The best manufacturers of headphones

Today there is a huge number of headphones for a variety of tasks. Consider the rating of the best manufacturers of this type of device.

The first full-fledged headphones were developed in 1910 in the United States. Since then, "Headphones" were transformed and improved: the type of connection, form factor changed, appeared new types of sound emitters. In parallel, the development of headphones took up third-party companies, about the best of which will be discussed.

Premium Segment

Here are collected brands that offer the best Sound for a high price.


Japanese company engaged in the development and sale of different equipment: portable players, Acoustic systems, smartphones, televisions and game consoles. The first branded headphones company released together with the portable stereoer Walkman in 1979.

In 2021, the brand bets on wireless options in full-size and intracanal format. These features include:

  • saturated high frequencies;
  • Using of active noise reduction and NFC for a quick connect with smartphones;
  • Supports LDAC codec - supports sound as, commensurate with AUDIO-CD;
  • Autonomous operation time is about 18 hours for inserts and 30 hours for full-size models.

Solutions from Sony are more expensive than competitors because of the so-called "mark of the brand".


German company engaged in the production of audio equipment with 1946. In 1968, the brand released the world's first open-type headphones, creating a new design of the device and the direction of production.

The manufacturer is considered one of the best and has managed to establish itself both in the initial price range with the wired Sennheiser CX 300-II, and in the wireless segment with the Momentum 3 Wireless model supporting AptX LL and active noise cancellation.

The company's products differ from competitors in quality assembly, regardless of the price range of the model.


1924. Since 1937, he has specialized in the production of studio full-size models. Conventionally, the brand's headphones are divided into:

  1. Professional (DT 1990 PRO) - clear sound combined with an accurate signal, suitable for mastering, mixing and monitoring.
  2. Home (Amiron Home) - complement Hi-Fi equipment for the home. Equipped with neodymium magnets and soft headband.
  3. Youth (Custom Street) - focused on the youth audience, with rich low and high frequencies.

Professional models start at $500, available options cost about $100.


American private company founded in 1964 year and specializing in the “perfect sound” of branded audio devices. Most models start at $200. This applies to full-size and sports, vacuum models.

Among the popular solutions are Bose QuitComfort 35 II - wireless, full-size, with support for active noise cancellation, capable of operating in Low and Hight modes. Bose Soundsport Wireless is the sporty option with a secure in-ear fit and minimal moisture protection.

Bose actively defends its trademarks and research patents.


beginning of the last century (1925) and engaged exclusively in the development of audio equipment. The vendor's headphones occupy the middle and premium class.

Popular models include the $80 full-size SRH440 wired and foldable, in production since 2012. Shure SE425 - another wired, but in-ear headphones, with a reinforcing driver and a replaceable cable for $200.

The brand has more wired or combo models than wireless ones.

The best headphones for smartphones

Affordable and stand out with good sound.


The company of natives from the UK, which began their way in 1962 from production Acoustic systems and amplifiers. The company came to the headphone market and headphones in 2014.

Difference from other manufacturers, it became emphasis on the model for the owners of smartphones or inexpensive players who prefer dynamic music. Marshall Major made the most famous vendor line. It includes overhead Bluetooth solutions with:

  • work time up to 30 hours;
  • The ability to connect via cable;
  • support for Wireless Codec APTX / APTX HD.

connoisseurs of active noise cancellation and battery life (up to 50 hours) Marshall Monitor II ANC.


The history of JBL began in 1945 in America. In 2021, the company is part of Harman International Industries, which, in turn, is SAMSUNG Electronics subbrend.

The brand is positioned as youth solutions, with a bet on a deep bass, without much attention to high frequencies. With the failure of smartphone manufacturers from the 3.5 mm JBL connector filled the market with wireless models. From the liners allocate JBL Live 300TWS with SBC codec support and autonomous operation within 6 hours. From full-size models - JBL CLUB 950NC with a balanced sound and a battery for 22 hours listening to music.

Despite the "Nativity" of the brand, according to the characteristics of the headphones, the vendor loses Chinese counterparts from Xiaomi or its subsidiaries.


The company was created in 1891 and based in the Netherlands. During its existence, the medical equipment, televisions, video players and even the gaming console.

For the brand, the production of headphones is a secondary direction, while Venndor has real hits. These include wired, budget headphones worth about $ 10 (SHE3550) and wireless models from the initial segment of SHB2505 and SHB3075, at cost no more than $ 50.

The manufacturer's headphones are aimed at undemanding buyers who value the price-quality ratio.


Chinese vendor, founded in 2010 Reminds 2 other companies from the selection of: JBL and Philips. Reasons to compare them:

  • Audio engineering is not the main direction of the company;
  • "People's" cost of headphones, with the ratio of price-quality;
  • Wide coverage of the presented models: wired, wireless, overhead, full-size.

The popular models include airdots Bluetooth-headphones with a price of about $ 20 and the initial sound level (only supports SBC codec). The second is followed by hybrid MI IN-EAR Headphones Pro 2, connecting over the wire and having at the disposal of 1 reinforcement and dynamic emitter in each headphone and this is for $ 25.

Xiaomi has sub-worries that specialize in creating audio equipment, including headphones. This refers: 1more, qcy, haylou.


South Korean giant engaged in the production of electronic equipment Since 1938. Basically, the brand produces headphones for smartphones. These include Samsung Galaxy Buds + inserts that can work up to 11 hours from one charge with balanced sound and price about $ 140.

From wired options, EO-EG920L liners are allocated, worth about $ 15. For its price, the model offers saturated low frequencies with readable high, but without a tangible balance.

Sub-brand AKG is responsible for the production of headphones of the company.

The best geminaga headphones

models made taking into account the needs of gamers: minimal delays, surround sound.


This division created in 2002 by the Kingston Technology brand and specializing On the creation of a computer and gamer periphery. The first gaming headphones Vendor released in 2014.

Given the needs of professional and ordinary players, the company produces the model C:

  • by emulation / support for surround sound;
  • the presence of a custom RGB backlight;
  • Wireless connections with minimal audio delay.

The cost of gaming headphones ranges from $ 100 to $ 400. The latter are suitable for both games and listening to music.


In 2005, the company started as a manufacturer of computer Peripherals that over time turned into the production of columns and professional headphones. The latter refers Razer BlackShark V2, worth about $ 120. For its price, the device offers a complete outer sound card, volumetric 7.1 virtual sound, saturated bass and upper frequencies.

More functions are implemented in the premium Razer Thresher - this is wireless headphones ​​with minimal delays, surround sound and neodymium magnets. For quality will have to pay from $ 150.

Razer headphones are distinguished by a concise design, with the mandatory enclosure of RGB-backlight.


Swiss company, which, similarly to the previous Vendors, engaged in creating a computer periphery since 1981. The difference from competitors was a wide selection of headphones from any price segment: from available overhead headphones H111 Gray Silver for $ 25, to professional Logitech G Pro X Wireless Lightspeed for $ 350.

Like direct competitors, the brand bets on the volumetric sound, with minimal audio delays with a wireless connection. The vendor design holds the classic version without adding RGB-backlight.

According to the reviews, Logitech produces mid-quality headphones.

Best without category

Manufacturers that create excellent models in different directions.


Japanese giant, founded in 1938 and acquired by the Hong Kong joint-stock company in 2018. Basically, the vendor produces overhead and full-sized headphones with the following features:

  • active noise reduction;
  • NFC for quick pairing with devices;
  • Support for APTX / APTX HD codecs with improved sound quality.

A separate mention is a DJ-series of headphones, which are connected to the equipment using an audio cable.

The greatest popularity of the audio engineering from Pioneer has decreased among motorists.


Japanese manufacturer, appearing on The market in 1968. We will not dwell on specific models, and list key brand series:

  • W, Air Dynamic / Monitor - Audiophile solutions, sharpened for use with Hi-End and Hi-Fi technique;
  • Portable, with anc prefix - active noise reduction of the jams of 95% of sounds on the background, differ in high-quality sound;
  • SJ - options for DJs.

Separately, the CKF series was released - differ by catchy design created specifically for women and girls.