The best business applications

In this article, we are talking about the best applications for doing business and improve productivity that will help you manage your affairs.

Modern mobile devices are not only a means of entertainment of the user, but also a reliable assistant in business - more and more operating functions are transferred with a sweaty laptop on Compact smartphone [eight]. The applications useful for the entrepreneur include customers of payment systems, programs for processing and receiving mail, financial calculators, organizers. This review will introduce you to the most popular applications of the category "Business".

1C: Mobile Accounting

Watch out for reporting Their organizations with a convenient mobile application from the developer "1C-Soft LLC". It will automatically remind you of payment of taxes, insurance premiums and other operations.

To authorize in the program, you need an email address or login. Accounting will make it possible to simplify a huge number of processes related to finance and documents, which is perfect for not only managers of organizations, but also by self-employed and entrepreneurs. Prepare and hand over various reports and declarations, count the amounts of taxes, contributions and other payments, lead the accounts for employees, goods and expenses, as well as use other features of the application for free.

Features of the program:

  • Preparation, submission and printing of declarations.
  • Payment of any taxes.
  • Accounting for remnants of goods, employees in the organization and other things.
  • Fully free and without advertising.
  • Storage of data backup in the cloud.
  • Automatic filling of details.


On the second line of our selection, a program was located. It allows you to track the financial condition of the organization in the form of convenient reports and statistics, lead the order magazine and accounting of goods in stock, set tasks for your employees and much more. Thus, the application is a good way to automate various routine tasks, offering huge opportunities.

In fact, , the Moissel contains the functionality of several programs: according to the accounting of finance, accounting of goods, tasks distribution and collaboration management. The interface has several main tabs: "Sales" (orders and accounts of buyers, shipment, as well as returns), "Procurement" (orders and accounts to suppliers, acceptance) and "warehouse" (displacement, inventory, posting and writing off goods). This proves once again how a massive tool is this application.

Program Features:

  • Advertising is completely absent.
  • for free and without subscriptions.
  • pop-up notifications on new tasks, orders, etc.
  • Details of the counterparties.
  • Place the tasks and plan goals.
  • Detailed statistics in the form of convenient graphs and diagrams.
  • Overview of sales points and data on them.


Order account statements, work with payments, pay the salary, view the full summary of the means, manage deposits and documents And also perform other business operations in a free application from Sberbank. The tool is suitable not only by the current entrepreneurs, but also those who have not registered themselves as a legal entity. You can do this immediately after the first launch of the program on the main screen by filling out the necessary information.

And for those who just want to get acquainted with the functionality and decide for themselves whether it is worth keeping the program on their mobile device, the developer has provided the possibility of a Demo mode. What it is? You will get access to the fake company "My Coffee House", where all the information will already be filled in for you. Several accounts and many transactions will be automatically created that roughly describe the activities of this organization. In reality, it does not exist, it is just a fake so that you can evaluate the functionality of SberBusiness.

Features of the program:

  • Built-in virtual assistant that will solve any issue.
  • Detailed summary of financial movements: all account transactions and other information.
  • Open deposits for any term and amount with different conditions.
  • Built-in financial calculator.
  • Account statements for any period in different formats: PDF, Excel, 1C.
  • Issue new SberBusiness business cards in 1 click.
  • Free and no ads.
  • Payroll projects, deposits and VAT.
  • Advanced security system ​​and fingerprint login.

Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office enterprise suite has been freely available on the Google Play Store since summer 2015. Mobile Office gives users the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the contents of documents, but also to edit them. Charts, graphs, SmartArt are available - thanks to this, the design of documents looks attractive. An interesting feature of Microsoft Office is the ability to connect to cloud storage, which allows you to resume work on a document from the point where it was interrupted.

Now all the applications that were previously included in the general “office package” can also be downloaded separately. The following programs are available to Android (and iOS) users:

  • Microsoft Word - is used to view and edit text documents. During the use of a mobile application, almost all formatting functions are available on the computer version of the program.
  • Microsoft Excel - a great option for viewing and editing computer tables.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - This application is designed to work with presentations directly on the smartphone or tablet.
  • ONENOTE - something like "notepad", data in which is synchronized on different devices. That is, you can put a note on the computer, after which it is continued to edit it on the smartphone. Excellent alternative to Evernote.

Google DRIVE

Google Drive is a cloud storage with advanced features. Users of this application do not need to remember, on which carrier is stored an important document, and worry about the fact that the flash card by mistake will be formatted.

Benefits Google Drive These are:

  1. Free 15 GB for storage of files. If this is not enough, the memory can be expanded to 100 GB, but already on a paid basis.
  2. Automatic Synchronization. In case of changing files, they will be available in the last edition to everyone who has access to account.
  3. Documents Google Drive can be sent to one touch thanks to integration with Gmail Mail.

Alternatively, this cloud disk can consider such services such as Dropbox, Yandex. Disk, Microsoft OneDrive. All of them are only not as critical in functionality, so you can try each storage and choose for yourself the most convenient.


TODOIST - The task manager, which allows not only convenient to plan the affairs of the entrepreneur and organize individual tasks in projects, but also to observe the overall efficiency of work using the chart - the so-called karma. Reduced karma, according to the creators of the program, should motivate the businessman to work harder or put more real time.

The advantage TODOIST includes the following:

  1. The ability to classify priority tasks (from 1 to 4).
  2. You can organize collective work and invite several people to one project.
  3. Tags tags are attached to tasks - it is convenient if the user wants to specify a list of persons responsible for the execution of the project.

Free and premium version are available for downloading in Google Play: the paid is available in that it allows you to add notes and attract more people to teamwork (25 against 5).


According to the authoritative source of New York Times, Evernote is included in the 10th of the most useful free mobile applications. Evernote is a web service for storing and creating notes. A note can be handwritten text, a whole web page, a picture of either a video.

What allows Evernote businessmen?

  1. Corporate Finance is put in order to maintain contracts, receipts, invoices.
  2. Place information about products and promotions in order to procure the most efficient.
  3. Saving business cards in electronic format - for this serves an application from the family Evernote Hello.

Rambler. News

Annex Rambler. News will tell an entrepreneur about the main events occurring in Russia and the world. The key advantage of the application is called a simple and user-friendly interface - the most relevant news is displayed on the main page without any advertising.

In the User menu, such subsections are available as:

  1. Rubric. The user can read the news precisely that themes that interests it.
  2. Choice of readers. Here are available the most popular news in the opinion of other users of the application.
  3. Photo reports. In this subsection, you can view visual reports from the events.
  4. Video. Here are not only news reports, but also advertising and useful videos.
  5. Bookmarks. You can add to the bookmarks to add your favorite articles to return to their reading later.

The disadvantage of the application is that Internet needed to use it. For those who are deprived of permanent access to the worldwide network, a viewing function of preserved offline articles is provided, however, new articles will be inaccessible to these users.

Business Card Reader

ABBYY is known as a manufacturer of high-quality software to recognize text. Program Business Card Reader is a realization of the recognition technologies, which is performed mainly on businessmen.

After installing this application in iPhone, the need to store paper business cards or score contact details manually disappears - it is enough to use the camera, and the data will be read and stored in the gadget memory automatically. By default, data from the card is stored in the ABBYY business card holder, which provides great opportunities for working with contacts: search by name and other parameters, custom classification into groups. If import to smartphone is selected, the output is a regular contact in the address book.

It takes only 20 seconds to process one card. The free version of the application Business Card Reader for Android allows you to test the technology on 10 business cards, for iOS - on 15. After the limit is reached, the user will be offered to buy the Pro version, the cost which "bites": iPhone owners will have to "fork out" for 2990 rubles. In addition to removing limits, premium users get the opportunity to export business cards from the database to an Excel document.


Slack, developed by the creator of Flickr, was almost immediately dubbed the "email killer" by journalists. Slack is a corporate messenger that allows you to combine several programs and services into a common information channel at once, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Users of Slack are teams of giants such as Sony and eBay.

When using the application, notifications from all mail services and instant messengers come to Slack - this eliminates the need to keep a lot of tabs open on the smartphone. Notifications are configured in such a way that a company specialist is not disturbed by a message that was not addressed to him: as a result, a notification about new images in the file hosting service comes to the designers' chat, and information about the degree of template readiness comes to the layout designers' chat. All messages can be found later in the channel archives.

There are free and paid versions of this business mobile application: users of the free one will face restrictions. For example, the Free version allows you to connect only 5 services, while the Pro version allows you to connect 39.


Booking - an application that allows you to find and book rooms in hotels and inns at the most affordable prices. The application database contains more than 750 thousand hotels in 205 different countries.

The Booking program gives businessmen the opportunity to:

  1. Classify and sort hotels according to the average rating of visitors, according to the availability of necessary amenities ( Wi-Fi, availability of a conference room).
  2. Pave the way to the hotel, for example, from the airport.
  3. Create " wish -lists": lists of hotels and hotels that meet the entrepreneur's individual criteria.

The advantage of Booking is that this application is available for free download in both Google Play and the AppStore.


and there is no scanner at hand, the program Camscanner will help out. Photographed documents can simply be loaded into the application, after which the program will automatically set the borders, remove unnecessary parts of the photo, adjust the contrast and correct the blurry background. At the output, a perfectly readable document will be available, which can be sent by e-mail or uploaded to one of the cloud storages, for example, Google Drive.

What else can Camscanner ?

  1. Convert multi-page documents to a single PDF file.
  2. Change the page size, for example, from A4 to A5 or Letter.
  3. Process still pictures.

Minus CamScanner is the presence of watermarks on the final scans, however, it is possible to get rid of this disadvantage if you purchase a paid version of the program.

consultant plus

Consultant Plus - an application that gives access to such information of a legal nature at any time as the Codes of the Russian Federation, Acts of federal legislation. Entrepreneurs, in particular, can always look into the current consumer protection law - this is a very useful opportunity in the event of a dispute with a buyer or consumer services.

In addition to the main regulatory acts, the user is available:

  1. Regional legislation of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  2. Judicial practice.
  3. Financial advice.
  4. Accounting Calendar.

Use Annex Consultant Plus can and without Internet access - you only need to pre-download the necessary documents. Citizens of Ukraine are advised to use analogue Consultant Plus - Program iplex .

Sign Easy

Annex SIGN Easy Significantly simplify the life of those who have to sign a lot of documents daily. Thanks to this program, you can put a signature directly from iPhone.

This happens like this:

  1. from any cloud storage facilities the required document is loaded into the program.
  2. The user is painted using the stylus or finger - the program remembers the signature as a workpiece.
  3. The user inserts the workpiece into the necessary columns of the document.
  4. The signed document is sent for its intended purpose.

Sign Easy Supports files of various formats and allows you to insert not only signatures into the document, but also graphic elements, say, prints and logos. The free version of the application gives the right to add a maximum of 3 signatures, after which the user is invited to subscribe.


WEEK Done - a free application that helps a businessman to collect all reports subordinates in one place. All you need is to create an account account and register workers in it. After that, each employee will timely receive alert that it is time to draw up a weekly report.

Reports come to the head on an email box or directly to the application and include graphs and charts that characterize the effectiveness of both a separate employee and the organization entirely. If necessary, formed in WEEK DONE, the report can be redirected to the investor or another interested person.

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR - an indispensable program for managers and HR specialists. The application is a kind of notebook with information about employees who are already subordinate to the leader or only claim to take the position.

using Bamboo HR :

  1. Store information about birthday and anniversaries.
  2. Manage vacation requests to prevent the situation when several important workers are on vacation simultaneously.
  3. View employee reports and analyze their effectiveness.

Appendix Bamboo HR costs 69 dollars a month, however, a trial period is provided for new users.