The best apps for vintage shooting on the iPhone

For many of us, different stains and disadvantages that occur when shooting on film cameras are a warm memoir from the past. After all, admit, each in childhood was a small and compact disposable chamber, often called "soapy", for which it was constantly necessary to buy a film. And remember how we all left the "footage" for special days, just to make the perfect family photo against the background of the New Year tree?

In addition, a whole culture of so-called "film players" has been formed recently, which, despite the presence in the market of high-quality mirror chambers, they still buy Zenit or old kodak.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that, despite the fact that the basic principles of exposure settings and Aperture are preserved by the same, the process of shooting and publishing images has changed much from that time.

However, many still prefer not to delve into the details, but simply download an application to their smartphone that would imitate the effect of a film chamber. There is quite a lot of applications for vintage photos, we will talk about below.


HUJI CAM photographs just like a disposable issue of the 1998 release, right up to Dates, which is indicated in all pictures! The simulation of the film is rather convincing, with the effects of glare, color edging and a common contrast view resembling a set of cheap ISO 400.

In order to handle the image using Huji, the photo must be done through the application. You cannot apply the filter to already existing images from the gallery, and also re-process a photo for free - for this you need to pay 1 dollar.

You can configure the date format (on the correct), or make it seems that this is 1998 (default setting). In addition, it is possible to enable and disconnect the glare, set the timer, select images of low quality or remove the front camera.


If you are desperately trying to recreate the entire shooting process with disposable film cameras, Gudak is that necessary. In contrast to other applications of this list, the application really limits your actions using a strict set of rules.

Gudak removes with the help of frames, in each of which 24 frames are available. After the set ends, you need to wait one hour in order to download the new and re-start shooting. Find out which photos turned out, the user can only after three days after shooting.

Thus, the application returns a long-lost element of surprise. The fact is that by the time when the photos are ready, you are probably not able to remember exactly what they were removed. Immediately note that such tricks, as a change of date on the phone, will not work. The developers really tried to fame.

Photos are obtained good, but the main trick is an experience. Gudak limits your overview to a tiny viewfinder, removes the focus and exposure controls and, in fact, returns a photo to its basics.


  • If Gudak and Huji Cam are the best apps for imitate disposable film cameras, then Calla is the best application that is imitating cheap 35 mm chamber. The application itself is very stylized and confuses a little due to the non-standard location of the buttons and the combination of Korean and English languages. Calla includes several different types of film, but free you get only one. Photos made with it, are pretty good. Images are soft, the colors are warm, there is a small effect of grain, but no glare.

    In an application, you can find a complete set of photo management elements, including sensory focus and exposure. You can also manually control the focus using the ring next to the shutter button. In addition, the application supports the import of images from the gallery in Calla and their further processing. Applications also have microtransactions that allow you to unlock more functions. However, there is also an opportunity to see advertising instead of the investment of real money (but it will take some time).

    KD Pro

    The KD Pro application is not only for free, but also includes three completely different styles: Kudak (Kodak), Kuji (Fujifilm) and black and white preset. If you wish, you can also include the date mark and glare. The application allows you to choose the time "manifestations": instantly, an hour or day. A good idea, but it looks a little pointless, because most people always choose exactly the instantaneous option.

    In general, KD Pro copes perfectly with the creation of highly stylized photos. You can mix cinematic styles in the set, simply changing the filter in the application settings. If you are not updated to premium class ($ 0.99), you cannot do anything with a photo after processing, as well as import images from the gallery.

    Hipstamatic x

    One of the best applications similar to HUJI is Hipstamatic X. There are filters, presets and camera settings, thanks to which the images look as if created in the 1980s or 1990- x year.

    Although the application is mainly intended for beginners, professional photographers will also find how to take themselves. For example, there is a completely new photo editing feature, the ability to customize light, color, focus and even the effect of graininess.

    Be sure to familiarize yourself with the "Passport" function. It allows you to keep the magazine of your history of photos. In general, we believe that HipStamatic X is one of the best cameras for the iOS camera.

    Retro Camera +​​

    like film? Try Retro Camera+. The application is mainly intended for users of Instagram, and a set of filters will turn new photos into retro.

    Some of the app's key features include live camera filters, over 40 effects, timer, flash mode, and camera support for selfies. Retro Camera + also makes it easy to share photos directly on your preferred social network. There are more than 30 networks available in total.

    Dazz Cam

    Closes our list of Dazz Cam applications. It, like the other applications described above, is designed to recreate the analogue style of the 80s.

    Dazz Cam can add color, texture and image noise to photos, and has a variety of lens flare effects to give your creations a more authentic feel.

    Other features include 2-image overlay, self-timer, fisheye lens, flash color selection, and exposure control. There's even a square border - perfect for people who want to upload their creations to Instagram.

    This is how our list turned out. Maybe all these film camera apps are toys, but there's nothing wrong with that. They offer not only filters and styles, but also the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and approach photography from a different point of view.