The best apps for training on Android

There are now a lot of opportunities to maintain its physical form. One of them is the use of a special training program for Android. That's just choosing such an application is not as simple as it seems. To determine the specific utility will help this article.

The first fitness applications appeared on mobile phones even before the promotion of the Android operating system. They worked on the Java platform, offering a very meager functionality. Now the number of such utilities has grown significantly. Some of them are intended for use in a pair with some tracker. Others make you deal with specific exercises - for example, pressing from gender. And the third at all is a virtual gym, taking the role of a coach. In today's selection, we will try to consider the best applications of this kind. Get ready, the story will be long!



This utility contains Thousands of illustrations helping to master exercises for the development of certain muscle groups. The program is offered to download for free, but some content in it applies for money. If you do not miss classes, then the result will definitely give yourself to know.


  • More hundreds of training programs.
  • You can create workouts yourself.
  • A lot of photos that facilitate understanding of the essence of training.
  • The presence of videos.
  • Widget with notifications about the upcoming training.
  • is distributed free of charge.
  • lack of advertising.


  • Many training programs are offered for money.
  • Lack of Russian.

Evaluation: 8/10


This program is primarily monitored by how much calories are burning. To do this, you must first indicate your height, weight and age, after which the utility starts to work as a diary. If you add any goal, the application will start regularly notify whether you are close to achieving it. To enter consumed food, you can use both manual mode and automatic when the product is added after the barcode scanning.

The application contains a database of 350 exercises. You also have only to perform them and drive the corresponding calculation containing the number of approaches. We should not forget about the existence of My FitnessPal web service, thanks to which you can lose weight with friends or friends.


  • Good implementation of a unique idea.
  • Many dishes and products in the appropriate directory.
  • a large number of exercises.
  • The presence of the web version.
  • is distributed free of charge.
  • The possibility of setting goals.


  • Problem with work on some devices.
  • Full functionality is available only in the PRO version.

Evaluation: 7/10 ​​


What can be done in 7 minutes? Enjoy the morning sleep, which we do not want to let go, shining in a mobile game or watch a video on YouTube. And you can pay this small period of time to your body and work out sports, and the Seven application will help you.

With a simple but attractive interface, it offers a lot of workouts that will take you only 7 minutes a day, with various purposes (strengthen the body, maintain the form or reset weight). Seven will replace your personal coach as it selects the exercises itself, and after the start of the workout, it shows the timer and animation, which will tell you how to perform certain actions. You can train both at home and in the hall.

From other features it is worth highlighting a social component that implies competitions with friends and a 7-month marathon, which will become excellent motivation for working on themselves. We definitely recommend, especially those who have little time.


  • Original idea.
  • The abundance of training for the whole body and for different purposes.
  • Unloaded interface.
  • The ability to add your workouts.
  • The application serves as a virtual coach.
  • Social component with a rating table, Competitions with friends.
  • Personalized profile.


  • The functionality of the application is limited by a paid version.

Evaluation: 9 out of 10

Freelelectics Training Coach

If you are looking for an application with high-quality video tutorials, after viewing which questions "And how" Disappear forever, pay attention to Freelelectics Training Coach. The advantage of the utility is that it implements a virtual trainer on the basis of AI, which takes into account the results of the athlete and its feedback, and on the basis of this is a training program. Thus, classes will always be personalized.

Sport restrictions in Freelelectics Training Coach No - you can engage in both the hall and at home with your own weight. The free version will delight the 22nd workouts, 27 exercises and 20 audio mode (on various topics), and the rest of the content is available on subscription. But believe me, it is worth it as we described far from all the features of the application.


  • Personal training.
  • Virtual trainer on the basis of AI.
  • Collection of audiobook for mental configuration.
  • Quality videos.
  • Disclosure important for the athlete topics about food, sleep, motivation and stress.


  • Audiodessions are not Russified, although the interface in Russian.
  • Paid subscription.

Evaluation: 9 out of 10

Nike Training Club

The application was created with the support of Nike, and its level, as you understand, higher than the majority of other selection guests. This is a universal workout utility that will help in yoga, Cardio, with its own weight and others. And it doesn't matter what kind of equipment you have (or it is missing at all) and the situation is even if you are in close room, it is not difficult to work with Nike Training Club.

The training library contains over 180 free programs. The program takes into account the various activity of the user. You can also choose the level of complexity and tie the Nike Training Club with the wearable electronics with the support of the Android operating system Wear OS so that you are not distracted by the smartphone.


  • Appendix from a well-known company.
  • An impressive collection of free training.
  • An intuitive interface.
  • Different levels of complexity.
  • video instructions from coaches and athletes.


  • Users celebrate bugs on Android.

Evaluation: 9 out of 10

Noom Coach: Health & Weight

This application combines In itself a personal trainer and a nutritionist. Here, the user is set to those or other tasks that must be performed. They can be held in the distance or any exercise. Also, the user must record all the food in a special diary, which he uses.

Theoretically, all this will allow you to lose weight. But in practice everything is quite difficult. After all, the database of food products here is designed for a foreign user - Russian dishes find quite difficult. Difficulties causes an English-speaking interface.


  • The presence of a large number of slimming programs.
  • the opportunity to download for free.
  • Training, power and biometric logs.
  • The presence of a parameter function.


  • Lack of Russian.
  • Not the most complete database of food.
  • Full functionality - only in the paid version.

Evaluation: 5/10

for runners and cyclists

Google Fit

Advanced application having a simplified interface. By default, the distance tracked, the number of advanced steps and the volume of calories burned. Does all this it is actually without your knowledge - in background. There is a function of installing goals here and the function of installing goals, thanks to which it is much easier to force yourself to go on a jog.

The utility also supports data reception with various wearable devices. Especially supported Smart Watch based on Android Wear, although theoretically access to the program can also get any other carrying electronics. After connecting a fitness bracelet in Google Fit, information about the heart rhythm and sleep tracking will appear.


  • The possibility of synchronization with smart clocks and fitness trackers.
  • Work in the background.
  • In the number of classes there are walking, running and bike makers.
  • Quite detailed statistics for speed, route, tempo and height.
  • Access to statistics from other devices.
  • is distributed free of charge.
  • Complete absence of any advertising.
  • The possibility of installing a particular purpose.


  • The number of steps is not always indicated correctly.
  • Lack of serious training programs.

Evaluation: 8/10


  • (453]

The main application from sufficiently well-known developers. It is intended for those who love to run or ride a bike. It is for these classes that the creators made the greatest emphasis. The program shows all possible statistics - height, distance, number of steps and speed. At the same time, the runway route is saved, which can be viewed on the map. Automatically smartphone finds out who else from Runtastic users ran nearby, which allows you to compare their results with your own.

did not forget the creators and proceedings. Moreover, access to both short-term goals relating to the current lesson and long-term. It is here and synchronization with smart clocks based on Android Wear - with their help you can manage music, training, share success and follow progress.


  • Convenient pedometer with GPS support.
  • A very detailed workout log.
  • Many workout goals.
  • Online motivators from friends, also using Runtastic.
  • Routes of runs created by other users.
  • Availability of training programs created by specialists.


  • The full functionality is available only in the paid version.

Evaluation: 9/10


This application is intended for runners and cyclists. By receiving signals from GPS satellites, it retains the route, after which it can be found with it, looking at the same time on all the statistics. There is also support for its own online service, thanks to which you are given the results of other athletes. You can upload a network and photos from training - in this regard, Strava Running and Cycling is reminded by a simplified version Instagram.


  • A peculiar social network.
  • Very simple interface.
  • Using the GPS module.
  • Quite detailed statistics for each training.
  • is distributed free of charge.


  • Not the richest functionality.
  • The need to buy a paid version gradually appears.

Rating: 6/10


actually Runkeeper - This is the world community of amateurs of active sports. The application also allows you to record this activity, then sending it to the site of developers, which is a kind of social network. The above training application for Android works using an accelerometer and GPS module. As a result, the accuracy of counting almost does not suffer.

The choice of the user is provided not only running, but also walking, as well as bike makers. In the future, you can watch your route on the map and get acquainted with a variety of statistics (burned calories, tempo, height, etc.). Along the way, virtual medals will be issued for the achievement of certain purposes. There is also a function of creating Selfie (photo is also sent to the site). And Runkeeper supports the connection of the pulse sensor and other wearable electronics.


  • Setting goals.
  • The possibility of shooting Selfie.
  • Support for wearable gadgets.
  • is distributed free of charge.
  • Accurate measurement of the distance traveled.
  • Lack of any advertising.
  • Availability of a social network for activity lovers.


  • Pedometer is still not the most accurate.
  • works poorly on some devices.
  • Long use is possible only after purchasing the PRO version.

Evaluation: 7/10

The application is not available on territory of Russia

Map My Fitness

Another competitor to Runkeeper and Runtastic applications. Engaged in the same - collects data from the navigation module. So in the magazine information about each of your training session or just a walk around the city. From other programs, MAP My Fitness is even supported by even very old smartphones, functioning using Android 2.1.


  • is distributed free of charge.
  • fairly rich statistics.
  • The ability to enter information on food, water and weight.
  • Work even on old devices.


  • Unified interface.
  • Gradually comes to buy a paid version.
  • The functionality could be wider.

Evaluation: 4/10

for the gym


Diary of training for Android, but already intended for men attending the gym, in the people called "Rocking". The utility will help correctly distribute various loads by day to achieve the desired result as soon as possible. In this case, the interface is translated into Russian, which cannot but rejoice.


  • Distribution of exercises in different groups of muscles.
  • is distributed free of charge.
  • Many photos.
  • Selfie function to observe progress development.
  • Competent description of each exercise.
  • The ability to add to the list of your own exercise.
  • The possibility of installing certain purposes.
  • Built-in diary.
  • Advanced data redundancy system.


  • The full functionality is available only in the paid version.

Evaluation: 9/10


Another fitness app for Android, intended for use by men. It is a collection of all sorts of exercises for the development of certain muscle groups. The text and the schedule is accompanied by an understandable animation, thanks to which it is impossible not to understand the exercise. The program has a workout log. You can record here and information about your weight. The utility interface is Russian-language, which cannot but rejoice.

Theoretically download Persfit can also be representatives of a weak half of humanity. Especially for them there is a training program for weight loss. And it should be noted that the free option of the application contains in itself not the largest number of exercises. But with the acquisition of the PRO version, their number increases to three hundred.


  • Sorting exercises by muscle groups.
  • The presence of a large amount of exercises.
  • Journal of training and the ability to write weight.
  • All exercises are accompanied by text, schedule and animation.
  • is distributed free of charge.


  • All exercises are contained only in the paid version.
  • Lack of opportunity to establish a goal.
  • The functionality is not very high.

Evaluation: 6/10


GYMUP reference application is one of the most popular in your category. This is a training diary for those who want to meet their result meticulously, because it will lead to progress.

The utility allows you to fix the results of any training, as well as analyze them in the form of graphs. Also present sports calculators in which you can calculate the optimal weight, basic metabolism and other parameters. Well, the most interesting in GYMUP is a guide of exercises, which are more than 500 here, and 60 selected training programs. Unfortunately, not all content in the application is available free of charge, however, the accessible part will have enough full to melt you on serious sports.


  • An impressive collection of training programs and exercises.
  • Advanced training diary with detailed statistics.
  • Fixing the body parameters.
  • Sport calculators.
  • Rich Personalization Settings.
  • Ability to share results with friends.


  • Content in the free version is limited.

Evaluation: 8 out of 10

T Note

Another product that allows you to understand which muscle groups need to be developed first. Distribution scheme T Note is familiar - Developers give a free download for free, but many useful training programs will open only if you make your financial contribution to the development of the utility. As well as the applications discussed above, T Note has a Russian-speaking interface. However, he does not tell every exercise in detail. Instead, there are only training magazines and a section for recording biometrics. Gradually, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the charts in which the growth of muscle mass and some other parameters are indicated.

You should also note the presence of a backup function that works using Google Drive. Conditions and build reports stored in Excel format. It turns out that you can see them not only on the smartphone, but also on the computer.


  • is distributed free of charge.
  • Competently implemented backup system.
  • Ability to generate an Excel report.
  • Ability to change the theme.
  • Create multiple profiles.
  • Training and biometric logs.


  • Not the most detailed descriptions of exercises.
  • Full functionality is available only in the paid version.

Score: 6/10

Summing up

Here you have the best workout apps. But, of course, this is not the whole list. Owners of Samsung smartphones can use the preset S Health for tracking workouts. You can also remember the owners of smart watches and fitness trackers - such people are recommended to install the appropriate companion application, usually called the manufacturer's name ( Fitbit , Jawbone Up, etc..).