The best emoji keyboard for Android and iOS

The times ended when we used the words exclusively to express thoughts and emotions. Attribute of the XXI century steel Emodi - a new form of a pictographic letter, which already plays an important role in interpersonal and international communication

Most of the native Android and iOS keyboards Have built-in support Emodi. However, users actively using emoticons in the correspondence are needed to be cooler, namely the special emoji keyboard, which allows you to transfer the entire gamut of the senses through small icons.

On iOS New keyboard application, you first need to manually add to the list of keyboards. This is done like this: Settings - Basic - Keyboard - Keypad - Add New Keypads. After that, in the "Third-party keyboard" section, you can select a new text set application and give it the necessary permissions.

In Android 10, everything is easier. It is enough to install the keyboard from Google Play, run it and follow the instructions on the screen.

And as for the best emoji keyboards for a mobile phone, we offer a list of the most popular. Of course, in fact, they are much more, and perhaps your beloved will be some other. You just need to search.


The multifunctional keyboard from Google focuses on the convenience. It has been implemented by smiley, gifs, stickers and sliding set. But it is best that the Google search string is built into it: you can go to the search on the Internet directly from the keyboard, without switching between applications, and then send a link to the interlocutor.


Countless Emoji> breaks down into different categories. This greatly simplifies the search for the desired icon and saves time when typing a message. The keyboard also contains animated stickers, widgets, the ability to add icons to the favorites category. The latest update brought full compatibility with iOS 14, including support for new icons (smiling face with tears, masked face, ninja, Italian gesture, heart and lungs, black cat, seal, dodo sandals, bubble tea, and toothbrush ]).

Microsoft Swiftkey

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Actually, Swiftkey is not an emoji keyboard. However, it is an excellent typing tool with hundreds of emojis preloaded. Millions of mobile users choose Swiftkey because of the predictive typing feature, which can also be applied to emojis: when you type a word or phrase, the application suggests the most relevant icons that can be immediately inserted into the text without looking for them in the entire collection. The latest versions of the app include a new messaging center in the toolbar, haptic feedback, one-handed operation, support for 400 new languages, and new layouts.


Ai. Type Keyboard Plus

How the name hints, Ai. Type Keyboard Plus is based on artificial intelligence for an accelerated set of text. Setting flexible to any needs and taste. Not only layouts change, but also the topic, color design. The emoticon catalog deserves separate attention. It is huge - more than 1000 pictograms. As in SwiftKey, the predictive set in this application works not only with the text, but also with smiles. The latest versions support the new EMOJI 12.1 standard for 2020 and 517 new icons. Also, more than 20 gender-neutral pictograms (firefighters, cosmonaut, a person in a wheelchair, a judge) and new objects (otter, planet with rings, a box with beverages and a twisting arm) were included in the set.


was bored with static? Want more animations? Try Fleksy. This keyboard supports the of extensions with additional functions. Access to Smiley is facilitated by the maximum. A set of icons is broken into categories, they turn to touch at the bottom of the keyboard. Of course, there are tools for visual settings. In the updated versions, the following words forecasting functions are added for 28 languages ​​and emoji based on a conversation.

GO Keyboard

Usually GO Keyboard downloads as an addition to the GO launcher and other applications from Go Launcher Dev Team, but also with independent use of the capabilities of this tool are not limited. This flexible configurable keyboard allows you to place emoticons, stickers and GIF files in a prominent location on the screen. Want to convert text in pictograms? No problem. The collection of icons exceeds 1000 pieces, in addition, GO Keyboard supports more than 60 languages ​​and 10,000 paid and free topics. The keyboard can be personalized using your own photos and pictures, typing text with swipes, as well as change fonts.