The best apps for mounting video on the phone

Are you seriously considering learning how to work with video on a mobile device? Today, smartphones have modern cameras and powerful hardware. That is why it has become very convenient to use them for recording and editing video.

You no longer need to download files to your computer to storyboard a video, build a timeline, and combine individual fragments. Now all editing and editing work can be done on your phone or tablet.

Video editing on the phone

For our rating, we tried to select the best video editing applications. Each of them has unique features. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Most editors are shareware editing apps. Some can be used almost without restrictions. However, in order to use additional features, most often, you need to purchase the Pro version.

In our review, we will talk about the most famous applications for video editing. On smartphones Android you can use most of them for free. But to install a third-party application on iPhone, most likely, you will have to pay.

The most famous


One of the best video editors on iPhone and iPad, which was developed by the company Apple. Despite the fact that in iMovie less functions than paid analogues, there is no advertising, watermarks, as well as shopping and subscriptions. If we talk about free video edits on iOS, more effects can be found except in VN Video Editor Maker (more about the application below).

iMovie can offer 8+ ready-made copyright with music and subtitles, 14+ templates for creating trailers, 11+ styles of animated titers, more than 80+ soundtracks and classic effects, such as Green screen and PIP. The program supports work with the mouse and keyboard, AirPlay to connect to Apple TV of the second generation, as well as the ability to optimize video for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

On all new iPad and iPhone, the program can operate with video files 4K 60 FPS and keep the initial video quality at the output.

YouCut Video

YouCut Video - another powerful video editing tool without watermarks and banners with advertising. The program combined the best professional options for creating movies and short rollers. And the simple interface makes it easy to navigate in the application even to those who have never been dealing with the editing video.

Save the best moments of your vacation, cutting out and combining the most interesting frames. The program already has a necessary set of musical tracks. For convenience, the music is divided into genres. In order not to violate the copyright, you will be invited to copy information about the composition and add it to the description of your video. Track can be trimmed and insert into the desired fragment of your roller.

You can mount video in the style of a silent movie or the plot of the 80s. This will help a variety of filters and overlays, such as the effect of falling snow or bright sunlight. Sound effects and voice comments can be created directly in YouCut, and the program will immediately add them to the project.

The editor has stickers, subtitles, video acceleration, slowdown and reflection functions, resolution changes, background filling. Merge several videos into one and set up spectacular transitions between frames (there are more than 30 of them). The finished work can be viewed in a full-fledged media player right in the application, and then saved in the desired quality. Unfortunately, YouCut only exports content in 720p.

The application supports the function of converting video without quality loss, which is especially important when working with files in the 4K format.

A small fee is required to access additional features. The Premium version gives access to a gradient palette, exclusive premium effects, filters, transitions, fonts and music, as well as unlimited export and disable ads.

Automated Video Editing

GoPro Quik

Quik is marketed as the fastest and easiest way to create videos from footage that was taken with a smartphone or GoPro branded camera . The whole process is maximally automated. At the same time, the user can always make changes at his discretion. The search for the best moments in the file is done using built-in AI. Transitions are automatically added between photos and videos, and the video sequence is synchronized with the music. Graphic elements, fonts and backgrounds you can choose yourself.

Every week, the program makes a selection of the best moments, for example, based on photos and videos that have been captured recently.

Developers do not charge for using their software. In addition, the application does not contain ads.



Another application for automated Installation. Use the built-in templates and effects to quickly create transitions and select the best moments. Music for the background you can add directly from your collection iTunes or built-in developer media libraries. Ready-made video can be downloaded for hosting and in social networks directly from the application.

The duration of the rollers in the free version is limited, when making a subscription Magisto Premium - up to 10 minutes, and during subscription to Magisto Professional - restrictions are removed.

Most of the estimates among users gained version for iOS, while among users Android those who are dissatisfied with the functional much more. We provide links to both versions, so you can check and evaluate their functionality yourself.

for beginners


Kinemaster was developed by the creators as light and at the same time a full-featured video editor. This cross-platform application is available on Android and iOS. Developers have tried to make an affordable most of the functions that the computer version has.

Kinemaster Allows you to create video for popular Internet sites, including YouTube. The application can work with multiple layers, apply overlay mode, use all sorts of transitions and play video in the opposite direction. Built-in Equalizer allows you to create a more detailed sound with the immersion effect.

Unfortunately, removing the watermark and accessing most resources through the app is only possible with a paid subscription.

Video Maker for YouTube

Video editor for YouTube is an indispensable tool for those who are not afraid to experiment. It has everything you need to process video content: cropping and merging fragments without quality loss, blurring the background, original emoticons and stickers, as well as a greater variety of fonts.

Video Maker will help in creating content for most modern hosting sites, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok. At your disposal is a huge collection of filters and a free converter with support for many popular formats.

You can add music to the project and adjust it to the transitions. The sound is easy to make voluminous, and the background can be replaced with something more interesting. Video Guru will allow you to export and post finished content on social networks without watermarks.


Creators of the online editor WeVideo believe that the project you are working on should be available at any time and on any of your devices. You can access the service using a browser, but this option is more suitable for a computer. Working with video on a smartphone is much more convenient through the mobile application of the same name WeVideo. The application is cross-platform and can also be used on Windows, Chromebook or Macbook .

However, the ability to store data in the cloud may not be as convenient as it seems. And this is due, first of all, with the need to upload video into the memory of the smartphone before each editing.

Mobile application is sharpened to work on devices with a small display and positioned as a simple editor to create video albums. Enough to add a photo from the last vacation, trim the video and add voice comment. And the editor will help capture unforgettable memories for many years.

Nothing in common with full-featured video edits Mobile version WEVIDEO has no. But for the organization of a family album, it will be quite good.

Many users complain that the monthly subscription costs about 600 rubles. It is possible to work with the application for free - in this case, however, it will not work out to take advantage of the video and other useful features.

Professional studios


VN Video Editor Maker - Powerful, but, at the same time, easy to use the video editor. The program will like, and beginners, and professionals.

The main feature Vn is the ability to impose several sound tracks at the same time. These can be saved locally audio, audio records comments or sound effects available in the application itself, for example, rain noise. You can also extract audio from another video - it will immediately appear in the list of available compositions.

Another feature VN - professional effects. Just download one of them and use for your project. Settings for brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, exposure and temperature will be applied automatically.

VN Allows you to add inscriptions, change the display of the date and time, as well as to demonstrate your location in the form of miniatures in one of the corners in the image. The application allows you to change the playback speed or play video in the opposite direction. You can bring separate objects to navigate through the image in an arbitrary direction and add an animated frame. Many free stickers and about 25 unique transitions are available in the embedded store.

Finished work is exported to the resolution 480p, 720p and 1080p. Unfortunately, the output obtained files from frame frequency to 30 FPS.

Vn operates with Android and iOS. The application is absolutely free, does not contain subscriptions and advertising.


Another popular and fairly convenient video editor and photographs with the possibility of their retouching. The functional on iPhone and Android is practically no different. The program interface is thought out and well worked. All effects are placed in categories, so what is always done at hand is. Many tools are supported, for example, border blur, synchronization of music and video, adding voice, trimming fragments and their connection, applying effects.

Inshot Works with all known formats, including 3GP, MP4 , MOV, FLV and AVI. Software algorithms allow you to optimize the rollers for their subsequent publication in Snapchat, WhatsApp, Youtube and Tiktok.

The application is paid. Access to all functions and libraries opens when you design a monthly or annual subscription.


one of the best mobile editors Video available at the moment. The workspace represents the usual timeline, which you can add video and audio. Roller can be improved using effects and color filters, and between fragments add professional transitions.

The program supports more than 15 effects, including a well-known glitch effect, about 20 templates for creating titers, more than 80 unique transitions, 100 music tracks and 200 artistic color filters.

Supported the ability to save video in format 4K. However, to activate such an opportunity will have to use purchases within the application. PowerDirector can be used for free, but we will have to accept watermarks and HD -Creatment at the output.

Motion Ninja

Motion Ninja is positioned by developers as a mobile alternative Adobe After Effects. Of course, the interface and management may have to get used to. However, it is definitely worth it. Motion Ninja offers many special effects, transitions and fonts. Using the editor, you can create frame-by-frame animation, speed up or slow down video, change coloror and much more. Exports to 720p, 1080p and 4K with frame frequency 30 FPS, followed by opportunity to share in Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram and Likee.

The main disadvantage is most of the functional only in the Pro version. Of course, if you are professionally engaged in the installation of video, you can spend money on the purchase of applications, especially since its cost is somewhat lower than computer analogues.


Powerful video and Photo editor for iPhone and iPad. SPLICE For several years held the first places in the ratings of the best mobile applications. And it is not by chance. As the developers themselves declare, SPLICE has the entire functionality, which can be found in desktop editors, while, due to the power of the latter iPhone and iPad, the speed of operation is large. The program supports video execution, overlaying, adding text, using filters, changing the background color and several other dozen functions. You can familiarize yourself with them yourself.

Watermarks are present. Basic functions are free, the rest is available by subscription.

titers and animation


Do you need to make a video on your channel or in a social network more spectacular? Pixelflow - an excellent program for creating entrance credits to your video, spectacular intro for YouTube -Channel or beautiful design of congratulatory words. The application will suit those who do not want to delve into all the subtleties of creating text animation.

Here you will find 15+ dynamic backgrounds, 25+ animated text templates, 350+ gradient backgrounds, 2000+ fonts and 5000+ images. Of course, not all of this is available for free, but even basic functions here more than enough.

video compartments for convenience are distributed by category. It does not matter what the topic will be your video. The appendix has suitable intro for rollers about technologies, cooking, education, sports or fashion. A separate section is devoted to motivating video and one more - festive congratulations.

All presented templates are configured and can be changed according to your preferences. For this, it is enough to edit one of the presented options or use gradients. As a background, of course, you can put a video clipped on the camera of your smartphone.

Alight Motion

Advanced application for working with animation design. It can be used for the same objectives as Pixelflow. However, Alight Motion provides much more opportunities in creating animation. Instead of choosing from ready-made patterns, you can make your own intro, cycling static objects, including geometric shapes and lines. There are at least 100+ building blocks for creating basic effects.

The program supports an increase in the smoothness of the animation by slowing the video, blur based on speed, adding custom fonts, as well as the effects of boundaries and shadows. File exports are possible in format MP4, as well as in the form GIF -File.

Unusual special effects


Do you want to become a guru video filming? This non-standard editor will help you with this. FxGuru Allows you to create video using the camera of your smartphone and in the shooting process adds spectacular effects from Hollywood films to it. The program is suitable for creating short videos that are not ashamed to surprise friends. So, literally per minute you can create a video with a dinosaur on your backyard, a satellite drop directly on a neighbor's car or a nuclear catastrophe.

Of course, not all effects are available for free (only about 20). However, for beginners, developers offer cheap to acquire a selection of more than 80 spectacular effects. Preview is available for each of them, and the effect of the effect takes no more than one or two minutes.

Motionleap (previously Pixaloop)

A program that allows you to revive the photos created by you, turning them into the video. Effects can be added to various static objects in your photo, reviving water, sky, fire, people and plants. Various effects that can be used in the process of editing affect the atmosphere and perception. Despite the fact that the program works with a photo, we included it in our top video recorders. And all because the possibilities Motionleap can be successfully used to create custom video transitions, animated text and in general for everything that is enough fantasy.

The program has all the necessary professional class tools, including freezing / defrosting machines, anchors, arrows, animation repetitions, speed control and a plurality of all sorts of special effects.

Some possibilities are free of charge, others are provided by subscription.

Mug Life

MUG LIFE - This is the best tool for transforming images into three-dimensional animations. What kind of original will be a video with a busy statue or a living character in the picture! With Mug Life Everything is very simple - you need to upload a photo with a hero and choose a suitable facial express for it.

The application is a rich selection of animations. Photos can be done right in the editor. If there are no ideas for the experiment, there are many ready-made characters in the assortment.

To create their own facial expressions using a system of dots on the face, you need to make a small contribution. In the paid version you can control the facial expression and the position of the head. In addition, the VIP client will be able to transfer to the characters of the Mimicu Emodi, create group animations and complement the project with fun inscriptions.

other video edits


VLOG STAR - Another video editor with the ability to import in YouTube, Instagram or Tik Tok. The tool can be mastered even by beginners. For them, the program provides several training videos.

The editor works with photos and videos, allows you to adjust their aspect ratio, and you can shoot them directly in the application.

The program differs from its counterparts in a huge variety of fonts, background images, animations and color palettes to create unique inscriptions. Using the original frames, it is easy to make captions at the end of the video with a call to subscribe to the channel or a link to Instagram.

You can add a variety of stickers and stickers to your video - there are a lot of them in the editor. There are animated images, emblems of popular social networks, humorous inscriptions and masks.

Don't know what to choose as sound design? Vlog Star features over 200 songs from various genres and a variety of sound effects such as birdsong, cars and office noise. As a final touch, you can apply FX effect or filter, blur the background and create an original transition. All this will not be difficult, because the program has already saved hundreds of ready-made templates.

Would you like to glue some fragments together? Download any template you like and add at least 5 photos or videos. Music, transitions and effects will be applied automatically. This will help save time and create a high-quality video in just a few minutes.

The finished project can be exported to 480r, 720r and 1080r. The program will immediately display the estimated output file size and how much free space is left on the smartphone.

Paid version gives access to 100+ effects, 500+ stickers and 90+ filters. There will be no more ads in the application, and there will be no watermark in finished projects.

The interface is not fully translated into Russian, which at first is very distracting, but over time you can get used to it.

All instructions and news about the program are published on YouTube. They can be found on the channel Vlog Star. The application is constantly updated with new pictures, effects and filters.


VivaVideo - is a video editor with versions for Android and iOS. The standard set of tools to which the program has, allows you to cut, divide and glue frames. Here you can bring closer and rotate the image, as well as create reflections. Finished videos can be directly downloaded to Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Liveleak.

The advantages of the program include a wide range of backgrounds, including textures, abstractions and gradients. Here you can find many effects, clips, fonts and animations for text and music. The abundance of stickers in the form of GIF, memes, thematic pictures and Emoji is offered as a pleasant addition.

In addition, the editor allows you to increase the volume of audio tracks and change the voice, imitating the voices of a man, woman or child. For most competitors, these functions are provided on a paid basis, therefore, in this regard Vivavideo they are bypass.

At the same time, such simple things like setting up saturation, brightness and contrast are available only in the VIP version, and the transitions are configured only for two separate clips.

for VIP accounts The developer promises the absence of a watermark, advertising and temporary restriction, as well as the ability to export in 4K, custom background, animated texts, filters, topics, stickers, texts and fonts, functions of adding mosaic, extracting audio, voice converter, noise reduction, logo creation.

The finished project can be exported in the resolution 480p and 720p, as well as in the form of GIF.


968) If you do not want to pay for the video editor, you can use iOVIE iOS or Quick from Gopro to Android. Both applications are suitable for beginners, since they are not oversaturated with functions, and the installation process is as simplified as much as possible. Titres can be easily mounted on PixelfLow - it is good that there is plenty of free. And if you want to feel yourself in the role of a Hollywood film director or make friends over friends, download FXGURU.

If you are engaged in installing video professionally, we advise you to consider free VN, which is available as on Android and iOS. Among the paid can be paid attention to PowerDirector, Motion Ninja, Inshot and You Cut. These applications many users consider the best of their kind.