The best cameras with effects for Android

Now it is not a lot of work to put one or another photo by a specific filter or effect. But sometimes I want not to spend extra time on it, and put the filter right during shooting. For these purposes, special applications are served about which we will talk about.

Recently, we are becoming increasingly publishing in social networks Ordinary photos. Much more often we endow them with those or other effects.

These actions are usually produced by any photo editor. But in fact it is much easier to download the camera with effects on android. Especially if you are removed only on your smartphone. So you will save a large amount of time, as the filters will be overlap right during shooting.

Below we will get acquainted with the best applications of this kind.

YouCam Perfect

Youcam Perf application ECT is perfect for those who cannot live without beautiful, bright selfies, loves to decorate photos with filters, stickers and other effects.

Here you can apply filters in real time, as well as make post-processing of ready-made photographs, improving their quality. Youcam Perfect has smart retouching tools of the face, which "define" sowed faces, size and shape of the nose, cheekbones, lips and eyes, and still get rid of wrinkles and acne.

To fully enjoy all the privileges of the program, you will have to purchase a version of premium. Paid subscription will open up to you even more opportunities to improve photos, and will also save from advertising and watermarks.


  • Real-time retouching tools are available.
  • Large set of animated effects, stickers, fonts, backgrounds and frames.
  • Publication of photos on Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte and other social networks is available.
  • All jobs can be saved to the cloud service.


  • The free version of the app has annoying ads and some features are blocked.


With the Sweet Selfie application, you can not only do post-processing of finished photos, but also use real-time appearance correction effects. With the program, you will achieve the desired goal, and your photographs will become perfect and of high quality.

This includes a huge variety of filters for selfies, photo editing tools, makeup effects, collage editors , funny stickers, as well as a function for correcting defects on professional level and body editor. Even through the application, you can shoot a video and edit it there.

As a result, with such an amazing set of tools, you can easily create beautiful photos.


  • Possibility to decorate and adjust the appearance on the photo in real time.
  • Large library of filters, stickers and collages.
  • Simple, nice interface.
  • Suitable for video recording.


  • There are advertisements.
  • There is paid content.


The FaceArt mobile application is considered one of the best selfie editors. Here you will find various photo editing tools that you will need to transform and enhance your photos.

The program includes a funny camera for selfie with a huge number of filters and living, funny effects, including, for example, dog filters, kittens and will be involved, as well as effects of freckles, flower crown, sunglasses and etc.

Also in FaceArt there are makeup tools, stickers, collages, stickers and the ability to create original photos using PIP cameras filters. In general, this universal application will help Lovers of Selfie to stay always on a positive and give other joy with their cute, colorful photos.


  • The ability to share pictures on social networks.
  • Many free filters and effects.
  • Comfortable, understandable interface.
  • Good quality pictures.


  • Part of the filters and effects are available for a paid subscription.
  • Many advertising.


The Sweet Camera application will be a real "highlight" of the mobile device. With him you can create video and selfie in real time with numerous classic, funny and cute filters, as well as stickers and other effects.

In addition, there is a large set of stickers, collages, makeup tools and other photo decorations.

Sweet Camera interacts perfectly with social networks, and you can instantly download Selfi in Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other popular messengers.


  • The ability to create funny, beautiful selfie in real time.
  • Pleasant, simple interface.
  • A good set of universal photo editing tools.
  • An impressive selection of stickers, stickers and collages.


  • There are advertising.
  • There are paid content.


B612 - Universal Mobile App for Camera.

The program contains a large library of filters, stickers and other tools. In addition, here you can create your own filters and use them in the photo. It is very convenient to use in the B612 smart camera with filters and beauty effects in real time. You can quickly make selfie and do not worry about the photo attractiveness.

In the program there is an all-in-one process editing feature - this is the basic professional tools. This includes decorative stickers and fonts, various effects and filters, as well as editing video with the imposition of music and filters.


  • The application is free.
  • supports video recording.
  • The ability to apply effects in real time.
  • The application is often updated.
  • contains many filters, stickers, collages, stickers and fonts.
  • There are makeup tools.
  • There is no advertising.


  • In the process of work may freeze.
  • does not support Russian.

SWeet Snap

in the SWeet Snap application There is everything you need to edit photos. Here you will find a large number of photo filters, funny stickers and even beauty effects. The program also has selfie camera with useful options, for example, will help to eliminate any skin problems and add shining faces for an ideal portrait photo.

In the Sweet Snap you can create your own GIF packages EMOJI and boomerang video with the imposition of music, stickers and filters. They are reproduced cyclically for popular social networks - Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and others.


  • Comfortable, nice interface.
  • Large library of filters and cute stickers.
  • The ability to create video in GIF and boomerang format.
  • There are selfie camera.
  • Good photo editor.


  • A lot of advertising.
  • Part of the steering effects.


If you dream of a beautiful, unique selfie, then with the Bestie application you can implement all the desires.

There is a stunning camera with a huge number of opportunities that will turn the usual photo into a stylish, glamorous, and a funny picture without flaws.

You still wait for a large library of filters, animated stickers, collages, beauty effects, pretty stickers and a magic brush, blurring photos backgrounds. Also a pleasant bonus to this list will be a night mode that allows you to make high-quality selfie even in the dark.

With Bestie you can reveal your creative potential and add brightness and beauty even the most boring photo.


  • Pleasant, convenient interface.
  • Many stunning filters for selfie.
  • Smart beauty editor.
  • Good quality photos.
  • The application is free.


  • A lot of advertising.
  • The quality of the application depends on the model of the smartphone and the operating system.

YouCam Fun

With your mobile application YouCam Fun your selfie and video will become bright and positive. Here you can create colorful, cute selfie with different filters and effects.

Also with the camera, you can use perfect beauty images, giving the face a radiance, eyes - shine, and the cheeks are a blush.

YouCam Fun is the perfect way to raise your mood and others. You will be able to record a funny video, adding it funny stickers and text with best wishes and instantly send your creation to friends and relatives.


  • Mood lifts.
  • A large set of filters and stickers.
  • Good quality pictures.
  • Clear, user-friendly interface.


  • Not suitable for weak smartphones.


In Meitu, you can edit photos not only after shooting, but also during it. This universal mobile application contains a large library of filters, collages, backgrounds and fonts. In this case, the photo processing does not take much time.

Here you can get flawless skin, a snow-white smile, shiny eyes, a more accurate nose and other transfigurations of the face and body. Also in the program there is an opportunity to use the effects of makeup, experimenting with shades of lipstick, shadows or blush.

It is worth praise the presence of the video editor, because with it you can easily decorate the video filters, animated stickers and pleasant music.

In Meitu there is an advertisement, and if you wish, you can get rid of it by placing a paid subscription. Of course, the lack of obsessive advertising is not all the privileges of Meitu VIP, since a huge number of exclusive materials will be available with a subscription.


  • There is a video editor.
  • A large set of stickers, stickers, frames, filters and backgrounds.
  • The ability to compare work with the source photo before it is saved.
  • The ability to use filters, stickers and other effects in real time.
  • Good quality pictures.
  • You can share photos on social networks.


  • Does not support Russian.
  • There are advertising in the free version.
  • There are paid content.


Camera360 is Free photo lab with built-in effects, masks and filters. The application is suitable for both post-processing and editing in real time. In the process, you can switch between different effects, combine them and configure them.

Camera360 also combines the functions of the social network. You can share ready-made photos and videos right in the application, then they will be available to other users. You can like your jobs like and add to favorites.

In general, this is an excellent application for those who often make selfie and share them with friends. Camera360 boasts an impressive library of a wide variety of filters, effects and masks (including animated). And most importantly, it comes out not only for photos, but also video.


  • Many different filters, effects.
  • There is processing in real time and ready-made photos.
  • There are functions of the social network.
  • Effects and masks can be combined, configured.
  • Suitable for recording video.


  • There are advertising.
  • Not the highest quality of finished pictures.


This application was created strictly for selfie lovers. Through this program, you can apply a variety of effects to your face. The most common special effect is known to everyone - this is a dog's ears with a very long language. But the list of available pictures is not limited to this option. The Face Swap contains parts of the heads and other animals - say, raccoon and cats. Also, with the help of this application, you can impose a full-fledged mask on the face, thanks to which no one knows you.

Why do you need to use Face SWAP? After all, it would seem, it would be easier to impose dog's ears in a photo editor - there it can be done much better. However, the essence of this program in the video shooting. The same ears are strictly on the head, in whatever part of the frame is not. Moreover, ears, nose, tongue, mustache - all this is animated, which decorates video even stronger.

By the way, Face SWAP contains a built-in photo editor. This section provides all sorts of filters, stickers, frames and other items that can decorate any image.

applies the application for free, but some stickers and effects are offered for money.


  • Free distribution.
  • Easy to master the interface.
  • The rich number of effects for video shooting.
  • Built-in photo editor with stickers and other bonuses.


  • Some effects apply for money.
  • Advertising is present.

Cartoon Camera

This application is trying to turn our life with all their mights into a cartoon. Developers managed to endow their creation by an extraordinary opportunity. The utility turns the frame in the hand drawn image. And this is done in real time!

As it should be, this is a camera with a variety of effects for Android. Some do not allow to distinguish the picture from the present drawing. Others are not the greatest processing - it seems that the artist drew right over the photo. In short, you can choose the effect for any requests. At the same time, the application is distributed free of charge that it cannot but rejoice.

Like other programs of this kind, Cartoon Camera allows you to work on ready-made photos. Also here is available to send the result in social networks or its distribution through email.


  • Unique drawn effects.
  • Stable operation on most devices.
  • is distributed free of charge.
  • The possibility of adding a framework.
  • High performance application.
  • The presence of sepia and other standard effects.


  • At some point it can bother.
  • Lack of serious editing capabilities.

Ultimate HDR Camera

Now the possibility of shooting in mode HDR is endowed with an absolutely any preset application "Camera". However, the device will be engaged in this case in automatic mode, which will arrange not all users. Some people would like to adjust the use of the HDR effect, the brightness level, saturation color and other parameters. All this provides the Ultimate HDR Camera application.

This program is able to squeeze out of the HDR mode all the beauties that are only available to the camera built into the smartphone. The application can operate in automatic mode, according to your own understanding, making a pair of pictures with a particular exposure, after which stitched into one image. But most of all the utility will like those who prefer to keep the process of photographing under full control. In manual mode, four types of settings become available. Using the appropriate sliders, the user will be able to select specific exposure parameters, as well as change the level of shadows. The result is not worse than what can be achieved with long-term image processing in Adobe Photoshop!

Work in the Appendix will be able both to an advanced photographer and a beginner. The interface here is used as simplified as possible. The utility is distributed free of charge, developers earn due to advertising.


  • Simple use.
  • Fast work.
  • is distributed free of charge.
  • The maximum number of HDR settings is available.
  • High Quality of Final Result.


  • Shoots only with an aspect ratio of 4:3.
  • Photo weight is too large.
  • Advertising can be annoying.

Funny Camera

No doubt you have heard about the possibility of changing the face through the use of a smartphone. This is done using the appropriate applications. One of them is Funny Camera.

This program allows you to mock landscapes, but first of all it is still a camera that changes the face of the person being photographed. She does this, as you might guess, in real time. There are several artistic filters here. But the greatest emphasis is placed on the section with special effects. For example, the utility is able to distort your head to an unrecognizable state. Each effect here is marked with the corresponding lens (objective). You can only regret a little about the lack of localization, which is why memorizing the names of effects can cause certain problems.


  • Lots of fun effects.
  • Presence of sepia and other standard filters.
  • Very simple, if not localized interface.
  • Good performance.
  • Works even on older and budget smartphones.


  • The number of effects and filters could be more.
  • Gets bored quickly.

PIP Camera

This Android application in our selection today is not exactly a camera with effects. Yes, it allows you to take pictures, but real-time effects are not superimposed here. They are supplied only with finished images. Therefore, PIP Camera is more of a graphics editor, albeit a very lightweight one. But we couldn't help mentioning it.

Very funny jokes are created with the help of this program. In fact, the utility is engaged in blurring the image. At the same time, its duplicate is created, which is placed in some object - for example, in a crystal pendant or an hourglass. There is another mode here, in which funny collages are born. In particular, this way your face can get on the cover of a magazine.

In a word, PIP Camera is a solid application that every owner of a smartphone with a good built-in camera should definitely try.


  • Unique effects.
  • Place a photo on the cover of a magazine.
  • Good editing capabilities.
  • Create collages.
  • Presence of sepia and other standard filters.
  • Distributed free of charge.


  • Does not display effects directly during shooting.


FaceApp is a popular application that can change your photos beyond recognition. The utility boasts an impressive library of available filters and is great for those who want to try on a new hairstyle, beard or change hair color.

FaceApp modifies pictures using a neural network, so the result is really impressive. After applying some filters on the photo, it is difficult to notice the traces of editing.

First of all, FaceApp is famous for its makeup, age and gender change filters. But the application can also be used for image processing (color correction, cropping, background change, etc.). True, in this regard, FaceApp loses a lot to more professional tools.


  • There are practically no traces of editing in the photographs.
  • Suitable for those who want to change their image.
  • An impressive library of filters and effects.
  • Good picture quality.
  • Available for IOS owners.


  • Limited functionality.
  • No animated masks, effects.
  • Part of the filters and effects is available only in the paid PRO version.


If you want to forget about standard photos, then definitely download at least one of the proposed utilities. Which one? It all depends on whether you want to see one or another effect right during the crop. If not, then your choice is PIP camera. If you want, consider other options. Cartoon Camera creates a real drawing from the photo. It should be noted that the second application copes with its task better, but it asks for money.

If you want to have fun, then at your service FUNNY CAMERA - in fact, this is an analogue of the mirror curve. Well, Ultimate HDR Camera is an interesting program for those who want to squeeze the maximum of the HDR mode.