The best audio players for Android

Each smartphone has its own music player. But if you wish to get the maximum functionality, it is better to establish a third-party solution.

Almost every one of us uses a smartphone to play music. You can do this with both the preset player and by running some third-party audio player. In this article we will try to figure out what music player is the best. This will be discussed about applications intended for the Android operating system.

It should be noted that hundreds of such programs are now created. We tried to highlight the best players for playing music with the widest functional. Their interface is made in Russian, thanks to the control of even the newcomer.


On the Desktop Computers AIMP took the position of the best MP3 player, shifting it from it is probably Winamp. There is about the same interface here, but a little more simplified. The creators abandoned the video playback function, thanks to which the application has become faster. But wait, we are talking about a music player for Android. What is the difference between the mobile version of the player? Yes, strictly speaking, nothing. Here are the same functions, there are Equalizer and support for playlists. The user is allowed to change the color of the interface. The special context menu helps the physical deletion of files (if it is not blocked by the operating system).

It's nice that the developers allowed the user to familiarize themselves with the properties of musical compositions. To do this, go to the playlist, where bitrate, the sampling frequency and file format will be indicated. There are also widgets that can be displayed. But most of all the application pleases the competently thought-out support for Russian-speaking tags - the encoding is selected automatically.


  • Support FLAC and a plurality of other formats.
  • A simple and understandable interface.
  • Providing information about the properties of files.
  • Support for external and built-in plug-ins.
  • is distributed free of charge.


  • No karaoke function.
  • Only a five-band equalizer.

Evaluation: 9/10


One of the most popular players on Android. Why did he like people so much? Perhaps due to a competently implemented interface and rich functionality. In the settings of the application, you can specify how quickly the transition from one song to another must be carried out (even the imposition of the beginning of the new song to the end of the previous one). Sorting files in folders, genres, performers and some other parameters that are borrowed from composition tags are available. Not forgotten here and the ability to create their own playlists.

Download Audio player for Android follows those who like to adjust the sound for specific headphones. Everything has been created here for this. Decade Equalizer will meet far from each such an application! If you do not have time for fine tuning, the developers offer pre-prepared presets. And, of course, one equalizer here was not limited to - in Poweramp you can detect the possibility of changing the tone and even the balance of stereo sound.

Another advantage of the program is the ability to load covers, if those in tags were not found. It is done in both manual and automatic modes. As for the supported formats, there are MP3, FLAC among them and over a dozen others. In short, this is the best player on this operating system. But why didn't we put a firm "ten"? The reason is that the free period of using Poweramp is only two weeks. Then you have to pay a certain amount.


  • An understandable interface.
  • The ability to manually and automatically load covers.
  • Decade Equalizer.
  • Very rich functionality.
  • A large number of widgets.
  • Support FLAC and many other formats.


  • The trial period is only two weeks.
  • No automatic tag encoding recognition.
  • No karaoke function.

Evaluation: 9/10


Another music player, which is constantly being improved. It supports many audio formats, the list of which includes not only MP3, but also a much heavier and high-quality FLAC. The disadvantage of the application is the interface - it consists of a grid of covers, which is based on a song or artist. Often it builds incorrectly - not those artists or, on the contrary, it does not include some songs. Sort by genre has about the same problems.

The rest of the player is very good. It has downloaded more than 10 million people. Creators implemented the function of automatic loading of missing covers. They also introduced a decade-band equalizer. There are also the balance of the channels about which we have already mentioned in the story about Poweramp. Streaming reproduction is supported, which should like the lovers podcasts. And the free external addition will help to download lyrics!

Unfortunately, you can use the N7Player for free. And the cost of this product is slightly higher than that of Poweramp.


  • Automatic loading of covers.
  • Decade Equalizer.
  • Loading lyrics (add-on setting).
  • Support FLAC and many other formats.
  • Automatic volume normalization.
  • The presence of widgets.


  • The trial period is limited in time.
  • Strange interface.
  • No automatic tag encoding recognition.

Evaluation: 8/10


Dream player

Already, one name of this player says that he must provide us with the maximum functionality. Partly, this is true. The free player has absorbed all the best from the many of its competitors. It offers a wide selection of settings and visual species. Right with this player, you can listen to Internet radio - this is also an important plus. There is also a backup function of all files (Yandex. Disk is used). If this is not enough, you can remember access to the online database of free music.

There are other minor functions here. For example, while playing music, you can run a slideshow from your favorite photos. Numerous widgets are ideally suited not only for smartphones, but also for much larger tablets. In short, listed "chips" of this application can still be very long. Let's try better to understand whether this audio player has shortcomings for Android.

Unfortunately, the "dream player" is not ideal. On some smartphones, when the player is started, the sound by unknown reasons increases to the maximum value. And not everyone likes the equalizer - for its discovery, you will need to do several clicks, while competitors require only one. If the developers someday solve problems with software, then the application will definitely receive 10 points from us!


  • is distributed free of charge.
  • The ability to download lyrics.
  • Convenient interface (including on tablets).
  • FLAC support and many other formats.
  • Built-in tag editor.
  • A large number of widgets.
  • The presence of the shutdown timer and other useful functions.
  • Support for Internet radio.


  • Unstable work on some smartphones.
  • Not the best equalizer.

Score: 9/10


Supporting MP3, FLAC, WAV and many other formats, this music player features an unusual interface. It will take some time to master it. But after that, you will understand that this is the only way you can have access to absolutely all the most important functions of the player. This interface looks great both on the screen of a small smartphone and on the display of a huge tablet.

Like all of its competitors, PlayerPro offers the ability to customize the sound of any song. For this, a five-band equalizer is used. A bass booster is also available. Some users may find the reverb (echo) mode useful. But much more useful is the ability to download the missing cover from the Internet. Well, a sleep timer will be needed if you like to fall asleep to music - so it will not play all night.


  • Support gestures and shake to control playback.
  • Fade out sleep timer.
  • Too many widgets.
  • Download covers from the Internet.
  • Support for smart playlists based on certain properties.
  • More than two dozen skins.
  • Ability to play video.
  • Built-in tag editor.


  • Trial mode is limited in time.
  • Five-band EQ only.
  • Still not the widest functionality.
  • The interface takes some getting used to.

Evaluation: 7/10

Music player

Player with an uncomplicated name "Music Player" - This is a fairly easy application with a number of interesting features. It allows you to scan all memory and load music - while in the settings you can hide short tracks, that is, randomly recorded sounds or what is not music. The program has several sorting options, it is possible to configure your own playlists and create a folder similar to the black list - the tracks from it will not be displayed during playback.

The player allows you to start a song from the same place where the user stopped or starting from the new track every time. It also has several color display schemes, it can work on top of any other software, there is a sleep timer, the SMART Share function - the exchange of songs with other devices directly in the application. An interesting option is to switch the tracks by shaking the smartphone. The application works with any audio - FLAC, MP3, OGG and others.


  • reads all formats.
  • shifts shaking tracks.
  • You can configure playlists.
  • Blacklist - folder with tracks that will not be played, you can not remove boring music, and at the time to exclude it from the lists.
  • Music sharing through the application.
  • Built-in color interface color schemes.


  • Intrusive adware.
  • "Curve" Interface - It seems that the application has been Russified via an online translator.
  • Some users complain that accidental reproduction is not always correct - individual tracks can come across more often than others.

Score: 7/10

Pi Music Player - mp3 player, YouTube music videos

An application with an interface that is well suited for the “concise” characteristic. The player has several themes, a convenient breakdown of tracks according to different criteria, the ability to create "smart" playlists. Music lovers will be able to play with the sound in the equalizer and customize it for themselves, but even without any settings, the player plays nicer than its many "colleagues". The application has the ability to put a song as a ringtone and cut it right here. There is a separate folder with audiobooks and podcasts - they will not be confused with songs. For those who are tired of listening to music and want to watch clips on YouTube, there is a Discovery folder with thematic selections of music. There is also an option to change track metadata, set a playback timer, share music, folder, playlist through the built-in Pi Power Share option. The program also allows you to set up synchronization of playlists in the cloud in case they are lost.

Pi Music Player is more than just a player, it has many interesting features, a built-in store that in no way cuts down on the existing functionality, but only makes it more convenient to use, as well as an official website with a lot of useful information about this software.


  • Laconic interface - aesthetes will definitely appreciate it.
  • Easily organize playback of songs, audiobooks, podcasts.
  • Integrated YouTube.
  • No ads.
  • Read all audio formats.
  • Internal equalizer.
  • Quality sound.
  • Working with ringtones.


  • Only 4 topics - I would like more.

Evaluation: 10/10

VLC for Android

VLC is a cross-platform application that combines a number of functions - audio, video, IPTV and playback from the local network. Technically, this player refers to video players, but also those who are looking for a good option for listening to music.

VLC simple from point of capabilities and settings, but it has a clear interface, stable operation and the ability to watch video and listen to audio in one place. Sometimes it is more important than a big set of function. The application retains history - you can find the song you like, if the user did not have time to remember the name. In the settings, it is possible to specify the folders to be downloaded to the player or you can scan the entire drive immediately.

VLC is a reliable and respected player for those who do not want to bother with the settings, but appreciates the simplicity and convenience of use.


  • A simple and understandable interface.
  • Stable work.
  • There is an opportunity to watch video or IPTV here - you do not need to install additional applications.
  • No advertising.


  • Little capabilities directly for audio, as the player is not only designed for it.

Evaluation: 8/10

Music Player

speaking about the best Audio players for the Android platform should not be mentioned about this application. Yes, it may not be as popular as AIMP, Poweramp, VLC and other significantly more well-known projects that at one time first appeared on Windows, but also "Music Player" is a good version of the player. Here you can find a huge number of useful features and features that are neatly structured and are collected in one place so that the search for the "that button" now does not take a bunch of time.

The features of the program include support for widgets that can be placed on the desktop to quickly enable favorite compositions. Here you can create lists (playlists) by mood and at certain points to listen only to the music that will be better approached for this. There is also an opportunity to diversify the interface: you can choose one and several applications.

in favor of this player, more than 10 million people have made a choice, and its estimate in the Google Play store is located at 4.8 points with more than 700 thousand reviews, which is an excellent indicator.


  • Support for several tens of languages ​​(English, Russian, Spanish, French etc.).
  • Share with your friends songs that you listen to right now.
  • Powerful equalizer and detailed sound adjustment.
  • Pleasant design and intuitive interface.


  • Not so much the desigration, as I would like.

Evaluation: 9/10

Music Player - MP3 Player

Ends the selection of a product called "MP3 player MP3 player" from the developer of Apps10x. This player contains the entire basic set of tools that such an application must have. It knows how to install a ringtone, load audio files from folders on the device (both internal and from external memory), has a large number of topics to choose from, simple interface and has a built-in free equalizer with a multitude of presets, reverb and other settings. And if you wish, it is also possible to cut any part of the melody and use it as rington, the sound of notifications or signal of the alarm.

The program has an intelligent sleep timer, which allows you to automatically stop the playback of the tracks after the time expires and prevents the battery voltage flow rate. If you wish, any tracks can be added to your favorites to access them even faster. Immediately after the launch, the application will propose to choose one of the few dozen to choose from, and a huge number of them will be absolutely free. Another part can be unlocked by purchasing a paid version "Pro" or viewing a small advertising video.

From other features of the audio player, I would like to note the presence of the "driving" and "audiobooks" modes, which significantly expand the basic functionality and make the program to dislike for their analogues. The main features are available in the free version, although the execution of a paid subscription allows you to completely avoid advertising, unlock several additional options and get a smooth transition between tracks. The developer has provided a 3-day free trial period, after which the cost of the subscription "Pro" will be 99 rubles / year.


  • Many to choose from.
  • more than a dozen finished presets, effects, Virtualizer, BassBoost and other equalizer settings.
  • Convenient separation of ringtones on folders ("My favorite", "Recently added", etc.).
  • Proper definition of audio files and lack of bugs.


  • There is an advertisement.
  • Not the most pleasant design.

Evaluation: 7/10