The best keyboards on AliExpress

Today on Aliexpress Wide a wide selection of keyboards for every taste and color. Do not know what to choose? Meet our rating.

If you decide to purchase a keyboard, pay attention to the models available on sale on the Aliexpress. Among them will select the optimal solution to each user, regardless of why he needs a device: for games, a set of text, working with a smartphone, TV or other purposes. We have drawn up the ranking of the best keyboards from the Chinese online store, dividing them into a number of categories - "office", "game", "wireless", etc. Meet our overview and choose a suitable device that meets your needs and tasks.


In this category included keyboards For home or office use - inexpensive, convenient in transportation (if you have to spend a lot of time on the road), as well as with a wireless connection and complete with the mouse.

Defender HB-520

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Budget Office Keyboard from the well-known brand Defender. This full-size model with 108 keys and the digital block on the right is connected to a PC or a USB-cable-cable laptop with a 1.5 meters long. To configure the driver operation, you are not required: the model is ready for use immediately after connection.

The slope of the housing for comfortable operation is adjusted with the help of legs. There are multimedia buttons. The keys are full-sized. The Russian-speaking layout is absent, but it is easily solved by buying stickers.

USB keypad Teclado

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This ultra-thin and light keyboard is suitable for users who have to travel for work or study. Completed from silicone, it easily rolls into the tube and can be conveniently taken on the road. The model has protection against dust and water - if you shed tea, coffee or other drink on it, just wipe it with a wet cloth. If necessary, the keyboard can be washed with soap and water.

Due to the soft silicone, a silent text input is provided. Applied on unique technology letters and symbols will not be stitched. Connect Wired (USB), Cable Length - 140 cm. Keys - 85 (there is no additional digital block on the right) or 108. The keyboard is compatible with Windows XP and younger. When order, be careful, because The manufacturer offers several keyboard options: only with Latin and with Latin / Russian layout, 85 and 108 keys.

Xiaomi Wireless Office Keyboard

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Cheap Wireless Office Keyboard from the well-known manufacturer with 104 keys in an ergonomic and compact case. Sold bundled with mouse or separately, when buying, you can order a model with a Russian layout. It works from AAA battery, connects to a PC via a 2.4 GHz adapter (mouse works through it).

Among the characteristics of the model is 6 ° tilt for a comfortable text entry, the presence of multimedia keys, buttons are pressed softly and quietly. The keyboard is connected by the "Plug-and-Play" technology, the installation of the drivers is not required. Model is compatible with Windows and MacOS. The lower surface is anti-slip, degree of protection against moisture - IPX4.

membrane gaming

Keypads of this type work quieter, cost cheaper, serve longer, but the response time is more than that mechanical, which is important for gamers, especially in dynamic games.


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Wired membrane keyboard with aggressive game design, turned off with tricolor backlit, protection against moisture and imitation of clicks on the mechanical buttons. Keys - 104, service resource - up to 50,000,000 clicks. Connection - via USB, cable length - 1.3 meters. 12 multimedia keys.

The keyboard is suitable for Windows XP and newer, incompatible with Linux and MacOS. The stand is missing under the wrist. There are 19 keys with anti-ghosting technology. The "WIN" button is locked. Laser engraving prevents erasing of letters and numbers.


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Compact gaming membrane keyboard with imitation of pressing mechanical keys attracts attention to ergonomic design. Thanks to the last you can play for a long time or typing text and do not experience fatigue. An additional digital block and multimedia keys are missing at the top, thereby saving the compact keyboard size.

K62 has RGB illumination with the ability to select color, brightness and overflow. Software for backlight configuration is not required. The keys are removable, pressed softly and quietly. Connect wired, cable in braid.


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Gaming membrane keyboard with wired connections, aggressive design and imitation of mechanical presses. Keys - 104, response time - 2 ms, pressing smooth, 25 keys are protected from fictitious clicks. Among the characteristics of the model, you can mark the stand and holder for the smartphone. Connection - wired, cable in braid, length 1.5 meters.

The model has RGB-backlight, customizable without installation of drivers. It is divided into 6 zones, each of which has 7 settings. In addition, there are pre-installed backlight modes. The K900 works with all popular operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). Aluminum housing.

Mechanical gaming

Unlike membrane, mechanical Game Keyboards Less durable, more Noisy, and also cost more. However, they provide a quick response, which is important for gamers, because Provides them an advantage over competitors, and therefore gives more chances to win in the game.

Metoo Zero-x51 / x52 / x08

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Machine wired keyboard with configurable RGB-backlit, support for Anti-Ghosting technology and Windows key blocking. There is a Russian-speaking layout, the inscriptions are applied on the buttons by the method of laser engraving, which eliminates their erasing. Illumination of letters is provided only for English layouts.

There are several color schemes on sale, so you can choose a device for yourself according to the design of the room. Mechanical switches are available in three colors, where blue is the noisiest, black and red are quieter. Adjustable feet are provided for greater comfort while playing. The body is metal.

AULA F2088

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Mechanical wired keyboard with interesting design and wired USB connection. Braided cable, this will extend its service life. Keys - 104, stroke - 4 mm, service life - 50,000,000 clicks. There is an RGB backlight with 22 lighting effects options. Comes with a wrist strap that can be detached if needed.

The keyboard is sold with four switch options - blue, black, red and brown. You can choose for yourself the optimal sound level and pressure sensitivity. Anti-Ghosting technology is provided. The case is made of metal, which indicates the reliability and long life of the keyboard. There is a sleep mode that is activated when the device is not used for a long time.


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Wired mechanical keyboard with aggressive design, Russian and English layout. Sold in several versions: with 87 or 104 keys, three types of switches (black, blue, red) to choose from. When buying, you can choose a model with MIX backlight (different colors in different parts of the body, you can not change them) or RGB backlight. The latter is somewhat more expensive, but the user can adjust the backlight to their liking.

X61 Gaming provides highlighting of not only English but also Russian characters. Usually the latter are applied with paint, so typing in Russian in poor lighting is inconvenient. The keyboard is connected via a USB cable. It is braided, length - 1.5 meters. The lower part of the body of the device is made of plastic, the upper part is made of aluminum.


A key feature of this type of keyboard is its wireless connection to computers, PCs, TVs and other devices.

Jelly Comb

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Inexpensive and high-quality wireless keyboard, which attracts attention with a stylish design. It is supplied by the manufacturer with one of three layout options: English, Russian, Spanish. The model feature is a large touchpad with a touch surface capable of working as a digital keyboard.

The model operates from two batteries or AAA batteries. Connection is carried out via a USB receiver, the frequency is 2.4 GHz, the range is up to 10 meters. Keyboard is compatible with Windows from XP and younger, MacOS, Linux, Android. Suitable for Xbox 360.

Logitech K400 PLUS

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Wireless keyboard from a well-known manufacturer with a Bluetooth connection is compatible with any Windows, Android or Chrome OS database. This is a "2-B-1" format model: instead of the digital block, a large touchpad of 3.5 inches is installed here. The working range is up to 10 meters, connecting to the TV, PC or other technique is carried out using the "Plug-and-Play" technology, the keyboard receiver can be used to connect to a PC to 6 compatible devices.

The keyboard attracts attention to a compact and stylish design. Duration of the battery from batteries - up to 18 months in the text set mode up to two hours per day. To extend battery life, it is recommended to use the device off button on the bottom of the housing. Multimedia keys are placed on the touchpad for comfortable volume control or sound off.

Royal Kludge Rk84


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Compact mechanical keyboard with 84 keys has three connection options: USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5.0 and through the receiver at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. The model is sold in black and white colors and with three types of switches with a hot replace function.

The keyboard is equipped with RGB illumination with 19 modes and 5 brightness levels. The built-in battery with a capacity of 3750 mAh provides up to 200 hours of operation when the backlight is turned off. Full charging device takes 6-7 hours. The device works in conjunction with Windows and Mac OS, Android and IOS.

mini-keyboard for smartphones and tablets

keyboard from this section are designed to connect to smartphones or tablets, have Compact sizes and can be used for a comfortable set of text, games or other purposes.

IMICE Bluetooth Keyboard

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Compact and inexpensive Bluetooth-keyboard Sale in several options: with a mouse in a set and without it, with several types of RGB-backlight, only with Latin or Latin and Russian layout. This mini-keyboard without a digital block is well suited to those who love to chat in messengers and chat rooms or simply often typing text on a smartphone or tablet.

Small dimensions allow you to conveniently take the device with you on the road. The battery with a capacity of 400 mA / h provides up to 90 days of work. Charging time - two or three hours. The keyboard is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices and, if necessary, can be connected to a laptop or PC.


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Stylish white Bluetooth keyboard, compatible with Windows, MacOS and Android. To configure, you do not need to install the drivers, it is enough to connect the model to the tablet or laptop and select the desired mode of operation using hot keys. The seller offers several types of layouts, including Russian / English. Compact dimensions allow you to take a device with you.

The keyboard is installed under a slight inclination, providing a more comfortable and convenient entry of the text or the game. The keys are removable, click quiet and gently. The model works from 2 AAA batteries.

Vontar B033

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Wireless Compact Bluetooth keyboard, compatible with devices on Windows, Android and iOS. Its feature is a folding case, thanks to which the model becomes very small and easily transported. The keyboard is equipped with a touchpad and allows you to conveniently control the cursor. Competently thoughtful design makes it possible to work comfortably with the text.

The body of the model is made of metal and plastic. The keyboard runs from the built-in lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 140 mA / h to 48 hours, the charge in standby mode is enough for 560 hours. Charging time - 2-3 hours. The range is up to 3 meters. There are options on sale only with Latin or with Latin and Russian layout.

Mini-keypads for televisions

Models included in this section have compact dimensions, mini-keyboard and Touchpad for cursor control. They are well suited primarily for connecting to Smart TVs, allowing you to comfortably surf in the built-in browser, search for applications in the internal store, or perform other tasks. If necessary, you can use these keyboards in conjunction with other devices, be it a computer, laptop, set-top boxes, tablets, etc.


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Compact keyboard for Android TVs and mini PCs. When buying, you can choose for yourself not only the type of layout you need (there is Russian), but also the presence of backlight, color, as well as battery operation or AAA batteries. The connection is made using a receiver at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, the range is up to 3 meters.

Externally, the keyboard looks more like a gamepad. In the lower part there is a letter block, in the center at the top there is a touchpad. To the left of it are multimedia keys, to the right are control buttons. The device is compatible with Windows XP and later, Android 3.0 and later, Mac OS X, Linux.

Rii X1

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Compact mini keyboard compatible with Smart TV, Android set-top boxes, laptops and PCs, game consoles. The left side of its body is a full QWERTY keyboard. On the right is a large touchpad. The model is powered by a 450 mAh lithium-ion battery.

The device is compatible with Android, Linux, Windows XP and later. The connection is made through a receiver at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, the range is 3-5 meters. There is an automatic sleep function for prolonged non-use.

Rii i4

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This mini keyboard is compatible with all popular operating systems - Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android. Works in conjunction with computers, mobile equipment, Smart TV. When buying, you can choose a model with a Russian layout. There is a touchpad, page scroll wheel, control keys, multimedia keys.

The keyboard connects to the equipment via a 2.4 GHz USB receiver or Bluetooth. There is a backlight with two brightness levels for comfortable use in the dark. The 700 mAh battery provides up to 10 hours of operation with backlight or up to 46 hours without backlight.