The best apps for working with RAW photos on Android and iOS

Shooting in "raw" formats is no longer the privilege of mirror chambers. Today, every more or less advanced smartphone is able to shoot in RAW.

In fact, RAW is not some kind of specific expansion, but a whole family: DNG, ARW, CRW and many Others depending on the camera manufacturer. RAW can shoot both iPhones and androids, however, the function of editing such a file is not present in each photo editor. And even the standard camera application does not always allow switching to this format.

Picture RAW looks unattractive: it is dim, blurred and often too dark. All because it is a raw image from the camera without any manipulations with color and sharpness. So that such a photo acquired charm, it will be handled. Here and lies the advantage of RAW formats: they are edited flexible than standard JPEG.

editors capable of working with RAW variations, not so much. We offer to get acquainted with the seven of the best. Each of them uses a unique approach to shooting, editing and managing files on a smartphone.

Darkroom (iOS)

Full-featured photo editor for iPhone and iPad supports keyboard commands (for iPad only). In addition to editing RAW, it allows you to separately configure the front and rear plan of the photos taken in portrait mode, and adjust the degree of blur. With this application, each mobile photographer will be able to feel like a real Prof: The curves are included in the tool kit, selective color correction and batch processing. Separate options are presented for color correction and video operation. Especially importing photos in DarkRoom do not need: the editor itself finds them in the memory of the smartphone and displays in the built-in gallery.

The main functionality is available immediately after downloading, but some options are purchased on a fee basis.

Adobe Lightroom CC (Android, iOS)

This editor does not need this editor: its desktop analogue on the hearing of everyone, who has come to process photo on the computer. The mobile version of Adobe Lightroom CC is both a digital asset manager and a post-production studio with the ability to edit almost any photo format, including proprietary extensions of the RAW family. Moreover, the built-in camera in the mobile application allows you to capture "raw" data.

Not only images taken with a mobile camera, but also images loaded into memory from other media can be processed. Lightroom has everything from basic exposure settings to gradient fills and layering. There is also a rich set of overlays, grouped by type of effect, and a rather rare selective color correction tool.

The Adobe Creative Cloud subscription offers a variety of options at affordable and affordable prices. The inconvenience of this application is that you have to upload photos to it manually. But it does sync data between mobile and desktop devices.

VSCO (Android, iOS)

At the very beginning, VSCO contained only one function - filters that simulated film. Over time, the application has become richer, and now its audience has millions of users on both mobile platforms. An impressive set of effects is offered to choose from, a subscription opens up even more. VSCO doesn't just work with finished images: the app has a built-in camera, so it's a versatile solution for both RAW editing and shooting in this format.

The free version has a 7-day trial period, after which the number of filters is limited. These can be expanded through in-app purchases, and a VSCO membership subscription gives you access to a real wealth of over 200 overlay options, unique editing options, and beta features for $20/year.

Snapseed (Android, iOS)

This application is the property of Google. It also exists in the form of a mobile photo editor. It gained popularity due to the complete absence of subscriptions and in-app purchases. Along with the usual tools (exposure and color adjustment), Snapseed also contains more rare effects - bokeh to blur the background, portrait enhancements, selective color correction and double exposure. The interface of the application has not changed for a long time, and most of the updates are focused on bug fixes and compatibility.

Halide (iOS)

If you want to pack all the latest iOS photo features into a simple and intuitive app, then Halide is the way to go. The developers describe it as "the perfect photo within reach." The interface is designed in such a way that all manipulations can be carried out with one hand. Although simple, the app includes professional-grade features, including portrait mode for people and animals, depth map for dual camera devices, peak focus. Not so long ago, a camera switch appeared that works especially well with the iPhone 11 Pro.

The app is praised for its gesture controls, but some features require payment.

ProCam 8 (iOS)

ProCam 8 also supports shooting in standard JPEG and lossless RAW. Dozens of different modes (night, portrait, burst, 3D and more) will turn your smartphone into a real camera. For those who have no experience with professional cameras, the interface will seem complicated, but once you understand it, you will understand that ProCam is not in vain in the top of the best photo editors for iPhone. All changes are reversible - at any time the settings can be rolled back and the image returned to its original state.

Like many high-quality iPhone applications, ProCam costs money, namely 649 rubles.

RAW Power (iOS)

RA W Power is a RAW file manager with basic editing functions. It recognizes the photos made on the built-in camera, and loaded from another source. On the interface, this application looks like Lightroom. You can change the exposure and position of the curves through it, configure the effect of depth, as well as sort and systematize images.

RAW POWER is downloaded for free, but improved editing tools are purchased through the shopping manager.

The editor is not compatible with iPod Touch, iPad Air 1, iPad mini 2 and 3, iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 PLUS.