The best flagships among smartphones at the end of 2017

Choose a smartphone among a large variety may not be easy, but we will try to help you, told about the best devices of the outgoing year on iOS and Android.

Hundreds of smartphones of various price categories are available in stores for acquisition. On the one hand, the presence of choice can always be welcomed, on the other, make it not easy. The smartphone for most users is the most important gadget with which you will have to live at least a year, and more often for several years.

2017 was particularly saturated for the smartphone market. According to different estimates, among the best now you can call at least several flagship apparatus. Depending on your flavors, you can choose one of them or any other.

Absolutely Best: Apple iPhone X

As usual, American Observers have no smartphone better than iPhone. This year, among all new Apple devices, the iPhone X model is most attractive. Analysts will not be bought on praise and some call it the best apparatus in history. By the number of advantages, they include lightning performance, luxurious screen, cameras, loud clear speakers, reliable autonomy, attractive appearance. In addition, there is protection against water and support wireless recharging. The main disadvantage can be considered the lack of analog headphone connector.

In favor of the iPhone X, the largest ecosystem of Apple applications and services, operational and long-lasting software supports. Android platform and can not be closely compared with the timing and reliability of updating the IOS operating system. In addition, the popularity of the iPhone means the presence of a huge number of accessories and covers of third-party manufacturers.

iPhone x is different from other models thanks to a cramless large and clear screen, a personal unlock system and gesture-based user interface. As a result, the interaction does not seem to work with other iPhone devices, onAddictive will need a couple of days, although the interface is quite intuitive.

At the price of the iPhone X also stands out and in Russia its cost begins from 79990 rubles. This causes the question of whether the advantages of the iPhone X of such a difference in price with iPhone 8. Reply to him every buyer must be for myself.

If you are from those users who change smartphones every 2-3 years, you will probably want to get the device with the maximum duration of the autonomous work. iPhone X fully satisfies this requirement. If you have no iPhone 7 and the unattached need to change it, you can wait until next year, when the apple's curious design can be improved.

The device operates on the latest version of the system iOS 11, which this time has not received the most significant updates for smartphones, but still leading in terms of supporting third-party applications.

If you go with an older iPhone model or not the most modern smartphones on Android, iPhone X will become a significant update. However, at a price of a couple of tens of thousand rubles, less can be acquired many excellent smartphones, some of which will be described below.

Cheaper selection: iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

when choosing a new iPhone smartphone 8 is easy to watch, because they differ little from last year's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. There are large frames around the screen that today it is no longer fashionable. The iPhone 8 Plus is a real giant, while the screen is less than many others not so cumbersome devices.

If you do not look at design and appearance, iPhone 8 is an excellent device. Here is the same fast processor as in the iPhone X, the camera is simple in work and gives excellent photos in almost any environment, there is protection against water and wireless recharging. Autonomy is not the best among numerous competitors, but the duration of work is still quite long and stable. IPhone 8 Plus autonomy is even higher.

There are other factors that should be considered when purchasing. There is a great set of covers and accessories for iPhone models in the traditional form factor, even iPhone X has not yet have such a wide choice. As mentioned above, the iPhone devices have maximum support from applications and longer than others receive operating system updates.

Let the iPhone 8 are not as fashionable as iPhone X, but it has 90% of its capabilities for 70% of the cost. Future for Frameless smartphones, but the iPhone 8 still symbolizes the present.

Alternative on Android: Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +

IOS Systemnot suitable for everyone, but there are many interesting Android smartphones. Among the best this year are devices manufactured by Google, which are distinguished by the unity of software and hardware. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are very good smartphones with the best cameras.

Unfortunately, these devices have a number of problems that prevent us from unconditionally recommending them for purchase. In addition, they are not officially sold in Russia, although you can already buy them in some online stores. Naturally, there will not be too many covers and accessories on sale.

There is a rather long list of hardware and software issues to mention, especially with the Pixel 2 XL. Most of them were solved with system updates, so now the devices are quite reliable, although the sediment remains.

For this reason, those who want to buy the best Android smartphone at the moment should pay attention to the six-month-old Galaxy S8 and S8 + devices. Like the iPhone 8, the two S8s are available as a medium-sized standard model and a larger version with extended battery life. Otherwise, they are almost the same.

Inside is the best processor for Android smartphones Snapdragon 835, excellent cameras, water resistance, wireless charging and support for memory cards. The headphone jack has been preserved, which manufacturers are gradually starting to forget.

The main advantage of these devices is the screen. It is extremely bright and saturated, as are all Samsung OLED panels. The screen stretches from edge to edge of the case and folds over to the sides. As a result, many months after its introduction, the S8 still looks fresh.

Due to the popularity of Samsung, smartphones have many accessories, cases, external batteries, adapters for wireless charging. However, there are also problems - the location of the fingerprint scanner on the back of the case is considered by many to be unsuccessful. Virtual assistant Bixby often remains unclaimed and currently there is an option to turn it off completely. There is a separate button on the side to launch it.

Other contenders

If iPhone and Samsung don't appeal to you, there are other options. We will not call them the best smartphones, but depending on your tastes, budget and other priorities, they may be the best for you.

Google Pixel 2


  • Excellent camera
  • Good speakers
  • Best version of Android


  • Large frames along the edges of the screen
  • No headphone connector
  • The functionality of the chamber is not the most extensive
  • to Russia officially not supplied

Google Pixel 2 XL


  • Excellent chamber
  • Good speakers
  • Best version of Android


  • Too fast burnout of pixels on the screen
  • colors are more dull compared to other screens SRGB
  • no headphone connector
  • In Russia, it is not officially not supplied

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


  • Good screen
  • Performance
  • AUTONO Monitoring
  • Excellent main chamber


  • Huge size
  • Price
  • Auxiliary chamber is much inferior to the main
  • Uncomfortable location of the scanner Fingerprints



  • Excellent screen
  • Impeccable finish
  • High performance


  • No headphone connector
  • The function of pressing on the body is low-onedy

OnePlus 5t


  • minimalistic elegant appearance
  • 6-inch screen in the housing for one-handed operation
  • (1 76) Optimized Software
  • Reading Mode


  • The main chamber does not reach competing flagships
  • Not on the latest version of Android
  • ​​
  • with variable lighting facial Unlock works not in the best way
  • No protection against water



  • Big beautiful screen
  • Attractive design
  • Good performance


  • Software shell LG
  • Little power button staggers
  • Cameras at best normal

Motorola Moto Z2 Play


  • Elegant thin Case
  • Excellent autonomy
  • Small software Improvements

Minuses 217]

  • Lack of optical stabilization of the chamber
  • Uncomfortable gestures on the scanner of prints

BlackBerry Keyone


  • Physical keyboard
  • Excellent autonomy
  • Reliable performance and camera


  • Small screen
  • heavy weight
  • software updates can Do not appear

Motorola Moto Z2 Force


  • Shockproof screen
  • High performance
  • Moto software add-ons for Android


  • Outdated design
  • The screen is easily scratched
  • No reliable protection against water
  • No headphone connector
  • The battery has become less compared to the first generation apparatus

Essential Phone


  • Beamless screen
  • Pure Android
  • Excellent autonomy


  • Quality of the chamber
  • The modular system is not yet It became popular
  • no headphone connector