The best data recovery programs

If you accidentally deleted important files or photos, then do not worry: there is a way out. Fortunately, with the loss of files due to hard disk faults or any accidents, you can use a special application for data recovery that will help return the lost!

Note that before downloading and running any data recovery software, you need to stop using a faulty disk if there is such an opportunity. A damaged hard disk can only be used if you need to back up.

In addition, it is also worth thinking about contacting a professional data recovery company, since no software will help if the disk completely failed. The same thing happens if you lose the data on a modern SSD, from which, as you know, restore the files are the hardest.


Stellar Data Recovery is compatible with internal and external drives, physical carriers and even cameras. Many users believe that this is the best tool for recovering data available today. The program is able to restore lost partitions and data from encrypted discs, cloning entire discs and even create a system boot disk if the OS is not loaded.

Stellar Data Recovery is available for MacOS and Windows 10 and offers a free version that restores up to 1 GB of data, such as remote photos, videos and important files. The tool supports NTFS, EXFAT and FAT formats (16/32). However, for additional functions and unlimited data recovery, you will need to purchase a premium version. Prices start from 80 dollars (about 6,300 rubles) for the professional version and $ 100 (about 8,000 rubles) for premium. If you want to restore RAID data, the TECHNICIAN version will cost $ 200 (15,800 rubles).

Yes, the program is not the cheapest, but this is the best chance to restore anything from almost any device.


Easeus Data Recovery Wizard

Easeus offers many different applications, but they all are somehow related to memory. Whether it is a preliminary backup of files or their subsequent recovery, the main goal is to ensure the security and integrity of user data. The data recovery wizard created by the company is one of the best tools that will help restore any lost file.

The functionality includes recovery of files after damage to the hard disk, disk partitions, viral attacks, etc. The tool is able to restore more than 1000 different types of files, so no matter what it was removed, you have good chances to return what you need.

If you want to restore only a small amount of data or just try the program before switching to a paid option, you should download the free version. Pro version will cost $ 150 (12 thousand rubles), but it provides unlimited data recovery capabilities and free technical support forever, as well as free update to new software versions as we release.



Data Rescue 6 - Improved and without the excellent Data Rescue tools. The program is an ideal option for home users of Windows 10 and MacOS, which you want to restore a lot of data.

The software provides an intuitive interface with multiple basic options: scanning disk to restore files, preview, and disk management, which will help save data.

The tool includes a convenient feature of the preview of the file so that you can make sure that the file is correct or is possible for reading. In addition, notifications about the completion of the scan can be obtained by email.


Data Rescue 6 is ideal for those who do not know where to start. More experienced users will appreciate the advanced search capabilities and compatibility with Time Machine. Free version for testing software with minor recovery is available, but the price of a standard license will start from $ 19 per year (1,500 rubles), and a full license is a colossal $ 428 or 34,000 rubles per year.



Kldiscovery is a company that offers professional data recovery services. This should serve as a real evidence of the effectiveness of data recovery software called Ontrack.

The tool is considered more professional than others in this list, since it is more comprehensive and incredibly fast to restore all types of files. A program is compatible with both Windows and MacOS, and you can even start and stop the process of recovering files at any convenient time.

Basic free version provides a test recovery to 1 GB, and the home version cost $ 79 (6,275 rubles) offers unlimited recovery and most of the basic functions. For the advanced functional, such as raw recovery and cloning of discs, it will be necessary to pay for the version of Professional or higher, the value of which begins with $ 109 (8700 rubles). For RAID recovery requires a version of Technician, which costs $ 499 or 37,900 rubles.


Clever Files Disk Drill

Clever Files Disk Drill is another popular tool for recovering files that is available both in free and paid versions. The program supports internal and external discs, memory cards, camera with internal memory and so on. It is capable of restoring almost any type of file to a PC, and is compatible with Windows 10 and MacOS operating systems.

One intriguing feature is the ability to protect files from loss. The fact is that the special function Recovery Vault stores information about remote files, effectively acting as a secondary basket.

The free version limits 500 MB users to restore files from a backup, but you will be able to preview any number of files in order to find out what can be restored before you pay for Pro version.

As for Pro, it allows one user to restore data from three devices. Prices start from $ 89 (7,000 rubles), and for an additional fee of $ 20 (1500 rubles) you get the ability to continuously update the program. The corporate version will cost $ 499 or 37,900 rubles. However, you can get a 50% discount if you update the old version of the program. In addition, a 20% discount is provided to teachers, state and non-commercial organizations.