The best apps for video calls

Business video conferences, meetings with friends or relatives - all this can be easily done using a mobile phone, tablet, computer. Let's take a look at some of the best video calling services that are suitable for any task.

Until recently, there were not so many applications that offer communication through the camera. And the most common and leading of them was Skype. Time passes, and with it more and more new services appear that have their own characteristics and unique capabilities.

Some programs are suitable for easy and quick communication with people from all over the world, others will be more useful if security and data encryption are important to you in the first place, and still others can be an excellent environment for business meetings or negotiations.

Below are the top best video calling apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Google Duo

Opens a collection of popular service developed by provided by Google. Thanks to it, you can contact almost anyone, no matter what device they use. Duo is supported on Android and iOS mobile operating systems, and is also available for use in the browser: just share a link with a chat invitation.

Call work colleagues or loved ones, create group video chats with up to 32 participants and share messages with friends in just a couple of clicks. The application is positioned as a simple, convenient and reliable service. It's really easy to use because of the easy navigation and clean minimalist design that's common to any Google app. Host the highest quality meetings anywhere you have a stable internet connection.

To communicate with relatives in Duo there is a family mode that makes it possible to draw on the screen and allows you to use different effects and masks to make a conversation even more fun. In addition, at any time you can take a snapshot of the screen and share it with the chat participants to save an important point.

Features Google Duo:

  • Perform any calls: both through video and Ordinary voice.
  • Pleasant design and "light" interface.
  • Mode of Insufficient Lighting: Call from anywhere, even if the conditions do not allow this.
  • Joint group chats up to 32 participants.
  • There is no advertising.
  • Fully free, without subscriptions.
  • Have fun together: Watch the video on YouTube, read or draw.


Another application for video calls - IMO. This is a service designed to quickly exchange messages and VoIP calls. The IMO functionality can be a good alternative to the previous Google Duo, as it offers similar opportunities. Here you can contact your family, friends, colleagues and other users, create group calls up to 20 participants, share documents, as well as other files in chat rooms and not only.

Despite its basic purposes, IMO can be used as a conventional messenger. Send voice messages, photos and simply communicate without overpaying in touch with people from other countries, saving a decent amount of money on ordinary calls. Of the interesting in the appendix, you can note the possibility of connecting to rooms created by other people. Just go to the appropriate tab and join the conversation, or create your lobby on any topic.

The only obvious disadvantage of the service can be called advertising. However, you can get rid of it if you purchase a "Premium" subscription, which is provided with a free cloud storage for photo and video on 25 GB, the possibility of installing personal ringtones and other functions.

Features IMO:

  • Crossplate: Touch users on any platform.
  • Communicate with the whole world: Call mobile or stationary rooms at low rates.
  • Sustainable compound Even with a weak signal.
  • Any types of communication are supported.
  • Quick Start and Memory Saving: Service does not take up a lot of space on the device.

Facebook Messenger

  • ​​

On the 3rd line there is a messenger from Facebook with a huge number of downloads in one Google Play. The number of users who tried the service has already exceeded 5 billion. Messenger is a simple and convenient way to communicate with anyone, wherever you are. Need to urgently contact to discuss the working questions? Select a contact and click on the video call icon. No opportunity to turn on the camera? Use voice call.

As in similar applications, there is an opportunity to create group chats. Just share the invitation link with all the participants and they will immediately be able to join the call. In this service, all the little things are collected, which are present in other messengers: creating discussions and surveys, response to messages, easy sharing files, customization capabilities and much more.

All this, as well as stylish design and uncomplicated navigation, make Messenger an excellent version of the video calls and communication applications. In addition, you can note the presence of end-to-end encryption and a separate tab with confidentiality functions in the service settings. And yet, let him and far from the safest, but we talked about this in another article. By the way, the program has a lightweight version of "Lite", which will be by the way if you have an old and slow device.

Features Facebook Messenger:

  • There is no ads.
  • Dark Mode for night gatherings.
  • Instant switching between profiles - Several Accounts can be used here.
  • Data saving mode.
  • Change the appearance of chats: Use many colorful and stylish themes.
  • Sending disappearing messages with a timer.
  • Watch the video along with the Watch Together feature.


and although Telegram is positioned not just as a service for video calls, but as something More, not to add it to this selection would be wrong, given that the spectrum of the possibilities that he offers. Here you can communicate with contacts from the notebook or by any other users, read various news, call anyone by voice or video link (if the settings in the subscriber's profile allow this).

The Telegram messenger feels confidently. The application is updated regularly and replenishes its extensive list of functions. Do not forget the developer to work on the interface and ease of use. For example, chats here can be sorted by folders, which makes it easy to clean up: put contacts of colleagues in the working area, relatives profiles in family, etc.

If security is of great importance for you, but at the same time you do not want to refuse those capabilities that Telegram offers, then more attractive service simply does not exist. Here you can find a variety of security and confidential settings, configure automatic removal of messages or account, communicate in a special "Secret Chat" environment, the connection in which is carried out by the "Client-Client" type, without storing the data on a cloud service server.

Features Telegram:

  • PEOPLE NEARBY function: Find groups created nearby With you, or other users in local intimacy.
  • Wide Customization Opportunities: Change the theme and style of chat, the color of the messages, etc.
  • Intuitive gesture management.
  • Pleasant design.
  • more secure communication with the help of "secret chats".
  • Convenient switching between bright and dark themes.
  • Multifunctionality.


It was impossible to do in this selection and without the twin-stage of the first applications for video calls that were widespread. Thanks to the universality Skype, the service can be used for any purpose: to work, learning or communicating with other people. In addition, here you can call in stationary phones at low and profitable rates.

If you wish, you can even get another Skype phone number by which you can make calls within a certain region. It is enough just to choose the country and choose a plan for payment (monthly, once in 3 or 12 months), since the function is paid.

In addition to the classic version of the program, there are also several official modifications: "For Business" and "Insider". The first one is perfect for those who do with business, thanks to advanced features (task management, fast connection with colleagues, planning meetings, etc.). Skype Insider is the same service with a little difference: this version is faster than all renewal and new functionality, while testing.

Features Skype:

  • Easily communicate within another country: You can create a local room in 25 regions.
  • Work on any platforms: There is support for MacOS, IOS, Windows, Linux, Android.
  • Saving calls to stationary numbers.
  • Universality and B Affected functionality.
  • There is no advertising.
  • Synchronization with a computer: Read messages on one device, respond to another.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

On the sixth line there is a service for the organization of video conferencing - Zoom. In case you are looking for an application primarily for holding meetings, not communication, as it is organized in messengers, the playground will be a good option. It is distinguished by simple and understandable control. To start a meeting, just just register an account and press a pair of buttons. 100 people can join the room on any devices.

Use zoom capabilities without registration in the service. Immediately after starting, on the main menu, the utilities can be included in the scheduled conference by specifying its identifier and username. During the conversation, you can independently include / disconnect the camera and the microphone, communicate with other participants in general and personal chats.

Advertising here is completely absent, which can also go to the piggy bank of the pluses of this site. The availability of ZOOM can also be attributed to the positive aspects. The platform supports most of the modern and most used operating systems, in particular: MacOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, iOS, Android. It is also possible not to install the program on the device - you can simply open its web version.

Features Zoom:

  • Function delegation: Respond to calls on behalf of other users.
  • Be connected even in the unsuitable setting with a safe mode "on the road".
  • Quick Connection to Conferences using links.
  • Configuring call routing and answering machine.
  • Demonstration of the screen and an interactive board.
  • Communicate in chat, share ideas or files.
  • cross-platform.


And here is the service that many people probably did not hear. JITSI MEET - Video calls platform, which will be most useful for use in the working environment. Here, as in Zoom, the whole functionality is reduced only to the organization of conferences. In addition, in contrast to Apple Facetime and similar applications, here you can contact any users, no matter what device they use.

Simply create a room and share a URL, or go to an invitation to join an existing call. The interface is as simple as possible. On the Recent tab you can select the Type of Meeting (Audio / Video) and view the history. And in the "Calendar" section will appear the scheduled meetings. All default calls are carried out in Peer-to-Peer (without data processing by any server), which makes the connection more secure (unlike Zoom) and is one of the key factors for those who are important confidentiality.

During the conference, you can share broadcast with YouTube or view any video together, record a conversation, share the contents of the screen and not only. The developers provide for the possibility of connecting to a room to 75 people (the recommended number of participants for a stable communication is 30).

Features JITSI MEET:

  • Open-Source Project with a secure connection and data encryption.
  • Password protection using: Easily manage connections.
  • Work in the browser: For the Call, it is not necessary to download the service to the phone / computer.
  • Fully free and without advertising.
  • Good communication quality.
  • Chat polls: Easy to find out the view of a large audience.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is a multifunctional mobile chat with the functions of voice and video calls. For consonances with a large group of people, the service is not suitable technically, as a maximum of 4 people can take part in the call. Otherwise, this is a good application that allows you to communicate with anyone, even in the conditions of an unstable Internet connection.

Regarding the convenience of using WhatsApp is not inferior to its analogues. There is nothing superfluous here, and the login is carried out only by phone number: no passwords and logins. After checking, authorization will pass and the list of contacts is synchronized. Only those users who are also registered in the service will appear in WhatsApp's telephone book.

In addition to banal calls and correspondence, in the application you can send your location or geolocation of places nearby, instantly share music, photos and other files. In addition to the basic version, there is a modification "Business" (a means for communicating with clients) and "WA Web" (messaging directly in the browser).

Features WhatsApp Messenger:

  • Fully free and without advertising.
  • Customization of chats: Install the themes and change the wallpaper.
  • Data savings: Condure less traffic.
  • Quick add to contacts: Just share QR code or scan someone else's.
  • Communicate without overpayment: Write free and call people abroad.


In the queue Instagram - one of the most common social networks In the world to communicate and sharing photos. Feel like a part of a huge community, where you can conveniently share moments from your daily life, upload short video history, rewrite and rewrite with friends and not only.

in comparison with other social networks, more emphasis was made precisely on the possibility of sharing photos and video content. Not so long ago, the service got a function "reels", which allows you to significantly expand the Instagram functionality and makes communication even brighter and memorable. You will be able to create creative rollers by adding dozens of face filters, background music, Emodi and other diverse effects.

It is even faster to share your life with the help of "stories" - short rollers disappearing from the profile after 24 hours. In addition, video calls are supported in the appendix. It is enough to go to the messages section, select any user and click on the corresponding camera icon. In one conversation, 4 participants can participate at the same time.

Instagram features:

  • Creative video tools: Create interesting and share the rollers with friends, subscribers.
  • Good Quality Communication: Joint calls up to 4 people.
  • Pleasant design.
  • an intuitive interface.
  • Open a new one with IGTV: Diverse content from other users from around the world.


VKontakte - a multifunctional tool for communication, which includes many useful Services. If earlier the playground was only a social network for exchanging photos and video, listening to music and correspondence, now it's also a place for dating, playground for advertising, advertising and not only.

Listed the possibilities of VKontakte can be infinite. Watch out for health, creating useful habits and tracking the volume of water drilled per day (or, for example, the number of steps covered), engage in shopping, listen podcasts or participate in the broadcasts. And if you suddenly need a taxi, order food or find a job, it can also be done here in one place.

The application is integration with a huge number of mini-programs, which allows you to replace with one service a bunch of others. As in the messengers, here you can communicate freely with people, send voice messages, share any files (photos, video, music). And most importantly, in "VC" you can create group video conferencing, converating with any number of users.

Features of VKontakte:

  • Share the video and enway profile, like Tiktok.
  • Multifunctional menu "Services": Weather forecast, TV program, sports events, currency exchange rate, etc.
  • Built-in electronic wallet: Save on shopping with VK Pay.
  • Audio and video calls without restrictions.
  • Record short stories like Instagram.


Summarize the selection Viber is a messenger that allows you to make VoIP calls over the Internet. In terms of feature set, this is something between WhatsApp and Telegram. The application unites millions of people and makes it possible to call anywhere in the world, send photos and videos. And you can exchange messages even with an unstable and slow network connection.

All features are divided into 3 sections: "Calls", "Chats" and "More". On the first one, you can call any of the contacts in your address book or invite a person to Viber. On the "Chats" tab, you can start chatting with a user, create a group or community. There is also a section with notes, where you can save important messages, create tasks, or, for example, manage reminders.

Speaking of cons, we can highlight the presence of unobtrusive third-party advertising, which, admittedly, is easy to hide. Another obvious disadvantage is that users often receive spam from people who are not in their contact list. Partially protect against this allows the auto-check function, which is activated in the program settings.

Viber features:

  • Instantly add contacts using the QR code scanner.
  • Send geolocation.
  • Diversify your chat: add hundreds stickers to your chat.
  • Record voice and video messages.
  • Spam Protection : Only receive messages from verified contacts.