The best music creation applications

Music has long ceased to be the lot of professionals and graduates of the Conservatories - to be considered a musician, not necessarily masterly possess a tool or voice. It is enough to have a smartphone and a suitable application.

Numerous sequencers allow lovers to record melodies without leaving the house, armed at best, the MIDI keyboard. With the advent of mobile applications for creating music, the path to glory has become even more simple - an outstanding musical idea will not be completely lost due to the fact that there is no tool or a computer mouse at hand. This review is devoted to the best music programs for Android, iOS and Windows.

Garage Band

The most popular mobile application for creating music, no doubt Garage Band - at different times to use This application was resorted by the most famous artists, such as Rihanna, Radiohead, Gorillaz. The sound engineers traditionally disseminately respond about GARAGE Band , considering this software unprofessional, however, musical masterpieces created using the program continue to appear with enviable regularity.

There is a multichannel entry from an external source. Garage Band allows not only to apply one audio track over another one (you can add up to 32 tracks), but also to view all the tracks simultaneously in a special mode, which is necessary for quick mounting and information. Users complain that the installation with Garage Band - is too time-consuming and inconvenient, however, they forget that it is only a secondary function of the program.

There is an ability to record MIDI tools. The virtual studio includes 12 sampled tools, among which have keyboards, shock installation, acoustic and electric guitar. In addition, you can use a guitar amplifier (when connecting a real guitar to iPad) and Audio Record - recording on the integrated gadget microphone.

Information option is available. In the ability to details, the user is limited, however, the basic instruments of the sound engineer ( Equalizer, compressor, reverberator) in Garage Band are present. Alas, there is no customizable tool for gradual increment and attenuation of sound ( Fade in / FADE OUT ) - there are only The function " gradually remove the sound" without any handles and parameters.

A ready song The musician can lay out in YouTube, Facebook, Special Music Service Sound Cloud or send with iPhone by email. You can download the app on Ipad and on the iPhone, but Android users will have to look for an alternative.


  • Support for the dark theme is implemented.
  • Work with various drives.
  • Improved playback quality.
  • Large Loop Library.
  • Tools for creating music.
  • Improved performance.
  • Increased stability.
  • There is a Russian language.
  • Integration with musical services.
  • Posting ready-made tracks in YouTube and Facebook.
  • Well-decorated interface.


  • No significant detected.

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile - the only professional application for creating music on android, intended for the composition of compositions of varying complexity - from primitive melody to a real hit. The program allows you to create multi-channel projects on your smartphone and tablet, process tracks and save ready-made compositions in WAV and AAC formats (to transfer to MP3 to use third-party converter ). In addition, in FL Studio Mobile, you can import an incomplete project with a desktop version of the sequencer to modify the composition.

User FL Studio Mobile On Android Default, 133 built-in tools are available for writing music, ready-made bass and drum parties. There are plugins for frequency and dynamic processing (equalizers, compressors, limiters). Present metroning with tact size settings. A status string is implemented, with which you can listen to an incomplete project.



  • Work with WAV and AAC formats.
  • 133 tools for creating music.
  • Ready parties of drums and bass.
  • Setting the tact and size.
  • Built-in metronome.
  • Synchronization with desktop version.
  • A set of plug-ins and filters.
  • does not particularly affect the battery.
  • Smart Station String.
  • Support VST plugins.


  • The product is too expensive.

Nano Studio

Nano Studio - program for creating Music on iPhone and Apad, as well as FL Studio, focused on experienced users of music sequencers. Nano Studio is a 16-channel virtual studio with built-in mixer, synthesizer, drum sampler, as well as a set of effects suitable for both information and to create a unique tool sound.

present TRG -16 - drums. The tool is a sampler with 16 pads for packing percussion parties. Despite the wide opportunities of the TRG TRG, many users are unhappy with them, because for the iPhone screen with a diagonal of 4 inches it is practically not applicable. With the inconvenience of use TRG, it is recommended to import in Nano Studio a batch created on a desktop tool, for example, Alchemy.

There are EDEN - Synthesizer. There are two banks, each of which contains 63 sounds - among them the sounds that imitate live tools, and "cosmic" sounds that will definitely make any empty of electronic music. Each of the tools can be additionally configured: change the attack and delay time, frequency. A convenient virtual keyboard is available, immediately reacting to pressing. By the way, with external MIDI-keyboards Nano Studio also interacts perfectly.

There is mixing Remote . The mixer looks simple enough: each channel has the "Mute" and "Solo" buttons, pan handles and faders.

It must be said about "submarine stones" Nano Studio . Firstly, there is no English-language and Russian reference app, so the user who is not familiar with English will be doubly difficult to master the program. Secondly, from 16 possible channels, the user is initially available only 6 - they will have to pay extra. All this together with the scarce of tools and is the reason that Nano Studio remains behind Garage Band.


  • Large set of virtual instruments.
  • Built-in mixing console and synthesizer.
  • Compatible with external MIDI keyboards.
  • Works on iPhone and iPad.
  • 16 channel remote control.
  • Large set of effects.
  • Plugins are supported.
  • Interesting interface.
  • Change attack time, frequency, etc.
  • Saving in popular formats.


  • You have to pay for the app.


Microsoft Store is not yet rich in applications for creating music, however, some programs that can please the musician are already on sale. One such application is Synthpling ! is the most functional synthesizer for Windows.

The program is able to simulate the sounds of a variety of instruments: classical guitar, flute, xylophone, music box and, of course, the piano. Able to add effects to the original sound of instruments for expressiveness and "liveness". Able to save audio recordings so that the user can listen to them later through headphones.

Microsoft Store at Synthpling ! there are no competitors except for Bitsynth , which only writes 8-bit melodies. Download program Synthpling ! You can do it for little money - only $2.99.


  • Simulation of various instruments.
  • Built-in synthesizer (simple).
  • There is a trial period.
  • An effect set is available.
  • Save option available.
  • Has a simple interface.
  • Pretty fast work.


  • The Russian language is completely absent.

Walk Band - Music Studio

Walk Band is a functional application for creating music, which can be a decent analog GarageBand, only for Android. Here there is a large selection of tools - from keyboard to the drum machine, as well as the ability to create a multichannel record. So one person will be able to play several tools through the application and here to reduce everything in one track.

Among the features of the device - Support USB MIDI keyboard, Touch power recognition, different types of sound of musical instruments (for example, you can configure the type of strings, as well as the presence of effects), wide features for tracking tracks, The ability to share the recorded song inside the application with other users and much more.

Walk Band will please understand the understandable interface that will not be a problem even for completely unprepared users, as well as the ability to comfortably enjoy the free version. It has advertising, but it does not interfere with it.


  • The possibility of information and multi-channel recording.
  • An understandable interface.
  • Many musical instruments with different settings.
  • Many downloadable sound plugins.
  • You can share recorded songs with other users.


  • Sometimes failures.
  • Multichannel synthesis is not very convenient.

DJ Loop Pads - Music Creating

DJ Loop Pads is an excellent application for creating electronic music. Its importantly, his dignity is that it is as clear and easy to get used to its use in a couple of clicks. In fact, here is one desktop in which the creation of its own music from the already available presets. There are few of them here, some of the short commercials can be added after viewing the short commercials, for the rest you have to pay. The utility pleases with stable work, the opportunity is not easy to make the track, but also impose effects on it, as well as save entry on a smartphone or immediately share it with friends through social networks or Messengers.

It is worth noting that at the time of writing the text in the application there is a fairly small number of presets and opportunities for the creation of tracks, so it will mostly like it with newcomers than professional musicians.


  • It is very easy to deal with the work.
  • Part of the presets can unlock reviewing advertising - it is not necessary to pay.
  • Created tracks can be saved to the phone or share with friends.
  • The ability to impose effects on the created compositions.
  • Stable work.


  • Periodically pops up advertising.

Drum Pad Machine - Bitmeaker

Another application for creating electronic music. The utility is a drum machine with a huge number of presets in a variety of styles. Some of them are distributed free of charge, some can be obtained after watching advertising, others will open for money.

In this application, you can write a bit for reading a rap to it, make your electronic composition, and here there is a set of lessons that will help master the program, and in general will teach playing such music.

Drum Pad Machine - will please the colorful and understandable interface, simplicity of settings, the ability to record the resulting compositions in the phone's memory and share them with friends.


  • Many presets that can be obtained free of charge.
  • Pleasant and understandable interface.
  • There is a learning mode.
  • The ability to save and share the records.


  • Advertising can annoy.

Groovepad - Create music and bits

Annex GroovePad is a serious competitor Drum Pad Machine, despite that they were created by one developer - Easybrain. In essence, both applications allow you to create electronic music, but offer a different approach to the process.

DPM will like it to those who want to not just create a track, but also to play it. To do this, the program has all the necessary tools and even learning materials. For those who do not interest the game process, and the final product is important, namely the musical composition is better to choose Groovepad.

Despite the fact that it is positioned as a simple tool for creating music, its capabilities can also attract those who are engaged in music no longer at the amateur level.

Here is a huge library of sound tracks that offer a variety of styles - from Dabstepa to club music. When creating compositions, you can not only use ready-made magnifiers, but also impose different effects on them - reverb, delay and others.

The program will allow you to save the melodies you created and share them with friends. Groovepad due to its ease of use can captivate users for a long time and even those who considered themselves completely non-musical people can discover new talents and find a new hobby with the help of this program.


  • Large library of presets - many are free to download.
  • Simple interface.
  • Easy and fun process of creating music.
  • Allows you to apply effects to finished songs.
  • You can save songs to your phone and share with friends.
  • If the smartphone memory is full, the application will automatically delete some preset packs (the setting can be disabled).


  • In the free version, sometimes you have to watch 15-second videos to continue working.

BandLab - Music Recording Studio

BandLab is not just an application for creating music, but a real studio and at the same time a social network for musicians. The program is completely free and it has a lot of everything a musician needs.

You can create tracks from ready-made presets, you can remix the music that is in the database, and there is also the opportunity to create your own projects and collaborate with other musicians around the world. In addition, you can upload finished recordings to process them with filters and effects, or you can write music in real time using real instruments or more than 200 virtual ones. There is automatic mastering here - the built-in equalizer will independently work on the melody you downloaded and give it the quality of a song recorded in the studio. And if you don’t have inspiration right now, then inside the application you can listen to recordings of musicians from all over the world.

BandLab is a really cool application with a lot of features, but it has a caveat - it will not be easy for a beginner to understand it. But for those who live in music and are looking for like-minded people, it will be a great way to realize their talents, but be prepared that it will take more than one hour to master all its features.


  • Built-in social network.
  • Practically limitless ability to create music.
  • The ability to find musicians around the world and cooperate with them.
  • Thanks to the large music library, it can act as a streaming audio player.
  • No advertising and subscriptions.


  • It is difficult to deal with all the features and functions.
  • works only when the Internet is connected.

Music Maker Jam - Song & Beatmaker App

Music Maker JAM - one more application that will appeal to Who is looking for a way to create music in a variety of genres and wants to be part of a large community. The choice of users has more than 300 presets and about 500,000 magnifies in the most genres. The 8-channel mixer will allow you to make a track with ideal sound. And if you just want to have fun, turn on the function of creating a song by shaking the smartphone - the selection of magnifies will occur randomly.

In addition to the direct creation of the melody, you will be opened with great opportunities for overlaying different effects on ready-made compositions. There are no problems and creating a full-fledged song - create a melody and write down your own voice, and the auto-tuning will help you bring together together. There is also a large community of musicians, where you can exchange ideas and just communicate on your favorite topics. For full use of the program, you will need to register, and in addition, some options here are only available for a fee.


  • Comfortable 8-channel mixer to create melodies.
  • You can write a full-fledged song with voice.
  • Comfortable and understandable interface.
  • You can impose effects on ready-made songs.
  • Music Community.
  • No advertising.


  • Part of the options are paid.
  • For accessible to some functions, you need registration.


This application will like rap music lovers, because here you can use ready-made bits and record under They are their own compositions. A huge library is available to the choice, which is constantly filled and moreover, if you create bits yourself, you can download them for personal use or share with other musicians.

RAP FAME is not just a place where you can record vocals and impose on the finished bit, but also a platform for participation in Battlah - download your song Or a clip to the public, and if you are not ready for this yet, then just act as a judge. If the famous names are tired of the famous names and you are looking for something fresh, then among the huge number of tracks that are laid out of beginners and experienced musicians every day, you can find something new to your taste.

In addition to the large number of tracks, libraries of bits and participation in Battlah you will find here news about rap music, sealerships of playlists, Podcasts and even workshops that will help you learn how to create hip- Hop music.

For full use RAP FAME requires a subscription and registration.


  • Large bite base.
  • Social network.
  • The ability to participate in Battles.
  • Loading on service of own clips with the ability to get feedback from other musicians.
  • Selection of new music.
  • Podcasts.
  • The autopoys of the rhyme - simplifies writing texts.
  • No advertising.
  • The ability to share tracks on different popular platforms.


  • All functions are available only by subscription.
  • Registration required.


Today, the number of applications for creating music is very large. Users will be able to find options for every taste - from programs that are designed only to reduce full-fledged applications with the possibility of live recording or using electronic tools. What to choose - depends solely on your needs. The programs selected by us will delight with functionality and a clear interface, which will appeal to both novice users and more experienced musicians. Tell us about your experience using this software and what utilities are the best in your opinion.