The best apps for gardeners and gardeners

Spring occurs, and, together with it, the new season begins in gardeners and gardeners. If you wish to learn new information about plant types or receive advice on their cultivation, you do not need to climb into the Internet at all. Mobile applications will come to the rescue, among which there are directories, home plot planners, lunar calendars, etc. The best of them are presented in the review below.

Garden. House. Garden

This application contains useful consulting materials for a fruit garden and garden, indoor plants, flowers, landscape design, construction, and a lunar calendar, prompting which works need to be carried out in the current Month.

All materials in the appendix are divided into 8 topics: "Fruit Garden", "Garden", "Flowers", "Lunar Calendar", "Fighting pests", "Landscaping", "Construction", "Fireplace in the evening". Choose interesting to you and mark the husky. New articles in these sections will form your personalized ribbon, so you do not miss their conclusion.

in "Garden. House. The garden "is an archive - add your favorite materials into it so as not to spend time on their search in the database. Using the Share button, send interesting articles through whatsapp friends and loved ones or share them in social networks (Twitter and Facebook available).

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Garden Garden Dacha

This application is a collection of councils and care ideas for the garden and garden, construction and design of the site. Over 1000 articles are available, and this amount is constantly increasing.

Materials are divided into category "Garden", "Garden", "Flower", "Design", "Construction", "Recipes". Look for the necessary themes using the search function and add your favorites to "Favorites" to have quick access to them subsequently. Place comments to share with other users your experiences or ask them questions on the topic.

The application attracts attention to a simple and intuitive interface. For people with poor vision, an increase in font is provided.

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All about plants and colors (garden and indoor)

The official application of the Florist site, a popular portal dedicated to flower growing and gardening. It houses over 900 articles on the theme of growing and care of garden and indoor flowers, garden plants, treating diseases, pest control. All materials are available even in the offline mode.

For convenient search, the article is divided into categories "room", "garden", "garden", "fruit-berry plants", "pests", "diseases". Add your favorite materials to "Favorites" or copy individual fragments to the built-in notebook to reread them later.

Using the Plant Manager feature, add your own flowers or plants to the application and install reminders for them about the need for watering, feeding or other care.

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Moon Sowing Calendar

Lunar Sowing Calendar will tell for 2021, what kinds of garden and garden work is allowed or forbidden to perform in that or Another day of the month. In it, you can see the favorable days for planting the plant of interest.

The application contains a detailed reference book of garden plants with a description, preparation for sowing, favorable days for planting, leaving, watering and cleaning.

After registering in the Appendix, you can create your own seedlings and plants planted in the garden.

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Medicinal Plants

This application is a reference book containing a description of known medicinal plants. For each species, the following information is provided:

  • category;
  • season;
  • Classification;
  • Description;
  • places of growth;
  • harvesting;
  • chemical composition;
  • pharmacological properties;
  • Application in medicine;
  • Medicinal preparations;
  • contraindications;
  • Usage in the economy.

The content is divided into 3 categories: "Fruits and berries", "therapeutic herbs", "poisonous plants". Check the likes of interesting plants to add them to the "Favorites" and subsequently not to spend time on their search on the basis.

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Reference book of fruit trees

This application with a simple and user-friendly interface is a reference book with a description of fruit trees. All materials are sorted alphabetically, the search function is provided.

Add interesting articles in the "Favorites" section for subsequent access quickly to them or share them by e-mail, in messages, messenger or social networks. All content is available in offline mode, even in the absence of the Internet.

Adjust the application interface to your taste - change the themes of decoration, language, font size.

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Pests and plant diseases

Handbook containing information about diseases of plants, insect pests and ways to combat them. Add interesting articles in the "Favorites" section or share them with other people through messengers or social networks.

The application provides a search function for an extensive content base. In order not to flip the pages manually, activate the automatic scrolling.

The directory does not differ in a wide functionality, but its main task is to provide information on diseases, pests and the fight against them - is qualitatively implemented.

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Flower Assistant

This application-directory contains a large base of room and garden plants. For each species, a detailed description is offered, recommendations for care and combating diseases and pests.

Choose plants and add to your collection, assign scruppers or feeding timetables for them and get notifications when it comes to perform a particular action.

Adjust the application to your own taste. Here you can change the size and color of the font, style and background image.

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Color care

This application is a directory of indoor and garden colors. Explore articles and read detailed descriptions of plants and care recommendations. In a separate section, it describes the diseases of plants and ways to combat them.

The application does not differ in a wide functionality, but a lot of useful information in it, which users familiar with it are noted.

"Caring for flowers" attracts attention to a convenient and very simple interface. The search function allows you to quickly look for the right plants.

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Your flower garden

This application is a set of patterns for creating flower beds in the country or a seaming site. Learn photos, Meet the ideas of a combination of plants, keep the best solutions in the memory of the smartphone and implement them in life.

The application has a minimum set of functions and is highlighted by the simplest interface. Run it and view the schemes, turning them with the "Back" and "forward" buttons. To save your favorite images, click on the icon in the form of a floppy disk at the top of the window.

The "New Ideas" button in the middle of the screen opens the website in the browser, where you can find many ideas and useful tips for home improvement, garden and garden.

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The applications discussed above will open up gardeners and gardens a large number of new useful information, and will also help them in care of indoor, garden or garden plants. Download and Meet them to choose for yourself the most suitable solutions. Pay attention to "All about plants and colors" and "Lunar calendar": they not only offer reference materials, but also provide useful tools to facilitate plant care.