The best apps for monitoring stars for Android

The study of the stars has always attracted people. Previously, it was necessary to purchase powerful telescopes. But even they did not give the full picture. After all, not all the stars of the galaxy were visible. But now everything has changed. After all, there is an application for observing the stars.

A fair number of programs have been created for mobile platforms that allow you to watch the stars without leaving your home. Such mini-planetariums are quite popular among many.

But not all programs display a high-quality map of the starry sky. And some do not have anything interesting to offer. Therefore, such applications need to be able to choose. After all, there are too many different products on Google Play.

In this article, we have selected the best programs that allow you to look at the starry sky even during the day and study it thoroughly. And cloudiness will not be a hindrance. Let's take a closer look at these applications.


technology augmented reality. It is enough to point the smartphone camera at the sky, and the program will immediately build a map of the constellations that are located in this area.

However, the app can be used blindly without necessarily going out. The product will download star maps from the internet and display them on the phone screen. The only condition is that you must be connected to the Internet.

The program provides for the search for space objects. For this, a database obtained at one time with the help of the Hubble telescope is used. The interface is quite beautiful. But it will take some time to learn how to work with the program.

There is no Russian language. However, the purpose of certain tools can be guessed. Most importantly, the app is completely free. In addition, there are no advertisements. That is why this product is considered one of the best.


  • Technologies of augmented reality.
  • Using databases.
  • Construction of the map of the sky blindly.
  • Search for objects of interest.
  • Interaction with social networks.
  • The product is completely free.
  • There is no advertising.
  • The design is quite beautiful.
  • Works on old smartphones.
  • does not require a powerful platform.


  • There is no Russian language.


Cool, but not a free application to view the stars in the sky, which is a full and very functional planetarium. Used technologies augmented reality. It is enough to bring the chamber to a certain section of the sky and the program will issue all the information about the celestial bodies.

The program directory includes information about 600000 stars. The application works with constellations and planets, can determine comets. The product displays a completely realistic Milky Way.

3D rendering planets and their satellites are provided. But this requires a pretty powerful smartphone. There will be no good detailed in the weak device. For example, spots on the planets will not be able to consider.

For the use of the program will have to pay. The usual version costs 3.42 $. However, there is a premium option with a wider functionality. This option costs about $ 10. The free version is not provided at all.


  • This planetarium in the pocket.
  • The option of augmented reality.
  • 3D rendering planets and satellites.
  • Information about 600,000 bodies in the database.
  • COMET definition.
  • Realistic mapping.
  • Extremely flexible settings.
  • Definition of constellations.
  • Show stars in a single hemisphere.
  • There is a Russian language.
  • The interface is intuitively understood.


  • There is no free version at all.

STAR WALK - Star Sky Atlas and Astronomy

cross-platform application, which also exists for iPhone. It is a stellar sky map displayed in real time. The map is equipped with an extensive reference material about each displayed object.

The application can display planets, satellites, nebulae and stars. It is also possible to separately view the day and night sky. This includes the appropriate functionality.

An interesting option called Time Machine allows you to view the stellar sky cards on any particular day in the past. There is also a function of augmented reality that allows you to display celestial objects when you hover the camera to the sky.

In the program, many advertising content. In order to get rid of it will have to buy a subscription. It also unlocks full access to some functionality. Russian language in the program is present.


  • Displays in real times.
  • Day and Night Sky.
  • Option Time Machine.
  • the technologies of augmented reality.
  • Powerful search algorithms.
  • Description for each heavenly body.
  • Beautiful design.
  • An understandable interface.
  • There is Russian.
  • Displays constellations and nebulae.


  • Some functions are blocked in the free version.

Sky Map

In fact, this is not a full-fledged application, but a very good add-on for Google Maps. This add-on includes a system that uses compass and GPS data to display the location of celestial bodies at a specific time interval.

There is an option to view the possible movements of the object of interest in the past or future. There is also a comment about the celestial body. But it is entirely in English.

A system is present to make it easier for the user to search for a specific object. It is enough to enter its name in the search bar and the program will tell you where to point the camera. It also uses augmented reality technologies.

The product is completely free. There are no ads. Like the Russian language. In addition, the add-on requires the latest version of Google Maps to work properly. Otherwise, nothing will come of it.


  • Does not require a powerful platform.
  • Works with all celestial objects.
  • Shows the movement of the body in the past and future.
  • Uses compass and GPS.
  • Commentary on each body.
  • Can search for celestial objects.
  • Augmented reality.
  • Phone search tips.
  • Simple interface.
  • Modern design.


  • Doesn't work without Google Maps.

Planet's Position

This free program is designed specifically to monitor the location of the planets in a specific period of time. The built-in calendar is designed to display information about lunar and solar eclipses.

The difficulty of working with the application is that it completely lacks the Russian language. You will have to deal with the interface using a dictionary. However, it is made as clear as possible. There shouldn't be any problems.

Among the very interesting functions are such as the choice of a specific time period for observation. After all, the built-in database contains information on the position of celestial bodies since 1900.

Most of the ads are missing. There are no paid options in the application either. For the normal functioning of the product, a phone with the Android operating system version 4.0 on board is required. There are no requirements for performance.


  • Extremely simple program.
  • Embedded database operation.
  • Determination of the position of the planets in a specific period of time.
  • Database of body movements since 1900.
  • Fast work on older devices.
  • Completely free product.
  • No ads.
  • Convenient interface.
  • Schedule of solar and lunar eclipses.
  • Built-in calendar.


  • There is no translation into Russian.

Star Chart

Simplest an application capable of displaying a full-fledged star map, including all celestial bodies. The program allows you to consider almost all visible stars (about 120,000 bodies).

It also provides for work with constellations in the amount of 88 pieces. For each star and constellation there is a very extensive reference with interesting facts. Implemented voice search, which uses only English.

The program uses the compass, GPS, accelerometer and other sensors of the smartphone to display the correct data. Augmented reality capabilities are supported. This allows you to get the most accurate information.

The application itself is free. However, to work with such celestial bodies and phenomena as, for example, comets, additional tools will be required. And they are only in the paid version. But there is a Russian language and a clear interface.


  • Display about 120,000 celestial bodies.
  • Display 88 constellations.
  • Voice search available.
  • Augmented reality is present.
  • Works on older smartphones.
  • Russian is available.
  • The interface is extremely simple.
  • There is extensive help for each object.
  • Show stars in the other hemisphere.


  • The most interesting features in the paid version.


In modern realities, leaving the house in order to study the starry sky is not required at all. Apps for smartphones on the Android platform do an excellent job with this. But not all.

Only full-fledged and most functional planetarium programs got into our top. Therefore, you can safely choose any option. Even the simplest application will suit the average user.