The best audio players for iPhone and iPad

"Music" on iOS is an excellent player, but it works with a small number of formats. We present you better and multifunctional counterparts.

"Throw a stone in the garden" developers of the audio player"Music" is difficult. Indeed, the built-in player for iPhone is very convenient and almost does not have drawbacks, so many owners of "apple" devices are used to to do only to them and do not think about "throwing a fishing rod" in the AppStore for searching for another musical software.

Despite this, the store is full of audio players equipped with useful features that "music" cannot boast - for example, the output on the text of the text is reproducible.

VLC for Mobile

VLC for Mobile is an advanced tool allowing Play not only audio, but also video files on mobile devices platform iOS and Android. This means that with this program you can not only listen to music and open audio files, but also, for example, watch movies and other content saved in your smartphone / tablet memory.

Thanks to this feature, the player can be called a favorite in our selection and without a doubt to arrange it on the first line. VLC is a time-tested program to work with media files that can be known to many more in view of the presence of a desktop version for Windows and MacOS. Although it does not stand out by any huge functionality, but it works quite stable and without any questions.

Features of the application:

  • Pleasant minimalistic design.
  • Work with many formats.
  • Fully free and without advertising.
  • The possibility of playing from cloud storages (Google Drive, Dropbox, ICloud, OneDrive, etc.).
  • There are several subtitle formats.
  • Support even the oldest versions of iOS.

VOX Music Player

Audio player for iPhone VOX is considered one of the best and most important competitor to the "Music" application. The MAC version of this program was leading in the charts of free AppStore applications a few weeks in a row, so the "mobile" VOX was looking forward to.

VOX for mobile devices. From the point of, the functionality of VOX will also give a "music" and other similar software.

Features of the application:

  • Support for many formats: AAC, MP3, FLAC, APE, CUE.
  • Convenience and flexibility to use: VOX is easily attached to accounts of SoundCloud and services.
  • Unlimited Loop cloud storage.
  • Good sound quality, due to the own Audio Engine system.

The main minus of the VOX audio player is the lack of the ability to adjust the sound frequencies manually. Although Equalizer and includes over 10 presets, among them may not be such an option, which would satisfy the individual tastes of Melomanana.


for the widespread history The unique Listen: The Gesture Music Player is required to appear the developer to which it was inconvenient to switch tracks on the standard player while driving a car. The uniqueness of Listen is that it is completely devoid of buttons and does not require that the user looks at the control screen - this music player works only with gestures.

The absence of controls and an almost empty screen after the first launch of Listen is often invalid by users. Therefore, it is not recommended to neglect learning that is offered by the program before use. You can learn gestures with an experienced way, but it will take more time than on viewing instructions. Gestures are simple enough: for example, a single pressing starts up and stops playback, swipe Up adds the composition to "Favorites".

Features of the application:

  • Developed social component - The user can tell about the listened compositions in Twitter and Facebook, as well as Translate music through AirPlay.
  • Bright design, capable of creating a positive mood due to animation.
  • Simple and Available: The application is loaded from the AppStore completely free.

The only disadvantage of Listen player is considered a small number of supported formats - the program will reproduce the tracks in.mp3,.wav and.aac, but. Flac and.ape is not "on teeth "

Flac Player +

  • ​​

Playing Music in FLAC format using the iPhone without prior conversion is a real problem: from all listed iOS applications, only expensive VOX is coping with this task. However, there is a free solution for audiophiles wishing to enjoy the warm lamp sound - the Flac Player application.

An indication of the format in the name of the application should not scare users who are accustomed to more traditional formats: Flac Player also works with AAC, AIFF, MP3, WMA.

Player features:

  • Flexible frequency adjustment. Flac Player users have a deca-band equalizer with manual configuration.
  • Reproduction in high quality with 24-bit sound.
  • The wide possibilities of organizing tracks.
  • Bookmarks: Simple, but at the same time a unique feature that allows you to mark certain points in the compositions.
  • Additional methods for managing an application (using a headset or a Bluetooth device).

The program also has enough negative sides. Firstly, the Flac Player will not be able to download Flac Player - only two languages ​​are available: English and Vietnamese, and the selection of the second is due to the fact that the developers of the utility from Vietnam. Secondly, the disadvantage is an application interface: it seems that the developers have not tried to create something visually different from the player "Music".

The third drawback becomes obvious when reading comments by Flac Player's comments: the program often crashes, and periodic updates do not help correct this situation.

Music Player

Another music player in this rating With the easiest and most primitive name. However, you should not count that the program itself, like its name, will not be able to surprise users. According to the developers, this is the first player, when creating a lot of attention was paid to the advice of professional musicians.

If you often listen to music or any other content of a different format, then in this plan Music Player will be very by the way. Support for all modern audio file types is implemented, so you can reproduce almost anything.

Thanks to a high-quality and well-thought-out implementation of the interface, confused in the abundance of buttons and controls will not be exactly. And if you have any wishes for the development team or comments, you can instantly contact technical support without closing the player.

Program Features:

  • Convenient Interface and Simple Navigation.
  • Recognition of damaged files and their restoration.
  • File Manager Features: Working with archives, as well as other basic operations (sorting, searching, deleting, moving, copying, etc.).
  • Powerful equalizer with a plurality of pre-installed add-ons.
  • more intuitive control, What is implemented using the gesture system.

NOTA - Music offline

"Note - Music is offline" - one of the best applications for playing music on iOS devices. With it, you can play audio files from anywhere: directly from the internal memory of the smartphone or from the cloud storage (ICloud Drive, Yandex.disc, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, Box or OneDrive).

In addition to standard player functions, there is also the ability to manage files. Music can be imported, exported, sharing it with other devices or unite into playlists. For lovers to play with the sound, a pretty advanced equalizer with a large number of settings is provided. It will be useful for both lovers and novice users who can use pre-tuned presets.

To play multiple files, you can organize a queue in advance that in some way it resembles the logic of playlists. Added to the tracks tracks will be played in order.

Features of the application:

  • There is a sleep timer.
  • Support for AIRPLAY streaming technology.
  • Changing the reproduction speed (from 0.5x to 2x).
  • The sound is never interrupted, even during notifications.
  • Intuitive management with the help of the gesture system.


Ends the selection of the Cloud Music application, which is largely similar in its functionality to the previous player. Just like in "Note - Music Offline" you can download music from cloud storage or scan it directly from the device's memory. In addition, you can download tracks from other devices, for example, using iTunes File Sharing or thanks to the usual Wi-Fi.

Advanced equalizer, a huge number of sound effects and other features of advanced players are not here. Cloud Music is suitable only for those who are looking for something comfortable and easier. It is worth noting that the application is completely free and does not contain built-in purchases.

Program Features:

  • Protect your eyes at night with a pleasant dark theme.
  • All music from a variety of sources in one place.
  • Loading and listening to favorite tracks in offline mode.
  • Convenient organization of playlists.
  • Support for a large number of formats.
  • No annoying ads.


It is pointless to argue that "Music" is one of the best music players, however, it, alas, is not able to satisfy the requirements of modern music lovers. Most often, “Music” is reproached for a small number of supported formats - for example, compositions in FLAC format, that is, recorded without loss of quality, he will not read. This is what makes audiophiles look for alternatives.

The best replacement for "Music" seems to be the new Vox player, which has wide functionality and can work with all popular audio formats. However, you won’t be able to download Vox for free - although its cost is quite average (about $ 6), it can still scare away the user.

Supporters of free software should pay attention to FLAC Player, which will play FLAC without asking a cent for it, and Listen as the most original player.