The best apps for VR glasses on Android

Applications for VR glasses on Android give a general idea of ​​the possibilities of virtual reality, and at the same time it makes it possible to understand whether there is a need to buy an expensive VR headset.

Games with support for virtual reality - a new stage of the evolution of computer and mobile gemina.

Modern VR helmets It is often fairly expensive, but in the world of virtual reality, you can plunge with the help of Android-smartphone and inexpensive VR glasses for mobile gemina.

Important: Between games on full-fledged virtual headsets and mobile VR-gaming a big difference. However, applications for VR glasses will give a general idea of ​​the possibilities of virtual reality and will help you decide whether to buy a full-fledged VR headset.

Most VR glasses applications are available almost on all android smartphones with DAYDREAM VR support and gyroscope.

DayDeam VR - Virtual Reality Platform from Google, represented back in 2016. It is built into the Android operating system, starting with version 7.1 Nougat. Ordinary VR games are a little inferior to Daydream as in terms of gameplay and graphically.

Applications for VR glasses on Android are not yet very much, but among them you can find enough interesting games, as well as training and educational programs.

Adventure games, shooters, action and arcade

VR Fantasy

Bright and atmospheric role-playing game-rod in virtual reality with beautiful musical accompaniment and classic gameplay. Arm yourself with a sharp sword and go to the mysterious depths of the dungeon inhabited by a variety of evil. Explore rooms and corridors, collect weapons, armor and treasures. Fight carnivorous plants, spiders and other monsters and try not to get into the deadly trap. The game has no pumping system and quests, besides, it is very short, but pleased with beautiful graphics and epic battle with the boss.


  • Magnificent visual design.
  • Beautiful musical accompaniment.
  • Simple control.


  • No character improvement system.
  • No tasks.


Lovers of acute sensations for sure will appreciate the simulator of the American slide Temple Roller Coaster. To give the game greater realism, it uses a video taken on real attractions. Influence on what is happening at the player is not possible, but during the trip he can enjoy the exciting views around himself 360 degrees.

The game has several types of attractions from different countries and different levels of complexity.


  • several types of American slides with different levels of complexity.
  • A good immersion in the game thanks to the real records taken on the attractions.


  • No interactivity - you can only observe what is happening in the game.


Atmospheric horror with a classic gameplay. According to the plots of the game, you will be locked in a gloomy mansion, from which you need to find a way out. Explore the rooms immersed in the twilight, corridors and basement. Avoid deadly traps, solve the puzzles and open the mystery of this terrible place. To get out of the house, you need a cold mind and logical thinking.


  • A terrible atmosphere.
  • The gloomy chart that gives the game a special depressiveness.
  • Many puzzles.
  • ​​
  • The possibility of interaction with the surrounding objects.


  • No missing.

QVR (Source Port Of Quake Engine for Cardboard VR)

A full-fledged port on Android legendary fantastic shooter, in which the player has to investigate the levels, find weapons and destroy monsters. The plot repeats the original computer game: an unidentified enemy, who received the QUAKE code name, attacked the military base using teleportation gates to transfer its troops. The player among other earth fighters will participate in the operation to destroy the enemy on its territory. As in the original game, the QVR has secret areas with utility items.

Since this port, you will need to additionally download the necessary files.


  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • The effect of full immersion in the gloomy atmosphere of the shooter.
  • There is a multiplayer mode.


  • Additional data is required.


Dynamic arcade shooter In virtual reality, the events of which are unfolding in the world of zombiapocalypsis. In the role of one of the survivors you will have to fight for your life with hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. Against the whole army of the walking dead, you only have a minigan, an email and a huge desire to survive. Evaluate protective barricades from undergraduates, place ingenious traps and replenish ammunition in time.


  • Not bad graphics with well-worked detailing.
  • Dynamic gameplay.
  • The gradually growing level of complexity.


  • No tasks and quests.

Divinity Defense: Dungeon Edition VR

Protect your castle from the encroachment of enemies. Immerse yourself in a fantastic virtual world inhabited by amazing creatures, and defend your fortress from enemy troops. Like other games in the genre of "protecting towers", the player needs to develop proper tactics and arrange protective towers in strategic points. Do not let the opponent's army break through your defense and get a cash reward for destroyed enemies. Build and pump new protective structures. A player can straighten with enemies and hands, but this requires a VicOVR controller.


  • Colorful graphics.
  • The possibility of interaction with the surrounding world.
  • Several types of protective towers.


  • No location change.


Entertaining adventure game, combining shooter and puzzle elements, which will take you to an unusual world with a very strange architecture. Armed with Blaster, the player needs to explore many locations, along the way, solving interesting logical tasks. Open the door with the help of weapons and discover all the secrets of this amazing world.


  • Stylish locations.
  • Fascinating puzzles.
  • It is possible to interact with the surrounding world.
  • Qualitative sound support.


  • There are no.

Logic games and puzzles


Stunning 3D- Puzzle with funny hero and magnificent graphics. Help the alien robot, falling on the ground, go through fascinating levels and find a way home. Each level in the game is a location with any structure. The player needs to hold a hero to the stars placed in different parts of the building. When they all are collected, access to the next location will open. The buildings in the game are made on the principle of diora. They can be rotated to any parties. It must be remembered that the robot, although it is not a living being, cannot dive into the water with its head, so it will not work to go to the desired point under water.

In addition to game levels, Mekorama VR also includes locations created by other players. You can create them using the built-in level editor.


  • Great visual design.
  • Unique logic puzzles.
  • Charming character.

Cons :

  • The game is paid, but this is the case when you don't feel sorry for the money spent.

Perfect Angle: Zen edition VR

Extraordinary puzzle based on optical illusions. The player needs to rotate the disparate parts of an object at different angles in order to see the object as a whole. Rotate the platform with parts of a pirate ship, beautiful flower or animal on it and try to find the perfect angle of view to see the hidden object. More than seven dozen jigsaw puzzles are available to the player.


  • Good graphics.
  • Many levels with increasingly difficult tasks.
  • Addictive gameplay.
  • Relaxing music.


  • None.

Way Out VR


Extraordinary puzzle game inspired by the popular logic game Portal. The player needs to find a way out of the mysterious laboratory, solving interesting puzzles and moving boxes with a laser gun.


  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • Many logical tasks.
  • Simple control.


  • Increased visual design.

Educational applications

Jurassic VR - Dinos for Cardboard Virtual Reality

Adventure Game, which will be poisoned in Travel in the distant past to see prehistoric lizards. It is impossible to hunt them, but you can wander through various locations, watching dinosaur life, or go to simulator mode to see what the giants of the past look near. For those who want to rush the nerves, the race mode is made, in which it will be necessary to flee by flight by car from a huge tyrantosaurus. The game will be interested in the first place for children interested in past lands and inhabiting it in antiquity by giant animals.


  • Qualitative graphics.
  • Several gaming modes, including racing.
  • The possibility of obtaining a view about how dinosaurs looked like.


  • No missing.


entertaining arcade with elements of educational Games and stylish saundtrack. Inmind VR is American races that pass inside the man's head. A player can travel to neutron intricateings and correct poorly working cells labeled in red by shooting them.


  • Pleasant visual design.
  • Quality musical accompaniment.
  • Easy control.


  • Pretty monotonous gameplay.

VR space

Magnificent Space Travel Simulator, In which the player will be able to go to an exciting tour in the universe. Watch the sun and rotating around it by planets. Touch your fingers of distant galaxies to move to them in an instant. The application can be recommended as a cognitive manual for familiarizing children with space and obtaining an idea of ​​the structure of the solar system.


  • Qualitative graphics.
  • The effect of full immersion in the game.
  • A large number of different space objects.


  • Little locations.