The best ergonomic keyboards

If you often spend a long time for games or a set of texts, then you probably know that with long sessions, the wrists inevitably begin to root. One of the solutions of this problem is regular breaks and exercise. In fact, this will not save position, but the ergonomic keyboard is what you really need.

Choose an ergonomic keyboard

When choosing a keyboard of this type, it is important to take into account many features: from size to comfort level. You must know exactly whether the selected model will be able to ensure maximum comfort for the whole day and minimize pain. By drawing up a list of the best ergonomic keyboards, we took into account a number of factors that most affect the comfort, health and productivity of users.


When buying a keyboard, you need to clearly know why you need it: work in the office (at home), games or text set? This issue may seem too primitive, however, the answer to it is the first and very important step.

If you are a gamer, then, of course, should consider the purchase of an ideal game keyboard. The devices of this type are usually equipped with special gemina keys.

Those who often work with numbers should pay attention to the keyboard with a digital block. If you work a lot with a set of texts, then try to find a super-monomic keyboard, which will reduce the likelihood of RSI (custod canal syndrome) to a minimum.


Keypads differ not only to the functional purpose, but also sizes. To date, models of almost any size are available on the market, and the variety of devices really amazes.

Full-size keyboards are considered an excellent choice for those who want to have all the letters, numbers and punctuation signs on their device. As for more compact devices, it is an excellent option for users put in priority portability. Just think about what you really like and what you need.


Although it sounds a bit strange, but not all keyboards are compatible with All operating systems. Surprisingly, but this is true. Thus, if the keyboard under consideration supports Windows, this does not mean that it will be compatible with Mac.

In addition, even if the device is compatible with all platforms, the functionality may not differ anyway when used with different operating systems.

Connection type

Another thing that should be considered is the type of connection. Now many keyboards are connected to the computer via the USB port. Wireless models are also fairly popular because they allow you to completely forget about the wires preventing on the table.

However, you may have problems when connecting a device of this type via Bluetooth. Connection via USB, on the other hand, is the simplest task.

Please note that until recently , the wireless keyboards were not the best option for games, since the delay in them is slightly higher. However, recently the situation has changed since many brands have learned to make high-quality models that are able to issue a minimum delay without any problems (however, their cost is significantly higher).

Another disadvantage is that wireless keyboards must be constantly charged or replaced with a battery. This is, of course, additional costs.

That is why it is best to purchase the keyboard with both wired and with a wireless configuration. Such a model will provide you with freedom of choice.

keys and switches

When buying a keyboard, you must feel that its keys literally Created for you. If there is no such feeling, then you should look yet.

If keystrokes do not irritate you, and you smile every time the fingertips touch the device - this is the moment of truth, as you found the perfect keyboard!

Modern keyboards offer different types of keys - soft and sensitive, or tough, requiring additional pressing. It depends on the switches that can be divided into three types: membrane, mechanical and scissor.

However, any good ergonomic keyboard, as a rule, has responsive keys to be easily pressed.

To date, two types of keyboards are the most common: mechanical and membrane. If briefly, the membrane models do not require special efforts to press keys, and mechanical are more responsive.

Remember that the ergonomic keyboard has enlarged function keys, as well as Tab and ENTER.

Additional functions

Here is a list of some optional functions that usually have ergonomic keyboards.

The angle of inclination

If the angle of the keyboard is changed, then you can easily adjust the keyboard according to your needs.


Almost all ergonomic keyboards are separated. Such a design helps personalize the device taking into account the position of the shoulders, hands and wrists. The average separation dimensions range from 9 to 20 inches.

V shaped

Another version of the ergonomic keyboard is a V-shaped design. It makes the device more convenient to use for those who often print.


Such a function as the awning allows you to change the horizontal position of the keyboard in the range from 0 to 30 degrees. It provides a more natural position of hands and wrists.


As in the case of any other products, the price of keyboard varies: simple models are pretty budget, and the cost of high quality Can reach tens of thousand rubles.

Thus, if you pay more, then, accordingly, you get more - richer functionality, more stylish design and more pleasure from use.

Remember, however, that expensive keyboards are usually equipped with additional buttons that allow you to control the volume and music player, power, adjust the combinations of keys and much more.

Nevertheless, you can always find something good at a lower price. And if you do not need additional options or special functions, it makes no sense to invest in the top model.

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic KeyBoard 4000

Do not want to spend a bunch of money on a new keyboard, but do you want to purchase an ergonomic and functional device? We bring to your attention Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000.

The keyboard is just over 4000 rubles, but for this money you get a stylish device with an ergonomic design. The device is equipped with a soft stand under the wrist, which allows you to maintain the natural position of the hands in a relaxed state. There are also additional keys to control video and music.


  • cheap.
  • Comfort.
  • The curved keys.
  • Stand under the wrist.
  • Setting the hotkeys.


  • Bad quality letter / digits on the keys.
  • Lack of USB ports.
  • Keys are quite difficult to press.

Logitech K350

If you are annoyed permanently interfering wires on the table, this wireless keyboard is the best option. Logitech K350 has a wave-like design that looks stylish, and also convenient for hands due to its curved shape. Add to this soft focus for wrists, and at the output we get one of the best budget ergonomic keyboards!

Since this is a wireless keyboard, its performance directly depends on battery life. And this aspect will definitely not disappoint, since the time of work is up to three years, which corresponds to about 2 million keystrokes per year. Logitech K350 also has a USB port and an internet connection.


  • Stylish design.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Price.
  • Unifying receiver (you can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously).


  • Supports only Windows.
  • Not the best location of the Multimedia keys.

Microsoft SCULPT

As in the case of Logitech K350 or Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard, this keyboard is equipped with all the functions that make it really ergonomic. It is made in a divided dome design and is equipped with a soft stand for hands.

Included in Microsoft Sculpt also includes a separate digital block, so that the device is more flexible for various tasks. It is also worth noting a good tactile feedback.


  • tactivity.
  • quiet.
  • Easy to use.
  • Separate digital block.
  • Wireless connection.


  • Separation between clusters.
  • Not the best hand stand.
  • ​​

Logitech ERGO K860

Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless - Another excellent keyboard from Logitech, which combines high comfort, ergonomics and ease of use. It is made in a separated design and is equipped with a support for wrists with pillows that will significantly reduce the load on the arms.

In addition, you can change the angle of inclination of the keyboard, which will allow you to perfectly arrange your hands and achieve maximum comfort.

The Logitech ERGO K860 wireless keyboard is compatible and is capable of working with all the main operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, etc.

in addition to everything The model is compatible with both Logitech Options and FLOW software, and provides a reliable connection that allows you to use the device via a USB receiver or Bluetooth (up to 10 meters).

Speaking about convenience, the keyboard manifests itself great for both office and mixed use, since it provides high accuracy and smoothness and, above all, silentness.

Pros :

  • Comfort.
  • Excellent compatibility.
  • quiet.
  • Customizable Fn keys.


  • Price.


If you are looking for a convenient and reliable keyboard, which will reduce the load on the arms and wrists and at the same time will provide excellent functionality, Microsoft Ergonomic - What is needed.

The device provides excellent performance, has a stylish design and a set of settings that can be made using an intuitive application "Mouse and Keyboard Management Center" from Microsoft. The program allows you to assign macros, reassign the keys and give them certain functions.

In addition, thanks to the ergonomic separated design and gentle, you will get the maximum pleasure from the text set and prevent your hand fatigue.

The only drawback is that the design will require a certain period of adaptation; However, if you want to get rid of pain and wrist problems, the Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard is the best option.


  • Reliable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Design.
  • Adjustable slope.
  • Excellent setup features.


  • Limited compatibility.
  • A little big.

Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard

If you do not need additional features in the form of macros, programmable keys or RGB backlights, and you just look for a good ergonomic and comfortable keyboard, Kensington Pro Fit is what you need.

The model is not equipped with a plurality of functions and is "basic", but provides maximum comfort, which is achieved by separate and inclined design, as well as stopping for wrists and adjustable supports. Kensington Pro Fit is connected to both the receiver (frequency 2.4 GHz) and Bluetooth 4.0, and is also very quiet.

The keyboard lacks the function of the programming keys. In addition, the keys themselves are too close to each other, which, of course, affects the overall usability.

In general, the Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard Kensington Pro Fit leaves much to be desired. However, it is pretty a good option if you are looking for a model with a reliable wireless connection and comfort.


  • Available.
  • Comfortable.
  • Two types of wireless connectivity.


  • No ability to program keys.
  • Not the best build quality.
  • Distance between keys.


KINESIS KB600 ADVANTAGE2 has a unique, patented design company. When using the user's hand keyboard remains in a completely relaxed state due to the fact that they are in a natural position.

The keyboard also has special concoctions for each hand. Moreover, the model is equipped with separate keys for large fingers.

But this is not all: KB600 Advantage2 is equipped with tactile CHERRY MX switches, Cherry ML keys and vertical layout, as well as focusing for wrists.

Considering all these functions, Jestik Kinesis KB600 deserves the title of the best ergonomic keyboard to date.


  • Unique design.
  • Separate keys for large fingers.
  • Hand stop.
  • Programmable keys.


  • Very expensive.
  • We need time to get used to design.
  • Noisy.

PeriXX PeriBoard-512

On the queue, we have another USB keyboard to pay attention to - Perixx PeriBoard-512. It has 7 built-in multimedia control keys, and also boasts excellent responsiveness, which affects a convenient text set.

It is worth noting a separate design with a built-in stand for hands. The model without problems supports operating Windows (version 7/8/10). Another nice bonus is a low price.


  • tactivity.
  • Price.
  • 7 built-in multimedia control keys.
  • Split space key.


  • Uncomfortable arrangement of the arrow keys.

Kinesis Gaming Freestyle EDGE

Kinesis Gaming Freestyle EDGE - Excellent device, and one of the best ergonomic keyboards available today. This is a keyboard that has everything: comfort, ergonomics, programmable keys and even RGB backlight for each key.

It is also worth noting Cherry MX mechanical switches that can be blue, red, brown or silver. The model is also equipped with Plug and Play technology (that is, you do not need to install any drivers), supports Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome and offers a very practical design - you can split the device at a distance to half a meter.

Kinesis Gaming Freestyle EDGE is equipped with 95 fully programmable keys; The kit also includes a SMARTSET software configuration that allows you to quickly reassign and create macros, and also offers many settings that can be used through the SMARTSET special application.

The program allows you to create up to nine different profiles, assign macros and fully customized RGB backlight with different effects.

In addition, the model is equipped with nine geminaga keys, has a built-in stand for wrists and offers up to 4 MB flash memory to save all settings.


  • Switches Cherry MX.
  • Comfort.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Customized RGB backlight.

Minuses :

  • Expensive.

Cloud Nine C989m

Closes our list Cloud Nine C989M - a kind of hybrid keyboard whose main task is to combine ergonomics and comfort with high performance in games. And we must say that she succeeds!

Yes, the model has several shortcomings associated with software, price and size, because of which it does not suit many users.

On the other hand, it is worth highlighting the brown mechanical switches of Cherry MX, which provide a small clique-return and pleasant tactile sensations for the user, 10 programmable macroclavis, as well as other convenient features (for example, through USB port and multimedia control button).

Speaking about ergonomics and comfort, the device offers an embedded stand for hands, as well as ergonomic separate design (the keyboard can be divided into a distance of up to 20 centimeters), which will help you find the perfect position for hands and achieve maximum comfort.

It is worth allocating RGB-backlight, smoothness and responsiveness in the work and generally good functionality: thanks to this, the device is one of the best on the market.

in other words, ergonomic mechanical keyboard Cloud Nine C989M is an excellent product, but it is not suitable for everyone. If you need only ergonomics, you should pay attention to other models, and those who have a sufficient budget and seeks to get excellent gaming performance and comfort in one, you should certainly purchase exactly this device.


  • Switches Cherry MX Brown.
  • RGB backlight.
  • 10 programmable keys.
  • Through USB.
  • Customizable RGB-backlight;


  • The size.
  • expensive.


Ergonomic keyboard is simply necessary for those who Wants to take care of his health as much as possible. Currently, many models are available on the market, which differ in size and characteristics.

In the list above, we collected excellent models for both work in the office or home and for gemina and print. In addition, we suggest looking at our selection of the best combinations of a wireless keyboard and mouse.