The best apps for fitness bracelets

Fitness bracelets are designed for athletes. They help to conduct more effective workouts and are able to suggest the best regimen. But only if the appropriate applications for fitness bracelets on Android are installed.

Many developers offer really high-quality products that can not only monitor the general health of the user, but also significantly expand the functionality of a smart bracelet.

For the most part, only sports programs are installed for such gadgets. However, there are gratifying exceptions. After all, owners of wearable devices need to monitor not only their health.

We tried to collect the most interesting options offered by developers for use in tandem with smart bracelets. Among the programs under consideration, there are really useful options.

Mi Band 4 dials

An application designed for the fourth model of the Mi Band fitness bracelet. It contains a large number of different digital dials. The program allows you to slightly revive the boring interface of the bracelet.

There are powerful filters to find the watch face of interest. The download takes place directly on the device. However, to install the downloaded skin, you will have to use the Mi Fit program. Otherwise, nothing will come of it.


There is a rating system that allows you to mark a particular dial. The app itself is completely free. You don't have to pay anything to download either. The application works quickly and without failures.

However, there are many ads in the app. And this is not very good, given the size of the fitness bracelet screen. The ad is full screen. However, this product is popular.


  • Large selection of various watch faces.
  • Free download to device.
  • You can find the skin of interest.
  • Fast program operation.
  • No failure occurs.
  • Built-in grading system.
  • Works on bracelets of various generations.
  • Doesn't require much performance.
  • Popular.


  • Lots of ads in the app.

Mi Fit

A popular application for fitness trackers, which is sometimes installed by default in smartphones from Xiaomi. The product was created to track the user's activity, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of training.

The application is able to track the phases of sleep and make recommendations for a more correct mode. There is a built-in heart rate monitor with the function of constantly monitoring the owner's heartbeat.

Synchronization with a smartphone allows you to receive notifications and calls directly to the fitness bracelet. The built-in alarm clock uses vibration to wake the user up, which is a good thing as it keeps others from waking up.

The program is completely free. But it requires binding to Mi account. Otherwise, the app will not sync with your smartphone. As a result, the fitness tracker will be completely useless.


  • Lots of interesting features.
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring.
  • Built-in alarm.
  • Monitor calories and activity.
  • Select the type of activity.
  • Schedule training.
  • Sleep phase control.
  • Synchronization with a smartphone.
  • Receive messages and calls on the bracelet.
  • Notification setting.
  • Fast operation in all conditions.


  • Requires binding to Mi account.

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

  • ​​

An application similar to Mi Fit, but with more features and more stable operation. Among other things, there is an option to constant pulse tracking, as well as a smart alarm clock that can wake up the user at the most suitable moment.

The program allows you to fully monitor the health status and draw up the right plan for training in accordance with the performance of the body. It is also possible to monitor consumed and spent calories.

A large number of different languages ​​are supported. Including Russian. The application can constantly monitor the heart rate frequency and, in which case the signal sends a signal to the user.

It is possible to receive notifications about messages and calls to the smart bracelet screen. Also supported integration with the popular messenger WhatsApp. But when used it is worth considering that the program is faster spending the gadget battery.


  • A large number of interesting functions.
  • Monitoring health status.
  • Permanent heart rate tracking.
  • System of Smart Notifications.
  • Integration with messages, calls and WhatsApp.
  • Support for different languages.
  • Smart alarm clock.
  • Monitoring of sleep phases.
  • Tracking consumed calories.
  • Drawing up a workout and nutrition plan.


  • Quickly spend the battery.

  • ​​

a paid product supporting fitness bracelets of various types. It is capable of working with devices from Xiaomi and Amazfit companies. To work the program, the installed Google Maps application will also be required.

The program allows you to quickly navigate the terrain. For navigation, GPS module features are used. All directions information is displayed in Google Maps. Therefore, the presence of this product is necessary.

It is worth noting that the current location of the user application determines quite accurately. The error is 5-10 meters, so it is very convenient to use the product. To work, you need to give permission to turn on the GPS module.

In some bracelets, there is not quite a stable job. Also for the program will have to pay, the free version is not provided. However, there is a Russian language in the interface, which is quite good.


  • Quite precise positioning.
  • Compatibility with different bracelets.
  • GPS control module.
  • Displays the position and route in Google Maps.
  • Quick Run.
  • Relatively fast work.
  • Synchronization with a smartphone.
  • Simple setup.
  • There is Russian.


  • No free version.

Mi Bandage

A classic application for smart Xiaomi bracelets and Amazfit. It is intended to facilitate the interaction of the bracelet with a smartphone. For example, the program displays the missed calls and messages.

The application is easily synchronized with products such as Mi Fit. It is possible to answer calls using a loud connection. However, this option works far from all devices. Message text is displayed on the bracelet.

The program allows you to change the dial, as well as the firmware of the bracelet. There is a pulse measurement option, while the application is recorded about the measurements obtained. They can be easily viewed in the event log.

built-in interval timer for training, as well as smart alarm clock. The application is completely translated into Russian. The interface is quite minimalist. Therefore, there should be no problems with his learning.


  • rich functionality.
  • Synchronization with other programs.
  • Change dial and firmware.
  • Pulse Measurement option.
  • Good translation to Russian.
  • Minimalistic interface.
  • Answer calls.
  • Displays the text of the message.
  • Built-in magazine.
  • Smart alarm clock and timer.


  • Essential not noticed.


A program designed to work with smart bracelets from the company FITBIT. Able to display all notifications sent by various applications on the bracelet screen. There is deep integration with the system.

The latest version of the program is adapted to work with the Android 10 platform. System gestures and more are supported. Notifications on the bracelet screen can be comprehensively configured.

In addition to text notifications, the program is able to signal to receive a message to vibration. It is possible to configure the type of vibration and choose some other parameters associated with it.

There is no Russian language in the interface. But it is impossible to get confused. However, it is known that on some devices from the Fitbit application refuses to work. Probably, this is the biggest minus of this product.


  • Displays all notifications.
  • Text on the screen and vibration.
  • Comprehensive notification setup.
  • Compatibility with FitBit devices.
  • Suitable for Android 10.
  • knows how to work in the background.
  • consumes little battery.
  • Simple interface.
  • Support for system gestures.


  • It works not on all devices.

Huawei Health

An application created for smart bracelets from companies Huawei and Honor. It is intended exclusively for athletes and helps to make a right workout schedule. It is able to read all the necessary data (including the pulse frequency).

The program is able to calculate the trajectory, speed, and so on. There are several modes of operation. For example, there is an option for those who are moving on a bike. The intensity of the workout is determined and the optimal time of classes is calculated based on this data.

For the normal operation of the application requires the presence of Huawei services on the smartphone. Therefore, with other devices, the product cannot interact. The program has very good clearance with a clear interface.

The substantial minus is that there is no possibility of synchronization with cloud storage facilities. Therefore, when changing the phone or even when resetting to factory settings, all training data will disappear. And this is very uncomfortable.


  • Fast work.
  • takes little space.
  • Available Distance has been able to count.
  • recommends the best workout options.
  • can be a long-term plan.
  • Quickly connects to a smartphone.
  • Several modes of operation.
  • can read the pulse rate.
  • has a pleasant design.


  • Cannot store data in the cloud.

GPS Tools

Universal program that is suitable for fitness bracelets from any manufacturers. Its essence is to quickly and accurately determine the location of the user at a particular time interval. The program includes all the necessary tools for navigation.

It is interesting that GPS Tools does not exercise the gadget battery as other navigation programs. This application has good optimization. The search option is supported at, it is possible to measure the distance and area, as well as much more.

There is a built-in monitor that monitors air pollution. Useful if your path runs through industrial areas. There is a built-in altimeter, barometer, compass, as well as many other necessary tools.

The application is completely free. There are no purchases inside the program. However, unstable work on relatively old gadget models is observed. Also the interface is a bit confusing. Beginners are unlikely to be able to deal with it.


  • Large set of tools.
  • Precise positioning.
  • Built-in compass and barometer.
  • Height measurement.
  • Air pollution measurement.
  • The program is completely free.
  • There are no in-app purchases.
  • There is a built-in altimeter.
  • Very interesting design.


  • Works unstable on older models of gadgets.


Program, designed for those who are fond of cycling. The application is able to track physical activity during sports, and can also track performance after training and races. There is an option for continuous monitoring of the state of the body.

It is possible to build individual training plans that will allow you to achieve impressive results. You can mark your favorite areas on the ground. The product is compatible with almost any wristband that is equipped with a GPS module.

The app is suitable for both cyclists and runners. Constant heart rate tracking allows you to complete your workout exactly when you really need it. The ability to share your training plans with friends is available.

The program itself is free. But to get all the functionality you have to buy a subscription. The interface is very easy to learn and nicely designed. There is even a full translation into Russian. There are no ads.


  • Physical condition monitoring.
  • Building training plans.
  • Marks of favorite places.
  • You can share workouts with friends.
  • Full translation into Russian.
  • Simple interface.
  • Nice design.
  • There is a dark theme.
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring.
  • There are no advertisements.


  • The most interesting subscription features.


If you are the owner of a fitness bracelet, then you are definitely not satisfied with its meager functionality. You can expand the capabilities of the gadget with the help of those applications that we have discussed above.

Many of them are true universal combines, designed for a particular type of bracelet. They work with them without problems. You just have to choose the right product and set it up.