The best pedometers for Android

It should be noted that the overwhelming majority of such programs are very similar to each other in terms of functionality, and also have almost identical interfaces, which makes a slightly difficult.

Some users with distrust relate to pedometers because they are not sure that they give accurate readings. All these programs work on the accelerometer built into the mobile device. The sensor can distinguish the steps from the shaking of the phone or travel on transport, so the data is quite accurate. For the correct counting of steps, you only need to adjust the program correctly by entering your data.

Pedometer - steps meter and calories

The simplest pedometer for android with an interface, not overloaded with superfluous functions.

The application is able to count not only the number of steps covered, but and how much the user burned calories.

Before starting work, the pedometer requires a small setting. This is necessary to correctly determine the length of the step so that the program can correctly consider the distance traveled and burned calories.

In order not to turn on the pedometer manually, it is better to allow the application to start automatically.

The user can set the goal to a certain number of steps it plans to do daily. During for you can track progress in achieving the goal.

The program does not use GPS, which allows you to not spend the charge of the smartphone battery.

One of the useful features of the program is to display on the screen of blocking the amount of calorie spent and the steps passed.



Accupedo +

Improved version of one of the oldest pitch apps with a convenient widget.

One of the features of the application is a few widgets to choose from for the desktop. They allow you to quickly receive information without opening the program. Widgets can be configured to display only the desired information: the number of steps passed, distance or burned calories.

Before starting the program, you need to enter the required data: Mark activity, set goals and specify the floor, height and weight. In the settings you can also choose a dark or light design.

In Accupedo there are statistics presented in the form of graphs. For user convenience, it is put on the main screen.




Pedometer with wide capabilities of customization of the main screen and a pleasant interface.

EasyFit is not only an application for counting the steps covered. With the help of the program, you can also follow the weight loss and the amount of water drilled during the water day. From other similar programs, EasyFit is distinguished by the presence of a motivational component. The user receives awards for completed tasks, and the latter are very funny. For example, you can become a medal owner, drinking so much water for a day as an elephant consumes within one day.

To track the results there are statistics, broken by four graphs: steps, calories, time and distance.


Minuses :

GStep: Pedometer for walking, running for weight loss

A convenient tool in Russian for the account of steps has passed the distance, as well as spent calories. This program is especially useful. There will be one who regularly engages or reduces weight.

Pedometer attracts an understandable interface, not overloaded with extra functions. Everything that needs to be user is displayed on the main screen. The number of steps covered on the day is shown in a circle where the green point is the current progress. Next is the additional information on the number of calories spent, walking time and distance.

Statistics on other days, weeks and months can be viewed in a separate tab.

Another useful bid of the application was the accounting drunk during the day of water. Specialists, in particular, the World Health Organization, recommended to consume about 3.7 liters of men and about 2.7 liters of women per day. Most of the fluid enters the body together with food and drinks, but it is desirable to drink during the day at least several glasses of ordinary water. In GStep, the user can indicate the amount of water drilled and keep records. There is a reminder function - after a certain period of time, the program will display the notification of the need to drink water.



Pedometer - step and calorie counter for health

An advanced program with a minimalist design that counts not only steps, but also calories burned, and also knows how to determine the body mass index.

The received data is presented to the user in a convenient visual form. Based on them, the application generates graphs and gives useful recommendations. This allows you to track health indicators and adjust your physical activity based on them.

Important information (steps taken per day, distance traveled and calories burned) is displayed on the main screen. Here you can also view your progress and activity level.

One of the useful features of the application is access to a huge community of service members. The user can create a group and invite friends, relatives or other users to it, as well as subscribe to groups that interest him.

Also in the application there are routes compiled by other users, with photos and a detailed description. To use any of them, you need to click on the "Use route" item.