The Best Password Storage Software

The active Internet user is forced to store a huge number of passwords - from social networks and email mailboxes to online stores and online games.

For security reasons, it is recommended to invent an original password for each new registration, because otherwise the attacker, having received illegal access to one account, it will be easy to hack and others. We are difficult to remember the mass of different logins and passwords, write in notepad - unsafe, Therefore, the most optimal option to unload memory looks like the use of special password storage programs. It is enough to remember only one, the main password to gain access to all the rest.


LastPass - a well-known cloudy password storage service developed by the company of the same name and Available on computer operating systems Linux, Windows, OS X, in Google Play Apps, AP PStore, Microsoft Store, as well as in the form of plug-ins for basic browsers, for example, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. This program not only remembers the identification data, but also controls them: helps the owner to generate a new password, changes data if it comes to trying to hack, analyzes the complexity and reliability of passwords, ensures that passwords from two different accounts are equal.

Key Benefits LastPass :

  • Two-factor authentication. Most sites require to enter only login and password - such authentication is called single-factor. Two-factor requests additional data from the user (for example, PIN, phone number, fingerprints), which is a guarantee of increased reliability. The well-known Twitter, Amazon, Facebook portals, and recently and LastPass , were switched to two-factor authentication. Additional password protection is provided by Google Authenticator and Yubikey.
  • Full and high-quality Russification.
  • Wide functionality. After updating the interface LastPass in 2014, the service was complemented by a number of useful additional features. Now the user using the application can store documents, apply tools for autofilling forms of online stores, follow credit history changes.

LastPass is considered a free password storage program, however, to use the mobile version you need to purchase a premium account.

Official website:


Popular and fully free password manager for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux with open source. It stores credentials in a securely encrypted storage, synchronized between the whole user technology. Before sending to the repository, the data from the device is encrypted using the AES-256 and PBKDF SHA-256 algorithms.

The program not only offers customers for the above OS, but also has expansion for most popular browsers (Opera, Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Vivaldi, Brave, Tor Browser). If you do not trust third-party servers and do not want to store your data on them, use your own home server with an established version Bitwarden.

Advantages Bitwarden :

  • Distribution is free of charge. Customers of the program for mobile and desktop OS are completely free.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of saved credentials.
  • Password verification. The program can check whether your passwords are in the databases of stolen data and, if such are detected, marks them with checkmarks.
  • Storage of passwords, data of bank cards, personal information, notes.
  • Import passwords from analog programs.
  • Automatic filling of fields at the entrance to accounts.
  • Two-factor identification.
  • Integration into browsers using extensions.

The deficiencies in Bitwarden was not detected. Download the program to all your devices and secure your data.

The application is distributed completely for free, but also has a paid Premium subscription. By connecting it, you will receive a number of interesting features - 1 GB of memory to the repository (for example, for placement notes ), advanced two-factor authentication and priority technical support.

Official site : WWW. BITWARDEN. COM.


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Popular password manager for Android and iOS, affordable in the form of a free and professional version. Freely the war you get the secure storage of your logins and passwords, information about bank cards, credentials for online banking, Internet accounts, etc. All information is conveniently divided into categories, a search function is provided. A category editor is available that allows you to add your own sections.

The Appendix provides Synchronization of encrypted data from cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive), backup and restore encrypted files with credentials for USB carrier. There is an automatic lock with setting on a certain period of time.

In the professional version you get a password generator and unlocking an application using a fingerprint (android 6 and newer), on the face (android 10 and newer), Face ID (iOS), Touch ID (iOS).


  • Reliable storage of logins, passwords and data of bank cards.
  • Encryption using AES and BLOWFISH algorithms.
  • Synchronization with a cloud.
  • High degree of protection from attacks by the methods of complete extinguishing and brute force in the dictionary.
  • Automatically destroy the data file after a certain number (user selectable) of failed unlock attempts are detected.
  • Back up data and restore data files to USB media.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.

The application is completely free and does not contain ads. If you need additional functionality, buy the premium version.

Official website of :


One of the oldest, but still relevant password managers. It can be installed on Windows, Mac, as extensions for Opera, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome browsers, as well as on iOS and Android. The program allows you to store an unlimited number of credentials, create strong passwords and automatically fill out forms. Synchronization and access to user information is provided on all devices where Keeper is installed.

The application constantly checks the Internet for compromised passwords and informs the user if it detects that their data is on one of these lists. It offers secure storage for storing personal photos, videos, and other files, and allows you to sign in to your apps and websites using two-factor authentication.

Other benefits Keeper :

  • Organizing passwords and files by folders and subfolders.
  • Emergency access function. You can designate up to 5 trusted people who will access the vault in an emergency.
  • Create multiple accounts and easily switch between them.
  • To protect data, 256-bit AES-encryption, equipment of elliptic cryptography and PBKDF method
  • is the only password manager certified by SOC-2 and ISO standards
  • secure data sending to trusted users.

The application is paid. You can get acquainted with him for free within 30 days, then you will need to purchase a paid subscription for a month or immediately for a year.

Official site : WWW.

Kaspersky Password Manager

This popular password manager was created by Kaspersky laboratory, developer famous antivirus software. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac and offers reliable storage of your documents, bank cards, credentials and other information. Thanks to synchronization, the application provides quick access to your files, and the Form Auto Filling feature helps not spend time on entering information in browsers or applications when authorized. Access to the data warehouse is protected by a password master or fingerprint on mobile devices.

All information is conveniently sorted by folders. The service helps to create reliable passwords, warns about dubbed or weak combinations.

Advantages Kaspersky Password Manager :

  • Reliable protection of logins and passwords, data of bank cards, personal files.
  • The data in the repository there is no access to anyone, including the Kaspersky Lab.
  • Data protection Master password or fingerprint.
  • Automatic filling of forms.
  • Storage of folders data, convenient systematization and search.
  • Password generator.
  • Import accounts stored in browsers.

Kaspersky Password Manager - paid service, but you can get acquainted with it for free in the trial version. There is a free version of the password manager, but it can be stored up to 15 active records.

Official site :


cross-platform password manager for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, installed more than 1,000,0000 users. It offers a reliable encryption of your data on the AES-256 standard and cloud information synchronization with Google Disk, Dropbox, OneDrive or private server.

The service has an advanced password generator that creates reliable random combinations. There is a function of importing data from similar programs or browsers. The automatic fill function helps to quickly fill out forms in web browsers and mobile applications.

Dignity SafeInCloud :

  • Reliable storage of your credentials.
  • Synchronization with a cloud.
  • Password generator.
  • The application for smart watches, which allows you to store PIN codes and frequently used passwords on your wrist.
  • Import data from browsers or other password managers.
  • Log in to an application on a mobile fingerprint, retina, face.
  • Dark theme.
  • cross-platform

To get acquainted with the password manager for free within two weeks. Next, if you wish to access all functions, you can purchase a paid version. Unlike competitors, here you make a one-time payment, after which you will forever receive a premium version at your disposal. Competitors you need to buy a monthly or annual subscription.

Official site :


Users 1 Password noted as an important advantage of the program, simplicity of its use, as well as a very friendly and pleasant interface. However, these are the advantages of the program to memorize passwords entered on the computer, 1 Password are not exhausted. Among her advantages:

  • cross-platform. The program works on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and also embedded in the most popular browsers, for example, in Opera and Firefox. However, such a broad integrability is rather the norm for password managers than the distinctive feature.
  • Synchronization. Through Dropbox and ICloud, you can open access to Password storage facilities.
  • Reliability. The database is protected by the AES-128 cipher adopted as the US Government standard. Data leakage is warned by built-in keylogere - a device that registers user actions.
  • Password generation. If you need to create a new password, the password generation program does not simply give a random set of numbers and letters, and forms a combination corresponding to the parameters pre-specified by the user. Such parameters are the number of characters, the presence of numbers and even combination pronunciation.
  • Ability to audit safety. The program will check the database for duplicate and weak passwords.

1 Password has the highest rating among the analogues in the AppStore (4 stars out of 5), However, this is not devoid of flaws. Compared to analogues, 1 Password, a fairly expensive program, and owners iPhone for the installation of the full version will have to part with a decent amount. However, even paying this money, the user will not be able to edit the database from the mobile device.

Official website:


released in 2012 The year manager of passwords Dashlane immediately gained world popularity thanks to a simple quality interface, high security and the ability to automatically fill out forms on web pages. By 2016, several updates occurred, and the program received a number of additional functions. What is different dashlane ?

  • Two-factor authentication - a sign of the careful relationship of developers to the reliability of his brainchild.
  • Tracking shopping and integration with electronic wallet simplify the shopping process through online stores.
  • Availability for any devices. This program for saving passwords entered on the computer, works with desktop and mobile OS, has a plugin even for Internet Explorer. It is possible to cloudy synchronization of several devices on different platforms, but only when buying the PRO version.

The basic functions of the application dashlane are available for free, but to access extended capabilities will have to purchase a paid version. Despite the presence of the PRO version, the application has not yet been carried out into Russian. This is the main reason why dashlane is not as popular in the medium of domestic users, as, say, LastPass.

Official website:


Roboform - "Pioneer" and "long-lived" among Password managers. The development of this program began in 1999, however, to this day the application constantly continues to improve and increase the functionality. Those who believe that the use Roboform is now, in the presence of many worthy competitors - a sign of unhealthy conservatism, they are mistaken, because the program can really offer the user a lot of unique advantages:

  • Universality. The fact that the password manager works with all the main and relevant OS, no one will surprise anyone. However, many are well known programs that are supported by Symbian, Palm OS, BlackBerry OS and even Windows 2003? Roboform - One of these.
  • Mobility. It is not necessary to install RoboForm on a computer or gadget , to use it - thanks to the function RoboForm 2 GO , The program can be installed on the USB flash drive and run on public computers.
  • Reliability. Base Roboform is encrypted according to the AES-256 standard, which is traditionally used in banking.
  • The ability to create several profiles. One program can use different people - in each of the profiles protected by a password, individual information will be stored. This allows you to save and purchase a paid version of the appointment application.

Manager can be downloaded for free, but then to store more than 10 logins / passwords will not be possible. To store unlimited data, as well as cloud synchronization, you will have to purchase a paid version RoboForm EveryWhere.

Official website:


KEEPASS is considered the best free Password Storage Product. This program can boast wide opportunities and flexible setting, as well as a lot of diverse plugins to enhance functionality. At the same time KEEPASS is quite difficult for beginners. Officially, software is suitable for desktop OS, OS X, Linux, however, thanks to the plugins, you can install the program on the iPhone and for Android.

The following features KEEPASS include the following:

  • Portable version of the application: You can put it on the memory card to have access to password database on any computer.
  • The function AUTOTYPE independently enters passwords in browsers - the user does not have to spend time on the manual search for suitable data in the database.
  • The built-in password generator is capable of analyzing the reliability and uniqueness of the combinations of symbols.
  • The ability to configure synchronization through Google DRIVE or Dropbox.

Another advantage of the program is excellent Russification, as well as support for many other languages. You can download the program on the official website, as well as in the AppStore (version Touch ) and Google Play (version Droid ).

Official website:



If earlier "Pioneer" RoboForm was a non-alternative password manager, now Competition among such applications is quite an acute - there are plenty of password storage programs for Android, IOS and other desktop and mobile OS. You need to select password manager on the basis of not only from the functionality, but also from the cost: a simple user who wants to hide identification data from Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte, enough and free Keepass or Bitwarden. If the information is so important that it is not a pity to sacrifice money for its safety, you can pay attention to paid programs, for example, Keeper, 1 Password or DashLane.