional skills, free photo editors based on AI are a real find.

Indeed, such photo editors can do wonders: from improving old photos to correcting out-of-focus images. It is worth noting here that the most savvy user will need a lot of time to study all aspects of the work. That's why we've put together a list of the best apps that can edit photos in an instant!

Hotpot Tools

Hotpot is a free web application with many options for editing images. The toolbox includes various editors such as colorizing black and white photos, restoring them, removing the background, and automatically blurring the face. Two features deserve special attention.

First, AI Picture Restorer. We all notice that scratches appear on old family photos over the years. In addition, if you store an image folded for many years, wrinkles appear on it, which, of course, have a negative effect. AI Picture Restorer is a magical tool because it restores old photos: it not only removes scratches, but also works on color and saturation to make the photo look better and more modern.

Secondly, it is worth highlighting the AI ​​Picture Colorizer - an interesting tool that can colorize old black and white images. Nevertheless, we must not forget that this is still artificial intelligence, so the program will not always produce the desired colors (especially when it comes to dark shades), but the tool is very useful.

Web version of the application


Do you remember how some computer fanatic used to magically enlarge any image in various series and films? Well, what once seemed fictional is now becoming a reality! There are many online applications that use deep learning and machine learning to improve low resolution photos and increase their size. ImgLarger is perhaps the best among them.

ImgLarger supports JPG and PNG images with a maximum size of 5 MB and a maximum resolution of 1200×1200 pixels. You can then enlarge the photo to 2x or 4x its original size. The whole process takes place online, and its duration depends on the size of a particular file. ImgLarger can notify the user via email when the process is complete and the updated file is ready to be downloaded.

The app also has several other AI-based features. Worth mentioning are ImgDenoiser to reduce image noise, ImgSharpener to fix blurry photos, and ImgEnhancer to improve color, contrast, and image quality.

ImgLarger has an image limit, but you can always create a new account with a different email address. The free version of ImgLarger limits users to eight images.

Web App

Profile Pic Maker

Many people use different image editing apps to change their profile picture on different accounts on social networks. There are a huge number of free AI-based photo editing apps available online that allow you to remove the background from images. Profile Pic Maker has combined this feature with several others so you can create an awesome avatar!

Upload any image and Profile Pic Maker will automatically remove the background, leaving only the body and face. You can then enlarge and rotate the photo. The last function is very good, especially if you have chosen the most ordinary photo and want to straighten it.

Immediately afterwards, we recommend using the other Profile Pic Maker tools to select the background and color palette. Several interesting designs and various colors are available here.

Application Website


Agree that group photo is real torture: too Often the camera does not focus on any object. Blur also arises in cases where you make a quick series of pictures with a large number of different objects. It is here that Remini will help, since the tool can fix all blur by artificial intelligence.

When you first use Remini, you will think that it is some kind of magic. True: blur disappears in seconds and the person becomes detailed and clear! You can even see the difference ("to" and "after") with a special slider. Surprisingly, Remini converts the original.

The application also has several other photo processing tools: removal scratches and coloring, but the main feature of Remini is a change in the focus!

Remini has a free version that allows you to edit ten images. After that you can buy a pack, which includes a fixed number of photos, or to purchase a subscription for $ 4.99 per month on an unlimited number of images.


Tokking Heads is one of the most fascinating AI applications in the field of image processing. If you have a photo of yourself or someone from friends, the application is able to turn it into a funny video (for example, to "make" fulfill the All I Want for Christmas Is You from Mariah Carey).

is most surprisingly surprising. First you need to upload a photo or choose someone from the celebrities from the gallery. If you use your image, make sure the face looks into the chamber. The web version works perfectly in the Android browser, and for users iPhone a separate application is available.

After downloading the photo, select the desired video. You can also record your own video: To do this, select the "Use Your Own Video" option, and hold the camera so that the face is located in the same way as on the downloaded photo.

Finally, click "Generate Talking Head" to launch the processing process. It will take about two minutes, after which a video will appear in which the face on the selected photo performs one or another song! You can download video for free in low resolution with a watermark. To view a high resolution video without any restrictions, you need to purchase a full version of Tokking Heads.

Application Website


In conclusion, it is worth saying that Any discussion of the topic of development of artificial intelligence in any form of art quickly leads to disputes between the so-called "traditionalists" and "technophilas" (or Oldfagi and Newfagami, if you please). Do I have a photo and image editing process? Yes. Does he ever replace a person? No (at least now).

The applications described above rely on the image databases and various ratings that help determine which photo is good, and what is not exactly. The very "good photos" are made by people, and ratings are, of course, are compiled by various specialists in the area. Thus, it is worth saying that a person should not resist artificial intelligence, but to work with it together, which will eventually give the best effect and result.