The best investment apps

Let's take a look at the top five mobile apps available on the Google Play Store and the App Store to capitalize on.

Recently, investing in stock market instruments has become increasingly popular: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, funds, and others. Advertising of various banks and funds has already been seen by most Internet users: each bank advertises its application, promising profit and convenient work with it.

But before choosing which bank to work with, you need to see what investment application it has: how convenient, informative, whether there are any problems with logging in and working in it. Since the investment conditions are approximately the same in different banks, the application is a very important factor when choosing a bank.

Sberbank Investor

Application for investments from the most famous bank in Russia. Individuals can work with different stock market instruments: currency (euro, dollar and ruble), funds, eurobonds, Russian bonds, US and Russian stocks, bonds.

The application has a very minimalistic style, it is visible when choosing an investment paper and when opening a security or stock. In the line with the stock, you can see only their current value and change in the coming period.

By entering the card of an investment instrument, you can see not only its current price and change, but also the price movement chart for a certain period. At any point on the chart, you can put a marker to display the price in this period. You can also read information about the issuer and news here. The "buy" and "sell" buttons make it easy to complete the transaction.

In the tab "My accounts" the user can see the value of his entire portfolio, which may include various securities, view the profitability and loss of different issuers and, if necessary, sell or buy the necessary assets. In the section "Exchange" there are all assets available to the user, they can be sorted, displayed only favorites or searched.


  • Investment ideas from the bank.
  • Up-to-date data on quotes.
  • Account security.


  • Little tool information.
  • There are problems with the entrance to the account.
  • It is impossible through the program to contact technical support.

Tinkoff Investments

Mobile application for investment from the known Online bank. Gives access to securities of Russian and foreign companies. After receiving the status of a qualified investor, the user will receive access to more financial instruments. The application works with famous global exchanges: Moscow and St. Petersburg Exchange, NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE.

The application is convenient for both beginners and experienced investors, its informativeness allows you to work more subtly with investment strategies and receive information about the promotions in which it is planned to invest. Users can receive notifications and world economy news, watch the payment schedule of dividends and coupons, view forecasts and analysts from professionals.

More experienced players will be interested in the ability to install market and limit orders, orders, view the investment portfolio and use margin trading. Quotes and courses are updated instantly, so the investor always has fresh information. Another application has an internal social network where investors are divided by their ideas.


  • Informativeness.
  • Large list of financial instruments.
  • Forecast and Analytics.
  • Convenient interface.


  • There are problems with the connection.
  • Interruptions in the application.

VTB my investments

Convenient and fast brokerage application for investment in Russian and foreign companies. Users can work with more than 10,000 shares, bonds, futures and other financial instruments. Users with status "Qualified Investor" can work with several dozens of exchanges for free.

All financial instruments are conveniently located in the appropriate section, where are divided into types: stocks, currency, bonds, funds, etc. For user purchased tools, there is a separate tab where it can look at changes in its investment portfolio. Each tool indicates its current price and the percentage of its change for a certain period.

To helping the user there is a free analytics from the bank, the selection of profitable securities, the recommendations of professional investigative analysts. Calendar Payments of dividends and coupons will allow planning their investment strategies and know about the exact day of payment. Knowledge of shares on which dividends are paid is very important, because This is the most important factor when choosing an investment tool.


  • Glass of quotations.
  • Possibility to put orders.
  • Help the counselor's robot.
  • Convenient interface.


  • No graphics for 5 years.
  • There is no possibility to draw on the schedule.


BCS World of Investments

Mobile application from a well-known broker in which investors are available operations with financial instruments of Russian and foreign companies on the stock exchange rate. Margin Trade allows you to make transactions with a volume that exceeds the user's deposit, market applications and orders are available.

Analytics from professionals, forecasts of falling or raising prices, investment ideas are available for novice users. For more experienced investors, it is possible to analyze the price movement schedule "Japanese candles" and a glass of prices. Detailed information about the tool can be obtained by going to its card: it displays the schedule, news, glass price and movement forecast.

Investment ideas allocated its section - it constantly appears new ideas from experienced analysts. Each line of the list shows a brief essence of the idea, the percentage of profit, the author of the idea and user evaluation. For a detailed acquaintance with the idea, you must go to her card.


  • Convenient interface.
  • Investment ideas and analytics.
  • Graph "Japanese candles".


  • The Commission for the transaction is not visible.
  • Weak technical analysis capabilities.
  • There is no information about dividends and coupons.


Mobile application from a large investment company, many years Working in financial markets and securities markets. Allows you to monitor the shares of Russian and foreign companies, as well as work with other financial instruments: bonds, currency, options, futures, etc.

The Appendix has all the possibilities for tracking trading, to obtain current information about the global economy as a whole and on individual financial instruments. The user can configure notifications about changes in the price of any tool, receive notifications about operations with trade applications.

Working with financial instruments is very convenient: in the card of each of them there is a schedule that can be displayed in Japanese candles or in the form of a line, show in several time periods, use graphic instruments of technical analysis. There are also tabs with a tool overview and a glass of prices.


  • Deploying orders and trade applications.
  • Large assets.
  • Graphic analysis tools.
  • Economic events calendar.


  • Commissions are not displayed under transactions.
  • Transaction reports are difficult to read.