The best apps for renovating and planning an apartment

People who have had to do repairs in their own apartment know how important it is to accurately calculate the cost of materials and how difficult it is to create an interior design.

However, even if the repairs are carried out by hired workers, this does not relieve the owners of the need for independent calculation and planning, because otherwise you can become a victim of a hack who will take advantage of the customer’s ignorance in order to personal gain. A smartphone will become a disinterested repair assistant: with the help of mobile applications from the AppStore and Google Play, you can make an estimate on the way to work, without having any special knowledge.

My Measures & Dimensions

Such a mobile application will allow you to collect, organize and save data on the size of all objects in the room. Thanks to My Measures & Dimensions A situation where the purchased wardrobe or bedside table does not fit into the allotted corner will not happen.

The main audience of application users are designers, architects, real estate agents. Among people for whom real estate is not a source of permanent income, MM & D is losing popularity, and the reason for this is banal - the high cost. You can download from the AppStore only the Pro version, which costs 599 rubles. For this money, users are offered additional features: synchronization with Dropbox and Google Drive, the use of a password to protect projects, a Leica laser rangefinder in the list of tools.

Android gadget owners can download a free analogue of the application from Google Play – Measures & Sketch - or buy the Pro version for only 99 cents.

Smart Tools

Buying Smart Tools, the smartphone user with Android or iOS receives five sets, including 15 tools:

  • Smart Ruler - line, three transporters, as well as Waterpas for measuring level. You can get the size of the object by putting it on the gadget screen. Transporters act differently: the first measure the angle by analogy with the ruler, the second uses the pendulum, and the third is the gadget chamber.
  • Smart MEASURE - width, height, area, distance. The device is used for measurement. It is not worth 100% accuracy to count on, but if you follow the prompts of the program, you can minimize the error.
  • Sound Meter - noiseomer, vibrometer. It is curious that the vibrometer can measure both the overall level of vibration and the level of vibration, vibration, vibration. When repairing, this set of tools is still not among vital, but can be useful, let's say, for sound engineer.
  • SMART Compass - GPS, metal detector. In order for the use of the metal detector to be possible, the sensor is necessary for the electromagnetic wave sensor on the device.
  • Smart Light - flashlight, mirror, magnifier. Depending on the technical characteristics of the gadget, either the screen or a LED flash is used as a flashlight.

The cost of the "Multitula" application in the AppStore is 229 rubles, in Google Play - 175 rubles. The Android program is available in the form of individual sets of tools that are downloaded for free, however, with such a loading, the user will have to put up with an abundance of advertising .

My repair

with the application My repair you make repairs in the correct sequence without errors, overpayments and experiences.

The program is suitable for repairs of apartments and private houses. It has a simple and understandable interface, and many more useful options. Also, the application is in its kind tool for repairing repair, because using it you can control the execution of current and upcoming work. In addition, you can manage tasks, leave notes and receive notifications about the status of work.

The program will help create a project for several clicks, sort the work on stages and eventually build the house of your dreams.

The application will be easier to follow the process of construction or repair and prevent errors during planning.

In the basic version, you will find a large set of free features, but if you wish, it can be expanded by placing a paid subscription.


  • The following useful application for repair work - Progres. Here you can keep financial statements and overall to manage the repair process. The program will be appreciated by the builder, and designer, and even the customer, because it is suitable for developing any object, allowing not only planning a budget, but also to save time and resources.

    So, in the Progres application, you can:

    • Create a step-by-step project plan.
    • Collect photos, checks and other documents in one place, and then, if necessary, have access to them at any time.
    • Attach the necessary people and set tasks for them.
    • Stay in touch with builders, designers and customers.
    • Track the process of repair work in real time.
    • Follow the costs.
    • Form reports.

    Progres will help you to take the right repair decision, protecting from extra costs and stress. It is also worth noting that the program has a simple, nice interface and good support from the developers.

    Planner 5D

    In the Planner 5D application, you can create a house of your dream. This simple and convenient program is endowed with everything necessary for creating planning premises, projects, as well as beautiful interior design and landscape. In a short time in Planner 5D, you can draw the perfect design and save it until you need it.

    The program includes a large number of decor and furniture items that can be changed in colors, materials and even in size. In addition, here you can choose options from finished works.

    There is also the ability to switch to 3D mode and make a virtual walk according to your project. But it is necessary to consider: To use Planner 5D to the maximum, you need to purchase a paid subscription or spend time to view advertising.

    AR Plan 3D

    using Annex Ar Plan 3D You can measure the entire area of ​​the house or apartment virtual ruler, and quickly make up a 3D room plan.

    So, the advantages of AR Plan 3D:

    • Measurement of the perimeter and the height of the room, as well as windows and doors in various units, ranging from centimeters and meters, and Finishing yards.
    • Automatic counting of all areas of the room for calculating the exact amount of materials.
    • The ability to create placing plans in classic form, as well as in 3D and 2D formats.
    • All data are stored in the program archive and, if you wish, you can share with an email.

    An application has a pleasant, user-friendly interface and the ability to try the free version. But to use AR Plan 3D fully, you will have to make a paid subscription.


    The construction calculator is an indispensable way correctly Calculate materials for repair and construction.

    The application will help you not to overtake funds and purchase only the number of materials that are really necessary for repair work.

    So, with the help of the program, you can conduct calculations and expenses of flooring, floors of floors, plastering walls, foundation plates, tiles, putty, tile glue, roofing and other materials. There is also a versatile ruler and a triangle, and another wallpaper calculator and lumber.

    All data is stored in the archive, which is available at any time even without connecting to the Internet. The building calculator has a simple, convenient interface, English and Russian languages ​​to choose from and still a lot of useful features. The minuses should include obsessive advertising.

    Wallpaper Calculator

    application calculator Wallpaper will help you calculate how much wallpaper needs to be purchased to make repairs.

    All that is required of you is to fill the fields, click "Calculate", and after a second you get a ready-made result. This is a very simple and comfortable pocket calculator that does not take much space in the smartphone, and there is no obsessive advertising in it.

    As a result, the program is really useful to those who plan to "refresh" wallpaper in rooms without excess costs.

    Roulette V2

    In the mobile application, contains as many as five tools - a beeterometer, a ruler, a construction level, a caliper and measuring roulette, which is very convenient during construction work.

    With such a program, there is no longer necessary to keep a lot of tools with you, because everything is already in the smartphone. With the screen line you can determine the thickness, as well as measure the distance and length. It is quite universal - it can be used to solve school tasks, in repair, construction, sewing and pattern.

    Mobile ruler is perfect for a variety of tasks. In addition, Roulette V2 has a pleasant, practical interface, but it is worth considering that the application is not free.


    Qualitative applications that could become Reliable assistants for repair and construction, download from the AppStore and Google Play for free will not be possible. But at a reasonable price, you can save yourself from significant loss of time, which will be spent on manual calculations and search for the necessary physical instruments for measurements in the city stores.