The best navigators for iPhone

If 3-4 years ago, each driver sought to get a special navigation device, now this is not necessary - navigation software can also be installed on the Apple gadget. The choice is not limited only by popular Navitel and Garmin systems - the number of navigators for iOS in the AppStore increases rapidly.

The driver is important to know about the advantages and disadvantages of popular applications, because some of them are quite expensive, and buy a "cat in a bag" is invited for a wallet.


speaking about The best navigators for any mobile platform, be it iOS or Android, it is impossible not to mention the application "2GIS". This is the largest database in which there are data (maps) about several hundred cities of Russia and other CIS countries. In addition, there are cards and cities of abroad (Cyprus, Prague, Santiago, UAE, Padova), which also highlights the navigator among its analogues.

Regularly in the cities there are new organizations, cafes, shops and other public places are opened. 2GIS always brings new data in a database and notifies users about these changes. By downloading cards of any cities and regions, you can use the application even without access to the Internet. This allows, for example, to navigate in an unfamiliar area, even if you do not have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi or enable mobile data transmission.

Full information on organizations that are located in buildings: inputs, opening hours, reviews of other users, phone numbers, post office and other communication with the owners. Without leaving the navigator, you can order a taxi to the desired point in a couple of clicks or see the duration of the bus trip and the flight schedule.

Application features:

  • Calculation of arrival time. The navigator will warn you if you might be late.
  • Create a list of favorite places (“Home”, “Work”, “Study”, etc.).
  • Built-in guide and places of interest in each city.
  • Share traffic events: Accident, work, camera, overlap, etc.
  • Leave comments and chat with other drivers.
  • Dozens of headings: car services, entertainment, medicine, food, education, "eat" and others.

Yandex. Navigator

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Yandex. Navigator is an absolutely free navigator in Russian that does not require a trial period and does not force user to buy a license or cards. In terms of the number of downloads, Yandex. Navigator surpasses any similar application, primarily because this navigator is a favorite among taxi drivers.

However, the program has plenty of pluses and minuses. Users claim that maps of only 500 cities in Russia and Ukraine are available - in comparison with the Navitel indicator (156,000 cities), this value seems pathetic. However, the main disadvantage is that the navigator for iPhone from Yandex without the Internet loses many useful functions. It is not possible to get directions offline, since only the part of the map saved in the cache is available.

Application features:

  • Smooth operation and nice interface.
  • Location alerts POIs , traffic, and weather changes.
  • Possibility of voice control of the navigator.
  • Selection of the optimal route to any point.
  • Traffic and traffic data.

Google Maps

Like most Google applications, this navigator It is characterized by an intuitive interface, a branded pleasant design and speed of work. The application quite accurately tracks the location of the device and instantly paves the routes anywhere. Google Maps works closely with your profile, so in the program it is easy to share impressions about organizations and any other places, as well as read reviews of other users.

Each place you can add shortcuts to make it easier to navigate the menu and quickly lay the route. If you wish, you can choose the type of map: "by default", "satellite" and "relief". Activation of layers are available: "Public transport", "traffic jams", "cycling paths", "3D", "Watching streets" and "Information about COVID-19". For quick navigation, several dozen categories of establishments are provided: "Food and Drinks", "Entertainment", "Shopping" and "Services" (ATMs, Rental, Parking, Charging Electric Cobrels, etc.).

Program Features:

  • Pleasant beautiful design and convenient control.
  • Sale of the best places to relax.
  • Hotels nearby and relevant prices.
  • Loading cards of any terrain and work in offline.
  • A large community of users and the ability to leave feedback.

Navitel Navigator

Navitel is an application recommended by users living outside of two capitals. Detailed maps of thousands of Russian cities are downloaded to this navigator for iPhone, as well as CIS and Europe maps. The application itself can be downloaded for free, but for downloading cards will have to pay. It is worth noting that there is a trial period. The driver can enjoy all the advantages of the navigator from Navitel for free within 7 days and after that decide whether it is worth paying for its use.

The high advantage of Navitel is the huge base of POI objects (Points of Interest). POI is places that can be useful for the driver: hotels, refueling, DPS posts. Moreover, POI on Navitel is dynamic - there is a regular update of information about the services provided (for example, on gasoline prices, if it comes to petrol stations).

In addition, the developer has other online services. Let's say Navitel. Mosts will tell about accidents and road works, A Navitel.sms will allow communicating with friends through messages without separation from navigation. Navitel can work without accessing the Internet, however, then online services will be inaccessible.

Features of the application:

  • Details and accuracy of cards: Even yard drives were drawn on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • Always current information and database updates.
  • Several dozen countries and thousands of cities: work worldwide.
  • Maintaining on the route and voice prompts.
  • Tips when moving through strips.

Another good navigator - Feel yourself with a local resident and attend places that other tourists do not know. Choose from 150 million attractions, tours, cafes and restaurants. And thanks to the ability to work, both in online and in offline mode, you will never betray from the road. More than 140 million users from all over the world have already made their choice in favor of

Save time and money, booking visits to museums, restaurants and hotels with just one click, without using third-party services - everything is in one place. Here you can find the best prices and special discounts that the navigator picks up specifically for you. Given the entire functionality of the application, it is difficult to name a typical navigator. Rather, it is the most powerful useful tool that will be useful to you in any travel and will be able to relieve life well.

Planning a trip not to the next city, but, say, in Germany, France or even Guatemala? Here you can find about a hundred countries with thousands of cities. A huge database is constantly updated that it completely deprives you of all the problems associated with the outdated card. When planning trips, you can book housing for yourself and learn about the main attractions.

Features of the application:

  • Not just Navigator: Travel planning, booking hotels, restaurant tables, etc.
  • Work without Internet access.
  • Fully free and without advertising.
  • Route details: Trails, places and tracks that you will not find in other navigators.
  • Daily map update thanks to OSM (OpenStreetMap).

Cards Apple

"Maps" - a simple and convenient way to navigate where you are from Apple. The big advantage of this application is that it has no equal in stability and speed. Here you can explore the world and travel around cities and countries, visiting local attractions, or simply get better at home, getting to your destination even faster than usual.

In order to keep your eyes on the road and be more concentrated, the application provides a voice navigation function. The route (both on foot and behind the wheel) will be announced, and together with up-to-date tips about traffic jams, road closures, public transport schedules and other useful information, moving around any terrain becomes as comfortable and easy as possible.

Maps can be used on multiple devices while keeping your personal data safe thanks to sync within the Apple ecosystem. Open Navigator and navigate your way to your favorite places using your Apple Watch, Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, or in your car.

Program Features:

  • Comfortable night mode.
  • No in-app purchases or ads - completely free.
  • Special mode for cyclists.
  • Plan trips and get useful information.
  • Explore the city with 3D street view.


CityGuide is considered one of the best navigators for iPhone in many ways. Firstly, it works smartly and in just 30 seconds it is able to download the necessary maps and get directions. Secondly, it is as accurate as possible and almost never leads the driver to a dead end. By itself, this is a free navigator that uses the developments of Open Street Maps.

Immediately after starting, the program prompts you to select a card manufacturer. There are only 2 of them: CityGuide and OSM. It is recommended to choose the first manufacturer for daily use in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, since maps from CityGuide partners have maximum data in these regions and support traffic jams, as well as online corrections. OSM, in turn, is recommended for travel around the world.

Also, there are built-in services: " a radio" (voice communication as through a real walkie-talkie), "Friends" (travel planning and communication), "Comments" and "SOS "(Extraly challenge various services, taxi or tow truck). And due to the presence of information on traffic police radar you will be aware of areas with cameras and you can avoid fines.

Features of the application:

  • is able to work in offline: Maps are loaded into memory when installing, so the constant connection to servers not required.
  • There is a view mode in 3D.
  • Working with multiple devices and synchronization.
  • An advanced route selection algorithm that takes into account the road situation.
  • Support for all countries of the world.


An interesting navigator is the WAZE application, which is highlighted by its special approach. It can work in several modes depending on what vehicle you use. You can choose several ways to navigate: for personal car, motorcycle or taxi. And in the additional settings there is an opportunity to set other conditions for selecting a route: avoiding ferries, paid sites, highway, complex maneuvers or roads with a bad coating.

For example, if you do not have a lot of driving experience and only gain experience, you can prohibit choosing routes with a large number of traffic and other parameters complicating driving. It is worth noting the possibility of planning a route, which allows you to come on time wherever you go. Waze will tell you when leaving, evaluating traffic jams and the situation on the roads, and will calculate the approximate arrival time.

Program Features:

  • Connect the calendar and get alerts about events.
  • Synchronization with Facebook profile: Do not be late for meetings and meetings.
  • Taking into account the vehicle and other parameters during the search for the optimal path.
  • Working with musical services: Listen to your favorite tracks without leaving Waze.
  • Information about cameras, accidents and other events on the streets.